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[Review] I love Patty s Cakes & Desserts!

I love Patty s Cakes & Desserts. They have the
best cupcakes.

Kelly - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Patty’s got me to love cake!!

I hate cakes, and when I say hate I mean really
dislike. Loathe is more appropriate. But this
place, Patty’s is the best! She got me to LOVE
cake!! Lemon & Banana cake balls rule! Had cup
cakes that rock and the Raspberry Chambord Lemon
cake is the one the changed my life from cake
hater to born again cake lover!

Ruben M. - Brea, CA
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[Review] summer wedding!!!

My husband and I ordered our wedding cake from
Patty’s bakery, and we were both amazed by the
quality of service, their willingness to
accomodate our unique design ideas, and the
delicious cake!

Since we had a summer wedding, I had a picture of
a 3-tiered white cake with fresh berries on top of
each layer. I brought in a picture to our
consultation, and Patty suggested flavor
combinations that would be perfect. She was
absolutely willing to create our design, even
going out and buying the best berries the day of
the wedding to make sure it was beautiful. In
addition, they adjusted the delivery time to the
reception based on the weather on our wedding day,
so the cake wouldn’t melt in the heat outside.

The cake was, of course, absolutely delicious–
honestly the best wedding cake I’ve ever had!
Their unique frosting recipe is perfect, not too
heavy or sweet. I wish we lived closer so that I
could go back for cupcakes!

Justine D. - Campbell, CA
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[Review] Cake balls that were so moist!

Tried the chocolate chip cake ball, lemon cupcake, choc with salty caramel, and red velvet with cream cheese mousse. Best all around was the lemon. Great frostings all around. Cake ball was so moist as to feel under baked. Cupcakes were good – light and slightly moist, not lots of flavor though.

margaretsx - Fullerton, CA

[Review] The Best Place for Cupcakes!!!

I’ve been coming to Patty’s for the past two years, and it is truly the best place for Cupcakes. It is also the best find from YELP! Anyways, their cupcakes are really good, moist the frosting on them is nice and sweet not too sweet just perfect. My favorite ones are the Red Velvet and Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse, hah they’re good. I just can’t stop saying that phrase but honestly that’s probably the easiest way to describe them. I come here quite alot that she knows me as the Red Velvet guy haha. Oh and that brings up their Customer Service, all I have to say is that every time I go they’re nice and always have a smile on their face. So if you’re looking for cupcakes or cakes come here you won’t regret it.

Robert G. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Sprinkles is way too sweet!

So I’m extremely picky about my cupcakes. I hate it when they are too sweet. I personally think Sprinkles is way too sweet.

Patty’s cupcakes are perfection!!! Perfect sweetness level. I devoured the whole cupcake.

I highly recommend the salted caramel, red velvet, and the banana. So delicious!

Vina V. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] First Round of Cake Tasting!

This place is AMAZING!!!!! My husband and I went to Patty’s first to do our first round of cake tasting and we didn’t need to go anywhere else!! Patty and Philip are more than helpful and will make whatever you want happen! They are very professional and follow up with you to make sure things are going smoothly (since we booked a year in advance). The quality of their art is undescribable. I originally didn’t even want cake because I do not like sweets- and I loved it. We had enough cake for 150 people (130 attended) and there was NO CAKE LEFT! I had to run around getting crumbs from my friends and family to get the coconut piece. We now have made new friends and have used them multiple times (trying all their products) and will continue to do so. My family from out of town wanted to get some on the way home but due to the holiday weekend they were closed. They were pretty bummed out. CHOOSE THEM!!!! You will not regret it I promise. :)

Jeremy B. - Buena Park, CA
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[Review] So Many Different Flavors!!!

My daughter insisted we visit a cup cake place while she
visited. It was nice to know Patty’s Cakes was a few
blocks away.

My fist thought was geez do we really need to do this?
Well, so off we go to Patty’s Cakes. I have to tell you
I am glad we went. These little cake are soooooo fresh
and tasty. I could eat myself into oblivion eating each
flavor and type. Each one of them are fabulous!

I must first warn you though, you cannot eat just six of


HAK - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] A Few Miles From My Dentist

i tried patty’s cakes a couple weeks ago after reading
about them while visiting the dentist. it turned out
they were within a few miles of my dentist and when i
yelped them it gave me a free cupcake with a purchase.
i did buy three and my husband and i split each in half
so we could taste all of them. we found them to be
delicious and will be going back for more when we are
in the area.


suzanne - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] My First Trip to Patty’s!!!

My 1st trip to Patty’s last week was in a desperate search to find a birthday cake for a party that was starting in less than 2 hrs. I was feeling a little out of luck when they had nothing in their glass counters, but they pointed to the menus on the wall and told me they could have a cake or cupcakes ready in less than 10 minutes. I was really impressed by all the flavors so I ordered a dozen cupcakes, 4 different kinds. When they brought out the pink box with 12 beautifully decorated cupcakes I was amazed how beautiful they were. When we served up the cupcakes for the party, all 8 guests wanted to try more than just one 1 cupcake each. I was sorry we didn’t buy more. My family has decided to get several dozen for Christmas dessert as we are looking forward to trying Patty’s holiday flavors.
Patty’s is now our family favorite and we will be visiting often.
Thank you for your fast and friendly services. Your creations are as tasty as they are beautiful!


its4204vern - Fullerton, CA
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