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Wedding Photos at The Villa Del Sol in Downtown Fullerton

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Hey everyone, take a peek at these wonderful photos taken of a recent wedding in downtown Fullerton. Joe + Kathrina Photography are the dynamic duo behind the lens, and of course, we made the cake. Enjoy.

View more photos here

California Villa Wedding patty's cakes fullerton


Wedding Cake for a Kawasaki Ninja Commercial: Update

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Last month we shared with you that we made a cake for a Kawasaki Commercial.

 Here is the final commercial.

 It will also be airing on selected cable channels.


Wedding Cake for a Kawasaki Ninja Commercial

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We are excited to share that we participated in the production of a new Kawasaki supersport bike commercial this week. Filmed on back stretch of Irvine Lake, the commercial is set on an outdoor wedding and fittingly we provided the wedding cake. Two identical cakes to be exact, one for each day of filming. Rumor is they may be crashing/jumping through one of the cakes, how cool is that!!  We’ll have to wait and see what makes the cut. We’ll be sure to post the video for all to see once the commercial airs.

Below you’ll see a picture of the cake and the “Ninja” supersport bike featured. Our friends at Flower Allie in Fullerton also joined in and provided the fantastic flowers.

Kawasaki Ninja Commercial Wedding Cake