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[Review] Confetti cake ball, Gluten Free Eclair, and the White with Peanut Butter Mousse cupcake! – Orange, CA

My boyfriend and I got the gluten-free Eclair cupcake and the white with peanut butter mousse as well as a confetti cake ball. They were all amazing and we will be going back.The cake ball is basically a much better version of Starbuck’s cake pop – it has a better consistency and is bigger.  These guys should totally go on Cupcake Wars!




Jackie B. - Orange, CA
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[Review] Absolutely amazing cake balls

These cake balls are absolutely amazing! I tried s’mores and red velvet so yummy and so moist. I love there peanut butter frosting OMG best frosting ever! I love this place.

8-CB-Smores-(9)a-CMYK red velvet cake balls

Cristina M. - Buena Park, CA
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[Review] Delicate and moist red velvet cake ball

Just ordered the red velvet cake pop. It was amazing! It was so delicate and moist and it wasn’t too sweet it was just right.


Aashi S - Corona, California
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[Review] 480 cupcakes!!!

I ordered a large cupcake tower with 480 cupcakes from Patty’s cakes and everyone loved them! They arrived on time, setup quickly, and most importantly were delicious. The tower they have for rent is large and definitely makes a statement. The cupcakes are very large as well so you get a lot for what you pay for. I definitely recommend them for any large event!

Knottie1433952608 - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] We have never been disappointed!

These cupcakes are amazing! I regularly order them as a special treat for my staff. We have never been disappointed. The flavors are intense and complex and satisfy all the different tastes in our office.

Shannon Walker - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The cupcakes themselves were delicious

The cupcakes themselves were delicious; no complaints there. Not a perfect rating because I received customer service over the phone and in person, and I would’ve appreciated being told what specials and/or discounts were available to me at least once. I spent over $40 on my order, and the $5 off $12+ for an online order, or the free cupcake for a Yelp check-in, and subsequently this free cupcake order for submitting for a review would be better if they were communicated verbally. Tasty treats, but service could be sweeter.

Jacki C. - Brea, CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes did a perfect job!

Patty’s Cakes did a perfect job duplicating a cake for my sister’s wedding from a photo we provided to them. We went with the lemon-raspberry and it was definitely a party pleaser! The cake was very moist, filling yummy and frosting very fluffy and not too sweet. The prices were very reasonable and they delivered our cake right on time.  Patty’s Cakes and Desserts – Beautiful, simple cake with live succulents ! – Fullerton, CA, United States Beautiful, simple cake with live succulents ! Beautiful, simple cake with live succulents!

Janel S. - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] Patty’s cakes is awesome!

Patty’s cakes is awesome. So good that we had our wedding cake made by them. We
recently came back after our year anniversary to buy some cupcakes.

the location is tucked away in back of a shopping center. They are by themselves
and outlasted the rest of the shops there.

Remember to use the yelp check in to get Buy 3 get one free.

All the cupcakes are amazing and they just know how to do their cakes. If you’re
around, come quick!

They are open 6 days a week. Closed on Sundays and open till 4 on Saturdays



John D. - Ontario, CA
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[Review] The red velvet cake balls are AMAZING!

The red velvet cake balls are AMAZING and I order them for all my parties! I also
enjoy the banana cake pops.

Natasha D. - Orange, CA
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[Review] The moment we walked into the bakery, we knew we had found our cake

Rochelle said…

The moment we walked into the bakery, we knew we had found our cake. The Bakery is bright, smells sweet, and is very welcoming & approachable. Patty greeted us with a smile and warmth. She is one of those people you meet and right away can tell she is a good person who loves what she does. We fell in love. She wanted to get to know us, our wedding, our inspiration. She asked if we had pictures, I pulledup my pintrest board and low and behold with out even realizing it was hers, I had picked one of her cakes to show. She laughed and said hey thats my cake! is that on pintrest?? Anyway, how could we say no. Prices were great! especially compared to the competition . We picked the lemon cake and custard, and its going to have a hint of orange as a surprise inside, to go with out poppy colored theme. SO EXCITED!!!!

Rochelle - Fullerton, CA