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[Review] Moist and Delicious cupcakes!!!

Genine LeDuff - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

Customer Service is always great…Cupcakes are MOIST & DELICIOUS!!!

[Review] A+ for customer service and deliciousness

Bree H. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I am dumb. I ordered a grab and go cake and set it for a week out. I meant to select next day (which was available) and didn’t notice until the next day when I called to check on the cake.

I am glad I called in a little early the day I needed it to check on it. When I realized my dumb mistake, I asked (praying) if they might have a similar pre-made cake still available. I would have understood completely if they did not. Luckily they did and could transfer my order over!

I am so grateful for their accommodation! They saved the day!

Also the pre-made chocolate cake was amazing. We were all stoked about it. A+ for customer service and deliciousness.

They were super busy on a Saturday which was an amazing sign. I saw a lot of people leave very happy.

[Review] Patty’s has THE best cakes in town!!!

Monica J. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s has THE best cakes in town!!! This review is wayyy past overdue but it’s better late than never.

I had my wedding cake done by Patty’s and everything from the cake tasting to the day of was perfect!! The cake was by far absolutely delicious and I’m the first to admit that I don’t like cake but something about their cakes makes them so yummy!! My husband wanted chocolate cake and I wanted lemon, it wasn’t a problem whatsoever and we got to have both cakes. Not only did the cake taste soooo good, it was gorgeous and just how I pictured it, simple and elegant!

Thank you Patty’s cake and a special shout out to Phil for making the wedding cake of my dreams happen!

[Review] Service is always great and sweet!

Brit R. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

My girl friend told me about this place and I am so glad she did because I am totally addicted to this place. I had tried a few of their cupcake flavors and my 2 favorite are the chocolate with chocolate fudge and chocolate caramel salty. Don’t get me wrong! Many of their other flavors are good too, but I am a chocolate kinda girl!

Service is always great and sweet, literally :).

[Review] They never fail when it comes to quality and customer service

Karen D. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I love this place! They never fail when it comes to quality and customer service. I ordered 5 dozen cupcakes for my mom’s birthday and rented a stand for display. The prices were reasonable, the presentation was perfect and I had people fighting over who would take the leftover cupcakes home lol… They made the dessert planning for my party really easy :)

Stop in even for a taste, you won’t regret it :)

[Review] Nothing beats an Elvis cupcake!

Nena W. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I have known Patty for years! I grew up on the Troy Football field eating her chocolate chip cookies. Now I treat my 2 year old son to cupcakes at Miss Patty’s. Nothing beats an Elvis cupcake for me and a Strawberry cupcake for him. I can’t wait to order a cake for his next birthday!

[Review] The cake was fantastic and we had compliments on the cake

Zack Malik - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

I ordered a cake for my son’s birthday. The cake was fantastic and we had compliments on the cake and asked where we got it from. The kids were completely satisfied!

[Review] Cool little shop

John D. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Cool little shop, many of my friends get stuff from here. Got some cupcakes for my son’s bday to take to school, also got some to take home, tying the Elvis!

[Review] We ordered about a million mini cupcakes for our wedding

moonmonkeymama - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

We ordered about a million mini cupcakes for our wedding, many of them Gluten Free. The cupcakes were fan-
FREAKING-tastic. We ordered more than we thought we’d need at Patty’s urging, because there were so many kids
at our wedding…. Patty reminded us that kids tend to bite off the frosting, ditch the rest, and grab
another. We ended up having very little left over except for compliments and a craving for more of her
cupcakes. One month later and we were back for a birthday order. Patty and her staff were professional and
helpful, the cupcakes were ready on time for our planner to pick up, and they even went to the extra trouble
of putting a tiny GF flag on EVERY mini cupcake that was Gluten Free. So much appreciated. Thank you, Patty!

[Review] Amazing review about patty’s cakes!

Cristian M. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

I hardly write reviews because I get lazy lol. I just had to write a review for Pattys cakes and dessert. I ordered a marble cake and it was amazing. Everybody wanted to know where I got it from. I spread the word where I got it from. I will be ordering more cakes whenever I have birthday parties. You guys are amazing!!!!

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.