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[Review] Patty’s Cakes makes great moist cupcakes

Kristyn - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

Patty’s cupcakes makes great cupcakes. I ordered the red velvet and was very impressed. The frosting was very thick and moist, and the cake was moist as well. I was very impressed and would put it on the same level as sprinkles which I also enjoy.

[Review] WHAT A FIND…I cannot believe this awesome as well as fabulous bakery IS IN FULLERTON

Elisabeth - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

WHAT A FIND…I cannot believe this awesome as well as fabulous bakery IS IN FULLERTON. Never have I tasted such moist cupcakes and delicate light frosting in my life! I thought Sprinkles Cupcakes were the best, but after eating my first cupcake from Patty’s I will never go elsewhere! What sets this baker above the rest is that cupcakes ordered are frosted fresh when you order them. They are placed in boxes that hold each individual cake studry and seperate from each others. The flavors are bold and distinct. It is apparent that Patty is the real deal and knows how to bake up cakes and cupcakes that melt in your mouth….I will order from her again and again…..

[Review] Sprinkles is still my #1 fave but Patty’s does a great job of satisfying my cupcake cravings! I am a fan!

Jennifer D. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I’m give Patty’s Cakes a star for the number of times I went there in one week.  Yes I was at Patty’s Cakes 5 times in one week.  That alone can speak volumes.

I first went because of the cake balls.  I have never ever had a ball of cake before, so I had to check it out.  It is basically a moist hunk of cake surrounded with either milk of white chocolate.  Jess C. and I ventured about a mile from school to try 4 different flavors.  We chose: Red Velvet, Lemon, Smores, and Banana.  My favorite was the Lemon with the Banana coming in second.  Jess’s favorite was the Smores and the Banana.  The Lemon cake ball was super moist, like Mrs. Beasley’s lemon cake in Beverly Hills.  The Smores had tons of goodies on it.  It had marshmallows and graham crackers sticking out of it.  Jess likes goodies.  The red velvet is pretty but there isn’t enough chocolate flavor to it.  I think that they are kind of small for the price of $3 but it is definitely worth a try if you come out here.  They are great as gifts because they are fun and unique!

Now the next four visits I came for the cupcakes.  One of them I was foiled because they ran out (Saturday before closing, which makes sense) and had to buy more cake balls.  The cupcakes are also $3 but I think they are more worth your money than the balls.  There are more flavors and they are all iced and decorated so well.  I have tried a good number of the flavors and my favorite is the Banana!  The creamy pudding-like topping is the best.  The cake is amazingly moist as well.  Most of the cupcakes have a mouse frosting, which is light and airy.  I tend to like heavy dense frostings.  haha.  The Banana and the Chocolate Fudge don’t have the light frosting.  The Lemon also has a gelly like frosting instead of the mouse.  The cake itself is light too.  So if you like dense cake this might not exactly be your favorite but it is definitely moist and not dry at all.  The Butter Pecan is a hit with the crowds as well as their chocolate cupcakes.  I’d recommend getting half a dozen so you sample more flavors :D

Sprinkles is still my #1 fave but Patty’s does a great job of satisfying my cupcake cravings!  I am a fan!  I am also a fan of their customer service.  Patty herself is the sweetest lady and the guys that work there are hilarious and funny.  Super great staff!

Don’t forget to mention YELP to get your 4th cupcake free!

[Review] We definitely recommend Patty’s Cakes and Desserts to all of our family and friends

Ericka C. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Cupcakesssss!!!!!! We came across Patty’s Cakes and Desserts about a month ago. We were in a hunt for cupcakes around the area and with Sprinkles being 30 miles away + gas + rain + traffic = hell no we’re not going!
We pull up to this small place and I’m a little iffy going in. It’s small and noone’s inside. Nevertheless, we walk in and this guy greets us with a big smile and was very welcoming…really good customer service. He introduced us to their list of cupcakes and right away, my boyfriend notices one that says bacon (Elvis cupcake). Peanut butter, banana cream and BACON?? In my head, I’m thinking, this guy is weird! Boy, was I wrong! It somehow works perfect together. Their icing is so creamy and doesn’t give you a sugar rush after eating ONE cupcake.  We’ve tried almost all of their cupcakes and so far, we have yet to find one flaw. We definitely recommend Patty’s Cakes and Desserts to all of our family and friends. :D

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