Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is the centerpiece of one of life's most special occasions. Let us take the cake while you pick the dress and plan the other details,. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and the finest quality cakes and desserts. Thousands of happy marriages have followed cutting into our cakes and the ordering process is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

As Easy As 1-2-3

As wedding cake professionals, we make the cake selection process simple. There are three elements to a selecting a Wedding Cake:

  1. 1 - Flavor
  2. 2 - Design
  3. 3 - Pricing

We'll cover all three below. It's easier than you think.


1 - Flavors

Flavor First

Flavor is the primary focus of our bakery, and our nearly dozen cake flavors are tastefully complemented by our light, airy icing. Instead of hard fondant or overly sugary buttercream, our light icing provides the perfect balance for flavor and texture as a topper and filling to our cakes. We can suggest combinations that range from traditional to trendy, but you can also get your creative juices flowing with our fancy wedding cake flavor chart.There is something for everyone.

Wedding Cake Flavors

White & Chocolate Marble
Butter Yellow
Red Velvet
Applesauce Spice
**additional charge

Wedding Cake Fillings

Raspberry & Van. Bav. Custard
Vanilla Bavarian Custard
Chocolate Bavarian Custard
Peanut Butter Mousse
Chocolate Chip Mousse
Cookies n' Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Vanilla Mousse
Chocolate Fudge
Strawberry Mousse
Mint Chip Mousse
Mandarin Orange Mousse
Pineapple Cream Cheese Mousse
Tart Lemon
Cream Cheese Mousse

Need help choosing a flavor combination?

Get fancy with our wedding cake flavor chart.

Gluten-Free Wedding Cakes

Gluten Free

Patty’s Cakes understands that everyone has different dietary needs and restrictions, and we work with our brides and grooms to make something special for everyone, including gluten-free cake options. (click here for more information) (show less)

Items marked with this symbol have a gluten-free option available. Please be sure and ask for the gluten-free option when ordering

If the bride or groom needs the cake to be gluten-free, we recommend selecting a gluten-free flavor for the top tier and standard cake for the rest of the wedding guests.

If a limited number of guests require a gluten-free option, a popular solution is to purchase gluten-free cupcakes or a separate cake for those guests.

Please note: We have the best intentions in making gluten-free items. However, we are not a gluten-free environment, so cross-contamination with ingredients containing gluten is a possibility.

Common Wedding Cake Flavor Questions:

  • How many flavors can I have on my cake?
    • You may choose a cake flavor and filling for the entire cake, or you may choose a different flavor and filling for each tier. Keep in mind the top tier is reserved for the bride and groom only. It is not included in your final head count.
  • How many layers are in each tier?
    • Our cakes are double layer. Think it like a sandwhich , 2 layers of cake with filling in between them.
  • Are there traditional flavors customarily included in a wedding cake?
    • White and chocolate will always be classic selections, but it’s your day, choose your favorite, or opt for crowd favorites...or both!
  • How do we decide on flavor/filling combinations for so many people?
    • Your guests are there to celebrate your marriage, and your wedding is a reflection of your tastes. It’s a day where you can pick your favorites and we are certain everyone will enjoy them.
  • The icing sounds great, but will it melt? Are you sure it stay on my cake the entire night?
    • Yes of course it will stay on all night. The icing will not melt (cake is not ice cream). We recommend, like all cakes, that you do not place them in direct sunlight, but in a shaded area.
  • Do certain flavors or fillings cost more?
    • As notated in the flavor section, all flavors and fillings are the same price with the exception of carrot cake.

2 - Design

Your wedding cake will come together with the marriage of our cake flavors, airy, light icing, and your ideas for design. While flavor is the primary focus of our bakery, we are happy to work with you to bring the vision of your wedding cake to life. We have photo galleries for inspiration and welcome you to provide pictures as well. We’re quite sure the collaborative creation of your cake will ultimately leave your guests wanting seconds!

Fondant Free

Please note, many images of wedding cakes found on the internet are made with fondant. They may look fantastic, but they fall short on flavor. This is how Patty’s Cakes is different--you’ll cut our cake with ease and enjoy every bite!

Our Wedding Cakes

Looking for inspiration? While have we photos in our bakery, the same images are available in our wedding cake image gallery. Save time and find inspiration prior to your appointment by viewing in advance!

Common Wedding Cake Design Questions:

  • Can I customize the cakes that I see in your gallery?
    • Of course! Every cake is custom-designed for you. Feel free to mix and match elements and colors.
  • I found a photo on the internet, can you replicate the design?
    • You are welcome to share it and we'll let know what we can do. While it’s not our original design we'll do our best to recreate.
  • I just want a simple design, will that save me money?
    • Our pricing is calculated by headcount and sizing, not design. This gives you more freedom to choose a cake design that you truely love. However; the creation of certain elaborate designs may require additional costs.
  • Do you offer multi-shape designs?
    • We can make round or square tiered cakes, but we do not offer a mixture of the two on one cake.

3 - Pricing

We keep our pricing as simple as possible. Pricing is math, and we're cake geeks, not math geeks.

Wedding Cake Options

Wedding cakes are typically three-tiered cakes. Small weddings usually have two-tiered cakes. Larger weddings generally require a three, four, or even five-tiered cake, and are often accompanied by a sheet cake for additional servings. Sheet cakes are not displayed with the wedding cake; they are kept in the kitchen and served unbeknownst to the guests. The combined servings from your tiered cake and sheet cake will equal your total headcount. Use the estimator below to figure out what sizes work for your wedding.

Tiered Cake

Tiered Cake and Sheet Cake

Wedding Cake Costs

Guest count, tiered cakes, sheet cakes, delivery, add-ons, and rentals are all factors that determine wedding cake pricing. This calculator is designed to give you an estimate of what those costs are.

Wedding Cake Estimator


  1. Select your cake shape.
  2. Drag the "tiered cake headcount" slider to match your headcount (example 200).
  3. Click the box below "To show the estimated total"
  4. Your estimated total will appear. This would be an estimate for all servings in the tiered cake.
  5. Want a lower price? Move the “Tiered cake headcount” down (example 50) and move the sheet cake headcount up the same amount. This gives you a new lower total price, but it will serve the same amount of guests.
  6. Play with these numbers to see your options.
  7. View the "Common Wedding Cake Pricing Questions" below, or call, or message us with questions. We're here to help. =)


Cake Shape:
Round Square
Tiered cake headcount:
Sheet cake headcount:

Average delivery:
Click to show the estimated total. I understand that this is an estimate. My final cake and delivery price may vary
The estimated price for your 0 tier round wedding cake and delivery is:

Wedding Cake Accessories

Dress up your wedding cake with a stand or fountain rental.

Rental Items
Cake stand
Fountain with matching cake stand

Common Wedding Cake Pricing Questions:

  • How many tiers will my cake be?
    • The size of your cake is determined by your guest count. Like pizza, different sizes serve different amounts of people. We apply the same principle to multiple tiers. It's a bunch of boring math. Use the estimator above to determine your size.
  • Can I save money with sheet cakes?
    • Yes the rumors are true, you can save money on your wedding cake by serving sheet cakes to a portion of your guests. However; they are not available to all guest sizes. Use the calculator above and let us know if you have questions.
  • No one eats cake at weddings so can I just order sheet cakes?
    • We agree. No one eats cakes that aren't good, but people love to eat delicious cake! We are all about delicious cake. Our customer reviews say it best. Keep in mind the cake is both the centerpiece of your wedding, and your dessert. Balancing your budget and having something nice for display is the key.
  • What is the downside to sheet cakes?
    • There is a give and take with everything. For what you save in price you lose in presentation. The grand base tiers of a four or five tier cake allows it to stand tall and impressive as the reception’s centerpiece. It’s those additional tiers that set the cake apart from a more common three tier wedding cake. This decision comes down to price or presentation, and regardless of how you slice it, we'll bake the cake that meets your needs.
  • Can you make a fake cake or fake layers? Will this save me money?
    • We don't offer fake cakes or fake tiers. Fake cakes and tiers are just as much work as real cakes if not harder. More work for us means a higher price for you. As stated above it's most cost effective to reduce the numbers of cake tiers and serve sheet cakes to supplement.

Additional Information

Delivery Range

Most of our weddings are within 30 minutes of our shop. Going beyond 40 minutes depends on where and when. Give us a call or send us a message below to find out if delivery is available in your area.

Methods of payment accepted for weddings

Payments can be made in the store, over the phone, or online. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal. Need to make a payment? You may do so here.

Wedding Date Availability and Booking Timeframe

We sell out every weekend of the year, and some weekends sooner than others. We suggest scheduling a consultation four to seven months in advance.

Planning a Wedding Remotely?

If you are planning a wedding remotely we are here to help make that process easy. Choose your flavors and designs, and then send us an message below. We'll fill out your order over the phone, send your contract to be effortlessly e-signed, make your payment online, and you're done. Yep, it's that easy.

What Do I Do Next?

Have Questions?

We have answers. We've helped over a thousand couples select the right wedding cakes. Call us at (714) 525-8350 or send us a message below.

Booking a Consultation

If our flavors, designs, and pricing resonate with you the next step is to book a complimentary consultation. Consultations are held at our retail bakery in Fullerton. We offer consultations for weddings with more than 70 guests. Please note consultations are limited to the bride and groom.

During your one-hour consultation we’ll cover the three elements of selecting a wedding cake;

  • Flavors: We'll provide you with cake and filling combinations to taste.
  • Design: Together we'll discuss your design selections.
  • Pricing: We will provide multiple pricing options to best fit your presentation and budget.

We do sell out every weekend of the year, so booking four to seven months in advance is highly recommended.

Like what you have read here? We keep wedding cake ordering simple and transparent-no surprises, no gimmicks. If Patty’s Cakes can create the wedding cake of your dreams, call us today at (714) 525-8350 or submit a request below to book a consultation.

Consultation Room
Our private consulation room

Common Consultation Questions:

  • Outside of the bride and groom, who else may attend consultations?
    • Due to our limited space and seating, the bride and groom and one additional financially contributing guest may attend. If additional guests come with, they will be asked to to wait outside.
  • The bride or groom cannot make the appointment can someone sit in for them?
    • Yes, someone may sit in for the bride or groom. Please note we only offer one consultation. If they miss this one there is not a second appointment available.
  • Do I need to tell you in advance which flavors I would like to taste?
    • You do not. You'll be able to choose from the popular flavors and fillings that we bake and make daily.

Send us a Message and/or Book a Consultation

Send us message and we'll get back to you within one business day.

2 - Wedding Cake 2.0
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Consultation Request

Our consultations are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.
Generally, appointments are available between 1-3 weeks of your request. Please expect a longer wait time for an appointment in February and March, as it follows engagement season.

Please choose your preferred time slots below.We will get back to you with our next available appointment in those preferred time frames shortly.

Please note, if you’d like to schedule your appointment sooner, 5 pm and 6pm appointments are more often available. Saturdays and 7 pm appointments go the quickest.

We look forward to finding a time to meet with you for this special consultation.


Allergen Info: Our items are made on equipment used in producing items containing tree nuts, soy, eggs, and milk.