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Archive for November, 2019

[Review] Patty’s Variety Of Cupcakes Are All Awesome

Jyoti Nikam - via Google Reviews

Patty’s cupcakes are just awesome. There is such a huge variety to choose from and each of them is just great.

[Review] I Love All The Selections, They Are So Fricken Delicious!

Gardenia B. - Orange County, CA - via Yelp


Okay so I’ve actually never been to this place physically, but I order their cupcakes via DoorDash all the time when the craving hits haha. I absolutely love all their selections and ALL their cupcakes are so fricken delicious.

If you’re going to order then via a food delivery service, I highly recommended them! All their deliveries come with a sweet note saying that if they didn’t arrive in perfect condition, they’ll make it right! Mine came perfectly (shoutout to my DoorDash guy!) and you best believe I enjoyed every single one of them!!

[Review] Red Velvet Cupcake With Cream Cheese Was Made Quickly And Held Up Well

Tiffany S. - Whittier, CA - via Yelp

Excellent customer service. It was my first time stopping in and the employee explained cupcake ordering to me. The cupcakes were ready very quickly and the only hard part was choosing what to get. I enjoyed the red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The frosting was light and not overpowering on the cream cheese. The cupcakes tasted great and held up well on the ride home. I hope to return to order a larger cake for a special occasion.

[Review] Must-Try Cake – That’s All I Have To Say

Armin M. - Tustin, CA - via Yelp

Dude!!! Amazing cake! Must try that’s all I got to say. Fresh and nice texture all around

[Review] Pina Colada Cupcakes Are Incredible

Beth Hunter - 7/5/2019 - via Google Reviews

Oh My LORD!!! These Cupcakes are to die for!!! Go get yours today. I picked out a dozen and every one of them was amazing. I especially loved the ones with coconut and the one with the pineapple filling was incredible. I believe is was the Pina Colada one. They are amazing cupcakes. Thank you so much for making them. ;)

[Review] Elcair Cupcakes Are A Gift From The Heavens

Angelica E. - Santa Ana, CA - via Yelp

The yellow cupcakes with the white cream inside topped with the fudge icing are a gift from the heavens. This place is adorable and never fails to impress.

[Review] Overall Experience Was Great

Jr Vasquez - Santa Ana, CA - via Google Reviews

This cake place makes very great cupcakes and my overall experience was great. The customer service was great.

[Review] Magically Delicious

cashcowclothing - via TripAdvisor

Magically Delicious – These are hands down the best gluten-free cupcakes I’ve tried thus far. Waiting for a birthday to try a cake, which I’m sure will be as delicious as their cupcakes, maybe even better, if that’s even possible.

[Review] Great Service, Great Cakes, Great Cookies

Gabriela L. - Whittier, CA - via Yelp

Great service. Great Cakes. Great cookies. I could on and on. It was great! Got a beautiful confetti cake and lemon gem cookie.

[Review] Our Wedding Cake Was Everything We Envisioned And More

Michelle A. - via The Knot

Loved everything about our wedding day cake! It was everything we envisioned and more! And also tasted amazing!

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