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Knight birthday cake

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What a great birthday cake!  This cake is an amazing knight cake for any adult or child of any age.  A cake with amazing knight designs all around.

Knight birthday cake

Baseball Cake

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Check it out!  An actual realistic baseball cake.  This cake is a round birthday cake with blue and red coloring to give it that perfect baseball look.  Great for children and adults of any age who just cant resist baseball.

baseball cake white, red and blue

Bmx Birthday Cake

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This Bmx birthday cake is just amazing.  A great design with realistic Bmx biker on top.  For children and adults of any age who love to ride bikes.

Bmx Birthday Cake

Beach Theme Birthday Cakes

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Who is ready for summer!  Amazing beach themed cakes.  For anyone who just loves the beach or loves summer.  Makes you feel like you are actually at the beach on a deserted island.  Lets get our tans on:)

beach birthday cake beach-cake-round beach-sandals-birthday-cake-pink-purple birthday-cake-pirate-beach-1st

Beer Birthday Cake

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Check this beer cake out!  For any adult of age.  A great cake for your 21st birthday or any celebration for whoever loves beer.  Will 100 percent be the main attraction to the party.  Drink up!

beer birthday cake

Rock N Roll Birthday Cake

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Who is ready to rock n roll!  An amazing 2 tiered birthday cake for any age with amazing rock n roll designs throughout the entire cake.

Rock N Roll Birthday Cake

Tiger Paw Birthday Cake

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Realistic tigers paw birthday cake!!!  For children and adults who love tigers.  Amazing design with orange and black coloring to make the cake look like a tigers paw.

Tiger Foot Birthday Cake

Skatebaording Birthday Cake

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Two amazing skateboarding cakes.  These cakes are hand designed with amazing designs of skateboarding on top.  For children and adults of any age who love skateboarding.

Skate Boarding Birthday Cakes skateboarder-birthday-cake

Golfing Birthday Cakes

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Check out these fantastic birthday cakes for any golfer!  These cakes are one of a kind with amazing and creative designs to give them that golf themed look.  For children and adults of any age.  Who is ready to play a round?

golf birthday cake golfers-birthday-cake

[Review] The cupcakes are so delicious!

My sister got some of these cupcakes for my nephews birthday and everyone loved them. The cupcakes are so delicious! I’m a huge Elvis fan and they actually have an Elvis Cupcake with bacon on it, and it was soooo good.They even have a really good chocolate cupcake that has crumbled chips on top. I love all the different and unique flavors. Definitely going here again and I recommend them to everyone.

Stephanie Salazar - Fullerton,CA
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