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[Review] The most delicious!

Most delicious! The chocolate fudge frosting is the best!

Denise - Fullerton, Ca
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[Review] Yelp cupcakes!

I was looking for a bakery for my wedding I found this bakery on the knot and yelp. Decided to visit them because of their raving reviews. THANK GOD I did. Their cupcakes are DELICIOUS. Not only did we choose them for their tasty cupcakes but also for their customer service. Philip was nice and helped us on what flavors to go with. The 3 flavors we got were a huge hit with our guest! This will be my ‘go to’ bakery from now on.

Esmerlara - Fullerton, CA

[Review] The cupcakes were straight out delicious!!!

The cupcakes were delicious. We also tried the cake balls which were better than i could have imagined. They were heavy little things, so 1 was enough, like eating 1 slice of cake but better. I tried just the choc. cake ball and now i m addicted. My kids tried the choc. chip and the smores cake balls and they loved them too. Special treat and something different!

Sarah - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Allergy friendly cake!!!

Patty made an allergy-friendly for my daughter’s birthday (egg-free and gluten free). She loved it and it still tasted good! Hard to do (I’ve tried at home!)! The cake looked amazing as well, which was a tall order given that my daughter wanted it to look like fire. Thanks for another great birthday cake Patty!!!

Wendy D. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] Amazing reviews on yelp!

I am so happy my mother and I decided to stop by pattys cakes today. We have read a lot of reviews on yelp and decided to stop by. Immediately we were helped by a really friendly girl, I believe her name was Stephanie. She gave us many suggestions on what we should try. She was completely right about the banana cake balls. They were delicious and better than anything I have ever tasted. We also purchased a coconut chocolate cupcake and a chocolate raspberry cupcake. I was so impressed by the customer service I decided right then to order my husbands birthday cake. I really wanted to add a dodger logo on it and Stephanie got right on the Internet to help us pick one out. The prices are great and the cupcakes even had a surprise light fluffy filling inside. I went down the street to wildflour cupcakes who are more expensive and pattys has them beat by a long shot. When I order a cupcake I want it to be something I know I can t make at home. Now I m really excited to pick up my husbands carrot cake with pineapple cream cheese filling. Thank you again Stephanie for all your help!

rachel - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Delicious wedding cake!!!

They are making my wedding cake for my wedding in 2 days so I will have to do another review after that experience but I an anticipating the best cake ever…they are the nicest people and their cake is DELICIOUS!  I think I spent more time picking a wedding cake than any other element of the wedding….I was feeling really discouraged by the prices while shopping around and then extra discouraged when I tasted the expensive cake and it was horrible so when I walked into Patty’s and tasted the best cake in the history of ever I not only knew instantly that I had found my baker, I was blown away by their reasonable prices and outstanding customer service.  I don’t spend money on myself often….bills and my kids with not a lot left over and I feel 100% confident that any money spent here is well spent both because of the quality of product and to support a great shop!  Customer service like theirs is really a gem these days!  I don’t usually even care for cake but I am SO excited for our guests to dive into our wedding cake because the tasting was literally the most delightful cake I have ever tasted

Lisa D. - Murrieta, CA
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[Review] Not a big cupcake person… But these were amazing!

I am not a big cupcake person, but even I have to admit these were delicious. I bought them for a friend for her birthday and she loved them so much she’s getting a cake from them for her husband’s birthday. At least three of us agree that they were something special.

Risa K. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Everyone wanted seconds!!!

Great cakes! Patty had made a cake for my June 9 th wedding it was raspberry filling with vanilla cake and it was so good everyone kept wanting seconds. I’m wanting some cake right now just thinking about it. Thanks pattys cakes !!!

Amber C. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] The amazing butter pecan cupcake!

Don’t be put-off by the surrounding empty units, as this little bakery is
clean and inviting, and deserves any and all business that comes its way. We
always get the Butter Pecan cupcakes as they are absolutely delicious — not
overly sweet — just right!

Rob Grantham - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Sooooooooo Good!

“Soooo good!” That’s what we said when we were shopping for wedding cakes and
what our guests said at our wedding. After going through her cake photo album
online, I found “thee cake” and made an appointment for a tasting. Our tasting
was so intimate, no distractions, complete focus on us, it was great. After
showing Patty, yes the owner was doing our tasting, the style we liked, she
brought our different flavors. My fiancé at the time, requested a red velvet
cake with cheese cake frosting. We tasted a lot of red velvet cakes at other
tastings, but there was no denying this was the very best. Not only was the
cake super moist, but it didn’t taste like dye. It was very light and airy,
unlike the dense ones before, and the frosting was not a heavy buttercream, but
rather a whipped, light frosting. We loved it so much that we couldn’t wait for
the wedding to taste it again so we grabbed some red velvet cupcakes shortly
before the wedding. Patty suggested bringing some of the orchids I would be
using in my wedding to her so they could be placed on the cake, and I’m glad
she did because it looked gorgeous. After tasting her cakes, there will be no
contest! Thank you, Patty!

bmacfarland10 - Fullerton, CA