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[Review] Moist cupcakes and cake balls!

Moist cupcakes and cake balls.

P H. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] Simple wedding cake with some flair!

Patty was amazing and very sweet. She understood our needs for a clean and simple wedding cake with some flair. We tried some yummy cupcakes and just loved the red velvet with raspberry/ cream cheese filing. Our cost for a two tier (50 ppl) was $220 plus a $40 delivery fee since we live closer to the 210 fwy. We were able to secure our cake with $100 deposit and took our left over samples home :) Overall good experience and would book future cakes (birthday, anniversary and such) Oh and you can get a free goody when you post a review on her website directly just go to the reviews section on the right upper corner.

Crystal M. - Covina, CA
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[Review] CAKE BALLS!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! CAKE BALLS!!!!!!!!!!! :) I found out about this bakery from one of my Mommy friends. Our kids go to school together. She raved about the Cake Balls. I was kinda rolling my eyes inside at her. She knows.. all my friends know. My family makes cakes. So if we do ever buy one…our family is super picky!
We do not EVER say a cake or pastry is good unless it truly is!
So after Mother’s Day Tea at the School. This was back in May…I decided to just stop in and get a few..I’m so glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THEM!! SMORES CAKE BALLS! My favorite! I can honestly say since that day in May we have been in at least 8 times or more! One of the reasons why I can’t seem to get back to my pre-kid weight! LOL! Ohhh well! So worth the Cake Balls! Kids have tried & love..The Chocolate Chip.Lemon…All Chocolate & Dad loves the Banana one! I will try a cake from here at some point! Maybe they can make me a Smore cake ball cake??
Hope this review helps:)

*I’m not a perfect writer..So I’m sorry for all or any mistakes I’ve made:) Just trying to get my point across:)

Regina C. - Villa Park, CA
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[Review] Amazing desserts!

Went with my gf to check it out since she really likes the desserts here. Tried the elvis cupcake with bacon it was pretty good. I don’t eat sweets a lot but I would eat these again.

Bing T. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The tasting was great!!!

Instead of a cake I did a cupcake tower with patty’s cakes… My Fiance and I had went to about 10 different vendors to find the perfect cupcakes for our wedding… Patty’s cakes was our last stop… Time was running out and we still haven’t found the perfect cupcakes… Up until Patty’s cakes… ¬†The tasting was great!!! ¬†Philip brought us out a few cupcakes to taste… and they were wonderful! Our favorite was butter pecan! that blew us away! There was no thinking about it… We wanted Patty’s Cakes to be a part of our wedding… Thier presenation and service was excellent… Our guest LOVED thier cupcakes… we had no complaints… I would DEFINITELY recommend them..

linh825 - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The staff is the sweetest, the store is adorable, and the food is fantastic!

Patty s is right down from my office so we have used them for a few office functions like birthdays and retirements. The staff is the sweetest, the store is adorable, and the food is fantastic!

Heather - Fullerton,CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes & Desserts is the best!

Patty s Cakes & Desserts is the best! My family and I have loved every cupcake we have tried! The cupcakes are so moist and light. Delicious!

Justina - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Many compliments on the cake

Our daughter’s wedding cake was beautiful as well as delicious. We received many compliments on the cake. It was wonderful working with Patty.

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[Review] They definitely exceeded my expectations

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Both
of the cakes I have ordered for two separate
occasions, have been delicious. They definitely
exceeded my expectations. The staff is super
helpful and Patty is so warm hearted. They have
earned my business for life :)

Sophia M. - Walnut, CA
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[Review] The lemon drop cupcake was amazing!

The lemon drop cupcake was amazing! As for the
red velvet, I preferred the cake ball over the
cupcake. The cake ball is very moist and the
encasing is VERY sweet. With that said, you don’t
have to eat all that “frosting” if you don’t like
super sweet. Just cut in half, ‘peel off some
frosting” and take that amazing bite.

My husband enjoyed the cake balls more than the
cupcakes because he’s a fan of butter cream
frosting and not the whipped kind that’s on these
delicious cupcakes. So if you’re the same way, go
for the cake balls.

Cupcakes = 4 stars
Cake balls = 5 stars
The young girl with the huge eyes behind the
counter = 2 stars

I’m not sure if she just doesn’t know the answer
to my questions or if she’s a smart alec but not
only is she not helpful, if you ever dare to ask
her a question, she makes you feel stupid. Maybe
I’m the stupid one. At least I can cure the
bitter taste that she leaves in my mouth with a
bite of the red velvet cake ball.

Connie B. - Fullerton, CA
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