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Archive for October, 2019

[Review] Favorite Wedding Cake Shop By Far

Natalie R. - 5 Star rating via The Knot

We tried out a few wedding cake shops and Patty’s Cakes ended up being our favorite by far! Best tasting experience, high professionalism, affordable, customizable, and delicious! We chose a marble cake with raspberry filling and chocolate fudge. Our cake was delivered promptly in perfect shape, and Phillip was so helpful and easy to reach. Highly recommend!

[Review] The Only Icing I Don’t Wipe Off

Mona C. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I became a customer before I even tasted their cupcakes. I started going to Patty’s Cakes to pick up a cupcake for coworkers or friends for their birthdays. I did that for about a year before I actually ate one. Oh My Gosh!!! The frosting is light and fluffy, which is great for me as I usually wipe off buttercream frosting and only eat the cake. Not these. The cake is moist and flavorful. Their shop is very clean, which I happen to like any place I buy food. My favorite flavor is the banana cake with peanut butter frosting. Yum! They also have cakes, cookies, cake balls, and Thrifty ice cream. Closed Sundays.

[Review] Awesome Cupcakes For All Family Events

Roro O. - Whittier, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

This place never disappoints us. I had their cupcakes for my daughter’s baptismal luncheon and had them again for my parent’s 80th birthday celebration. Everything was great, family and guests couldn’t keep their hands off the delicious cupcakes. For sure we’ll be coming back for more. Thank you Patty’s Cakes for making awesome cupcakes for my family events.

[Review] Both Wedding Cake Flavors Were So Delicious

Fatinah D. - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

We selected Patty’s for our wedding cake and were very pleased with their service and cake. We met with Philip for our wedding tasting and he was very helpful and walked us through the process of selecting a cake. Who knew it would be so complex?! We chose the 4-tier cake with white (vanilla Bavarian custard filling) and chocolate (chocolate fudge filling). Both the white and chocolate cake were DELICIOUS! The cake was moist and not overwhelmingly sweet. Our guests gave us compliments too. Patty’s also offers a free cake stand but you must return it within a few days after your wedding, so keep that in mind if you are going on your honeymoon right after your wedding.

[Review] New Favorite Place Because of the Gluten-Free Cake

Fatima P. - Hawaiian Gardens, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

This is my favorite bakery! I was recently diagnosed with a gluten-free allergy. Having a major sweet tooth, I have been struggling to find a good dessert. I decided to try Patty’s cakes via Doordash and thank goodness I did! I was first impressed with their packaging. When I opened the box, they were perfect. Great size with lots of frosting. The cupcakes were absolutely amazing! The gluten-free desserts I have had, crumble, aren’t sweet, and don’t have much flavor. When I bit into the first cupcake I was just beside myself. The cake was delicious, moist and the frosting was just amazing!! So much flavor! I just had to taste the other 3 flavors I bought. Same experience on all 4! I am definitely getting my birthday cake from here. This is my new favorite place! Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

[Review] Not One Piece of Cake Was Left at the End of the Night

Lynnette P. - La Habra, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

So extremely happy that we chose Patty’s Cakes for our wedding. We had stopped in just one month prior to our wedding to inquire about prices and availability and within an hour we had already had a formal taste testing, we had chosen the details of our cake and received a quote. My husband isn’t a fan of chocolate, didn’t even want to try it but I insisted he at least try it and let’s just say he is the one that chose the flavor of one of our tiers which was CHOCOLATE!!! That goes to show their quality and taste is like no other. I also want to add that I have never been to a wedding where the cake was completely gone until 5/11/19, my very own wedding. Not one piece left from a cake that feeds 200 was left! I have been asked by multiple guests where the cake was from. I recommend Patty’s Cake 100%!

[Review] Could Not Have Been Happier With Our Wedding Cake

Taylor S. - 4 Star rating via The Knot

Our wedding cake was delicious and all of our friends and family agreed. Beautifully decorated, could not have been happier with it.

[Review] Satisfied With Wedding Cake Flavor, Design, and Delivery

Vanessa I - 5 Star rating via The Knot

I was absolutely satisfied with our wedding cake, from the flavor (pb&j), to the design and delivery. I love cake and am very particular about the taste, there were no complaints here! I also got a lot of compliments and good feedback from my guests. I will definitely be coming back for cake or their delicious cupcakes.

[Review] Each Bite Is Happiness In Your Mouth

Vicente M. - Long Beach, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Sorry for the really late review but here I go. So our wedding reception was on May 26th, 2018. For our wedding cake, we got a small cake topper cake and we decided to go the cupcake route. It was awesome! Everything was just like we asked for. As for the taste, our guests weren’t disappointed. We had different flavored cream-filled cupcakes that each bite is happiness in your mouth. So good. If you’re looking for amazing service for a wedding or any other occasion. I highly recommend Patty’s.

[Review] Cake Exactly How We Wanted It For Law School Graduation Party

Gary D. - Swall Meadows, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

My son graduated from law school this past Saturday, May 11th. Since we were coming from out of the area, I wasn’t familiar with many of the local businesses. We came across Patty’s Cakes online so we contacted them about 2 weeks prior to my son’s graduation. We told them we were coming from a long distance and they were extremely understanding and very pleasant. We told them what we wanted on the cake, the flavors, and style. We were asked to send a picture of what we wanted the cake to look like. We were told the cake would be done at 3 pm sharp the day of the graduation. When the big day came for our son, we went to pick up the cake. It was done exactly at 3 pm as promised. And the cake was PERFECT!!! We were extremely excited at the super job the staff did on the decorations. They matched the picture we sent perfectly. And the taste? The cake was delicious, super moist and tasty. We couldn’t be happier. Thank you to the whole staff at Patty’s Cakes for a job well done. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day.

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