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[Review] This is by far the best place I have ever eaten a cupcake or cake balls.

The smores was too sweet for me but the velvet cake – heaven in my mouth. The “Elvis”
(peanut butter and banana cream with bacon bits) – yum! And butter pecan with an apple
filling. Good cream but the apple filling made me feel like I was eating an apple pie and
not a cupcake.

Need I say more? SERIOUSLY…this is by far the best place I have ever eaten a cupcake or
cake balls. Patty’s cake is so moist, and the perfect taste in each bite! Just go here and
try it, you won’t regret it! Sometimes yelps has deals – so make sure you try to check in!
We got a free cake ball after purchasing the cupcakes with the yelp deal last time we went.

Vi T. - Los Angeles, CA
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[Review] Sweet, simple, and moist!

Delish! I tried different types of cupcakes and 1 smores cake ball. My office staff and I enjoyed every bite. Sweet, simple, and moist. I enjoyed it so much I am ordering my engagement cake from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. Friendly staff.


Michelle - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] S’mores! The Best Ever!

CAKE BALLS…S’mores! the best EVER!

Louis Y. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Patty’s cakes does not disappoint!

Okay- this review has been long over due. I’ve had the honor of tasting several cupcakes and cakes from Patty’s Cakes at several different functions: housewarming parties, graduation parties, birthday parties…you catch my drift – and let me tell you – Patty’s Cakes does not disappoint!! From decadent red velvet to rich chocolate with peanut butter mousse, these baked goodies are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and oh so moist.

I was finally able to make it in to the shop not too long ago for my cake taste testing. This shop is soooo CUTE! I felt like a kid in a candy store. And OMG…the cake balls are seriously to die for. I had a s’mores cake ball and I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything better- seriously!

Patty’s Cakes will be doing my wedding cake in September and I’m so excited to see and taste it!



Karen A. - Redondo Beach, CA
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[Review] S’mores cake balls were the best

Every single thing I got here very sooo delish. There s’mores cake ball was the best. It was so moist and you just want more & more. I used my groupon deal and the guy told me that I was only allowed 6 cupcakes but I was able to negotiate for a few more cupcakes & the rest were cake balls. I would definitely come back here



dj l. - Buena Park, CA
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[Review] Delicious cake balls!

Thanks to my friend Suzie for buying me a smore cake ball! That thing was delicious!!!!



Kristin B. - Fountain Valley, CA
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[Review] All deliciously moist and yummy

So far, all of the cake balls that I’ve had are delicious!
The ones that I have tried are:
– Red Velvet
– Smores
– Banana

All deliciously moist and yummy =P
$3.00 each

I haven’t had their cupcakes yet, but I will hopefully soon!
Cupcakes are also $3.00 each too.



Phyllis L. - Hacienda Heights, CA
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[Review] Salted caramel frosting is heaven!

I read about this place yesterday on yelp and since it is right by my house i had to go check it out after work. I’m glad I did! The salted caramel frosting is heaven–I could eat a bucket of it! I also loved the smores cakeball–covered in chocolate and stuffed and topped with graham crackers and marshmellows–delicious! I The chambord frosting was good too–light and fluffy and flavorful. Although I liked the peanut butter frosting–again, light, not too thick–I didn’t care for the Elvis, maybe because I’m not crazy about banana. But I had to try it–it’s what got me to this site–i read the bacon- themed newsletter on yelp!


Teresa G. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Best bakery ever with amazing engagement and wedding cakes

Patty’s cakes is the best bakery ever! So far we have gotten my son’s baby shower, first birthday cake, my engagement cake and we will also order our wedding cake here. All of Patty’s cakes staff are all extremely helpful and willing to work with you in whatever it is you want for your cake. The cake balls are delicious, the s’mores cake ball is THE BEST thing I have ever tasted in my life. They really take pride in every dessert they make and could not have asked for anything more out of a cake shop. -Carly (one satisfied customer)


Carly - Orange County
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[Review] High quality ingredients, love, and care go into these cake balls

*****************OMGOSH!* *************************

Jerry Lee Lewis and ACDC!
What do they have in common with Patty Cakes? Yup, BALLS BALLS BALLS!
Who has the biggest great balls of fire? Patty Does!!

I will make this short and to the point.

~Cupcakes-(4 Stars)
Just my preference. I love the cakes. Great cakes. I am just not a fan of soft frosting. These are good cupcakes..just my preference. They have several choices. I had the Elvis (banana, peanut butter, bacon.) and a butter cream apple.

My little princess said her two favs were the same as mine, Smores and Chocolate Cake Balls.

~CAKE BALLS! (4.5 Stars)
High quality ingredients, love, and care go into these balls of fire.

SMORES (5 Stars): This one is the best. Firm casing and the softest and most moist cake ever in the inside. Perfectly textured. Perfectly created. 5 Stars.

Chocolate (5 Stars)-A close second. A definite for chocolate lovers. Darn Good!

Lemon (4 Stars)
Vibrant flavor. Same perfectly textured casing as the others with a very moist cake on the inside. 4 Stars.

Red Velvet (4 Stars)
Red Velvet is not my favorite in general. The cake ball here, however, makes me a fan. Unbelievably created.

Chocolate Chip-(3 Stars)
My least favorite. The taste wasn’t there for me and the cake was dry.

*****Bonus! ******
They make specialty cake balls for special occasions (Like Easter). You can call in orders. The place is cute and perfect for little girls. Everything is pink. They also sell hand made cards. Buy three cupcakes + mention yelp and get a free cupcake. Adding an additional half star for these great bonuses.  Rounding up to 5 Stars!

Patty Cake’s is in the corner next to Albertsons and the cleaners on the corner of Commonwealth and Raymond. I couldn’t find it at first.

4.5 Stars and rounding up!

Patty’s Cakes..Yup in the OC…another reason the OC is the best place to live!

Nick H. - Anaheim, CA
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