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[Review] WOW! What a selection

T S. - 4 Star rating via Yelp

My daughter and wife are on a gluten free diet. We looked and looked and our daughter found this place. WOW, what a selection although the gluten free is rather limited to chocolate and vanilla. I purchased a select ton of gluten free and regular. They were delicious. My wife is a butter cream frosting freak and Patty’s does not offer this but the cream was still very good. We have gone to another place in Brea in the past but very possible we will change to Patty’s. They were also pretty busy when I picked up my order so word is getting out.

[Review] The only shop we hit up when craving sweets

Zoë P. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Ever since my mom discovered Patty’s Cakes back in March, we have been coming ever since! With confidence, I can say this is the only cupcake shop we hit up when we are craving a sweet treat! Now with my birthday coming up I definitely know where I am purchasing my cake! Thanks for always having great consumer service and always having a great variety of delicious cupcakes!

[Review] The best cupcakes I’ve ever tried

Zoey Roland - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Patty’s cakes has some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tried. I’m definitely coming back for more 😊

[Review] Definitely should give it a try

Vanessa R. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I ordered a dozen mini cupcakes. I have never been here before today and the cupcakes were so fresh. I’m now debating on ordering a birthday cake from here too. Definitely should give a try it’s worth the price :)

[Review] We tried each flavor and they were delicious!

MJ W. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

YUM!!! Didn’t want to bake because of the heat and boy am I glad I didn’t!!! We tried one of each flavor and they were all delicious! No doubt, we’ll be ordering from here when the next birthday rolls around.

[Review] Reward yourself, and go get a cupcake

Lupita L. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Here I thought I already had a review, but ok here we go! To begin with, RUN don’t walk! These cupcakes are seriously the best in the world. A million times better than Sprinkles. Oh yes! I went there and they do NOT compare. I personally do not understand the hype. If you want moist, delicious, & perfect frosting you must try Patty’s Cupcakes. The frosting is light and just right, not thick & sticky like most places. Cupcakes are not filled with frosting until you order them so you can be sure the frosting is fresh & tasty! I bet you will love them. They are all good, but I do have my personal favorites, which are: The Neapolitan and the chocolate with chocolate & strawberry mousse. Do not forget to check in for Yelp check in offer; buy 3 and get one free. I once met the owner Patty. I did not know she was Patty the owner. She came up to us as we were waiting for our order inside, pre virus times. She was very friendly, asked how we were doing and then asked my 3 year old grandson if he wanted some milk. Of course he said yes lol so she brought him some milk on the house. Sadly, she shared a story how of how she had been vandalized a few days prior and that it was the second time :( I hope this has not happened anymore. If you love cupcakes, have a sweet tooth or need cupcakes for a special occasion, or a cake, I’m sure you can’t go wrong here. Reward yourself, and go get a cupcake and bring me one while you’re at it lol. If I lived nearby I would be in trouble! Support a local small business with an amazing love filled owner! I want a cupcake now!! lol Who wants to go with? hahaha

[Review] My 3 year old approves!

Jennifer R. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Came here with my daughter and she was obsessed!! My 3 year old approves! I was so excited to try this place and was not disappointed! Their cupcakes are to die for! They also travel well. Brought some home for the hubby of course!

[Review] The Elvis was a big hit

Christina A. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I’ve been following Patty’s since they first opened on Commonwealth in Fullerton. I love love love their cupcakes! Fresh to order! I’ve ordered several times and they are always a HIT! I recently had a little party at a bar for my husband just as covid shut everything down and I walked into the bar with a ton of cupcakes and minis and EVERYONE WENT CRAZY!! I ordered all different flavors but the Elvis was a big hit! I’m ordering again today! Best cupcakes and desserts around! Keep up the good work!

[Review] This. Is. The. Spot.

Andrea C. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

This. Is. The. Spot. Awesome staff, awesome flavors and beautifully decorated cakes. The fact that they take the time to frost each cupcake at the time of order shows the love and dedication they have for the craft. This will definitely not be my last visit. I can honestly say after eating cupcakes here, I feel as if I’ve been missing out all my life! Dramatic, yes, but true. Don’t go anywhere else. If you’re torn between this place and Hapa Cupcakes, COME HERE. My search is over.

[Review] The best carrot cake I’ve ever had.

Deana C. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Patty’s cakes did a phenomenal job on my father’s 90th birthday party. We had a small cake made especially for him and it was so delicious. The best carrot cake I’ve ever had. Every single cupcake we ordered was delicious and we ordered 50! I got to meet Patty herself and she was helpful and knowledgeable. She helped me get exactly what I had envisioned for the party. Thank you Patty! We will definitely be back again and again.