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Beautiful 3 tier wedding cakes!

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Check out these amazing wedding cakes!  All beautiful and decorated to perfection.  Each has its’s different designs but all look beautiful!

This wedding cake is beautiful and has a chocolate drizzle on the entire cake!


This gorgeous wedding cake has a rosette design with beautiful roses on the cake.


This wedding cake has stunning red roses on the cake with amazing designs throughout!


Beautiful squared 3 tier wedding cakes

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Check out these amazing and beautiful squared 3 tier wedding cakes!  All decorated differently but all fantastic.

This fantastic 3 tier squared wedding cake has gorgeous branches on it with an amazing cake topper!

branches wedding cake

This beautiful 3 tier squared wedding cake has black designs with a gorgeous pink and black cake topper.

damask wedding cake

This stunning 3 tier squared wedding cake has beautiful flower all over the cake with amazing detailed artwork!

flowered square wedding cake