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[Review] My friend highly recommended this place!

I had to make a stop to Patty’s Cakes because my friend highly recommended it. I’m a really big cupcake lover so I’d have to give this place a 4 star because it was a little too sweet for my liking.

I ordered four cupcake balls and two of their regular cupcakes. The cupcakes were moist and not dry and crumbly like a lot of places I’ve been too but the cupcake balls were perfect. I order the smores and the red velvet. Of the two the smores are my favorite. For cupcakes, I got the white chocolate and the cream cheese red velvet.

Though they were a little sweet it was very interesting to put red velvet and cream cheese but it was great. The shops a little small and their huge menus can be a little intimidating but I’d suggest the ones I tried because they were good. Also, the ladies who run the shop are very sweet just like their cupcakes. I know if I’m ever in Fullerton I’d stop by again.

Tia T. - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] A great variety of flavors!

The place was a little hard to find, but I’m glad I did. The girl who took my order (I should’ve gotten her name) was incredibly sweet and helpful. I got a few cupcakes to surprise my coworkers, and everyone loved them. Patty’s has a great variety of flavors, and the mousse is light enough that even people who don’t like frosting really enjoyed their cupcakes.

Tanya W. - Costa Mesa, CA
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[Review] Little bits of heaven!

I Have experienced a wedding cake ordered for my brothers wedding. the lemon filling was amazing, the cake
was moist and fluffy, and was absolutely delicious. When my brother and sister n law finally got their
wedding photos and slide show we had a little dinner party and my mom returned to Patty’s Cakes and bought
a dozen cupcakes. OMG! These all tasted like little bits of heaven. Unable to make a decision my mom
ordered a random box and they were all different. I don’t know all the flavors we received but I know that
mine was a peanut butter and jelly. My husband had peanut butter with bacon on it and loved it. My
daughter had a banana bread one that she loved. My sister in law had a mint n chip that was fun and
delicious she said. We’re not exactly sure on all the flavors were in the box but all were amazing.

5 STARS GOOGLE - Bethany Moncur
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[Review] Fatty Friday nights!!!

It takes a lot of willpower to drive past this place and not pop in. But for my waistline’s sake I do it. On one fatty friday night, the bf and I went here for the first time. We got the butter pecan and chocolate salted caramel cupcakes. Delectable flavors but most importantly, moist moist moist!!!

Lisa D. - Fountain Valley, CA
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[Review] Listed in Desserts & Bakeries

Listed in Desserts & Bakeries
I’m in love with cupcakes!! So my sisters bought me two cupcakes from this place and they were amazing!

Neapolitan – has a white cake which was moist, and has a chocolate and strawberry frosting and it was really good. The frosting is not too sweet and it’s really light, not heavy and overbearing. It was great! I normally like very sweet frosting, but the light taste of the frosting worked well with the cake.

PiƱa Colada – my favorite out of these two. I loved the pineapple filling and the white cake was perfectly baked, not dry at all. The coconut on top tasted fresh and was delicious!

I plan to visit this place myself next time around to try some more!

Lena P. - Ontario, CA
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[Review] The best cakes this side of the Mississippi!!!

The best cakes this side of the Mississippi!!! I always go for the red velvet cupcakes. Always moist! Never dry. Only problem is I can never just eat one. Everyone that works there are nice and sweet, just like the cakes! I will be back. Many times!

Timothy M. - Long Beach, CA
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[Review] The cupcakes were phenomenal

Ok Patty. You have redeemed yourself!

After my last review, I was contacted by the owner to give them another try. A credit was arranged to compensate for the disappointment from my graduation party. Nonetheless, 5 stars for their customer service.

I have been weary of getting anything from Patty’s for any special occasion. I finally had a family dinner this week and grabbed some cupcakes.

The cupcakes were phenomenal. I got an assortment of flavors and we shared bites from each of the cakes. All were moist and delicious. My family raved about them this time, loving the sweet, but not too sweet, light and whipped cream.

Patty’s thanks for the great customer service and for the yummy cupcakes. You have won me over once again!

Cathy F. - Orange, CA
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[Review] Spur of the moment…

Just ordered two dozen “spur-of-the-moment” assorted cupcakes for a birthday. Not only was every flavor on the menu available, but the owner, not another employee, helped me with making some awesome choices.

As for the taste? There’s a reason for the 5-star rating. Every person at the party enjoyed the cupcakes. Both adults and kids alike. My faves…either of the red velvets, lemon drop and PB&J..yum!!

The best part is that each cupcake was frosted upon order, not earlier in the day. Which, in my humble opinion, makes for a better tasting cake. They were moist and flavorful. One might not like the little wait u endure when u order, since they frost “to order”, but the free citrus water makes up for it!!

Kristin M. - Garden Grove, CA
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[Review] Patty’s Cakes has the best cake balls I’ve ever had

Patty’s Cakes has the best cake balls I’ve ever had. Normally I don’t like sweets but I love their cake balls. Their chocolate cake balls don’t taste as sweet comparing to other places. And they don’t have that sugary after taste!

Be sure to try the s’mores cake ball!

C C. - Walnut, CA
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[Review] Cupcakes for a bridal shower!

Went here for the first time this morning to pick up some cupcakes for a bridal shower! I was in a bit of a hurry and the woman who helped me was really helpful and got me what I needed in a flash! There were so many flavors to choose form (32!), including quite a few gluten free flavors, which I was so pleased about since I’m gluten sensitive. I ordered 6 different flavors, and they were all so perfect–pretty, delicious & moist & not too sweet! I got a free chocolate cake ball for checking in on yelp & it was amazing! I think I might like their cupcakes better than Sprinkles… like, a lot :) mostly because they are not overly sweet and I love the texture, they’re a little bit denser than Sprinkles. Can’t wait to go back and try more flavors!

Christine K. - Anaheim, CA
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