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[Review] This bakery has the best moist cake I’ve ever tried

This bakery has the best moist cake I’ve ever tried **kudos**

Silvia Alcantar - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Cravings for a great cupcake!!!

So I have a craving for a great cupcake, checked the internet and Patty’s Cupcake came up. I drove over to find a very cute place of service with a great choice of flavors. I left with the Lemon Drop cupcake, and I have to say it is the BEST lemon cupcake I have ever had….going back to try more flavors. Only disappointment is they don’t have any strawberry cupcakes, but it may be coming soon!

Mark Anderson - Fullerton, Ca
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[Review] Cupcakes are great!

Cupcakes are great! I loved the chocolate with
raspberry. They are so moist. Not too sweet. Ate
them the next day and they were still awesome.
Will be back for more!

Carolyn O. - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] Best cupcakes I have ever had

Best cupcakes I have ever had, I recommend the
Elvis for sure!

Josh M. - San Luis Obispo, CA
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[Review] Great Cupcakes, Great Service!

great cupcakes! Great service, very friendly and helpful

Jane - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Desserts for anyone

great cupcakes and im not a desert type of person but i love those cupcake

Jose Licea - Orange county
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[Review] I really enjoyed the red velvet cake balls

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts is an inviting place to be. They offer tea and lemon flavored water as you browse their selection of desserts. If you’re going to order a dozen or more items, you should probably call in your order. Otherwise, you could just choose from the items they have in the case.

I’ve had their cupcakes. They were good (especially the Elvis: banana, peanut butter, and bacon), but I’m partial to their cake balls. I really enjoyed the red velvet, but they were all great. They look as good as they taste.

Jonathan Z. - Orange, Ca
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes makes great moist cupcakes

Patty’s cupcakes makes great cupcakes. I ordered the red velvet and was very impressed. The frosting was very thick and moist, and the cake was moist as well. I was very impressed and would put it on the same level as sprinkles which I also enjoy.

Kristyn - Orange County, CA
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[Review] Yorba Linda Cupcake Craving

Had a craving for a cupcake, drove from Yorba Linda and I must say it was well worth it. Not only was the cupcake great, the people were fantastic. Definitely will return!

Richard - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] I don’t know what they do to their cupcakes…

I don’t know what they do to their cupcakes, but my wife went to go buy a few for the first time about a week ago.. I tried a bite. Next thing ya know, I go and devour 2 1/2 cupcakes (haha, one half of my wifes). She didn’t even get a chance to finish her own…. it’s that good. Friendly staff too!! You’ll regret it if you don’t go today and try some. :) In fact, she’s going today to go buy a few more, can’t wait until she gets home!!

Douglas - Orange County, CA
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