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[Review] Amazing and delicious!

amazing and delicious!!

vanessa t. - Fullerton, CA

[Review] I absolutely love this place

I absolutely love this place. I found this place by chance :) I am a big fan of their cake balls (: especially their banana balls) . I have have not tried all their cupcakes, but I have not been disappointed yet :)

Patty A. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes is awesome!!!

Patty’s Cakes is awesome!!! The cake and cupcakes
were beautiful, and so yummy! I recommend Pattys
to everyone – whether you’re planning a party or
just need a cupcake fix- this is the place to go!!

Carla - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Amazing designs on my cake!

“They did exactly as I designed. It came out

Raquelle - Fullerton, CA

[Review] I recommend Patty’s cakes 100%!

I’ve getting cakes on patty’s for the past year, &
I love them especially the yellow cake there super
moist and even after 2 days there still soft and
Moist, I recommend Pattys cakes 100%.

Velia V. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] I am so glad we found this gem!

Oh my gosh! I am so glad we found this gem! My
co-workers and I have been searching for a good
bakery to supply our birthday cakes for our
birthday club. We found this cute little spot and
decided to do a trial run with some of the
cupcakes. The website is amazing with all of the
detailed photos so you know exactly what the
cupcakes look like. We were so pleased that
Patty’s has all of the flavors available for
instant pick up. We decided to pick out four
flavors… planning on trying a little of each.
unfortunately we ate all of the flavor we picked
out without sharing. I had the peanut butter
pretzel… and it was Ah-mazing. Everyone was more
than pleased with each flavor they picked. Two big
thumbs up! We will definately be back…. again
and again.

Lisa A. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Quality Excellent Appeal and Excellent Service!

Quality Excellent Appeal Excellent Service
I’ts always fun to visit very friendly staff, but
do be careful their cake balls are very addicting
;) and amazing special the S’more cake ball

Maria Genel - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] First time customer!

This morning I walked into Patty’s (in my pajamas) and received instant service with a smile even though I looked like a bum! Right from the flood gates that impressed me so kudos to the woman that helped me behind the counter. Being a first time customer I quickly noticed they had no display case for baked good purchases. She must have read my face because before I could say a word she explained how Patty’s works… you order they frost! What a great idea.

I ordered in total 7 cupcakes, and 4 cake balls. Let me start by saying I am a true buttercream girl. If you are looking for buttercream you will not find it here. What they do have are amazing cupcakes with a light and fluffy frosting. All 7 cupcakes were moist, fresh, and beautifull. I must say your p-nut butter frosting is absolutely hands down delicious (even without buttercream)! There was not even a smidgen of refrigerator/bakery case taste on any of my cupcakes, love it!
As Martha would say, “IT’s A GOOD THING”.

Lisa M. - La Mirada, CA
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[Review] Great choice for a client!

The cake balls were a great choice for client
gifts. They were delicious!

Kathy Y. - Walnut, CA
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[Review] Perfect for any occasion

This place is amazing…..any cupcake at your
request….perfect for any occasion.

Armando - Fullerton, CA
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