Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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Amazing cake balls and fantastic cupcakes!

It was my first time at Patty’s Cakes. The cake balls are amazingly great and the cupcakes were fantastic. Can t wait to go back.

Monique - Fullerton, CA
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Chocolate caramel salty!!!

Tried 3 cupcakes at Patty’s Cakes the White Chocolate Moose, Elvis and the Chocolate Carmel Salty loved them all but especially the Chocolate Carmel Salty, can’t wait to go back

Kimberly W. - Fullerton, CA

Absolutely love this place!!!

Love this place! I order my daughter’s 1st birthday cake from here and it was just perfect!!! Everyone at her party truly enjoyed it and I even had seconds and I am not a cake person! Will order from them again and again!!!

Susie V. - Placentia, CA
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Most delicious cupcake ever!!!

The most delicious cupcakes we’ve EVER had!!

Dan B. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Soft and full of wonderful flavors!

The cupcakes are soft and full of wonderful flavors…..frosting is deliciously amazing, not too sweet at all….just right!

Patricia M. - Fullerton, CA

Moist cakes and not-to-sweet frosting!!!

patty’s is a sweet, mother-owned business. patty’s cakes, with the exception of my dear grandmother’s baking, are the only cakes I will purchase. the balance between moist cake and not-to-sweet frosting and fondant, make every cake (sheet, cup, or ball) deelish! although unconventional looking, please try a cake ball. the outer “icing” is a thin, firm layer of fondant, that will not melt in your hand before you finish the moist, almost batter-like cake inside. the icing is sweetened just enough to compliment the cake and is never obnoxious. all items are a hit wherever I take them. the price is well worth the quality and convenience. patty’s packaging is spill-proof and classy. so glad I found this gem!

Mizzl F. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Amazing and delicious!

amazing and delicious!!

vanessa t. - Fullerton, CA

Dreaming of patty’s cakes…

I DREAM of Patty’s Cake~Cake Balls!!!! Stopped to pick up a couple boxes to cheer up my office staff and it worked wonders!! Sooooo Many OOOHHHHsss and AHHHHsss. Makes any day feel a little more FUN!!

Janelle S. - Fullerton, CA

So moist and super yummy!!!

Today I went in to look around with my friend because she was deciding whether or not to order a custom cake here. Its a very small bakery but its also very cute! I ordered a red velvet cake ball for myself and it was delicious! It was so moist and yummy! I’ll definitely come again!

Diana K - Fullerton, CA
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Living next door to Patty’s Cakes!

Living next door to Patty’s Cakes!  Cakes are amazing!

sasha b. - Fullerton,

Elvis cupcake for my boyfriend

oh my god I bought the Elvis cupcake for my boyfreind he loved it.. i enjoy the lemon colado! you guys need to go and check out this place.

Sylvia - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Best cupcakes around!!!

Love the red velvet but all are so very good. Best cupcakes around !!! Can hardly wait to see you tomorrow.

PATTICAKES - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

2 month anniversary!!!

For my wife and I’s 2 months anniversary I decided to give her something simple and sweet. Luckily I came across Patty’s cakes and desserts under google search “cupcake delivery”.

I spoke with Stephanie and she was fantastic to say the least!!! She guided me through the process of delivery and selection which made it more pleasant and assuring that my wife would love this surprise. She even offered to include a message along with the box of a dozen cupcakes.

The cupcakes were a homerun !!! (per my wife)The Elvis cupcake blew it out the water!! Who would have ever thought BACON could tatse so good on a cupcake !! Chocolate Caramel Salty is right up there. If I could do it all over again I definitely would. Great service and great gift for anyone!!! Will definitely contact for special occasions.

Frank D. - Santa Ana, CA
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All our guests enjoyed it!

I loved it! Patty’s cakes was on of the easiest decisions we made during our wedding planning. All our guest enjoyed it just as much as we did. will definitily be using them again! =)

Sarah L. - Whittier, CA
via Yelp

So light, moist, and delicious

Just tried the delicious cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes.  We tried the Elvis, Red Velvet and the Black and White cupcakes.  They were so light, moist and delicious!!!  The frosting on the cupcakes were soo LIGHT!  It was almost like whipped cream….not butter cream….you;ll have to taste it to believe it!  My son will be turning 5 soon and I will be definitely ordering 3 or 4 dozen from Patty’s Cakes!  :-)

Lorraine N. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

I will definitely use Patty’s Cake’s again

I had the best experience with Patty. She was able to create exactly what we wanted and turned out even better then what i imagined! i will definitely use Patty’s Cake’s again.

sa5ah - Fullerton, CA

I absolutely love this place

I absolutely love this place. I found this place by chance :) I am a big fan of their cake balls (: especially their banana balls) . I have have not tried all their cupcakes, but I have not been disappointed yet :)

Patty A. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Very tasty sweets!

Very tasty sweets! I ordered a box (9) cake balls, trying all available flavors. The best ones, I would say, are the red velvet, German chocolate with almonds, lemon and s’mores. The cake balls are very moist, but not mushy. Sweet and rich, so cake balls are more fitting than having a cupcake if you want a sweet snack/dessert (a cupcake might equal a meal because they’re so filling.) I’ve heard nothing but praise when my guests enjoy some of Patty’s cakes.

In a small plaza of mostly closed businesses, it’s conveniently located on Commonwealth, and parking is a breeze to find. More affordable than other designer cupcakeries, but quality and customer service is still present.

Jessee A. - Santa Ana, CA
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Amazing desserts!

Went with my gf to check it out since she really likes the desserts here. Tried the elvis cupcake with bacon it was pretty good. I don’t eat sweets a lot but I would eat these again.

Bing T. - Fullerton, CA
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Everyone loved it!

Thank you Patty’s Cakes for a very tasty a great looking cake. Everyone loved it!!

anatony77 - Fullerton, CA

The tasting was great!!!

Instead of a cake I did a cupcake tower with patty’s cakes… My Fiance and I had went to about 10 different vendors to find the perfect cupcakes for our wedding… Patty’s cakes was our last stop… Time was running out and we still haven’t found the perfect cupcakes… Up until Patty’s cakes…  The tasting was great!!!  Philip brought us out a few cupcakes to taste… and they were wonderful! Our favorite was butter pecan! that blew us away! There was no thinking about it… We wanted Patty’s Cakes to be a part of our wedding… Thier presenation and service was excellent… Our guest LOVED thier cupcakes… we had no complaints… I would DEFINITELY recommend them..

linh825 - Fullerton, CA
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The staff is the sweetest, the store is adorable, and the food is fantastic!

Patty s is right down from my office so we have used them for a few office functions like birthdays and retirements. The staff is the sweetest, the store is adorable, and the food is fantastic!

Heather - Fullerton,CA
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Patty’s Cakes & Desserts is the best!

Patty s Cakes & Desserts is the best! My family and I have loved every cupcake we have tried! The cupcakes are so moist and light. Delicious!

Justina - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Many compliments on the cake

Our daughter’s wedding cake was beautiful as well as delicious. We received many compliments on the cake. It was wonderful working with Patty.

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This place serves the best Red Velvet cupcakes in OC!!!

I thought I had tried the best red velvet cupcakes in OC and boy was place topped the cake…literally! This place serves the best Red Velvet cupcakes in OC. After having had a bad experience at Beverly’s bakery; the staff at Beverly’s bakery are rude (I had to email the owner twice about this issue). Not to mention that the frosting on the cakes was just way too sweet for my stomach to tolerate and I have a huge sweet tooth. After having developed a stomach ache after eating a small slice of Beverley’s best bakery cake. The prices at Beverly’s best bakery are astronomical $85 for cake that serves 15 people. I surfed the web and found Patty’s cakes….this is a gem of a place. the prices at Patty’s cakes are also much more reasonably priced for the baked cakes your getting!
At Patty’s Cakes, their cake is moist and spongy…DELICIOUS!! I found that the frosting was light and fluffy and not overly sweetened. I also tried their cake balls (red velvet) which were spectacular!
I liked this place so much that I hired them to make my son’s 2nd birthday cake. I am happy I found such a great bakery!

Rita L. - Yorba Linda, CA
via Yelp

I came here based on other Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed!

I came here based on other Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed!  Patty’s cakes made mini cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday party at school and then a BEAUTIFUL cake for her birthday party at home!  They went out of their way to make the most amazing cake!  I brought in some Disney Fairy cake toppers and a photo for inspiration – they made it perfect – even better than I had imagined :)  I will definitely come back for all my cake, cupcake and goodies needs!   THANK YOU!

Stephanie H. - Fullerton, CA
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Our vision was brought to life by the staff

I recently got married in September and Patty’s Cake was our cake vendor. They were amazing from the moment we walked in for our tasting. Our vision was brought to life by the staff. I brought in a picture of what I wanted and it was done exactly like the picture. We had cupcakes for all of our guests and our guests have not stopped talking about them. They are the freshest, tastiest, and most moist cupcakes you have ever tasted! The cake was amazing and it tasted wonderful also! I could not have asked for a better vendor. They were very helpful. The price was amazing! I couldn’t believe the final total when they told me. Great cake and great value! Highly recommended!!! Thank you for a wonderful cake on a night I will never forget

seschmelka - Fullerton, CA

Cupcakes and cake balls are hands down the best we’ve ever had

We used Patty’s Cakes for our wedding. Their
cupcakes and cake balls are hands down the best
we’ve ever had! Everyone of our guests loved the
cupcakes and went back for seconds, thirds, etc..
until ALL of them were gone! Thank you guys so

R V. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Cupcakes are great!

Cupcakes are great! I loved the chocolate with
raspberry. They are so moist. Not too sweet. Ate
them the next day and they were still awesome.
Will be back for more!

Carolyn O. - Yorba Linda, CA
via Yelp

Delicious Elmo birthday cake

I love Pattys Cakes there always very moist, I
ordered a cake on January and love the Elmo design
they made,all my guest were asking were I got my
cake that it was delicious.

Rosa - Fullerton,CA
via Yahoo!

I used Patty’s Cakes for my wedding, and had a great experience

I used Patty’s Cakes for my wedding, and had a
great experience. When I was checking out
different bakeries, Patty’s stood out because the
owner took the time to meet with me and discuss
the wedding and what I wanted in our cake. She
made sure to send me home with two cupcakes (free)
for my fiance and me to try since he couldn’t be
there. Excellent customer service!
The cupcakes were delicious, and the quality plus
Patty’s creative ideas were what sold me. She told
me she could do “purple velvet” layers in my cake
for my purple wedding, and it was wonderful. The
cake was beautiful, we had no issues with the
delivery even though the location was in Orange
and hard to find, and everyone loved it!
About their unique frosting: it’s obvious from
some of the reviews that not everyone loves their
frosting, but I thought it was exactly right.
Usually I think cakes have too much frosting and
tend to be too sweet, but Patty’s is more light,
whipped, and not overly sweet. I describe it as a
cross between buttercream frosting and Dream Whip
(the mix for pie topping), and I loved it!

J L. - El Toro, CA
via Yelp

They definitely exceeded my expectations

I’ve had nothing but great experiences here. Both
of the cakes I have ordered for two separate
occasions, have been delicious. They definitely
exceeded my expectations. The staff is super
helpful and Patty is so warm hearted. They have
earned my business for life :)

Sophia M. - Walnut, CA
via Yelp

So happy we came upon Patty Cakes

All I have to say is I’m so happy we came upon
Patty Cakes. From the moment we talked to her on
the phone we knew she had to be the person who
would make our wedding cake. The shop is so cute
and welcoming, the moment you meet Patty you know
why. She had a big smile and was just the
sweetest thing ever. My now hubby and I were
totally taken in by her personality which gelled
right away with ours. She was very attentive of
what we wanted and made us an absolutely unique ,
beautiful cake. She satisfied our likes by making
our cake a combo of red velvet and chocolate cake
with the yummiest raspberry Bavarian cream
filling. On top of the most amazing cake , we had
a dilemma with storing our reception flowers and
she was kind enough not just to store them but
deliver them for us too. She is such a wonderful
lady and an absolute amazing baker. She is so
caring of her customers that she called us a few
days after our wedding to congratulate us and
invite us to stop by and say hello to her. She has
definitely become our exclusive baker.. I
absolutely recommend her for any occasion or just
stop by for those yummy cupcakes! WE LOVE PATTY

Best cupcakes I have ever had

Best cupcakes I have ever had, I recommend the
Elvis for sure!

Josh M. - San Luis Obispo, CA
via Google Reviews

They frost your cupcake at your order!

My girlfriend and I have visited a few times. They
frost your cupcake at your order which is unique,
and the frosting is really good. I haven t tried
their red velvet yet which is my favorite kind so
I may be writing another review about that later.
???? from me

domdomdomdom - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes is awesome!!!

Patty’s Cakes is awesome!!! The cake and cupcakes
were beautiful, and so yummy! I recommend Pattys
to everyone – whether you’re planning a party or
just need a cupcake fix- this is the place to go!!

Carla - Fullerton, CA

The lemon drop cupcake was amazing!

The lemon drop cupcake was amazing! As for the
red velvet, I preferred the cake ball over the
cupcake. The cake ball is very moist and the
encasing is VERY sweet. With that said, you don’t
have to eat all that “frosting” if you don’t like
super sweet. Just cut in half, ‘peel off some
frosting” and take that amazing bite.

My husband enjoyed the cake balls more than the
cupcakes because he’s a fan of butter cream
frosting and not the whipped kind that’s on these
delicious cupcakes. So if you’re the same way, go
for the cake balls.

Cupcakes = 4 stars
Cake balls = 5 stars
The young girl with the huge eyes behind the
counter = 2 stars

I’m not sure if she just doesn’t know the answer
to my questions or if she’s a smart alec but not
only is she not helpful, if you ever dare to ask
her a question, she makes you feel stupid. Maybe
I’m the stupid one. At least I can cure the
bitter taste that she leaves in my mouth with a
bite of the red velvet cake ball.

Connie B. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Owl birthday cake!

Patty s Cakes was amazing. They made an Owl cake
for my daughter s birthday. It was beautiful. It
turned out even better then the picture they
showed me when I placed my order. The price was
reasonable and it tasted wonderful too! I got a
white cake with real strawberries inside. It was
delicious, moist and sweet, but not over sweet.
Thanks for a wonderful experience.

juli - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Amazing designs on my cake!

“They did exactly as I designed. It came out

Raquelle - Fullerton, CA

I recommend Patty’s cakes 100%!

I’ve getting cakes on patty’s for the past year, &
I love them especially the yellow cake there super
moist and even after 2 days there still soft and
Moist, I recommend Pattys cakes 100%.

Velia V. - Placentia, CA
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