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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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Reviews left by our customers

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The employees were very kind

- 4 via Yelp

Cupcakes were yummy! There was glass protecting the employees from the customers! The employees were very kind :)

Their customer service was on point

- 5 via Yelp

My mom and I were on our way home from a memorial when we took a wrong turn and found Patty’s. We both have a sweet tooth and wanted to check it out. (Especially after the long day we had.) The store is super cute, and menu is extremely clear. Plus they frost their cupcakes to order and their customer service was on point. I just recently found out that I’m gluten intolerant, so I figured I probably couldn’t get anything there. Little did I know they have a gluten free and vegan menu!!! They have 50 regular cupcake flavors, 20 gf options and I think 20 vegan. Not sure on the vegan one. They flag their gf cupcakes so no one accidentally steals yours. lol They also have a warning that, even though they try their best, cross contamination is possible. This could be a problem for some people, mainly those with celiacs, but I love the transparency. The employee working that night (so sad I didn’t get her name) told us that the owners try very hard to be mindful of everyone. Cupcakes were fantastic. I’m surprised to say I like the white cupcakes better than the chocolate, but both were great.

Every single cupcake is delicious.

- 5 via Yelp

Every single cupcake is delicious. I’ve tried about 10 of them and they’re amazing.

Surprise box of cupcakes was a special treat!

- 5 via Google Reviews

Receiving a surprise box of Patty’s mini cupcakes on my birthday was such a special, sweet treat! Each cupcake was light, airy and very flavorful! I especially enjoy the frosting and filling, not to mention the moist cake. I can definitely eat all 12 in one seating! :) I immediately ordered another box for my aunt’s birthday to share the joy. Suffice to say, I will definitely be back to try all the flavors. Awesome job, Patty’s! :)

Excellent cakes, delivery and service.

- 5 via Google Reviews

Ordered a 6” white cake with fudge filling for my own birthday. I am a white cake FREAK and this was absolutely delicious!! Very fresh and beautifully done. Icing is texture of whip cream, light and airy and not at all too sweet. Excellent cake, can’t WAIT to order in October for my son’s birthday!!!! Excellent cakes, delivery and service. Arrived exactly when promised and was perfectly beautiful!!!

The Elvis was a big hit

- 5 via Yelp

I’ve been following Patty’s since they first opened on Commonwealth in Fullerton. I love love love their cupcakes! Fresh to order! I’ve ordered several times and they are always a HIT! I recently had a little party at a bar for my husband just as covid shut everything down and I walked into the bar with a ton of cupcakes and minis and EVERYONE WENT CRAZY!! I ordered all different flavors but the Elvis was a big hit! I’m ordering again today! Best cupcakes and desserts around! Keep up the good work!

The cupcakes and cakes are incredible

- 5 via Yelp

Normally I do not write reviews, but I feel compelled to say something in regards to Patty’s Cakes. First, the cupcakes and cakes are incredible. But, very few times does the service equal the quality of the product. My experience ordering a cake and working with Philip was outstanding. I am truly impressed with his professionalism, and flexibility with making changes, and still delivering on time. Thank you!!!!!!!

Lots of fun flavors to choose from.

- 5 via Yelp

Love this place. Their cupcakes, cookies and cakes always taste perfect and lots of fun flavors to choose from.

We were all 100% satisfied

- 5 via Google Reviews

We bought cupcakes for everyone in the house last week in honor of my daughter’s bf’s birthday. I loved the snickerdoodle cupcake which I didn’t even order. I wanted to try their snickerdoodle cookie. I had ordered the éclair cupcake which too was amazing. She ordered him an Oreo one and she got the blueberry pancake one. We were all 100% satisfied with what we ordered. Patty’s cupcakes are super delicious, not too sweet, and icings are delectable. Also parking was super easy. We drive by Patty’s all the time and always promise that we will stop it. Glad we did.

I couldn’t be more pleased!

- 5 via Google Reviews

I couldn’t be more pleased! The cake came out wonderfully and tasted amazing! The staff and owner are very sweet. I will be coming back for sure!!!

Prepared freshly and delivered on time

- 5 via Google Reviews

I ordered a delivery to Irvine for the same day, it was prepared freshly and delivered on time. The entire transaction was completed online.

The taste and appearance was great as well.

Once you try these cupcakes you’ll be in love

- 5 via Yelp

These are the best cupcakes in town. Once you try these cupcakes you’ll be in love.

Light, soft, fluffy and yummy goodness

- 5 via Yelp

We were driving through the neighborhood and quickly passed right by Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. The shop itself caught our eye, so I quickly looked up the Yelp reviews. The reviews were so good that we had to turn around and try the cupcakes ourselves. There are so many different flavors, so we had a difficult time choosing which ones to try. We decided to get a few mini cupcakes and they were all so delish. The cake and frosting made into a light, soft, fluffy and yummy goodness. Service and purchase did not disappoint. We’ll definitely be back!!

Patty’s Cupcakes are a game changer

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cupcakes is a game changer- they turned me into a fan of cupcakes! Their cupcakes are moist and flavorful, and iced to order. There’s a lot of icing on top, but it’s light like whipped cream, and not too sweet. The Very Berry Strawberry Cupcake and Lemon Guava Cupcake are my favorite (and there’s filling on the inside too). I’ve also had the Lemon Drop Cupcake, S’mores Cupcake, and Chocolate with Oreo Mousse Cupcake. The chocolate cupcakes are rich and will satisfy your sweet tooth. There are gluten-free and vegan options, so you should be able to get something for everyone. Don’t forget to check in on yelp, you get 1 free cupcake when you buy 3!

Best banana cupcake I’ve ever had!!

- 5 via Yelp

Best banana cupcake I’ve ever had!! I’ve been craving cupcakes for the longest time and I finally got some last minute. I’ve never ordered from here before so I was kind of iffy about it but I don’t regret at all. The cupcakes aren’t too sweet and they’re moist and fluffy :) Definitely will be ordering more from here and might even buy a birthday cake one day!!

Mango Bliss and Mango Banana are delicious

- 4 via Yelp

Delicious cupcakes! I have to say their perfect in sweetness. My first time visiting and I ordered the mango bliss and the mango banana cupcakes. Super delicious. I really recommend.

Thank you so much for your professionalism

- 5 via Google Reviews

I’ve used Patty’s delivery service for two of my friend’s birthdays. They’ve done an amazing job. My friends have loved each and every flavor delivered. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for helping make special days even more special. Delicious cupcakes!

This. Is. The. Spot.

- 5 via Yelp

This. Is. The. Spot. Awesome staff, awesome flavors and beautifully decorated cakes. The fact that they take the time to frost each cupcake at the time of order shows the love and dedication they have for the craft. This will definitely not be my last visit. I can honestly say after eating cupcakes here, I feel as if I’ve been missing out all my life! Dramatic, yes, but true. Don’t go anywhere else. If you’re torn between this place and Hapa Cupcakes, COME HERE. My search is over.

The design we chose came out very elegant

- 5 via Yelp

We used Patty’s cakes for our wedding one year ago and it was great! We chose the red velvet with chocolate chip filling and it was delicious! Something to keep in mind is that they do not provide the wedding decorations such as fresh flowers so make sure someone from your florist is aware so they can decorate it for you. We used a cake topper from Amazon and had our florist place flowers on top and it came out beautiful. I think the design we chose came out very elegant looking :)

Been here more times than I’d like to admit.

- 5 via Yelp

Always great cupcakes and cakes. Love the gluten free and vegan options. Just as good as any gluten counterparts. Been here more times than I’d like to admit. Yummy!

The best carrot cake I’ve ever had.

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s cakes did a phenomenal job on my father’s 90th birthday party. We had a small cake made especially for him and it was so delicious. The best carrot cake I’ve ever had. Every single cupcake we ordered was delicious and we ordered 50! I got to meet Patty herself and she was helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me get exactly what I had envisioned for the party. Thank you Patty! We will definitely be back again and again.

Birthday surprise of mini cupcakes!

- 5 via Yelp

Yesterday was my birthday and my wife surprised me with a box of mini cupcakes! I had forgotten how delicious they were! Best cupcakes ever! Need to visit more often!

Great job keeping it safe with Covid-19.

- 5 via Yelp

Cupcakes were amazing. Love your cute little place and customer service was excellent. Great job keeping it safe with Covid-19.

Overall GOOOD cupcakes!

- 5 via Yelp

I had the very berry strawberry cupcake!! The frosting is almost like whipped cream it’s light and flavorful. Overall GOOOD cupcakes!

A special treat for my mom’s “Cancerversary”

- 5 via Yelp

I’ve been going to Patty’s since the Raymond location. My whole family just loves the cupcakes! We’ve tried them all and it’s our favorite place for our cupcake needs. Recently we were looking for a special treat for my mom for her “Cancerversary ” and we ended up at Patty’s. Cupcakes were not enough but a huge cake wasn’t it either. We decided on a small, simple, white cake which they kindly decorated with pink BC ribbons. It was classy and perfect, a very special treat that my mom enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you, Patty’s!!!

Mom says it’s the best cupcake she ever had

- 5 via Yelp

This past Saturday we celebrated my Mom, 83 and Dad’s, 84 Birthday’s at the beach. Bought a dozen cupcakes online, 12 different kinds for a variety. My Mom says it was the best cupcake she’s ever had, and she bakes! Everyone enjoyed a different flavor which made it fun for choosing what you wanted. There was also super customer service, bringing the box out to my car due to ankle injury. Great cakes Patty as always, been a customer since she was baking the cakes at her house in Fullerton 30 years ago!

Love their chocolate cake!

- 5 via Yelp

Love their chocolate cake, it’s always fresh! I recommend their chocolate with chip moose cake. Great prices too.

The whole process was very easy

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s cake did a wonderful job with our cake. Planning a wedding during COVID is stressful enough but Patty’s Cakes made it easy. We went in for a tasting and chose the mango and guava flavors for our cake. The whole process was very easy. About a week before our wedding we got a text that our balance was due, and we were able to pay it online. On the day of the wedding, I got a text that the cake was on its way to our house and got a another text that the cake was delivered. I didn’t feel bothered by anyone. Our cake was beautiful and it was delicious. Thank you

Blessed to have found a wonderful bakery

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts has my highest recommendation! I’ve been to countless bakeries and had trouble finding one that was a cross amongst traditional tasting, modern looking designs, and can accommodate customized cakes. I wanted to find something peculiarly special for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday cake, go a little extra since we can’t go big with COVID. I did an inquiry with their competitor down the street, which some may know of, and it was 200-300 for a cake! Not only that, the cake was made up of mainly fondant which I am not a big fan of. I was shocked and almost gave up on giving my boyfriend a memorable cake. So of course, I had to Google and Yelp “best cakes in Orange County” one more time. Long behold, I found Patty’s Cakes and Desserts! I put an inquiry in and received a response a couple days later, since they’ve been overwhelmed with orders and they close on Sundays and Mondays. After exchanging a few emails, Philip confirmed the details of my order and I paid on their website. It was painless and such an easy process! If you have a picture or simply an idea of what you want, they can make it happen! Just make sure to give details of size, how many layers, flavor combinations, etc. I am beyond blessed to have found such a wonderful bakery. Even my family and friends commented on how it was beautiful, tasty, and not too sweet! They carry so many flavors and the combinations are endless. They are super flexible! I will definitely be returning for my daughter’s upcoming 1st birthday cake and hopefully for all of our celebrations! Thank you for providing the best service, best looking, and best tasting cake! Side Note: I had a little mishap on my end when I picked up the cake. I placed the cake on my passenger seat, and as I drove I was worried that it would start sliding, so I decided to try and center the cake…but I ended up taking a piece of the frosting! I was upset at myself for messing up a perfectly beautiful cake! I definitely had to return to see if they can fix it and they managed to fix it in a jiffy! Just remember to keep it on a flat, stable surface. The floor is your best bet!

Only 2 slices of cake were left at the end

- 5 via Yelp

My husband and I hired Patty’s Cakes and Desserts for our wedding (August 1st). We had the privilege of working with Philip who was very friendly, professional and willing to work with us, especially when we had to keep adjusting our numbers due to Covid. We had the Lemon cake with cream cheese and tart lemon filling that was a hit! All of my guests loved it. The woman serving the cake said the majority of my guests asked for seconds and thirds! There were only 2 slices of cake left at the end of the reception! Highly, highly, highly recommend!

The cake was a hit with the party-goers

- 5 via TripAdvisor

For my granddaughter’s birthday, I ordered a semi-custom single layer cake. It was great to have a variety of choices: cake flavor, filling flavor, icing color, greeting, greeting color. One could pick up curbside, or have it delivered.

The cake was delivered in the time frame and date that was pre-scheduled, safely by a face-covered delivery person.

The cake was a hit with the party-goers… since it was not only pretty to look at, it was also delicious!

My girlfriend and I loved all the flavors we got

- 5 via Yelp

I spent months walking past this bakery at night and staring at the cakes, but it was too late because of Covid hours. I finally made it there after getting out of work early and it was definitely worth the wait. 4 cake balls and 2 cupcakes. My girlfriend and I loved all the flavors we got. One cupcake made it 3 days before we ate it and it was still delicious. We can’t wait to go back!

Excellent service and best cupcake ever!

- 5 via Google Reviews

Friendly atmosphere, excellent customer service, but most of all it was the best cupcake l ever had!

Best gluten free cupcakes I ever tasted

- 5 via Google Reviews

They have the best gluten free cupcakes I ever tasted. I will definitely come back again.😀

Cupcakes are so light, airy, and delicious!!

- 5 via Yelp

I’ve never been a huge cupcake fan…. that is until I met a Patty cupcake!! Her cupcakes are so light, airy, and delicious!! Her whipped frosting is amazing and I can’t wait to come back for more!!!

Light moist cupcakes with light icing

- 5 via Yelp

Light moist cupcakes with incredibly light icing that they pipe to order. The icing is not that heavy dried on stuff you can’t sink your teeth into because it’s been sitting out too long; it’s almost like whipped cream it’s so light. Overall excellent cupcakes.

These cupcakes are next level.

- 5 via Yelp

Holy what. These cupcakes are next level. Had some cupcakes delivered, and had the “eclair” one – moist, rich, rich, rich. I ordered it half an hour ago at the end of the day, and somehow it was super fresh. If you’re craving a cupcake, these WILL hit the spot. My family was thrilled with their flavors, too. Man. With delivery so easy, I’m worried about my waistline. Yummmmmm ….

They were flexible and easy to work with

- 5 via Yelp

We loved having Patty’s Cakes make our wedding cake! They were flexible and easy to work with. They made our cake exactly like we wanted and it turned out to be beautiful and delicious! Would highly recommend.

So many people’s favorite cake is confetti

- 4 via Yelp

I still love this place and everyone I recommend it to does too! One thing is that I do really wish they had confetti cupcakes as an option! So many people I know their favorite cake is confetti and if your not having a party and just want something sweet… a cake would be too much. Please add this to your menu!

I love the snickerdoodle cupcake

- 5 via Yelp

Great cupcake place. Have not had the cakes but the cupcakes are amazing. I love the snickerdoodle, but not a big fan of the red velvet.

Ah shucks!

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