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[Review] We Will Return For More “Sweet” Memories

Chit Fong Wong - via Google Reviews

More than just tasty. Philip was very friendly, patient, and professional during our 1st meeting to discuss the cake options and choices. The cake was delicious and looked fabulous. We might always return to Patty’s Cakes for more “sweet” memories on our upcoming anniversaries. Thank you, Patty & Philip!

Gorgeous 3 tier purple wedding cakes

at 11:55 AM by

Amazing is all i can say!  Each wedding cakes is beautiful and decorated to perfection for the bride and groom.

This beautiful wedding cakes has purple dots all around the cake with bling on all the boarders!  A fantastic looking cake.


This wedding cake is a simple wedding cake style but looks beautiful.


This wedding cake has beautiful purple flowers and gorgeous purple ribbon around each tier of the cake.


Beautiful created four tier wedding cakes!

at 11:46 AM by

Wow pretty much sums up these beautiful four tier wedding cakes!  Each designed to perfection, and is hand made.  They look amazing, but even taste better.

This beautiful four tier wedding cake has amazing designs on the cake with pink roses on the top.


This fantastic four tier wedding cake has beautiful flowers on the cake.  A simple cake that looks gorgeous.


This four tier wedding cake is fantastic.  Hand made to perfection with a heart cake topper!


Amazing rustic and simple wedding cakes

at 1:14 PM by

Amazing rustic and simple wedding cakes designed to perfection.  Each cake looks beautiful and tasted even better!

This beautiful wedding cake has gorgeous succulents on the cake with roses.


This wedding cake is a simple designed wedding cake that looks absolutely fantastic!


Amazing 3 tier simple wedding cake

at 1:13 PM by

These cakes are absolutely beautiful and all designed to perfection!  Each cake hand made and created in a simple but gorgeous way.

This wedding cake is very simple but a beautiful cake!


This amazing wedding cake is very simple but looks fantastic.


This beautiful 2 tier wedding cake is simple with bling on the boarders of the cake.


Amazing, beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes

at 2:01 PM by

Amazing wedding cakes all decorated to perfection!  Each cake was hand made to look perfect and of course beautiful!

This beautiful cake has yummy grapes on every tier with a simple but beautiful design!

wedding cake textured grapes ribbon black white

This cake has pink flowers on each tier with beautiful black ribbon.

wedding cake white pink gerber daisey black ribbon round

This cake is super simple but very beautiful!  An amazing simple cake.

wedding cake texture artsy

Gorgeous 3 tier simple wedding cakes

at 12:02 PM by

Wow, these 3 tier wedding cakes are gorgeous!  All with a very simple look, but also an amazing cake to have for your wedding.  Tastes even better than they look!

This 3 tier simple wedding cake is as simple as you can get.  Still beautiful but very simple.

nixon library wedding cake

This 3 tier simple wedding cakes is very simple but beautiful.  An amazing cake for any wedding.

rustic ruffles wedding cake

This 3 tier simple wedding cake is beautiful.  Sunflowers make this very beautiful cake stand out!

rustic wedding cake

Amazing simple 3 tier wedding cakes

at 1:59 PM by

Wow these cakes are so amazing but so simple!  All 3 of these cakes are simple, but still very beautiful!

This beautiful cakes has a brown ribbon and has simple designs.  But still very beautiful!


This cake is simple, but had gorgeous succulents to make it look amazing!


This cake is wonderful but very simple.  Still great looking and even better tasting!


Beautiful ombre- fade 3 tier wedding cakes

at 11:47 AM by

These amazing 3 tier ombre-fade wedding cakes are beautiful.  All different colors for different weddings, but all still gorgeous!

This amazing 3 tier wedding cake has a white to green ombre-fade design with beautiful flowers!

ombre wedding cake

This 3 tier wedding cake has a beautiful white to orange ombre-fade design with a fantastic simple design.

wedding cake ombre orange round

This beautiful 3 tier wedding cake has a fantastic white to purple ombre-fade with a simple design.

wedding cake purple ombre cake strand silver round

Fantastic, simple 3 tier wedding cakes

at 11:46 AM by

These amazing, simple 3 tier wedding cakes are simple but look great!  They have a simple design to them but can still be the center attraction to your wedding!

This amazing, simple 3 tier wedding cake has succulents on each tier.

wedding cake white succulents green modern

This fantastic, simple 3 tier wedding cake has succulents and amazing flowers.

white outdoor wedding cake

This gorgeous, simple 3 tier wedding cake has beautiful roses on the center tier.

wedding cake white 3 tier outside

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