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[Review] My boyfriend was really impressed!

I took my boyfriend here to try their GF cupcakes and he was really impressed! We have been to other places
that carry GF cupcakes, but according to him, this place is the best one thus far! There’s an equal amount of
sweet and saltiness in the flavor and the cupcakes are not dry. I’m hoping they can expand their line to
include vegan cupcakes soon!!!

Katerpillar - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] A great gluten free cupcake!

I have been looking for great, gluten free cupcakes and now I have found them. They are yummy and beautiful. The staff is also first class, warm and friendly. I felt like I was talking to a close friend.

Clara C. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] Amazing reviews on yelp!

I am so happy my mother and I decided to stop by pattys cakes today. We have read a lot of reviews on yelp and decided to stop by. Immediately we were helped by a really friendly girl, I believe her name was Stephanie. She gave us many suggestions on what we should try. She was completely right about the banana cake balls. They were delicious and better than anything I have ever tasted. We also purchased a coconut chocolate cupcake and a chocolate raspberry cupcake. I was so impressed by the customer service I decided right then to order my husbands birthday cake. I really wanted to add a dodger logo on it and Stephanie got right on the Internet to help us pick one out. The prices are great and the cupcakes even had a surprise light fluffy filling inside. I went down the street to wildflour cupcakes who are more expensive and pattys has them beat by a long shot. When I order a cupcake I want it to be something I know I can t make at home. Now I m really excited to pick up my husbands carrot cake with pineapple cream cheese filling. Thank you again Stephanie for all your help!

rachel - Fullerton, CA
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We made it on Fox 11’s Twitter Page during Good Day LA

at 3:46 PM by

We made it on Fox 11’s Twitter page during the Good Day LA Coffee Shop Take Over. How cool!

Patty's Cakes on Fox11-twitter

[Review] Soooooo good!!!

SO GOOD! I had the peanut butter chocolate… And I died. I couldn t eat it in front of friends because I wanted to devour it. Also the frosting is to die for. It s not the cheap frosting, like the kind you get on costco cakes. And the best part! They inject the cupcake with MORE Butter cream frosting. Love this place!!!

Daniella Hernandez - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] So light and so moist!

love their cupcakes! so light and moist- great for the area

Monica Y - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The cupcakes are to die for:)!

The cupcakes are to die for! They are light, moist and not too sweet. Will definitely be going back :)

claire - Fullerton CA
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[Review] Very particular about my bakeries…

I am very particular about my ‘bakeries’ as I bake everything from Viennese pastries to brownies and everything in between. I researched Patty’s online – but I had to go in person to taste some baked products so that if I ever have a party I will be confident to know I’m serving the best to my family and guests. I bought a lemony pinada cupcake and an all chocolate cake ball. They were both extraordinarily delicious including moist, rich, appealing in display and of course, taste. I feel confident to recommend this bakery to anyone. Again, I tasted the cupcakes so I cannot imagine the cakes would not be equally as delicious. The person who assisted me was very congenial in offering her recommendations based on what I was looking for. I will be back, again, again, and again!!

Aspasia Baker - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Tastiest cupcakes ever!!!

Tastiest cupcakes and cake balls I’ve had in the area! I haven’t tried one that has disappointed!

Alicia A. - Tustin, CA
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[Review] Best cupcakes around!!!

Love the red velvet but all are so very good. Best cupcakes around !!! Can hardly wait to see you tomorrow.

PATTICAKES - Fullerton, CA
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