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[Review] Dreaming of patty’s cakes…

I DREAM of Patty’s Cake~Cake Balls!!!! Stopped to pick up a couple boxes to cheer up my office staff and it worked wonders!! Sooooo Many OOOHHHHsss and AHHHHsss. Makes any day feel a little more FUN!!

Janelle S. - Fullerton, CA

[Review] I absolutely love this place

I absolutely love this place. I found this place by chance :) I am a big fan of their cake balls (: especially their banana balls) . I have have not tried all their cupcakes, but I have not been disappointed yet :)

Patty A. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] The tasting was great!!!

Instead of a cake I did a cupcake tower with patty’s cakes… My Fiance and I had went to about 10 different vendors to find the perfect cupcakes for our wedding… Patty’s cakes was our last stop… Time was running out and we still haven’t found the perfect cupcakes… Up until Patty’s cakes… ¬†The tasting was great!!! ¬†Philip brought us out a few cupcakes to taste… and they were wonderful! Our favorite was butter pecan! that blew us away! There was no thinking about it… We wanted Patty’s Cakes to be a part of our wedding… Thier presenation and service was excellent… Our guest LOVED thier cupcakes… we had no complaints… I would DEFINITELY recommend them..

linh825 - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] I used Patty’s Cakes for my wedding, and had a great experience

I used Patty’s Cakes for my wedding, and had a
great experience. When I was checking out
different bakeries, Patty’s stood out because the
owner took the time to meet with me and discuss
the wedding and what I wanted in our cake. She
made sure to send me home with two cupcakes (free)
for my fiance and me to try since he couldn’t be
there. Excellent customer service!
The cupcakes were delicious, and the quality plus
Patty’s creative ideas were what sold me. She told
me she could do “purple velvet” layers in my cake
for my purple wedding, and it was wonderful. The
cake was beautiful, we had no issues with the
delivery even though the location was in Orange
and hard to find, and everyone loved it!
About their unique frosting: it’s obvious from
some of the reviews that not everyone loves their
frosting, but I thought it was exactly right.
Usually I think cakes have too much frosting and
tend to be too sweet, but Patty’s is more light,
whipped, and not overly sweet. I describe it as a
cross between buttercream frosting and Dream Whip
(the mix for pie topping), and I loved it!

J L. - El Toro, CA
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[Review] Best cupcakes I have ever had

Best cupcakes I have ever had, I recommend the
Elvis for sure!

Josh M. - San Luis Obispo, CA
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[Review] Amazing designs on my cake!

“They did exactly as I designed. It came out

Raquelle - Fullerton, CA

[Review] First time customer!

This morning I walked into Patty’s (in my pajamas) and received instant service with a smile even though I looked like a bum! Right from the flood gates that impressed me so kudos to the woman that helped me behind the counter. Being a first time customer I quickly noticed they had no display case for baked good purchases. She must have read my face because before I could say a word she explained how Patty’s works… you order they frost! What a great idea.

I ordered in total 7 cupcakes, and 4 cake balls. Let me start by saying I am a true buttercream girl. If you are looking for buttercream you will not find it here. What they do have are amazing cupcakes with a light and fluffy frosting. All 7 cupcakes were moist, fresh, and beautifull. I must say your p-nut butter frosting is absolutely hands down delicious (even without buttercream)! There was not even a smidgen of refrigerator/bakery case taste on any of my cupcakes, love it!
As Martha would say, “IT’s A GOOD THING”.

Lisa M. - La Mirada, CA
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[Review] Scouting for A wedding baker!

Visited Patty’s Cakes while scouting for wedding baker. We didn’t schedule an appointment or anything, just walked in to get more info about orders & pricing.

Space was small. Storefront was probably about 8X11′ One display area, which is also cashier. No seating area really, you have a picnic table that can seat 3-4 for scheduled tasting. Display is mainly cake balls. cupcakes are in the back as you order to go/pickup.

We asked for info and was told that Patty would be best person to give us the stuffs. We waited about 5 minutes, Patty came out with full energy! She apologized for the wait, letting us know that she’s working on a cake for, I believe, Sunday morning. She apologized again that she won’t have much time to spend with us as she likes, but definitely can give us info.

Patty also offered some tastings for us. Gave us the pricing based on what we’re thinking. I ordered additional cake balls.

Patty gave us a demo mini chocolate cupcake to show how it would be dec up. She put some edible mini pearls and glitter on it really quick. So cute and pretty. We also had the regular-size banana cupcake, raspberry chambord, lemon, chocolate, and chocolate and coconut.

Cake balls: German Chocolate, banana, lemon.

They were all amazing! so good and fluffy! The cake balls we moist too. Banana cake ball was a bit sweet for me, but banana taste was, vivid. My favs were raspberry chambord, lemon on both cake ball & cupcake. The banana cupcake was very good too, but I like the cream on top better.

I have to admit that for those with regular frosting, there were a lot. So we just ate it without lol. The cupcakes themselves were good stuffs.

I appreciate Patty’s energy and attention, even though we didn’t have an appointment, we left the place really wanting to work with Patty for the wedding. The only problem is it’s further than the venue than I thought. Wedding is on Sunday, and they don’t deliver to the venue due to distance, so we’ll have to have someone pick it up. This is the only reason why I’m scouting for others that are closer.

If I’ll be in the area, definitely will park by Patty’s to visit and get some goodies.

Lili P. - Duarte, CA
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[Review] Deliciousness!!!

Delicious! A little pricey, though.

Lily Vu - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Amazingly Moist and Delicious!!!

Amazing cakes, and the frosting is top notch to boot! Highly recommended for those that are in the area. P.S. Cakepops we’re amazingly moist and delicious as well!

Jay Ratkay - Fullerton, CA
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