Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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The Eclair cupcake is amazing!

This place is so clean. All their cupcakes are amazing! My favorite has to be the eclair!
Too bad they didn’t have Elvis cupcake, but i will definitely go back to try it!

Jasmine kaur singh - Fullerton, CA
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Amazing Patty’s Cakes!!!

The staff here is very friendly and my family loves when we bring some cupcakes home.

Kimberlee V. - Rowland Heights, CA
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The PERFECT cake place!!!

We met Patty at the Bridal show The Orange County Mining company was hosting along with many other cake places. That very night after sampling all of the places we knew we would be ordering our cake from Patty’s. We made an appointment two months out with her to decide on flavors and design. That appointment with Patty was so reassuring that we had gone with the PERFECT cake place. We looked in some books and talked about our vision and it went very quickly. The day of our wedding the cake was delivered to The Orange County Mining Company where our event was. The cake looked and tasted absolutely beautiful. We want to thank Patty for helping to make our day so very special.

Amber - Fullerton, CA
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Cupcakes are so moist and fluffy !!

Cupcakes are so moist and fluffy !!

Got the vanilla on vanilla (ordered a box of cupcakes for my boss daughters bday) but that’s all I tried & it was delicious. I’m not a huge cupcake fan nor am I one to go out of my way for one but I will definitely be coming back here when I have a cupcake craving. Their frosting was perfect too! Not too sweet, not too thick and sugary, but just right!

Hana L. - Irvine, CA
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First timer!

First time here. Just had their red velvet cupcake and it was just the best. The cupcake itself was nice and moist and the frosting was very light and had the right amount of sweetness to it. The sprinkles on top made it look like nice too. Definitely coming back here again.

Gobori U. - La Palma, CA
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Nixon Library wedding!

We were looking for a cupcake and cake decorater in the area for our wedding at the Nixon Library. We came across the amazing reviews and compliments of Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. I was actually planning my wedding from across the country, and we began the search too late for me to be able to taste test before solidifying my choice — but after corresponding with Philip multiple times (and his patience in answering ALL of my questions and recommending #’s and prices), I was 100% confident in signing the contract and putting a deposit down.

On the week of the wedding, about 3 days before the big day, my sister and I visited for a taste test to choose our cupcake flavors. We were stacking 300+ cupcakes in a tier-like presentation with a small cake at the very top for cutting. Now … my family / sister / I actually aren’t really big into cupcakes — not even a little. Typically desserts that Asians eat (or at least my family) aren’t as sweet as a lot of “American” style baked goods and desserts. But I fell in love with the look of the cupcake tier and didn’t want to spend thousands on an elaborate 6 tier cake. The reason I say this is because when we sat down for the taste testing — I could have eaten EVERY. LAST. BITE. of cupcake. It was thoughtfully made, the flavors and combinations were delicious, and it didn’t make me feel like I needed to drink cupfuls of milk to offset the sugar!!! YAYYY!!! The Elvis was one of my favorites — their banana and peanut butter YUMMMMM… and Philip was amazing to work with and made us feel so comfortable with our choices. He offered his own recommendations and thoughts on the variations we were offering our guests so that there would be a nice number of options for different tastebuds.

With a lot of vendors, you sometimes feel nervous that they’re disorganized or might be late… not understand your itinerary or what you’re trying to do. Our wedding had an unusual itinerary and a lot of different aspects in terms of timing / flow of our guests in and out of certain areas — so understanding all of that was really important for me and for my vendors. Not once during our conversation did I feel like Philip was off his A-game and on the day of, once we were ready to go outside to the garden for cake cutting… there is was, perfectly organized tiers – and looking exactly as we had imagined it :) Couldn’t have been happier with the final product! The only downside was we had no idea where our cake went after the night was over so we didn’t get the chance to taste it in the months following, as many do =(

I would 150% recommend Patty’s to anyone who is looking for a special occasion cake, wedding cake, or even picking up desserts for a “just cause” day :)

Vickey T. - Westwood, NJ
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Wedding vow renewal!

We ordered a three layer cake for our wedding vow renewal. It was absolutely beautiful! We had so many compliments on how delicious, moist and beautiful the cake looked and tasted. We ordered the chocolate, banana and white cake with raspberry filling. The frosting was light and sweet but not too sweet. We are already getting ready to plan our next big event and will definitely be a returning customer.

Renee C. - Whittier, CA
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First time at Patty’s Cakes!

Today was my first time entering this fabulous little cake and dessert store. The place is pretty small but it’s okay! They have a really nice staff and were very friendly. They have a great selection of cupcakes that are incredible! I ordered 4 cupcakes in total, which i actually dropped two of them..but the girl was super nice about it and made me two new ones! I would definitely come back for cupcakes and even cakes too !

Veronica B. - Anaheim, CA
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OMG!!! Moist cupcakes DO exist!

Patty Cakes is definitely worth a try. I’m actually visiting from out of town (I live in
Arlington, VA close to DC where the Georgetown Cupcakes phenomena has gotten a bit tired).
Anyway, a friend who lives locally asked if I like cupcakes. I told him I do, but typically
find that most cupcakes sold in bakeries are dry and rely heavily on the frosting to make up
for it. He suggested I check this place out and recommended the Elvis. Unfortunately, they were
all out of that particular cupcake, but it was close to 6P, their closing time. So, that was
completely understandable.

The woman who helped me was so nice. She told me I didn’t have to order straight from the menu
and feel free to mix & match. I left with four beautiful cupcakes. The frosting was just the
right amount of sweet without being completely overindulgent, and the cupcake itself was so
moist and fluffy. If I lived locally it’s definitely a place I frequent.

The D. - Arlington, VA
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So fresh and tasty!

Hi my name is Connie, try their cupcakes today for the first time and they are awesome, they are so fresh and tasty, love them.

Connie Gonzales - Brea, CA
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The best wedding cakes!

Patty’s Cakes is awesome and so easy to work with! They made our wedding cake and it was so delicious. I can’t believe how many compliments I got on the taste and look of the cake. There were no leftovers after our wedding! My husband and I really liked that they used a light whipped cream frosting instead of a heavy frosting like fondant or buttercream. We were both so happy in the end and always recommend them to friends. Priya

Priya P - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Freshly iced cupcakes!

The cupcakes are amazing, very moist and flavorful! I love that they frost them to order so they taste so fresh. I am now considering ordering my wedding cake from them. The place is on a side street and you cannot see the sign from the Main Street, but still easy to find. Try the Elvis!!

Jessica M. - Whittier, CA
via Yelp

This place is amazing!

This place is amazing! I highly recommend the cake balls, never been disappointed! Everything always tastes so fresh. The only problem is I moved out of California and they’re not located in my current state.

Tamara G. - Goodyear, AZ
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The best cupcakes in the world!

The best cupcakes in the world!
10 stars!!! We just had our wedding and got 9 dozen cupcakes…all different flavors. Patty was so kind she even extended the 2 pumpkin flavors past December 31st. Our guests were so happy and so were we! Thank you for making our day the best day ever! ~Chris and Rachel

Chris H. - Fullerton, CA
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Great cupcakes and cake balls!

Great cupcakes and cake balls. Available in gluten free. They do beautiful cakes too. This place is just the best!

Terry D. - Brea, CA
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Phenomenal cake balls

I never heard of cake calls before? Put simply they are very much like cake pops without the stick. However the cake balls at Patty’s are just phenomenal. My husband who is way over the cupcake craze and isn’t really into sweets loves the German chocolate cake ball while I adore the red velvet one. We got other flavors (banana, chocolate chip, confetti, and chocolate) and all of them tasted great. Moist, perfect dense was, and yummy coating. Each ball was $3.00 and so much better than small measly cake pops :-) would highly recommend.

Christine F. - 2/1/2015
via Yelp

Just too delicious!!!

Just too delicious! I want more. I ordered birthday cake red velvet with raspberry cream inside. yumm! Cant wait to go there and try something else.

Lunara L. - Orange County, CA
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The best cupcake I’ve had in Orange County!

The best cupcake I’ve had in Orange County! I am picky about the topping being too sweet or flat but Patty’s cupcakes are the perfect combination, fluffy and moist cake inside.
I have to add that they have many, many cupcake choices, I love that. Unlike other places that have limited choices and run out quickly.

Mari O. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Delicious, moist, and full of flavor!

Patty’s cakes by far is the best cup cakes/ cakes I ever had! The frosting and filling are delicious! The cupcake itself is so delicious soft and full of flavor!  Another wonderful thing about patty’s cakes is the customer service ! Everyone is so nice and welcoming!

Wendy W. - Fullerton, CA
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Easy to order and many flavor combinations

This place is awesome!!! Wonderfully easy to order and so many options of cake flavors, icing, and fillings. Both Bethany and Patty helped me and they’re truly the best and very professional. I will be ordering my cakes from Patty’s from now on! Order now p.s. I ordered a confetti cake with FRESH strawberries and it was a hit!

Breanna S. - Orange County, CA
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The best two tier ombre wedding cake!

Patty and my mother used to work together, so she made all of my birthday cakes growing up. I always stop by her shop for cupcakes. And when my mom found out she was Celiac, we told Patty to get on the gluten-free train before it really took off. Of course I would choose Patty for my wedding day! She delivered the best two tier ombre wedding cake and pink mini-cupcakes. Her gluten-free cupcakes, are still the best that I’ve tasted. No other frosting lives up to Patty’s legacy. The cake was such a hit that people were eating it with their hands despite the caterer wandering off with all of our plates and forks. She is simply the BEST!

bexii2841 - 12/21/2014

Nothing beats an Elvis cupcake!

I have known Patty for years! I grew up on the Troy Football field eating her chocolate chip cookies. Now I treat my 2 year old son to cupcakes at Miss Patty’s. Nothing beats an Elvis cupcake for me and a Strawberry cupcake for him. I can’t wait to order a cake for his next birthday!

Nena W. - Fullerton, CA
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Not too sweet, not too heavey

I read reviews on Patty’s Cakes and live pretty close by, so I decided to order my wedding cake from there and I hadn’t even tried any of the flavors but I trusted everyone’s reviews on the bavarian raspberry and lemon cake and wow was it delicious! It was not too sweet and not too heavy, just right. Thank you Patty!

Anne K. - Los Angeles, CA
via Yelp

A five star yelp review!

Yep five stars because Patty’s cakes is as good as it gets!

While being a health fanatic I can not resist a tasty cake and I would never want to waste calories on something that wasn’t absolutely delicious!

I love the frosting it looks huge and intimidating but its not waxy at all.

When I get married I hope Patty’s cakes are around so I can treat my guests to the best!

Elizabeth L. - La Mirada, CA
via Google Reviews

The wedding cake was a hit!

I heard about Patty’s Cakes through a friend that had bought birthday cakes from them. I set up a meeting (within a week of calling they were available!) Patty herself met with us after hours. She gave us her one on one attention without the distraction of other customers or employees. We were able to taste every flavor they had and every filling they had. They were all so delicious it was a seriously hard decision! My husband is not usually a fan of chocolate cake and that one was tied with the lemon (his normal favorite)! all of the cakes are moist and flavorful. We ended up choosing a lemon cake with a lemon filling.
I also love that they don’t use fondant on their cakes! I know it looks pretty but it grosses me out! Patty’s makes beautiful and wonderful designs with their tasty frosting. We are simple people and so chose a simple design of grey ombre frosting. Which we then decorated with greenery to go with our décor. All around it was a wonderful experience. The cake was on time. All handled through my parents so I didn’t even have to worry about it on the day of! All of the guests complimented us on how great the cake was! I will definitely be buying all my cakes (and sweet treats!) from Patty!

lesliedp36 - Fullerton, CA
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I definitely am a fan of Patty’s Cakes

I definitely am a fan of Patty’s Cakes. The cupcakes are delicious and everyone that has tried it, has also loved it. I do have to say that sometimes I cannot go there If I have a rather large group because it gets kinda pricey. Each cup cake is $3 or 1 dozen for $36. I guess for a once in a while treat, these cupcakes are delicious.

It does take some time to get your cupcake when you order it, but it’s worth the wait in my opinion. Now I have another place that I can recommend to friends and family.

Michael R. - Whittier, CA
via Yelp

Delicious mint chocolate cupcakes

Mint chocolate chip cupcake I had was DELICIOUS!!! Excited to try all of the other flavors :)

Teresa Pham - Brea, CA
via Google Reviews

Such friendly service and the cupcakes are large and beautiful!

Such friendly service and the cupcakes are large and beautiful! I’m so glad I finally got to try this place. I arrived right before closing and I still got treated very well by both staff members. These cupcakes are truly moist and decadent. I tried the red velvet, PB&J, salty chocolate caramel, and lemon raspberry cupcakes. The cake on the red velvet was spot on but the frosting left me wanting more of a cream cheese flavor. The salty caramel was decadent and I loved the fudge and caramel. The PB&J was really good but I would have liked some chocolate on there. Overall I’d return :)

SavvyChef J. - Corona, CA
via Yelp

The cake was fantastic and we had compliments on the cake

I ordered a cake for my son’s birthday. The cake was fantastic and we had compliments on the cake and asked where we got it from. The kids were completely satisfied!

Zack Malik - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Amazing flavors and delicious cupcakes!

The BEST cupcakes! Always go here if I want cupcakes. The flavors are very good and the cake is moist. The Red Velvet and Chocolate Caramel Salty are my favorite! Enjoyed the Chocolate Chipper too because the crispy salty chips contrast well with the sweet chocolate flavor.

Their cake balls are good too but not worth it since they’re the same price as the cupcakes. The service has always been great here and the workers are friendly.

Tiffanie H. - Walnut, CA
via Yelp

The cake was soo delicious!

First time trying Patty’s Cakes. My sister kept telling me about their cupcakes so I ordered my little girls birthday cake. Inside & out was delicious. We ordered confetti with a strawberry mousse filling, the outside was really good too. They added an editable picture for me and went out of their way to make sure it was the picture I wanted. I will definately tell my friends about this bakery & can’t wait to try their cupcakes!

Mari O. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Hands down best bakery in North OC!

Hands down best bakery in North OC. Delicious, moist cupcakes/cakes and fantastic customer service! The banana cream cupcake is to die for… my fave pie is Banana Cream and this cupcake is amazeballs!

Jacqueline S. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

The wedding cake was delicious!

The wedding cake was delicious!I like that they do not use fondant, but the cake still looks elegant. We had
a red velvet cake and received many compliments from wedding guest about the taste of the cake.

Knottie87079830 - Fullerton, CA

My boyfriend was really impressed!

I took my boyfriend here to try their GF cupcakes and he was really impressed! We have been to other places
that carry GF cupcakes, but according to him, this place is the best one thus far! There’s an equal amount of
sweet and saltiness in the flavor and the cupcakes are not dry. I’m hoping they can expand their line to
include vegan cupcakes soon!!!

Katerpillar - Fullerton, CA
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Have to give this place 5 stars!

Have to give this place 5 stars! I only tried their cake balls so far, so delicious…I ordered 5 different
flavors for my husband’s 40th surprise party. My favorites were smores, lemon and confetti cake balls…they
were a hit at the party. Everyone loved them.
I would order in a heart beat again. Very friendly staff too.

Nettie A. - Buena Park, CA
via Yahoo!

Wide variety of cupcakes!!!

Had a pink princess themed baby shower for our niece. 30 cupcakes. Wide variety of cupcakes, too many to choose. Very helpful staff, selected for me. Outstanding! Every single distinguishing palate, overjoyed with lightness of cake and delectable frost! No one was disappointed!

elizabeth r. - Buena Park, CA
via Yelp

Delicious and affordable!

Just like the title says, our cake was delicious and affordable! There were so many flavor options, it was
hard to choose and they made the exact cake I showed them! Definitely use.

agallart - Fullerton, CA

Still had left over cake after 2 weeks and it was still moist and delicious.

Patty is very easy to work with. Their craftsmanship is exquiste. The cake was super moist and flavorful. I still had cake left over after 2 weeks and it was still moist and delicious.

wanderinbabe - 11/29/2014

My husband hates cakes, but he loved Patty’s!

Were shopping for Wedding cakes this summer.
We taste tested 4 bakeries in LA & Orange county.
Hands down , when it came to flavor and texture, Pattys no question beat every other by a landslide. And my husband hates cake!

Ended up ordering two 2-tier cakes, and each tier consists of 2 cake flavors and a filling flavor, plus the Frosting flavor!
Cake 1 had Funfettered & Blue Velvet cake w french vanilla filling.
Cake 2 was Banana & White Cake with Peanut Butter Filling
Then we topped w Cream Cheese Frosting on both.

They don’t F around w fondant which most parties like to have these days but in my opinion, it was no compromise, because fondant to me, taste tastes like a paper bag. They have genius frosting pastry chefs who customized a teal blue hombe air brushed effect over a tremendous frosting pattern that looked like thick curly waves.

It was fresher than I imagined on the day of.

We got compliments from the executive chef at our venue who custom designed our dinner menu & honest to God, he said he has tasted alot of cakes from vendors and this was easily a favorite.

Married November 9th & just pulled the top tier out of the freezer to serve at Christmas dinner.
It was as good as the day it was delivered.

Been going to Pattys regularly now for special days just to have their cake balls…hmmmmmm.

We ae spoiled now and it’s the only cake we will ever eat. Never Ever gets boring.

Texture: Fluffy consistency with a gourmet flavors.

Huge Party Pleaser.
You won’t regret it.
And every is so nice.

Thanks Pattys!

Dezi E. - New York, NY
via Google Reviews

Word of mouth made me go to Patty’s Cakes!

You know when it’s word of mouth and people are raving about a place that has nothing but deliciousness going on, it gets your interest. Although I’m not usually one with a sweet-tooth, I figured since I was in the area I’d finally stop by. It was clean, bright and cheery inside. I felt like a little kid again looking at all the varieties available. Everyone there was helpful and friendly. The best part was having the option to mix things up and have whatever flavor of icing you want on whatever cake you want. I got the Red Velvet with Chocolate Chip Mousse. My first bite-Amazing! My last bite-Delighted! Same sensation after my second order of just the white cake with chocolate fudge. The texture of the cake is just right. I also appreciate they have gluten-free available. I will definitely be back.

Bungreasya T. - Brea, CA
via Yelp


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