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[Review] The Joy And Fun We Had Cutting Into Our Chocolate Wedding Cake

Pam and Jeff C. - Placentia, CA - via Snail Mail

“Recently my husband & I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, June, 1988.  I have to share with you the joy and fun we had cutting into our chocolate wedding cake (top layer), one year later. The cake and filling were as fresh as the day you made it!  We had my mom put it in her deep freeze. The hotel wrapped it up good, and a gardenia was wrapped up with the cake, and do you know the gardenia was sweet smelling and perfectly preserved.  We shared the cake with family, and your cake, again, got rave reviews!  You do a wonderful job, and I recommend you highly (as you know).  Thank you again for making our wedding day and one year later a tasty treat!  Cheers to you!”

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