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[Review] The cupcakes were amazing!

Cheterra Young - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

The cupcakes were AMAZING!!! It was my first time trying them last night and they were great! Idk which kind they were because someone brought me them to try. I had a cupcake that had bacon on top. It was amazing.

[Review] A big “thank you, thank you very much” to the Elvis cupcake

Nikol S. - Whittier, CA - via Google Reviews

So because I’m pro Yelp that most likely makes me a foodie…or at least I like to think of myself as one since I enjoy good food and like to try everything everywhere. And since I’m obsessed with good food I’m obviously obsessed with food Television…chopped, triple D’s, dinner at Tiffany’s and of course anything having to do with desserts…which brings me full circle to the reason I’m rambling and why Patty Cakes and cupcake wars got me completely turned onto the gourmet cupcake! Never had the chance to officially try one because let’s be honest, your local market or Costco DOES NOT qualify as magical or even close to gourmet baking…so when my bf asked what I wanted for my special day naturally I said I’d like sugar and fat wrapped up in a pretty package that will make me smile. Soooooo I found this little precious on Yelp and said yes…Ahhh-mayyzz-zinga :) I was such a brat that I had to get a dirty dozen…what?!? I shared!! There was strawberry, lemon, chocolate, etc…, a little bit of everything. I over did it. I know. But my favorite…the Elvis…he was a genius to mix bacon, peanut butter, and banana…I’d visit Graceland for the sole purpose of honoring this inventive combo. Kudos to Patty’s for honoring it also…And yes, there is bacon sprinkled on top…so I will be back. Maybe not for another dozen but definitely at least six…and always an Elvis…good job Patty’s! You get a big thumbs up and of course a, “thank you, thank you very much.”

[Review] The Elvis cupcake is definitely a must-try

Susan R. - Tustin, CA - via Yelp

A coworker of mine turned me to Patty’s cakes. It’s a little hard to find if ur not looking closely.
I have tried several cupcakes and they have been delicious. I’ve recommended them to several people and no one has been disappointed yet.
My children love the cupcakes. They have gluten-free alternatives.
My favorite cupcake is the Elvis. Definitely a must-try if you like bacon and peanut butter. Sounds weird but it all comes together very deliciously.
The reason this place doesn’t have a 5-star rating from me is because they are a bit expensive. Not something I can purchase often.

[Review] Love the delicious Elvis cupcake

Chila P. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Love the Elvis! So good……….. Cupcakes are delicious!


Patty's Cakes on ABC 7 News and the Elvis Bacon Cupcake

[Review] Amazing Elvis cupcake

Chad Edie - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

The Elvis cupcake was amazing. I need another one.


[Review] Seriously Delicious Cakes!

Shawn C. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Seriously delicious cakes! Seriously delicious frosting. Patty’s Cakes were so easy to work with. They didn’t pressure us to go big, and they were quite happy to add Star Trek logos onto our wedding cake. The set up looked beautiful! Everything was perfect. They were also VERY reasonable in price. The only problem was trying to decide on the flavors that we wanted! Everything we tasted was delicious. My favorite: The Elvis! Banana cake, peanut butter,¬†frosting, and bacon. YES! BACON!

I’m probably going to get all my birthday cakes and special event cakes from them from here on out! Thanks for making my wedding day delicious!

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts – Fullerton, CA, United States. We wanted a simple cake top with hearts and the Star Trek emblem! We got it! It was perfect! And delicious!


[Review] The Elvis Cupcake was an absolute favorite!

Laura H. - Anaheam, CA - via Yelp


I should try more favors but how can you steer away from perfection?!

My daughter has Celiac Disease and the GF cupcakes here are her absolute favorite. WE ADORE PATTY’S!

[Review] Moist and Fresh E’clair, Elvis, and Chocolate Mousse cupcakes – Buena Park, CA

Heike F. - Buena Park, CA - via Yelp

I have been looking for a local cupcake place that has moist and fresh cupcakes. This is the place. Finally they have a big variety. I like the fact that you don’t have the cupcakes displayed that means they haven’t been sitting all day and you top them with fresh toppings as they are ordered. I ordered Eclair, Elvis and chocolate mouse. I have tried the E’clair and it was yummy. The others are for a friend. I will be back soon.I can’t wait to try some other flavors. They are really good






[Review] Elvis cupcake, full of flavor! – Chino Hills, CA

Angie W. - Chino Hills, CA - via Yelp

Stopped in because I yelped desserts nearby :)  Got the Elvis cupcake and it was great!! Not dry and full of flavor! Will be
coming back for sure and use that checkin coupon ^.^


[Review] Amazing tasting Elvis cupcake and Caramel Chocolate cupcake – Fullerton, CA

Lauren Morales - Fullerton, CA -

My friends got me the Elvis Presley and Caramel Chocolate
cupcakes! They were AMAZING! And I’m definitely going to make
Patty’s a place to stop by!

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