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[Review] Patty’s Cakes Came To The Rescue!

KNOT USER - Orange County, CA - via The Knot

After having a horrible experience with another cake vendor leaving us out to dry, I was left with only a week to find a new cake topper for our wedding. Patty’s Cakes came to the rescue! It was a simple order with delivery right down the street. Although they were completely booked (a week out – I wonder why??) they still squeezed in our 6 inch double layer cake and made it look gorgeous.
Pricing was reasonable and cake was delicious.
Their frosting is more of the whipped cream fashion – not the sugary sweet, overly saccharin kind like Costco frosting.

[Review] Seriously Delicious Cakes!

Shawn C. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Seriously delicious cakes! Seriously delicious frosting. Patty’s Cakes were so easy to work with. They didn’t pressure us to go big, and they were quite happy to add Star Trek logos onto our wedding cake. The set up looked beautiful! Everything was perfect. They were also VERY reasonable in price. The only problem was trying to decide on the flavors that we wanted! Everything we tasted was delicious. My favorite: The Elvis! Banana cake, peanut butter, frosting, and bacon. YES! BACON!

I’m probably going to get all my birthday cakes and special event cakes from them from here on out! Thanks for making my wedding day delicious!

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts – Fullerton, CA, United States. We wanted a simple cake top with hearts and the Star Trek emblem! We got it! It was perfect! And delicious!


[Review] Great Customer Service!!!

Ciara P. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Thanks to Patty’s Cakes, I think I might have found my new cake vendor. Great customer service and very reasonable prices. I ordered cupcakes here at the last minute for a birthday and their presentation is awesome. I’ll definitely keep them in mind for future events.

[Review] We checked out Patty’s Cakes and LOVED it!

eleanorvictoria - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

I have been helping a friend find a bakery where she could get a cake made for her boyfriend’s birthday. She found this one by accident. We checked it out and LOVED it! Philip, one of the owners, was just great. My friend wants the cake a certain way and he took the time to ask questions and explain pricing, decorations, flavors, etc. Prices are reasonable too! We tried the cake balls and they were amazing! I decided to try The Elvis cupcake. I was kind of hesitant because of the bacon, but I surprisingly loved it! I will definitely be coming back here!

[Review] The Cakes Are Delicious, and The Best Part Is That The Prices Are Very Reasonable

Jackie Ortega - Anaheim, CA - via Google Reviews

“I really recommend Patty’s Cakes!!! I’ve been there twice, and both times have been pleasant. The personnel is excelllent, the place is super clean, the cakes are delicious, and the best part is that the prices are very reasonable….. Jackie Ortega :)”

[Review] I think I died and went to peanut butter and chocolate heaven…….

Cristal D. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

“I think I died and went to peanut butter and chocolate heaven…….

When I found out about a bakery that had just opened in Fullerton, I made a b-line straight for it (thank you Dena @ Hidalgo for sharing).  As a local Realtor, I like to bring a fresh baked goodie to a client or vendor from time to time.  To be honest, I feel like one thing Fullerton has been missing is a bakery I could pop into and pick this stuff up!  I am just happy that I don’t have to go to the “cake nazi” anymore….did I really write that? Well, I didn’t say who they were.

As I was writing, I went straight in to check it out and see who might be running the show (hoping for a sweet baker and a sweet baker she was).  I love to support local small business and I was glad to meet Patty. She is someone I want to support.

Ok, the cupcake I chose…there were just a few to choose from but she didn’t need many. She had me at chocolate/peanut butter.  It melted in my mouth. The peanut buttery whip creamy topping was so fluffy and soft and just the right amount of peanut butter flavor. The cake part was chocolate and so light and fluffy that it might have floated away if I wasn’t  holding on so tight and gobbeling it down.

Her prices are reasonable and that was the icing on the cake for me!  Go see Patty! I would like to see her succeed in Fullerton!”

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.