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[Review] As beautiful as they are delicious

Patty’s cakes are as beautiful as they are delicious. I brought in several pictures and she did a great job in listening to what I wanted and creating the perfect design for our wedding. The frosting is light and a not-too-sweet topping to a wonderfully moist cake. Thanks Patty!


Julie and Genis - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Blown away by the amazing cupcakes

Here’s how you do it at Patty’s Cakes…You go in, check-in using your yelp app, get excited b/c by checking in you get a free cupcake when you buy 3, wait for your turn, order the cupcakes (you get to pick the cake and the whipped topping), wait for them to make them (they cakes are pre-made, they just add the whipped topping while you wait), pay for the cupcakes, walk casually to your car, furiously shovel 2 cupcakes (the cakes are moist, light and fluffy, the topping, like the cake, is light, fluffy, generous and in short GENIUS) into your mouth.
After brushing the crumbs off your face and clothes, you go back in and order 2 more (to replace the 2 that “mysteriously (that’s right, MYSTERIOUSLY) disappeared) so that no one will be suspicious to why there are only 2 when there should be 4…

I can’t recommend enough the vanilla cupcake (or chocolate cake) with the Chambord topping… OMG… Cupcake heaven! The apple pie, the Elvis, the peanut butter topping, the chocolate topping… Dammit, everything is AMAZING!!! I want 2 cupcakes now… I mean, one… I want one cupcake now ;)

I love that this is a mom ‘n pop shop :) I love that their cupcakes blow me away EVERY time. The only thing that bums me out is the hours of operations. I work during their open hours and on my days off, I live 20 miles away :( Maybe they’ll have later hours in the near future :) Here’s to wishful thinking!

I can’t recommend this place enough. I love their cupcakes. If you go, can you pick me up a couple of them? Please?

Happy Eating!!!

Diana N. - Garden Grove, CA
via Yelp

[Review] The red velvet has wonderful texture and flavor.

Wonderful texture and flavor. The red velvet was worth the drive from I.E. It was light yet rich. Definately going to look into their custom cakes.

Jules E. - Upland, CA
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