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[Review] Freshness and amazing customer service

Andrea C. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Interviewing the owner for an economics project. Patty is so sweet and truly passionate in what she does. She truly delivers in freshness and customer service! She gave me a free cake ball, and I love her cake balls, they’re the best, my favorite is the banana cake balls. Although all of them are delicious! And the store is always cutely decorated.

[Review] CAKE BALLS!!!

Regina C. - Villa Park, CA - via Yelp

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! CAKE BALLS!!!!!!!!!!! :) I found out about this bakery from one of my Mommy friends. Our kids go to school together. She raved about the Cake Balls. I was kinda rolling my eyes inside at her. She knows.. all my friends know. My family makes cakes. So if we do ever buy one…our family is super picky!
We do not EVER say a cake or pastry is good unless it truly is!
So after Mother’s Day Tea at the School. This was back in May…I decided to just stop in and get a few..I’m so glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THEM!! SMORES CAKE BALLS! My favorite! I can honestly say since that day in May we have been in at least 8 times or more! One of the reasons why I can’t seem to get back to my pre-kid weight! LOL! Ohhh well! So worth the Cake Balls! Kids have tried & love..The Chocolate Chip.Lemon…All Chocolate & Dad loves the Banana one! I will try a cake from here at some point! Maybe they can make me a Smore cake ball cake??
Hope this review helps:)

*I’m not a perfect writer..So I’m sorry for all or any mistakes I’ve made:) Just trying to get my point across:)

[Review] The Banana Cake Ball was the best thing my mouth has ever tasted

Lindsay M. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Who knew anything could be so delicious? I was dropping off my dry cleaning at M&M Cleaners, and wanted to try something from Patty’s.
I chose the Banana Cake Ball, and it was probably the best thing my mouth has ever tasted. The cake was not too rich and not too light, it was perfect. Melted in my mouth and the banana wasn’t overpowering. I could probably eat a million of these things. The only complaint I had was that it was a little pricey for the size of it. ($3 is what a cupcake should cost..not a cake ball. I would probably frequent Patty’s more if their cake balls were more reasonable!)

[Review] The chocolate and banana cake balls are amazing!

jinjin44 - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

I tried the banana with chocolate cakeball last week and I was hooked. They are amazing! So moist and so different from the usual dessert. Great to take to a party or a special event. Thank you Patty!

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