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Archive for December, 2011

[Review] I had the “Elvis” cupcake. Soooo good!

Sarahsonian - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

I was looking for a local “cupcake place” when I found Patty’s! The truth is, I would come back here even if it wasn’t local! I had the “Elvis” cupcake. Soooo good! I’m definitely coming back until I try everything! (And then I’m getting a gym membership).

[Review] The red velvet cupcake was amazing!

charalex - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

We found this place by accident by visiting the cleaners next door. The best cupcake locally that I have had!! The red velvet was amazing!


[Review] You’re cakes are the best I’ve ever had!

Lucy Vejar - Orange County, CA - via Facebook

Patty, I’ve been ordering cakes from you, since before my oldest granddaughter was born, that granddaughter will be 16 in a month, & I have not stopped ordering since. You’re cakes are the best I’ve ever had! There’s no better cakes, than Patty’s Cakes!!! If you haven’t tried Patty’s cakes, your tastebuds are missing out on the best dessert they’ve ever had. Thanks Patty, for your great cakes, and all your hard work. Lucy Vejar

[Review] Their cupcakes are beautifully designed, super moist and come in super creative and inventive flavors

Vanessa N. - Anaheim, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I’ve only had the cupcakes so I can’t comment on the cake balls or the custom cakes….but I’m a fan!

I was supposed to make dessert for a get together at a friend’s house but realized the night before the event that I was missing some ingredients. With no time to bake, I thought to myself…maybe I can buy cupcakes and pass them off as my own. Well, the minute I laid eyes on the cupcakes (and later when I actually tried one), I realized that there’s no way I am capable of anything as great as Patty’s Cakes cupcakes. They are beautifully designed, super moist and come in super creative and inventive flavors. My personal favorites were: chocolate cake with chambord frosting, white cake with chocolate chip frosting, the elvis (banana cake, peanut butter frosting & bacon!) The great thing about Patty’s Cakes is that the frosting is whipped and isn’t too thick and sweet like Sprinkles. Plus, the cake stays moist even after days in the fridge!

The cupcakes are reasonably priced. Customer service was fantastic! I called on Friday morning and asked if they were going to sell out of baked goods by 5PM that day (it would be the earliest I would be available for pick up). The person helping me over the phone told me he would reserve as many cupcakes as I needed and when I showed up at 5:30PM, they were SOLD OUT of cupcakes but I still had my assortment of 8 cupcakes reserved for me!!

I can’t wait to order a custom cake here and try their cake balls!!!

[Review] A yummy treat and a beautiful gift all in one

Cristal D. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

This place just keeps getting better. I recently popped in to pick up a sweet treat for my terminally ill neighbor and when Patty found out what it was for, she wrapped my goodies up in a beautiful cupcake bow…it was a yummy treat and a beautiful gift all in one. Thank you Patty and Phillip! You two are the best!

[Review] I loved my cupcakes!

Demiwaca - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

I loved my cupcakes! I hadn’t read about the icing filling and it was a wonderful surprise. Surprisingly. It was not too sweet as one would expect and only added flavor to delicious treat.

[Review] These cupcakes have the perfect balance between the cake and the frosting.

Ame - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

REALLY GOOD! These cupcakes are the best ones that I have had so far. I like to go around and try cupcakes, and I must say that these one have the perfect balance between the cake and the frosting, which is why I like them so much, you can actually eat the whole cupcake, and I must say that I drove quite a long distance to give them a try after hearing about this place!

[Review] Patty’s cakes and desserts is the best in Fullerton

Shamicka s. - Corona, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Patty’s cakes and desserts is the best.. I go to Fullerton college and was looking for a cupcake place, and patty’s was the closes. So I tried the Elvis cupcake which is so delicious. It’s a banana cake, peanut butter and bacon. So glad I found this place. The service and staff are great, and I plan on coming back soon

[Review] Once upon a time Patty made my 5 year birthday cake

megrisme - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Once upon a time Patty made my 5 year birthday cake. As a picky eater I was skeptical of any cake made by someone other than my mom. I loved it!! Time went by and I had not found a cake shop I truly enjoyed because the frosting always tasted way too sugary. One afternoon as a surprise my dad brought home a few cupcakes to try-without telling me who made them. I instantly fell in love with the chocolate fudge cupcake and the frosting was absolutely perfection. I look forward to my return visit to sample more of these amazing cupcakes!!

[Review] These cupcakes are so pretty!!!

Jennifer L. - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Oh you fancy huh?
These cupcakes are so pretty!!!
They are way too pretty to eat….but ef it I WAS HUNGRY!

I got 4 cupcakes and 3 cake balls:
Butter Pecan, Apple Filled with Cream Cheese Mousse
This was one of my favorite flavors!! Crazy combination of ingredients that work! The apples are sweet and deliciously caramelized. This one is a must-get when I stop by Patty’s Cakes.
The Elvis (Banana Cake, Peanut Butter, and Bacon)
I think I’m the only person that hates bacon, but Patty’s Cakes’ cupcake is the only exception! This is the only way I could eat bacon; on their cupcake. YOU’RE BACON ME CRAZY. The peanut butter frosting was really good esp. with the banana cake. They were definitely meant to be united.
Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Mousse
CREAM CHEEZYY was finger licking good.
White with Chocolate Fudge

Red Velvet
The red velvet cake balls are a must!! Starbucks’ cake pops cannot compareeee!!
They have toasted marshmallows on top and inside of the cake balls. There’s also graham crackers on top of it, definitely eye candy!!

All of the goodies I tasted were moist and bomb diggity!! I had Patty’s Cakes bookmarked for awhile because Google map said it’s 22 minutes away (I got a little lazy)!! Sprinkles is so much further away from me and Patty’s Cakes is SO MUCH BETTER and with the best service ever! Phillip helped me choose my cupcakes and cake balls. He went into detail on what was inside each cupcake.

So please try: Cupcakes- ELVIS, BUTTER PECAN
cake balls- red velvet and s’mores… I want SOME MOREE! ;p

They make customized cake balls that are so freaking cuteee!! check out their website!

(1)There isn’t a cute way to eat the cupcakes without getting it all over you… Just stuff your face! ;)
(2) Mention Yelp and get your 4th cupcake for free! yippy.

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