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[Review] The amazing mint chocolate chip cupcake!!!

Had the mint chocolate chip cupcake and it was so moist and tender, unlike other cupcakes I have had in the past at different bakeries. They have such an incredible assortment that I’m going back to start sampling my way through their whole menu! lol

Andrea Oppedisano - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Best cupcakes EVER!!!!!!!!!

Best cupcakes EVER!!!!!!!!!! My wife is addicted by the way they have really good service always nice polite and welcoming.

Alex S. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Everything here is delicious!

This place is amazing! Not only are the cupcakes DELICIOUS, but the have 52 flavors! 32 regular cupcakes
and 20 gluten free! For someone like me who is gluten free this is awesome. I like sprinkles cupcakes but
they only have 1 gluten free flavor and that gets boring after a while. Not only that this place is WAY
better than sprinkles and the customer service is outstanding. Check this place out!

Rose H. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] The cupcake was good, the cake was moist and fresh!

The cupcake was good, the cake was moist and fresh! but i wasn’t a fan of the type of frosting they used,
it kinda reminded me of a cool whip consistency. the inside of the building is kinda small and not very
open, i would consider perhaps a renovation? But overall my experience here was good as is the customer
service i will be back soon

Ruben M. - Garden Grove, CA
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[Review] By far the most delicious bakery!

Best cupcakes!! I’ve tried A LOT of cupcake bakeries, and this place is by far the BEST!! The cupcakes are baked fresh, and taste delicious. The prices are great and the staff is friendly :)

Sylvia G. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Nothing compared to Patty’s cakes

This review has taken me a while to write, but better late than never!
I used Patty’s as my wedding cake baker, and I have nothing but rave reviews for these people. I tasted cakes at a few other locations, and nothing compared to the product I had here. From the moment I walked in, Patty was extremely sweet and helpful. She is very genuine and honest, and tells it like it is. She was straight with us on price (very reasonable) and honest about the design process. My husband and I loved her from the moment we met her, and we decided after 5 minutes that we were going to use her shop.
She was flexible with us on all areas of design, flavor, and price. We ordered a 4 tired wedding cake, made with banana and chocolate cake with banana creme filling. This is literally the best cake I have ever tasted, and it was BEAUTIFUL. There was not one issue with our cake appearance, delivery, nothing! It was all around a sweet and fabulous experience. We are so thankful to Patty that she put her all into her cake. And her son Phillip was very helpful as well! Thank you to Patty’s Cakes for making our wedding day extra special. I have included a picture of our cake so you can all see the work, detail and time that went into our cake.

Oh, the best part is that they don’t use fondant, which tastes like crapola. They use real buttercream or whipped frosting, and it is so light and fluffy. The amazing part is that they still make your cake look as good as a cake made with fondant. The cake is delivered on the wedding day about an hour before the wedding starts so it is fresh and pretty by the time the guests get in. LOVE LOVE LOVE PATTY!

Taylor G. - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] Saved our wedding day from disaster!!!

Patty’s Cakes totally saved our wedding day from disaster! Originally my wife and I had chosen a Hawaiian bakery to do our wedding cake, but they kept giving me the run around about price and design. After I thought we had it all worked out, they totally dropped the ball and lost our order with less than a month from our scheduled date…we had no cake! We live 2.5 hours north of of our Santa Ana venue so coming down during the week when Patty’s is open is no easy task, but Phillip was a doll and squeezed us in for a cake tasting in the evening right before they closed. Usually by the time you taste all the flavors and icings you feel a little ill, but at Patty’s Cakes we cleaned the plate and took some cake balls (amazing) for the ride home! The flavors we ended up ordering (even though they were all delicious) were chocolate cake with peanut butter cream, red velvet cake, & pumpkin cake both with cream cheese filling. All of our guests raved about how good the cake was and many asked for seconds! We checked out several bakeries in the area and Patty’s had the best price bar none. We actually went back 2 more times when we were in the area doing other errands leading up to the wedding just to gorge on their cake balls and cupcakes. Picking a bakery can be stressful if your a foodie, after all let’s be honest most wedding cakes taste like cardboard, Patty’s Cakes are moist, flavorful, and their icing is sweet but too much like most icings are. My lady love and I agreed that you have to prioritize when planning your wedding. We love food and more importantly we love dessert! We wanted our cake to look and taste fantastic! Patty’s Cakes delivered on time and the cake did not disappoint!

Ashlei - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Raved about the taste!

Patty’s Cakes was wonderful and I’d recommend them to anyone! When I met with Patty, I felt an instant connection. She got my vision and the cake not only looked great but everyone, even my hard to please mother RAVED about the taste!!!

nmann13 - Brea, CA

[Review] The desire to eat another cupcake is unreal!!!

Today one of our vendors delivered a dozen or so cupcakes from Patty’s. Holy shnikes! Have you ever eaten something so good, the desire to eat another trumps your own well-being? I feeling that right now. There are about half of the order left sitting behind me. I need another…and now I’m eating one. BACON PEANUT BUTTER BANANA! Just go here and be happy.

Joshua Brewster - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The best cupcakes ever!!!

Best cupcakes ever!! Great customer service!!

Kelly - Fullerton, Ca
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