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[Review] The cake balls were at hit at my cousin’s bridal shower

Anita Jain Felix - Orange County, CA - via Facebook

If you haven’t had the cake balls, you should try it!! I ordered some for my cousin’s bridal shower and they were a hit! Thanks Patty’s Cakes!!! We will be back to order some more!!

[Review] The cake balls were AMAZINGLY AWESOME! That first bite just took my breath away

Nereida - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

Well technically two days ago.. my friend actually took me here and told me that i will fall in love with the cake balls. As much as i didn’t believe her I wanted to try them out just to see if it was true…and guess what?! THEY WERE!!! The cake balls were AMAZINGLY AWESOME! They were so good that we went three times that day just to get our red velvet cake balls ^_^ That first bite just took my breath away…I have never tasted red velvet as good as Patty’s. Usually I have tasted dry red velvet, but Patty’s was moist with a hint of sweetness. After that first try Patty will be seeing your face really soon …I know that they will all be seeing me once again!…in 10 minutes =D By the way they ARE ALL very welcoming! They’re all really nice, you will crack some jokes, there will be laughter, it’ll be fun (I know everytime I go it is) ^_^

[Review] Cake Balls, “the Yummiest, Moistest, Tastiest Treat I’ve Ever Had!”

Erica - Orange, CA - via Google Reviews

“I just went in to pick up my Thanksgiving cupcakes (which look delicious and pretty by the way) and I noticed these yummy-looking chocolate covered balls in the glass case. They were so perfect looking that I thought they were the fake plastic ones, ha! I bought one to try (banana with chocolate) and it was the yummiest, moistest, tastiest treat I’ve ever had! So, along with my Thanksgiving cupcakes, I bought the last of their banana chocolate balls! AMAZING! Thanks Patty’s Cakes for making my taste buds and belly so happy!”

[Review] Chocolate Raspberry and Red Velvet Cake Balls, I’m a Fan!

Christine and Michael Collier - Orange County, CA - via Facebook

“I’d never heard of a cake ball until Patty’s Cakes introduced me to them today. Wow! One chocolate raspberry followed immediately by a red velvet later, and I’m a fan! I think I need to try her cupcakes next time, or maybe one of those one-of-a-kind cakes that she so imaginatively decorates. Hmmmm what a sweet dilemma. I’ll be back for sure.”

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