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[Review] I Recommend This Place For Everyone

I’m seriously in love with this place!!! I use to live in Anaheim and now I live in Hesperia and I don’t mind going all the way to Fullerton for a red velvet cupcake…that is my fav flavor…the Elvis is great too!! And the lemon razzle omg so delicious…but every time I go I just gotta have a red velvet one and another flavor…I wish I lived closer so I can go everyday lol…i recommend this place for everyone…nicest people ever that work there…make u feel like family!!!

Juan T. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The amazing Elvis cupcake!

They are so nice when u walk in they are incredible cupcakes especially the elvis one.

Allison Mahan - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] These cupcakes are thoughtfully created and absolutely delicious!

These cupcakes are thoughtfully created and absolutely delicious! A friend was going because he wanted to take his lady somewhere fun that night so I asked him to snag me a quartet to bring to work the next day.

The eclair cupcake is amazing… even the next day, the frosting was smooth and tasty… not too sweet. The cake itself was moist and fluffy with a cream center that balanced beautifully with the other components of the entire cupcake.

I’m not a red velvet fan, but others said that the frosting was one of the best they ever had and the cake was well balanced.

I didn’t expect the Elvis cupcake to be all that good but my coworker was so enamored of it, that I had to take a bite. The flavors balanced well, with the specific flavors concentrated on each component of the cupcake; banana cake was light and flavored well, peanut butter mousse frosting was so tasty and the bacon bits on top were delightful!

Overall, delicious, beautifully presented and priced appropriately.

AnnaSophia S. - Santa Ana, CA
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[Review] Almost 200 cupcakes at my wedding!

Everything looked amazing and we got so many compliments on our cupcakes! Our guests enjoyed the various flavors (The Butter Pecan went pretty quickly in the night) and my husband and I had The Elvis made into a small 6inch cake for just the two of us! Thank you Patty’s Cakes!

Gabriela L. - Garden Grove, CA
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[Review] Cupcakes iced when you order!

Patty’s Cakes are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, and I have had a lot of cupcakes! They are light and fluffy and the icing was more like whipped cream than that heavy icing on other cakes. I also appreciated that they ice them when you order, so I was able to get the Elvis without bacon on top. The cake balls are pretty tasty, too!

Abbie M. - Broomfield, CO
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[Review] The absolute best cupcakes in Fullerton!!!

The absolute best cupcakes in fullerton…a must try and a must go please try the Elvis cupcake

Armando B. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Absolutely delicious and tasty!

The cupcakes were absolutely delicious and tasty. I love coming here for their Elvis cupcake. You should definitely try it! :)

Sarah N. - Anaheim, CA
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[Review] Very unique flavors!

Patty’s Cakes were awesome! My family and I all agreed they have unique flavors that are to die for. The cakes were super moist and the frosting was super fluffy and creamy. I love how the cupcakes weren’t overwhelmingly sweet. Just perfect. I can’t wait to try more flavors.
A huge plus was their prices weren’t insane like most place.
We tried the banana split, the Elvis and the seasonal pumpkin cupcakes.
I would recommend all three.

Anely T. - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Such delicious cupcakes!

The cupcakes are so Delicious!! Patty’s was recommended by my brother who lives in town. I do not live locally but was visiting for my Dad’s birthday. I went in for a cake 3 days before I needed it. I was told they could not deliver because they were already booked. I was surprised but Patty suggested cupcakes. I left with a lemon cake ball which was fantastic, moist & oh so lemony!! After thinking about it, I returned the next day for a sample of cupcakes: Butter-Pecan, Elvis, Choc with Raspberry, Lemon Drop, Lemon Colada. We loved them all with the Elvis being our least favorite. So, we decided to order an assortment & it was a hit!! Rave reviews and I would order again!! I have tried to find cupcakes that are as good where I Iive and cannot. So for me when I’m in Fullerton I will be getting cupcakes or something from Patty’s !! Yummy Yummy

Janet Milo - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The desire to eat another cupcake is unreal!!!

Today one of our vendors delivered a dozen or so cupcakes from Patty’s. Holy shnikes! Have you ever eaten something so good, the desire to eat another trumps your own well-being? I feeling that right now. There are about half of the order left sitting behind me. I need another…and now I’m eating one. BACON PEANUT BUTTER BANANA! Just go here and be happy.

Joshua Brewster - Fullerton, CA
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