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Archive for February, 2011


[Review] Patty’s Cakes’ Cupcakes Are The Best I’ve Ever Had…

Charles N. - Norwalk, CA - via Yelp

“Ok…so…I’m a pretty large guy…and a major reason for the large-ness…is cakes and cupcakes.  So…understand that when I say Patty’s Cakes’ cupcakes are the best I’ve ever had…that means they are just about as good as it gets.  The Elvis (Banana cake, peanut butter frosting, topped with bacon) is freakin’ amazing!!!!!  But the best one is the Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake.  They even inhance the flavor with a little bit of whipped cream inside every bite.  The store is in a nice little spot kinda hidden…but decorated very nicely.  It’s a small family owned bakery, and when I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, Phillip, Patty’s son, helped me decide which cupcakes to order.  The staff is very nice, and always helpful.  I love me some cupcakes, and I LOVE PATTY’S CAKES!!!!!!!!!!”

[Review] The Red Velvet Cake Balls Are The Bomb

Neil B. - Redondo Beach, CA - via Yelp

“The red velvet cake balls are the bomb.”

[Review] The Best Cupcakes I’ve Had Out On The West Coast

Jenny P. - Orange, CA - via Yelp

“I really wish there was a 1/2 star option on yelp.

4.5 stars for Patty’s Cakes and DessertI was really impressed with their customer service I really love red velvet cupcakes but they didn’t have any up front when I arrived.  So I waited about five minutes and they brought out a freshly baked cupcake.  I also didn’t know about the free cupcake special if you mention yelp but the guy at the counter asked me how I found the place and I definitely received my free cupcake!  That was super exciting and I practically jumped up and down in the store.

These cupcakes just don’t taste delicious but they look it too!  As you take your first bite, you’ll discover a moist cake with a light and fluffy frosting. The frosting is not overwhelming and complements the flavor of cupcake.  I tried the red velvet, the pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, Chocolate with chocolate fudge and Chocolate with Chocolate Chambord Mousse.  All were delicious and they are definitely the best cupcakes I’ve had out on the west coast.

At $3 bucks a pop, I think these cupcakes are COMPLETELY REASONABLE.  I’ve paid a lot more for really crappy cupcakes so I definitely think that these are worth the money.

So why the 4.5 rating?  Well, because they weren’t perfect.  They didn’t give me that “I need to go back and get one right now” feeling that I have for certain foods.  Patty’s Cakes is where I will go back time and again for a good cupcake fix but I can’t say I’ll go out of my way to just eat these cupcakes.”

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes – Order Yours Today

at 8:57 AM by

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes are now available.

Plan ahead! Place your order today before we sell out.
Call (714) 525-8350

We are normally closed on Monday, however we will be

Red Velvet is the perfect flavor/color for the day. Be sure to peak at our other cupcake flavors for other delicious options.

Brea Bridal Show Raffle Winner Announcement

at 9:58 AM by

Good morning all! We would like to announce that Julie Potts is our Brea Bridal Show raffle winner. Julie won 50% off her wedding cake! Congratulations Julie!

[Review] Cake balls: Man, Those Little Treats Were Impressive!

Kim N. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

“I really want to give Patty’s 4.5 stars. Here’s the thing – I ordered one of their pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes. I would love to tell you all to go get one, but they are seasonal and I got one from the last batch that they made. So, unfortunately, you are now out of luck because it was REALLY good. My only complaint was that they fill the center of the cupcake with more frosting. I am sure that many of you are now thinking, “So? What the hell is wrong with MORE frosting?” And okay, yes, frosting is delicious. But when the cupcake is that good, I really would prefer to just have the frosting on top and enjoy having the proper amount of cake. The only time most bakers put frosting in the middle is to hide the fact that the cake part isn’t that good or that it is dry. Neither of those were the case at Patty’s, so I was sad to not have more cake.

I then ordered a dozen cake balls for a little New Year’s Eve get together with friends. Man, those little treats were impressive! They looked gorgeous and were delicious. Again – one little complaint: the cake balls were almost TOO moist. Yeah, weird, but it was almost like they were a little gummy and could have stayed in the oven for one more minute. I had two left over and they were a little better when eaten the next day. But boy, were they tasty! We had red velvet, chocolate chip, german chocolate, s’mores, and lemon – all were delicious and adorably prepared.

Both the cupcakes and the cake balls are $3 each. That is just a tiny bit pricey to me, considering that half the cupcake is really frosting and the cake balls are so small. But, I will definitely be back and look forward to getting a BD cake here for my husband. Oh yeah, and the service here is really friendly – love that!”


“Update – 1/19/2011  I hereby recant my criticism about Patty’s Cakes filling their cupcakes with frosting. I think that the first one I had just happened to have more than usual, but a couple I have had since then just had a little filling in them, which was a nice touch. And I think that most of the time, the cupcakes have a different filling in them – not the same frosting as what is on top. I just had a delectable lemon cupcake that had a great taste – not too sweet or too tart. It had a little bit of cream filling inside and lemon curd on top. Everything was in perfect balance. The chocolate cupcakes with chocolate fudge frosting had vanilla cream inside. So, I am on-board with the cupcake-filling-situation.”

Superbowl Cupcakes

at 3:43 PM by

Super Bowl Cupcakes! Black and Yellow for Steeler fans or Green and Yellow for Packer Fans. The perfect cupcake for your Super Bowl party.

Drinking the “hater-ade” this Sunday because your team isn’t playing? Then pick up one of our 14 other delicious cupcakes and have sweet dreams of a better season next year.

Sunday morning pickup will be available for pre-orders. Call to place your order today!

Super Bowl Cupcakes

[Review] This Place is a Real Hidden Gem. Cupcakes, Cakes or Cakeballs Galore!

Michele H. - San Francisco, CA - via Yelp

“Yum yum yum!

This place is a real hidden gem. Tucked behind the Albertson’s you’ll find the cutest place offering a nice flavor selection whether its cupcakes, cakes or cake balls galore!

This is my first visit and was drawn immediately to the chocolate cupcake topped with peanut butter mousse frosting. I mean, can you go wrong with this kinda combo!?! 

Sweetness level in the mousse was just right and tasted light. The cake part was fluffy and moist. AND I was totally delighted when I bit into the light creme filling at the center of this cupcake! How fun, right!!! 

No need to complicated things. Red velvet when done right only needs to be simple & sweet, which Patty’s has gotten the magic recipe for because the red velvet cupcake was also delicious!

By the way, it’s really Patty who is whipping up these delicate desserts in the back! I really like it when I find these shops that have that extra touch and in this case, Patty’s extra touch! Their yummy desserts look professional (unlike the ones you buy by the dozen in a plastic case) and service was super friendly.

I totally bought I bunch of cake balls and cupcakes to share and everyone I shared it with really enjoyed them, so go get some!!!”

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