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[Review] Absolutely beyond delicious.

Rita G. - via Yelp

Absolutely beyond delicious. I am addicted to Patty’s cupcakes. You have a choice of about 50 different kinds. Your cupcake is made to order with the filling and custom icing when you order. My favorite cupcake is the Banana Split, and they even have one that is called “Elvis” it consists of the topping of peanut butter and bacon. Who could ask for more?? Trust me and try them, you will not be sorry.

[Review] One of my favorites is The Elvis!

Kimberlee Valdez - via Google Reviews

The cupcakes are absolutely delicious!! One of my favorites is The Elvis! The banana cake is light, and the peanut butter mousse is so tasty! I recently picked up a confetti cake for my folks, and they loved it!

[Review] My family likes Early Riser and The Elvis

Rose Marie Gomez - via Google Reviews

Patty’s is a Fullerton staple and must try. Love how they have GF cupcakes. My family likes Early Riser and The Elvis flavors.

[Review] The Elvis and lemon guava were delicious

Geovanna G. - via Yelp

This place was so good. I personally had the Elvis and the lemon with guava cupcakes. They were so amazingly delicious. The mousse on top of both cupcakes were so light and tasty. The guava center was delicious as well. My bf loved the banana mango I got him and the mango center was soo good.

[Review] Elvis cupcakes were a huge hit!

Danielle P. -

Elvis was at my daughters graduation! We ordered the Elvis cupcakes for my daughters college graduation party. They were a huge hit and disappeared quickly. Some people were a little hesitant when they saw the bacon on top but still dove right in minds were blown! Everyone raved at how great they were. Definitely will order again.

[Review] Perfectly moist cupcakes with a nice flavor

Sandra L. - Irvine, CA - via Yelp

Wow… just wow! Regular sized cupcakes here are $3.50 each and they have a TON of flavors to choose from. They use buttercream or they call it mousse for their filling and topping. Personally, I like frosting better where it’s a bit grainy from the sugar, but this smooth almost whipped cream texture is not bad. They have mini sized cupcakes too but you have to buy a dozen and I just couldn’t commit to a dozen even if they are smaller.

In general, the regular cupcakes are huge! With a generous amount of buttercream topping which makes it look like a mini cake on it’s own! I think that $3.50 is really not bad for the size and taste! All of the cupcakes were perfectly moist and has a nice flavor, the following are the flavors I chose:

-Elvis: banana flavored cupcake with vanilla filling topped with what tasted like peanut butter buttercream and bacon. This was one of my favorites and the banana cupcake works so well with all of the other flavors. Will order again!

– Lemon Razzle: lemon flavored cupcake with lemon curd filling and raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream topping. This was also another favorite of mine – the lemon citrus was refreshing and balanced with a sweet touch I’d raspberry makes this a really go

– Chocolate Oreo: chocolate flavored cupcake with oreo filling and topping. This one was good! Of the 3 chocolate ones I ordered, this one was my second favorite! Nothing spectacular, but I like oreos and this one just has a nice light oreo flavor. Might

– Chocolate fudge: chocolate flavored cupcake with vanilla filling and chocolate fudge frosting/ganache-like topper. I really liked this one! The fudge topping balances so well with the vanilla buttercream inside. I really liked this one and will order ag

– Chocolate Peanut Butter: chocolate flavored cupcake with vanilla filling and peanut butter vanilla buttercream on top. I wish this one had a stronger peanut butter taste and with a raspberry jam filling or something to balance the richness of peanut but

I really like Patty’s cakes! This place is so pretty and cute inside and is really clean. The presentation of these cupcakes and taste of them are just super! It’s a shame it’s so far for me… but I will definitely stop by if I’m ever in the area!

[Review] Simply Decadent

Laura J. - Orange County, CA - via Yelp

Simply Decadent. Have ordered custom cakes here in addition to their cupcakes and GF cupcakes for my celiac father. It’s very hard to find GF pastries done well. They absolutely nail it. Favorite cupcake flavors: the Neapolitan, eclair, and Elvis.

[Review] Patty’s Cakes Cupcakes Were Perfect for National Cupcake Day

Michelle M. - Fountain Valley, CA - via Yelp

My Supervisor gave me 3 cupcakes for National Cupcake Day! This is the first time I have had Patty’s Cupcakes. I tried The Elvis, The Chocolate Chipper and The Neopolitan…. they were amazing! Flavors were on point. Loved them. I am definitely going to order some for my next party/event. ;)

[Review] Peanut Butter and Bacon, Chocolate and Potato Chips, Patty’s Has the Best Cupcake Combinations

Courtney Lowell - via Google Reviews

This place is so cute. Great ideas for cupcake combinations. Peanut butter and bacon! Chocolate and potato chips! The store itself is super CLEAN and the staff was super helpful.

[Review] I Recommend This Place For Everyone

Juan T. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I’m seriously in love with this place!!! I use to live in Anaheim and now I live in Hesperia and I don’t mind going all the way to Fullerton for a red velvet cupcake…that is my fav flavor…the Elvis is great too!! And the lemon razzle omg so delicious…but every time I go I just gotta have a red velvet one and another flavor…I wish I lived closer so I can go everyday lol…i recommend this place for everyone…nicest people ever that work there…make u feel like family!!!

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Custom Order Counter Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4:00 pm
Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.