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[Review] Moist cakes and not-to-sweet frosting!!!

patty’s is a sweet, mother-owned business. patty’s cakes, with the exception of my dear grandmother’s baking, are the only cakes I will purchase. the balance between moist cake and not-to-sweet frosting and fondant, make every cake (sheet, cup, or ball) deelish! although unconventional looking, please try a cake ball. the outer “icing” is a thin, firm layer of fondant, that will not melt in your hand before you finish the moist, almost batter-like cake inside. the icing is sweetened just enough to compliment the cake and is never obnoxious. all items are a hit wherever I take them. the price is well worth the quality and convenience. patty’s packaging is spill-proof and classy. so glad I found this gem!

Mizzl F. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Cupcakes are great!

Cupcakes are great! I loved the chocolate with
raspberry. They are so moist. Not too sweet. Ate
them the next day and they were still awesome.
Will be back for more!

Carolyn O. - Yorba Linda, CA
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[Review] Owl birthday cake!

Patty s Cakes was amazing. They made an Owl cake
for my daughter s birthday. It was beautiful. It
turned out even better then the picture they
showed me when I placed my order. The price was
reasonable and it tasted wonderful too! I got a
white cake with real strawberries inside. It was
delicious, moist and sweet, but not over sweet.
Thanks for a wonderful experience.

juli - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] I recommend Patty’s cakes 100%!

I’ve getting cakes on patty’s for the past year, &
I love them especially the yellow cake there super
moist and even after 2 days there still soft and
Moist, I recommend Pattys cakes 100%.

Velia V. - Placentia, CA
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[Review] We are going back and are now loyal customers

I’m not a big sweets person. My niece brought me an “Elivis” cupcake from Pattys. I honestly have not had a dessert that good ever! I was so surprised I lived it that much.
The frosting was light but flavorful and the cake was moist and delicious. We are going back and are now loyal customers.
Their banana cake balls were amazing and a dozen would make a great gift!

Michelle D. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Amazing cakery with amazing cakes

I was a little confused when I first came in
because they didn’t have a whole array of cupcakes
and goodies on display (other than the cake balls)
like other cupcake shops. I like to see how my
sweets look when I’m deciding to buy them but I
guess they frost their cupcakes when you buy so I
can’t complain too much about it.

The chocolate chip, smores, and red velvet balls
are my all-time favorite. Their balls stand out
because the actual cake is extremely moist and
rich without being too sweet. I got a few
cupcakes last time but I wasn’t as crazy about
them but I’ll definitely try the Elvis cupcake
next time.

Everyone I’ve met who works there has been really
nice and patient. I usually go on Friday’s around
5:30 PM and I’m usually the only one there. I’m
glad they don’t run out of stuff like some other
cupcake shops.

Irene C. - Los Angeles, CA
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[Review] Consistently amazing cakes and cupcakes!

Love! I absolutely adore cupcakes, and this is
always the best place to go for consistently
amazing cake. The cake texture is always so moist,
and the frosting is light and fluffy. My favorite
is the Chocolate Caramel Salty, but I always have
to get Red Velvet and Butter Pecan. I can always
count on amazing cupcakes! Yum!

Ashley W. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Very reasonable prices!

Where do I start! We had our wedding back in
September 2012 at The Hilton in Costa Mesa… had
about 9-10 months to prep and plan before that…
Instead of your typical wedding cake… I decided
to do a cupcake tower. Got my idea from
pinterest… So from there had to decide on the
perfect cupcakes to enteratin 280 guest…

We did over 10 cupcake tasting all through out
Orange County… so with Patty’s Cupcakes on my
tasting list… I Made an appt with Philip
Gomez… and came there in the evening to start
our tasting… He was a great help! Explained
everything about thier store and thier cupcakes in
full details… We started off with 3 cupcakes and
he gave us the 4th… We had Red Velvet, Lemon,
The Elvis and Butter Pecan!!!!

Did I say we went to over 10 tastings already?
Patty’s Cakes blew them all out of the water!!!!
There was no if ands or buts… we knew this was
our TOP #1 choice to pick and have them cater at
our wedding… My husbands favorite was Butter
Pecan that was apple filled with Cream Cheese
Mouse… My favorite was Red Velvet with Cream
Cheese Mousse… The texture of the cupcakes were
all moist & that’s what got us… It was moist in
every bite! the Flavors were incredible…
Presentation was excellent & the customer service
we couldn’t have asked for anything better…
Philip was very detailed saavy and organized…
the cupackes were bigger than the prior tastings
we have gone to…

Not to mention the prices were very reasonable…
and affordable…

On our wedding day,,, Our cupcakes were delivered
on time and puncuality is a must for me…
especially day of the wedding it was very
hectic… cupcakes were properly placed in thier
boxes and exactly how i ordered it on the dot…

I had also ordered a giant cupcake for my cake
topper to have something to cut… That did not
disappoint… the giant cupcake came out
after delivery our cake cutting wasn’t until about
4 hours laters at the reception and of course…
the cupcakes were just as I expected… Moist and
DELISH!!!!! We made a great decision in picking
Patty’s Cakes… and we can’t thank you enough for
a stupendous job they did… 5 stars all the way!

Linh N. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Good moist cupcake

Good moist cupcakes!!

Madai R - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Amazing and super moist!

Um idk what the hype is with the Elvis cup cake um
i didn’t dig the bacon on it….. way too
sweet…i would still try them again maybe
something different…cupcakes are really really
cute…and different from most cupcakes…
okay update had the white cake cupcake it was
delish and super moist!!! loooved it!!!!

Anna R. - Orange, CA
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