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[Review] Cake Balls. Now.. OMGOSHHH. They Were Soooo Good.. SOO GOOD

“so..  one day I was craving sweets. & i decided to yelp. & found this. my oh my.  when i first came here,  i had their red velvet cupcakes & they were so nom nom.

that i just had to come back again and try their cupcake balls. now.. OMGOSHHH. they were soooo good.. SOO GOOD.   it was just perfect. not too sweet. not dry. but moist. and delicious. im not even a big fan of chocolate. but the white chocolate surrounding the cupcake.. is omgahh. HAHA.  okay as you can see i was very happy with my two visits. GOOOO.”

Michelle D. - Long Beach, CA
via Yelp