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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are cupcakes customizable?

Our cupcakes appear just as they do on our menu and decorated in a way to represent its flavor. Customizing them is usually not needed. However; options for customization would be adding colored sprinkles or a custom pick on top.

Colored Icing: If you would like the icing a different color we can color our vanilla mousse icing for an additional charge. Light and mid-tone colors are recommended. Heavier colors require lots of food coloring and can color the mouths of guests and fabrics.

Write/draw on cupcakes: Our style of cupcakes makes it very difficult to write names/greetings or draw on cupcakes. It is not something that we offer.

Dressing up your cupcakes: We have a selection of decorations, picks, and rings that can help dress of your cupcakes. They typically cost $.15 cents a piece. You are welcome and encouraged to bring toys, picks, rings, etc. to dress up your cupcakes. They can be some of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to have your cupcakes match your theme.

Cupcake papers: We use cupcake papers that are 40% larger than your standard size. The white/translucent papers are the only ones available. Outside papers are not accepted. If you would like to change the base of them, we would suggest cupcake wrappers.

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