[Review] Perfectly Sweet BOGO Cupcakes

Maria A. - Buena Park, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

The only time I ever break Keto is for a special occasion. This weekend, one of my staff members will be celebrating a birthday and I wanted to do a little something special for her. I received an online offer that I couldn’t possibly pass up; buy 2 cupcakes, get 2 free!! So I found out what her favorite flavor was and asked my other co-worker what she wanted. We also decided to get another co-worker of ours a cupcake.

I absolutely love the set up of the bakery; it was so bright and cheerful. What I got: two red velvet with chocolate chip mousse cupcakes, one chocolate with strawberry mousse cake, and a chocolate caramel salty cupcake. The chocolate caramel salty was for me.

So I mentioned that I am on Keto; this means that I had to give up sugar. I have had sugar here and there but for the most part, I’ve given it up. Trust me when I tell you that I can tell when something is really sweet. The cake itself was not overly sweet as was the frosting. And when you get a combination of both, it was divine!! The other thing worth noting was that the cupcake WAS NOT dry. It was so moist and yummy!!

I’m thinking that I really want to get some more cupcakes for the rest of the office before we leave on winter break.

Also, the woman at the counter who helped me was so sweet!! Thank you for your assistance!!