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[Review] First time customer!

This is not just a cupcake shop, it is THEE cupcake shop! Yesterday I had the grand opportunity to experience it for the first time! The shop was beautiful and the staff members were extremely friendly! I ordered a Chocolate Caramel Salty and oh my goodness… It was BEYOND AMAZING. The Chocolate Caramel Salty was a super moist chocolate cupcake with a dab of buttercream frosting in the center topped with a generous amount of thickly piped chocolate fudge icing drizzled with a heaping tablespoon of delicious salted caramel. YUM! I was completely blown away by each bite consumed! I will most definitely be returning soon! Thank you Patty for sharing your lovely baked goods with dessert lovers like me! :)

Lani Wong - Fullerton, Ca
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[Review] This place is perfect!

I love it. It is not too sweet. It is perfect.

Karina Ortiz - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] LOVED my wedding cake so much!

LOVED my wedding cake so much! From the design to the flavor…it was perfection. We ended up choosing the lemon cake with Bavarian cream and raspberry filling (their “Razzle” cupcake if you ever want to drop in a try it). AMAZING. When I used to think lemon cake…I words that would come to mind were “tart” or “too sweet”….but no, Patty’s was light and delightful. The guests loved it and one of them even told me they had 4 slices!

Philip made the whole process easy and smooth. From cake tasting and communicating with me regarding any details….we had no problems. I decided to have fresh flowers to decorate my cake and Patty made it so beautiful. Everything I imagined and more. And prices were much reasonable than the other bakery I inquired about :)

Thank you Patty and Philip for making the process so easy and making our wedding cake so beautiful and DELICIOUS! (BTW–got a lemon cake ball when I dropped off my cake stands and it was delish! I’ll be back whenever I’m in the area!)

Grace R. - Panorama City, CA
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[Review] Many choices of cupcakes!!!

I’ve driven by dozens of times and finally stopped in to check it out. I was expecting to see rows and rows of cupcakes but instead some small, ball-shaped cakes are displayed, some wedding cakes and shelves of decorative items. The sales lady showed me how to order (from a large menu on the wall behind the counter). There are many choices but my favorite flavor (from another cupcake place) wasn’t on the menu. I asked the sales lady, ” Do you have something similar to a Strawberry Lemonade flavor?” She could have just politely said “no sorry we don’t”. Instead, to my surprise, she said ” We can make something like that for you!” I said, “Right now?” she said “Yes!”. I’m very happy because I’m sure she isn’t the owner here, she didn’t have to do this, but she went beyond her way just trying to accommodate the customer. For this alone, I’d give the place a “yay!

The reason I give 4 stars is because the decorations on the cupcakes can be a little more attractive, creative, colorful…etc. All the cream is piped the same way with a little sugar sprinkles on top. I’ve had much more creatively decorated ones, so it’s a little boring here. Another reason is that, the cupcakes, although very fresh, has just a little too much cream. The cream is very light, but it’s almost 2 inches tall, so it feels like toppling over from the cupcake (heavier top than bottom). It’s true that I’d rather have more cream than not enough, but still, I had to remove a little cream for the balance in tastes otherwise it’s an overkill for me.

I will definitely return though when I drive by in the future. They are the freshest cupcakes I’ve ever had by no means.

E W. - West Covina, CA
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[Review] frosting is indescribably light and airy!

Love their cupcakes, their frosting is indescribably light and airy! Expensive..but I cant seem to stay away! :)

M p. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] This place still has yet to disappoint!

The last time I wrote a review for Patty’s was 2011 so I figured it’s about time I write an update. This place still has yet to disappoint! I have been to Patty’s multiple times over the last three years for cupcakes, cake balls and custom cake orders. I have worked with Philip and Bethany on multiple occasions, both of which are incredibly pleasant. The only time Patty’s was unavailable to take an order for me was my son’s 4th birthday, which was really my fault considering I tried to order the cake two weeks in advance of the party. My tips – 1) place your custom cake order at least 4-6 weeks in advance because Patty’s is just that popular! 2) Bring a copy of your party invitation and give it to Patty. I have given artistic freedom to Patty for every one of my cakes based on the invitation I gave her and she has NEVER disappointed!

My mother-in-law and I just placed another custom cake order this morning for my baby shower in 6 weeks. As always, the place was crowded but our customer service was incredible. My son even got his 2 cake balls and of course, he was absolutely in love! Thank you, Patty’s!

Diobel C. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] 7 dozen mini cupcakes!

I used Patty’s for a party this month. Ordered 7 dozen mini cupcakes and they were fantastic!!!! Will definitely use her services for our wedding in October

Lisa l. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes and Desserts saved-the-day for our recent Wedding!

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts saved-the-day for our recent Wedding! Two months before our wedding, our
original baker told us that they wouldn’t be able to provide the red velvet cake as they’d promised. I
knew that my fiance really wanted the red velvet and since deep red was one of our wedding colors, I was
determined to find it at an affordable price. We searched online and found all of the amazing reviews
about Patty’s Cake’s on here, and booked an appt. with Patty’s for approx. 1.5 months before our wedding
date (03/29/14). We were lucky enough that they still had the ability to accommodate us for that date
with such short notice. We met with Patty and instantly clicked with her- Patty is such a warm,
friendly, creative, helpful business owner- somewhat rare to find such a genuine desire to make the
customers happy. Patty and her staff were amazing at turning our dream wedding cake into a reality, and
she even provided us with several options to keep it within our budget. The tasting of the wedding
cakes, frosting, and fillings was amazing too! We wanted to find a way to have both the chocolate cake
and the red velvet, and since each tier of the cake has two layers with filling in between them
(brilliant!) Patty came up with the idea to have one layer chocolate and one layer red velvet, and we
chose the bavarian cream for the filling- soooo delicious! We also had her light white/ivory icing and
our guests raved that this was the best and most beautiful wedding cake they’d ever had! Patty even
provided a “take home” box for our top tier. :-) Thank you so much Patty and Patty’s crew. I have
already ordered cupcakes from Patty’s since our March 29th wedding, and we plan to use Patty’s for
future cakes as well! (ps- I’d post pictures of the cake on here, but I don’t know how to yet, as this
is my first Yelp review. I wanted to make sure to share my great experience for other Brides out there
and other cake connoisseurs, haha)
All Our Best,

Jena R. - Orange County, CA
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[Review] The cupcakes were phenomenal

Ok Patty. You have redeemed yourself!

After my last review, I was contacted by the owner to give them another try. A credit was arranged to compensate for the disappointment from my graduation party. Nonetheless, 5 stars for their customer service.

I have been weary of getting anything from Patty’s for any special occasion. I finally had a family dinner this week and grabbed some cupcakes.

The cupcakes were phenomenal. I got an assortment of flavors and we shared bites from each of the cakes. All were moist and delicious. My family raved about them this time, loving the sweet, but not too sweet, light and whipped cream.

Patty’s thanks for the great customer service and for the yummy cupcakes. You have won me over once again!

Cathy F. - Orange, CA
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[Review] First time order!

The 1st time I came to order was 3 weeks ago for my best friend’s birthday. I picked up quite a handful.
The chocolate with peanut butter mousse and the red velvet cupcake are my two faves! In addition, I
absolutely love the 20 gluten free cupcake selection along with gluten free cake selection as well. My
boyfriend and best friend were raving about the cupcakes wanting more during dinner. We didn’t bother to
try the free slice of chocolate cake complimentary by Mastro’s steakhouse since Patty’s cupcake was just
hands down delicious. Btw, the gluten free cake balls are delish as well!

Maria V. - Irvine, CA
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