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[Review] Must try for a lemon sweet treat lover.

Danielle L. - 5 Star rating

So soft and deliciously lemon! – Excellent flavor, soft and moist… a must try for a lemon sweet treat lover.

[Review] The wedding cake was a hit!

lesliedp36 - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

I heard about Patty’s Cakes through a friend that had bought birthday cakes from them. I set up a meeting (within a week of calling they were available!) Patty herself met with us after hours. She gave us her one on one attention without the distraction of other customers or employees. We were able to taste every flavor they had and every filling they had. They were all so delicious it was a seriously hard decision! My husband is not usually a fan of chocolate cake and that one was tied with the lemon (his normal favorite)! all of the cakes are moist and flavorful. We ended up choosing a lemon cake with a lemon filling.
I also love that they don’t use fondant on their cakes! I know it looks pretty but it grosses me out! Patty’s makes beautiful and wonderful designs with their tasty frosting. We are simple people and so chose a simple design of grey ombre frosting. Which we then decorated with greenery to go with our décor. All around it was a wonderful experience. The cake was on time. All handled through my parents so I didn’t even have to worry about it on the day of! All of the guests complimented us on how great the cake was! I will definitely be buying all my cakes (and sweet treats!) from Patty!

[Review] Have to give this place 5 stars!

Nettie A. - Buena Park, CA - 5 Star rating via Yahoo!

Have to give this place 5 stars! I only tried their cake balls so far, so delicious…I ordered 5 different
flavors for my husband’s 40th surprise party. My favorites were smores, lemon and confetti cake balls…they
were a hit at the party. Everyone loved them.
I would order in a heart beat again. Very friendly staff too.

[Review] One word… AWESOME!

Knottie25301956 - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via The Knot


I was referred to Patty’s Cakes through Oc Mining Company. I was also able to meet Patty at the Bridal Shower
and her cupcakes were amazing. I met with Phillip for the cake tasting he was very informative, friendly and I
love that he was always available whether it was by phone or via email. But those cupcakes WOW it was soooooo
hard for me to choose :( they were all so good. We went with 2 tiers of lemon and raspberry and our top tier
carrot cake (yummy) :)!!!

Our wedding cake turned out exactly what we asked for and got many compliments from our friends and family.

[Review] Amazing and delicious cupcakes

DanaRose C. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Well, the first time I did a review, it didn’t appear, so I will redo and add for the other cupcakes I got since. Last time was last week, I got the Pina Colada, with Coconut frosting, white cake with pineapple filling. Because I wanted to get the bus yet wanted to also eat, I ate outside (missed the first bus, anyhow), which I do not recommend on a windy day. My cupcake blew off the little table, but I ate it anyway (though lost my tiny decorative umbrella/parasol off my cupcake). Santa Ana winds are something to factor in! I enjoyed it a lot; have not been disappointed yet in flavor and moistness. I have not liked cupcakes from other places –they are too dry (Hapcake was OK, though didn’t really have a liquor flavor). I also liked the other cupcakes I’ve had at other times: when they could find my Yelp! review, the nice girl gave me a free cupcake anyway (and everytime lately, I get a buy one get one free coupon, which I had better use). That day I tried Lemon Razzle, because I wanted to taste lemon and raspberry together. That is a great combination, and the cream filling was just right. Before, the first time, I ordered white cake with Mint chip mousse, a favorite of mine and will have again. The texture and moistness and flavor of mousse frosting is outstanding. I also had cake balls –S’Mores was good and so was whatever else I had, but I like the cupcakes better because of the moistness. I also had another cupcake, Eclaire which was good too. I think I will try the peanut butter next, Neapolitan, banana split chocolate chipper and butter pecan.

[Review] Professional & very friendly staff

Ty D. - Carson, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Best cupcakes ever!! I ordered cupcakes here for my engagement party, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Professional & very friendly staff. I’m a sucker for anything lemon, and their *lemon drop* cupcake was Delish!!! They nailed it by adding an old school lemon head in the center. Very cute addition. You will not be disappointed.

[Review] Extraordinary experience!

Sofia Figueroa - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

This is way overdue and still wanted to share my experience with Patty and her creations. My now husband Jose and I got married May 24th, 2014. It truly was the wedding that we always wanted and more so with Patty’s awesome work. The whole experience was extraordinary and have nothing but great comments for her delicious cake great customer service. Before I found Patty, my husband and I went to several cake tastings in the OC area. Some were good but not the best. When we had a cake tasting with Patty, I could tell right away that she is such a sweet lady but most importantly, it was obvious that she had been in business for many years because of all of her great suggestions. It also helped that the price of the cake was right on budget! When my husband tried the cake (i have to add that he is very picky when it comes to sweets), he loved it and we knew that we had to hire Patty to make our fun and delicious cake. Like she promised, all the cake was gone after the wedding, which we have seen that in other weddings, the cake is wasted. Not ours! After the wedding, the cake was one of the things people would talk about. It was such a hit! Our flavors were, half chocolate, half lemon with a strawberry mousse and raspberry sauce. Truly delicious!

[Review] Couldn’t have had my dream wedding cake without Patty’s Cakes!!!

Aileen K. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I absolutely love Patty’s Cakes! Patty and Phillip are a pleasure to work with and I couldn’t have had my dream wedding cake without them! Not only was the cake pretty but it was tasty as well!! We had the lemon with raspberry filling and red velvet with choc chip filling!


PS must try their smores cakeballs! TO DIE FOR!

[Review] Matching colors for my wedding

Lacy - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating

I ordered my wedding cake from Patty’s cakes. I had lemon and white cake. Patty even made the lemon flavor purple to match my wedding colors! It was amazing. Even though my day flew and I barely got to eat any of this amazing cake, all my guests raved about how delicious and moist the cake was and the purple lemon was a pleasant surprise!

Patty and her staff are so easy to work with! She makes sure you get EXACTLY what you want on your special day. It is all about YOU! Her staff showed up right on time and set it up with ease and no stress! I would definitely recommend Patty and Patty’s Cakes for any occasion!


[Review] I love Patty’s Cakes!

Angela Barnes - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

A coworker brought me a Lemon Cake Ball from there last year and I have been quite conceited about where I get my confectioneries since then. All their treats are literally that – a TREAT! All cupcake flavors are available every day they are open and I’ve managed to celebrate coworkers’ birthdays thanks to my impromptu dashes to Patty’s Cakes. I <3 Patty’s Cakes!!!