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Freshly Baked Deliciousness


Cakes are available two ways:


Standard Cakes are instantly available and come in our most popular flavors and four sizes. These cakes are baked fresh and available by reserving online, or by walking into the bakery.


Our Custom Cakes are created for any celebration and every palate. With 12 cake flavors and 18 cake fillings, we can create a memorable dessert for your special occasion.                     

Standard Cakes LINK

Come get your cake now! If you need a cake next week, today, this afternoon, or at this moment, a Standard Cake is waiting for you at our bakery. If you pre-order a cake we'll bake it just for you. Standard Cakes are available in four sizes and four delicious flavors/design combinations.

These cakes are simple in design yet terrific in flavor. They are iced in our light, airy, and delicious icing. They include a custom greeting in red, pink, yellow, green, blue or purple. Only edible images and physical decorations can be purchased and added. No other design or flavor changes can be made. If you would like something unique see our custom cakes.

Standard Cake Flavors LINK

White Cake
Vanilla Bavarian Custard and Raspberry Filling
Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Chip Mousse Filling
Red Velvet Cake
Cream Cheese Mousse Filling
Confetti Cake
Vanilla Bavarian Custard Filling

Standard Cake Sizes and Pricing LINK

Size Serves up to Price Order
4" Round Double Layer 2-4 $23.00 order now
6" Round Double Layer 7-12 $35.00 order now
8" Round Double Layer 13-23 $45.00 order now
10" Round Double Layer 24-36 $61.00 order now

How to order a Standard Cake

Order Cakes OnlineNeed a cake NOW?! Come pick one up immediately or reserve one online. Know you need a cake in advance? You may call ahead or place the order online hours, days, weeks, or months ahead. We aim to have all of our flavors and sizes available daily, but please note some will sell out.

Custom Cakes LINK

Flavor is the primary focus of our bakery. We ice our cakes in a light, airy icing, instead of hard fondant or overly sugary buttercream. Our light icing provides the perfect balance for flavor and texture as a topper and filling to our cakes.

Our Custom Cakes are created for any celebration and every palate. With 12 cake flavors and 18 cake fillings, we can create a memorable dessert for your special occasion.

Custom Cakes go a step further than Standard Cakes by tailoring the creation to your specific event. Mix and match flavors, select specific colors, take creative design control, and feed any crowd of any size. You may also request gluten-free and egg-free options with a Custom Cake.

To allocate the time required to create Custom Cakes, advance ordering is required. Plan ahead for your next birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, religious celebration, or themed dinner party with a Custom Cake!

Custom Cake Sizes and Shapes LINK

Size/Shape Serves Price
Round Cakes    
6" Round Double Layer 12 $40.00
8" Round Single Layer 11 $29.00
8" Round Double Layer 23 $49.00
10" Round Single Layer 16 $39.00
10" Round Double Layer 36 $69.00
Sheet Cakes    
8x11 Sheet 20 $47.00
Quarter Sheet 29 $57.00
Third Sheet 37 $69.00
Half Sheet 48 $79.00
Two-Thirds Sheet 75 $105.00
Full Sheet 100 $137.00
Tiered Cakes    
2 Tier Round (6" & 9") 40 $115.00
2 Tier Round (6" & 10") 47 $125.00
2 Tier Round (6" & 11") 55 $140.00
3-4-5 Tier Round and Square Cakes 75-500+ Call

All custom cakes include a filling and a basic design for the price listed. Some designs will have additional costs. Sales tax is not collected. Not seeing what you are looking for? Give a us call.

Custom Cakes Explained LINK

New to cake lingo? We are here to help. Let's get visual.

Custom Cakes Explained

White Lemon
Chocolate Confetti
White & Chocolate Marble Swirl Butter Yellow
Red Velvet Applesauce Spice
Banana Coconut
Ice Cream (call for flavors choice)** Carrot **
**additional charge and not available in all sizes

Custom Cake Fillings LINK

Raspberry & Bavarian Custard Vanilla Bavarian Custard
Chocolate Bavarian Custard Peanut Butter Mousse
Chocolate Chip Mousse Chocolate Mousse
Vanilla Mousse Cookies n' Cream
Chocolate Fudge Fresh Bananas**
Mint Chip Mousse Fresh Strawberries**
Raspberry Strawberry Mousse
Tart Lemon Mandarin Orange Mousse
Cream Cheese Mousse Pineapple Cream Cheese Mousse
Add chocolate chips to any filling...  
**additional charge - Fresh fruit fillings are not available on tiered cakes.

Need help choosing a flavor combination?

Get fancy with our cake flavor chart.

Custom Gluten-Free Cakes LINK

Gluten Free

Items marked with this symbol have a gluten-free option available. Please be sure and ask for the gluten-free option when ordering.

Please note: We have the best intentions in making gluten-free items. However, we are not a gluten-free environment, so cross-contamination with ingredients containing gluten is a possibility.

Custom Cake Design LINK

Your greeting, your colors, and a basic design are included in the price of your cake. If you want to go for a real wow factor, we can always get more elaborate for an additional charge.

Check out our photo galleries if you need some inspiration on the design, or just give us a call today. We're here to help you make something memorable.

Edible Image LINK

Have a photo or logo you'd like to feature on your cake? We can print it on edible icing!

Icing Images Price
8x11 Print $20
11x17 Print $30

You may inquire about a cake with an edible image or submit an image for an already placed order.

Icing Image

How To Order Custom Cakes LINK

Come into our shop, send us a message, or give us a call at (714) 525-8350 and we can take your order in minutes. It's easy as pie… or cake.

We recommend placing your order as soon as you can, being early is a good thing.

Our cake counter is open Tuesday-Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm,
Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Our busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays and they always sell out, therefore we recommend placing your order 2-3 weeks ahead of time. In general, we like to have at least 48 hours to create most custom cakes, but if you're down to the wire don't hesitate to call. We work within a first-come, first-served method and will accept new orders until we have reached capacity.

Allergen Info: Our items are made on equipment used in producing items containing tree nuts, peanuts, soy, eggs, and milk.

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