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[Review] Love the custom icing and made to order cupcakes

Love the custom icing and made to order cupcakes.  My husband loves the chocolate filled cakes and the icing is amazing.  I really like the red velvet cake.  Service was amazing and very friendly. They made the creation of each cupcake as important as the last. I  We never felt rushed or hurried and my 3 year old took her time selecting very patient.

Michelle P. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Whoever invented cake balls is AMAZING!

First of all, whoever invented cakeballs needs to be given some sort of awesomeness award. I mean just the improved icing to cake ratio should be reason enough!

So a little bit of history, my first review of Patty’s years ago was just so so. It wasn’t great, it wasn’t horrible, just straddling that middle line.

Fast forward to yesterday, my friend’s baby shower where she had a platter of red velvet and smores? rocky road? cake balls as well as PB&J, and strawberry chocolate (?) mini cupcakes laid out amongst a bevy of other desserts. At the time, I didn’t know these had come from Patty’s, but they did look quite appetizing.

Upon approaching that table, the first thing I went for was the PB&J cupcake. I mean, you can’t go wrong with PB&J anything. Right at that first bite, my nod of approval was instantaneous. Wow, i wish these weren’t so mini-sized! Everything about it was just right.

Eventually, I got suckered into “going halfsies” on the red velvet cake ball which unfortunately, wasn’t too pronounced in “red velvety-ness” but still a worthy bite nonetheless. Generally I tend to shy away from overchocolatey pastries because they can be a bit too rich for my palate, but this particular one wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It had a bittersweetness to it which I appreciated.

Then it hit me, I still didn’t know which bakery these had originated and that’s just not proper! So earlier this morning, i asked my friend who then sent me a yelp link. I clicked on the link and was shocked to see “Update My Review”. I was surprised cause surely I’d remember cupcakes and cake balls like these. It wasn’t until I read my old review that I realized which bakery this was!

Wow, very much improved from my first Patty’s experience. I really was impressed and in awe even.

Rho L. - Chino Hills, CA
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[Review] Amazing cake balls and cupcakes!

Our favorite so far is the Neopolitan and Red Velvet.  I do have one gripe with their customer service. One day we called about 10 minutes before closing letting them know we were 10 away from arriving per the GPS and they said they couldn’t guarantee they would still be open, what’s up with that?

Christopher J. - Rowland Heights, CA
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[Review] The cupcakes were phenomenal

Ok Patty. You have redeemed yourself!

After my last review, I was contacted by the owner to give them another try. A credit was arranged to compensate for the disappointment from my graduation party. Nonetheless, 5 stars for their customer service.

I have been weary of getting anything from Patty’s for any special occasion. I finally had a family dinner this week and grabbed some cupcakes.

The cupcakes were phenomenal. I got an assortment of flavors and we shared bites from each of the cakes. All were moist and delicious. My family raved about them this time, loving the sweet, but not too sweet, light and whipped cream.

Patty’s thanks for the great customer service and for the yummy cupcakes. You have won me over once again!

Cathy F. - Orange, CA
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[Review] First time order!

The 1st time I came to order was 3 weeks ago for my best friend’s birthday. I picked up quite a handful.
The chocolate with peanut butter mousse and the red velvet cupcake are my two faves! In addition, I
absolutely love the 20 gluten free cupcake selection along with gluten free cake selection as well. My
boyfriend and best friend were raving about the cupcakes wanting more during dinner. We didn’t bother to
try the free slice of chocolate cake complimentary by Mastro’s steakhouse since Patty’s cupcake was just
hands down delicious. Btw, the gluten free cake balls are delish as well!

Maria V. - Irvine, CA
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[Review] Cake tasting for my cousins 18th birthday

Came in tonight for a cake tasting for my cousin’s 18th birthday. Right away I noticed how clean and nicely decorated her shop was! (For the holidays too!)

Patty came and helped my two cousins and I. She was already off the bat so nice, bubbly and sweet. Her service was amazing and gave us her full attention and attended to my cousins requests positively. She was very prompt and handled business in a fun way. Designed quickly and results were amazing.

The cakes were very delicious and not too sweet! All the frostings were fluffy with a nice texture and weren’t too sweet either. I loved the cream cheese and chocolate chip frosting. Red velvet and chocolate cake were great!

Nica S. - Garden Grove, CA
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[Review] Last minute wedding planning!!!

We approached Patty’s Cakes somewhat last-minute in our wedding planning after switching bakers in our wedding planning. Patty’s was able to accommodate us and we were thankful. The co-owner, Philip, is very helpful and straightforward. We selected a red velvet cake for a reasonable price. Philip told us that they like to deliver the cake in stealth, like Samurai ninjas. In our experience, that is what happened. The cake was there when we got to the reception venue. Everyone loved our cake, and we even wanted to save the top portion for our one-year anniversary. We hear lots of couples don’t actually do that because their cake taste like rubbish. At Patty’s Cakes, you’ll want to save yours, too, if you have any leftovers that is.

Philip V. - Newport Beach, CA
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[Review] The selection at patty’s cakes is HUGE!

My girlfriend got us some of Patty’s delicious cupcakes for my birthday. As just stated, they were delicious. The selection at Patty’s Cakes is huge. She has cupcakes of all flavors and types. I had the Chocolate Coconut, the Red Velvet, and her seasonal Pumpkin Cupcake. The Pumpkin one was my favorite. The cake was moist and the buttercream frosting was creamy and wasn’t overly sweet. I will definitely be back and continue to try Patty’s seasonal cakes.

Ryan Little - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] So yummy and delicious!

YUMMY! Seriously really delicious. Me and my two boys dropped in on a whim, best decision ever=) my little one got a chocolate cake ball we got a red velvet with chocolate chip topping and I got a chocolate with chocolate chip topping!! Can’t wait to try there ELVIS CUPCAKE, MMMmmmm!!!!! It has bacon!!!


Jessica R. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Simple wedding cake with some flair!

Patty was amazing and very sweet. She understood our needs for a clean and simple wedding cake with some flair. We tried some yummy cupcakes and just loved the red velvet with raspberry/ cream cheese filing. Our cost for a two tier (50 ppl) was $220 plus a $40 delivery fee since we live closer to the 210 fwy. We were able to secure our cake with $100 deposit and took our left over samples home :) Overall good experience and would book future cakes (birthday, anniversary and such) Oh and you can get a free goody when you post a review on her website directly just go to the reviews section on the right upper corner.

Crystal M. - Covina, CA
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