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[Review] The Lemon and Chocolate Chip Cakeballs are so Moist and Delicious

Leanne A. - Fullerton, CA - 4 Star rating via Yelp

This was my first experience here and I had two of the cake balls: lemon and chocolate chip. I was surprised at the moistness of the cake and the flavors were so good, not too rich. Can’t wait to try a cupcake and more.

Order Your Easter Decorated Cake Balls Today

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Easter Decorated Cake Balls

Easter Cake Ball flavors & colors

Color – Flavor
Purple – Chocolate
Green – German Chocolate with Almonds
Blue – Chocolate Chip
Orange – Banana
Yellow – Lemon
Pink – Red Velvet
Red – Red Velvet

Decorated in fun colors is what makes these Cake Balls the perfect Easter dessert. Place your order today. Available Friday April 6th and Saturday April 7th only. Pre-orders are highly recommended. A limited selection will be available for walk-in customers.

[Review] This Place is a Real Hidden Gem. Cupcakes, Cakes or Cakeballs Galore!

Michele H. - San Francisco, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

“Yum yum yum!

This place is a real hidden gem. Tucked behind the Albertson’s you’ll find the cutest place offering a nice flavor selection whether its cupcakes, cakes or cake balls galore!

This is my first visit and was drawn immediately to the chocolate cupcake topped with peanut butter mousse frosting. I mean, can you go wrong with this kinda combo!?! 

Sweetness level in the mousse was just right and tasted light. The cake part was fluffy and moist. AND I was totally delighted when I bit into the light creme filling at the center of this cupcake! How fun, right!!! 

No need to complicated things. Red velvet when done right only needs to be simple & sweet, which Patty’s has gotten the magic recipe for because the red velvet cupcake was also delicious!

By the way, it’s really Patty who is whipping up these delicate desserts in the back! I really like it when I find these shops that have that extra touch and in this case, Patty’s extra touch! Their yummy desserts look professional (unlike the ones you buy by the dozen in a plastic case) and service was super friendly.

I totally bought I bunch of cake balls and cupcakes to share and everyone I shared it with really enjoyed them, so go get some!!!”

[Review] The Cakeballs Were Sweet, Pretty Sweet, but Not Overtly Sweet.

Angela T. - Garden Grove, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Red velvet cake balls, mmm yummy!

Yesterday was my annual get together with my high school friends, it’s our traditional Christmas dinner.  One of them brought a dozen of these sweets.  I tried a bit of the red velvet and a banana one.  It was sweet, pretty sweet, but not overtly sweet.  It kind of tasted like batter, but I liked it a lot.  I really want to try the cupcakes next. Not only are these cake balls cool to look at, they have different designs on it.  I love the creativity and shall check out this shop when I’m in the area.”

[Review] I Have A Major Sweet-Tooth, And Patty’s Cakes Is The Cure

Melisa - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

“When a co-worker brought some cupcakes to work, we were hooked by the moist cake and flavorful toppings. When she went to pick up an order of “cake balls”, I had to try them. They’re like cupcakes rolled into a ball, dipped in white chocolate or chocolate and topped with even more tasty treats. I couldn’t wait to try one! I bought 3 flavors: Red Velvet, Smore’s, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. All 3 had sweet surprises in the middle! My family went nuts over them! They were so sweet and tasty that we had to cut them in thirds so that we could all enjoy the delicious treats! I have a major sweet-tooth, and Patty’s Cakes is the cure.”

[Review] CAKE BALLS….Oh My Goodness

Adriane - Fountain Valley, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

“AMAZING CAKES and SWEETS!!!!!‎‎-  I was recently privileged enough to try Patty’s ‘CAKE BALLS’….oh my goodness. The most moist delicious cake with all different combination’s of chocolate and decorations. They were amazing, we had an entire plate and they were gone in SECONDS. A friend of ours who tried them is even contemplating having them served at her wedding. Cake balls aside, i’ve been lucky enough to taste a myriad of Patty’s baking (AND COOKING) over the years and it’s out of this world!!! She can make you anything you want and the cakes taste even 10 times better than they look. You will not be let down…GO PATTY CAKES OR GO HOME!!!‎”