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[Review] Patty’s got me to love cake!!

I hate cakes, and when I say hate I mean really
dislike. Loathe is more appropriate. But this
place, Patty’s is the best! She got me to LOVE
cake!! Lemon & Banana cake balls rule! Had cup
cakes that rock and the Raspberry Chambord Lemon
cake is the one the changed my life from cake
hater to born again cake lover!

Ruben M. - Brea, CA
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[Review] The most amazing cupcake I ever had!

HI my name is Miah i went to Pattys Cakes with my
mama.I had a chocolate salty carmel cupcake it was
the most amazing cupcake i ever had. :D

Jonathan - Fullerton,CA
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[Review] My husband’s 50th birthday party

I was referred to Patty’s Cakes from a restaurant
where I was holding my husband’s 50th birthday
party. The bakery is a little hard to find since
its kind of hidden in the corner of a shopping
center but once you go inside it is nicely
decorated with the holiday of the season and they
have a water canister filled with oranges and
cucumbers that you can help yourself to. I came
into Patty’s Cakes to see how they could go about
designing a runner’s cake since my husband is a
marathon runner. I had never really gone to a
bakery to make a custom made cake so I had no idea
of the pricing. The lady who helped me was so nice
and patient each time I came in. Also, she
remembered me so that was key in deciding to use
them for my husband’s birthday cake. They did a
FABULOUS job capturing everything I wanted. The
cake looked awesome and I was so happy with how
everything turned out. She even helped me carry
the cake to my car. I got to meet Patty the day I
picked up the cake and she was so nice and
friendly. I ordered a chocolate cake with a
chocolate fudge filling and it was soooo good! The
cake was moist and the filling was generously
filled. If I would have known about this place
years ago, I probably would had my wedding cake
from Patty’s Cake. Mmmm, good! I will definitely
be back to order more cakes or cupcakes in the
future! I really want to try their Elvis cupcake. 1/1/2013

Sara M. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] summer wedding!!!

My husband and I ordered our wedding cake from
Patty’s bakery, and we were both amazed by the
quality of service, their willingness to
accomodate our unique design ideas, and the
delicious cake!

Since we had a summer wedding, I had a picture of
a 3-tiered white cake with fresh berries on top of
each layer. I brought in a picture to our
consultation, and Patty suggested flavor
combinations that would be perfect. She was
absolutely willing to create our design, even
going out and buying the best berries the day of
the wedding to make sure it was beautiful. In
addition, they adjusted the delivery time to the
reception based on the weather on our wedding day,
so the cake wouldn’t melt in the heat outside.

The cake was, of course, absolutely delicious–
honestly the best wedding cake I’ve ever had!
Their unique frosting recipe is perfect, not too
heavy or sweet. I wish we lived closer so that I
could go back for cupcakes!

Justine D. - Campbell, CA
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[Review] Sprinkles is way too sweet!

So I’m extremely picky about my cupcakes. I hate it when they are too sweet. I personally think Sprinkles is way too sweet.

Patty’s cupcakes are perfection!!! Perfect sweetness level. I devoured the whole cupcake.

I highly recommend the salted caramel, red velvet, and the banana. So delicious!

Vina V. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Customizing Your Cupcakes!!!

Love how you can “customize” your cupcake with any
combination of cakes and icings. I chose the white cake
(subtle almond flavor) and fudge icing, and it didn’t
disappoint. Workers are helpful when suggesting new and fun
combinations. $3.00 for a customized cupcake. And they’re

Cypris T. - Tustin, CA
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[Review] Amazingly Moist and Delicious!!!

Amazing cakes, and the frosting is top notch to boot! Highly recommended for those that are in the area. P.S. Cakepops we’re amazingly moist and delicious as well!

Jay Ratkay - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes Catered Our Wedding Cake

We got married in June 2012 and Patty’s Cakes catered our
wedding cake. It was delicious. A lot of guests were
telling us that they like the cake. There was a mishap but
Patty’s Cake fixed it right away.

Natalie - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Once You Have One You Want to Go Back!!!

Patty’s cake balls are delicious! Once you have one you want to go back for more! :) My daughter LOVES this place.


Jill Z. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] No Fondant!

I’ve had Patty’s cupcakes many times before form going to weddings and such. They are always so moist, which isn’t common in bakeries I find which are dry and crumbly. I just had one of the chocolate cupcakes yesterday with the frosting with chocolate chips in it and AGAIN! SO GOOD.
I love that they use frosting to decorate rather than that fondant stuff….thats stuff is like hard play-do..yack!
Keep it Patty’s!

Bella V. - Perris, CA
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