Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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The amazing mint chocolate chip cupcake!!!

Had the mint chocolate chip cupcake and it was so moist and tender, unlike other cupcakes I have had in the past at different bakeries. They have such an incredible assortment that I’m going back to start sampling my way through their whole menu! lol

Andrea Oppedisano - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

This place has the best cupcakes!

OK, this place has the BEST cupcakes, but OMG the CAKE BALLS? They are the best little balls of baked goodness, they’re the best things I’ve ever tasted. My best friend and I have only been there 3 times, but we barely found this place a week ago, so that tells you how often we’re going. It’s right up the street from us just to make it that much easier!! That is good AND bad for me. The Elvis cupcake is the bomb…but the cupcakes with the chocolate chips are our favorites. On the cake balls, our favorite is the s’mores. They are just so good, starting with the graham cracker and marshmallow pieces on top to the wonderful stuff in the middle, it’s just the best little thing I’ve ever tasted. I’ve only been able to nibble on them, just because they aren’t the type of thing you scarf down – because they’re so good and because they aren’t cheap – so my dream is to one day just eat a whole one in one bite….or at the most, 2 bites. That day is fast approaching!! I recommend this to everyone-seriously, this place is the bomb!

Angie R. - Anaheim, CA
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Amazingly delicious!

Had my wedding cake for 3/22/14, not only was it beautiful, it was freaking delicious! I ordered enough for 250 guests, even though by the time we cut it we were well under 200, but there wasn’t a slice left! People kept getting seconds! I, myself, ate about three slices! Thank you so much for making my vision come true! The quote was beautiful, in the perfect shade of blue! You guys are amazing! I’m glad i found you! Everyone should At least do a consult with Patty, then you’ll realize that she is an expert at what she does!

Jessy L. - Corona, CA
via Yelp

Oh my! Love the cupcakes

Oh my!! Love the cupcakes!! Peanut butter choco fudge was like eating a Reeses! Red velvet very velvety :) I want a bday cake from here next!!

Adriana S. - Garden Grove, CA
via Yelp

Great reviews on yelp and google!

All I can say, is Wow !! We saw the many GREAT reviews on yelp and Google so we came to Patty’s to try out the cupcakes. We were not disappointed we sampled 5 different types for my son’s birthday and everyone of them were super. On the day of the pickup our order was ready to take home. but the cupcakes were still too warm so when we arrived home the icing had melted on many of the cupcakes. Not to disappoint my son we called Patty’s and asked if it would be possible to have another order ready for the next morning …. this is where the EXCEPTIONAL customer service comes in ….. The Staff asked how they could make this better for us ? A refund, a future order for free, or a remake of the order. I was not expecting any of these offers, and in most cases today it’s buyer beware, and after the sale customer service is in general so poor. We agreed to have a portion of the ordered remade and Patty offered this free of charge!! The next morning when I arrived Patty not only remade the order, she also gave us a dozen additional bite size cupcakes. Wow! how is that for customer service. I highly recommend this place as everything about our experience was Top notch! you have a customer for life now …… Thank you for helping make our celebration a great one.

David Denny - Fullerton, CA
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My favorite Fullerton cakery

I’ve previously reviewed Patty’s Cakes and Desserts, and only want to add that they are my favorite Fullerton cupcakery. They are conscientious of dietary trends offering gluten free options, have the friendliest customer service, and the best damn cake balls you’ve ever consumed. Do yourself a favor and bring home a chocolate chip, lemon, and s’mores for your significant other ASAP.

Erin H. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Incredible gluten-free cupcakes!!!

Incredible gluten-free cupcakes!!! Thank you Patty’s Cakes. I’ve been GF for over a year now, and these GF cupcakes are out of this world. A friend and I got the Chocolate with Peanut Butter Mousse and the Chocolate Caramel Salty and split them. First of all, we didn’t want to cut them in half to split because they were so GORGEOUS. Secondly, we were skeptical of whether we’d be able to finish a whole cupcake between us, they looked so decadent! But, as in other reviews, these cupcakes are JUST the right amount of sweetness that they don’t leave you overwhelmed by sugar (most cupcakes give me massive sugar-crash headaches). I’m proud to say that I polished off half of each cupcake and licked up the crumbs, wishing there was more! Thirdly, I’ll be stopping by Patty’s asap to try out other GF flavors!!!

Rachel Glazener - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Amazing and delicious frosting!

If anyone knows what kind of ingredients they use for their cupcake frosting, please let me know~ do they use heavy cream, butter, confectioner’s sugar, or marscapone, etc?
I love that the frosting is firm/in place and light and fluffy at the same time. It doesnt taste like sugar nor like i’m eating butter.
I would love to learn how to make frosting like that. C:

Tiffany C. - WEST HILLS, CA
via Yelp

Very good cupcakes!

Very good cupcakes, especially my favorite red velvet.

Samuel Martinez - Brea,CA
via Google Reviews

The cake and frosting is very light and fluffy

The cake and frosting is very light and fluffy, i really enjoyed my cupcakes and am excited to go back to try more!

I need cupcake rehab!

All I have to say is that I ate two cupcakes in the parking lot of Patty’s (the Elvis and the lemon drop), the Piña colada after dinner, the salted caramel and chocolate this morning for breakfast, and the apple filled pecan one just now. 5 cupcakes in less than 24 hours. I need cupcake rehab. I have a problem… Especially when my 7 year old was only allowed to eat just 1… Please help me!

Rachelle L. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Philip at Patty’s Cakes was wonderful

Philip at Patty’s Cakes was wonderful. He was very attentive at our appointment to sample cake flavors. All the samples he brought for us to try were so moist and delicious but my husband and I were blown away by the banana and vanilla custard. It was so good that my husband couldn’t wait to try it at our wedding, he begged me to buy banana flavor cupcakes (He absolutely hates cupcakes which says a lot about the quality of their flavors!) The presentation of the cake was so beautiful! I loved it! My guests loved the cake, I received so many compliments. Thank you for the beautiful job on our cake!

Viridiana - Fullerton, CA

Tried this place for the first time last week and fell in love

Tried this place for the first time last week and fell in love…. the chocolate chip cake balls are incredible! I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves to support a local hole in the wall place with exceptional quality bakery goods- and they are freshly frosted too!!

Christine H. - Yorba Linda, CA
via Yelp

Can you say AMAZEBALLS!!

Haven’t been here in over a year. Since I was in the area. I had to stop by. I ordered the chocolate with vanilla mousse cupcake and the red velvet with cream cheese. Can you say AMAZEBALLS!!! I soo missed this place. Just as awesome as I remember!

Ida G. - Whittier, CA
via Yelp

Best cupcakes EVER!!!!!!!!!

Best cupcakes EVER!!!!!!!!!! My wife is addicted by the way they have really good service always nice polite and welcoming.

Alex S. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Absolutely love this place & how local it is to me

Absolutely love this place & how local it is to me.

Amid all of the cupcake fuss nowadays, these are a fantastic treat & much more moist & flavorful than any of the others that i’ve had. No they arent as big (or as expensive) as sprinkles but they are much more delicious & well thought out.

My personal favorite is the banana cream, made with banana cake topped with banana & filled with cream. Yum, perfect.

The staff has always been friendly & helpful. Their packaging is simple yet professional, and at just $3 each, its a cheap little treat from a local small business.

Mike R. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

The cupcakes are delicious!

The cupcakes are delicious! The cake is super moist and the frosting is light and creamy. So far, banana is my favorite and I will definitely be back to try more. The Yelp check-in is buy 3, get one free, which you don’t see until you actually get there and redeem. It works out, because you’ll want at least 4 anyway. However, it should be stated off the bat.

Cheryl W. - La Mirada, CA
via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes always make ordering and pickup so easy!

The cupcakes I ordered for my daughter’s birthday were a huge hit. Patty’s Cakes always make ordering and pickup so easy, and the cupcakes are phenomenal.

Holly M. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes has the best cake balls I’ve ever had

Patty’s Cakes has the best cake balls I’ve ever had. Normally I don’t like sweets but I love their cake balls. Their chocolate cake balls don’t taste as sweet comparing to other places. And they don’t have that sugary after taste!

Be sure to try the s’mores cake ball!

C C. - Walnut, CA
via Yelp

The cupcake was so good and was so light!

The cupcake was so good and was so light I had the red velvet with chocolate mousse we got three of them! I will definitely be coming back to Patty’s Cupcakes in the near future.

Beheshed616 - Fullerton,CA
via Yahoo!

Satisfied and happy!!!

Oh yeah!
I just sat down and ate one!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
I think I want to eat another!
I want the second and third to be mine!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Take a handle on this situation
As I sing this news
Patty’s Cakes and Desserts
Deserves all their five-star reviews
And I feel just a little bit giddy
Smiling like a baby
Wifey and I just ate three cupcakes
And that’s a bit too much…maybe…
But hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Pina colada cupcake
Had a nice filling of pineapple
Coconut shavings on top
Smothered on…not just a dapple
Tropical delightful start
To our cupcake affair
After that beautiful opening
At the other cupcakes we did stare
But hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Do ya…do ya…do ya…do ya…
Wanna fall in love?

Next was a plain white cupcake
With a strawberry top
Wifey took one bite of this one
And could not stop
The creamy lightness of icing
Brought to her such delight
She broke off a small piece
Just so I could have one bite
But hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Third was the chocolate cupcake
With the chocolate mousse
The blend of chocolaty flavors
Made me glad this I did choose
I hope that someday soon
I can go to Patty’s again
I don’t like cupcakes usually
But Patty’s is my cupcake friend!
But hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!
Hey…yeah yeah yeah!
I’m happy and I’m satisfied!

Do ya…do ya…do ya…do ya…
Wanna fall in love?

Greg N. - Hacienda Heights, CA
via Yelp

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cake balls!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cake balls! They are so moist and delicious! Patty is also great at wedding cakes. I have been going to her when she used to run her business out of her house. So great to see her accomplishments!

Melanie - Fullerton,CA
via Yahoo!

Cupcakes for a bridal shower!

Went here for the first time this morning to pick up some cupcakes for a bridal shower! I was in a bit of a hurry and the woman who helped me was really helpful and got me what I needed in a flash! There were so many flavors to choose form (32!), including quite a few gluten free flavors, which I was so pleased about since I’m gluten sensitive. I ordered 6 different flavors, and they were all so perfect–pretty, delicious & moist & not too sweet! I got a free chocolate cake ball for checking in on yelp & it was amazing! I think I might like their cupcakes better than Sprinkles… like, a lot :) mostly because they are not overly sweet and I love the texture, they’re a little bit denser than Sprinkles. Can’t wait to go back and try more flavors!

Christine K. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Absolutely delicious and tasty!

The cupcakes were absolutely delicious and tasty. I love coming here for their Elvis cupcake. You should definitely try it! :)

Sarah N. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Where to begin!

Where to begin?! Patty’s cake is by far the BEST!! I cannot even begin to describe my experience with them.

Patty’s cakes made the cake for my wedding back in January. I had a beautiful 3 tiered cake with glitter, bling and 3 delicious flavors. ( If I could have picked more, believe me, I would have) Patty was so sweet, kind and accommodating. I went in a couple of weeks before my wedding to bump up the size due to an increase in guest count. Patty was nice about it and reassured me that we didn’t have to go up another tier and she was right! The 3 tiers were more than enough for all the guests at my wedding.

Now, I’m usually NOT a cake person, but if I could have that cake everyday, I WOULD! It was so perfect!!!! It was light and fluffy, and didn’t have any of that fondant junk. I ate every bit of it. YUM.

I definitely would recommend Patty’s cakes to anyone who is looking for a any type of delicious desserts. They are nice, helpful, and very professional. Not to mention again, DELICIOUS! :)

Malisa K. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

Always the hit of any party we have!!!

I have ordered from Patty s many times and always get a variety of mini cupcakes……they are very delicious and I love the variety of flavors offered. They are always the hit of any party we have. Not only do they look gorgeous, but also taste great too!! While they are a bit expensive……they are worth the extra money as they truly are beautiful and tasty!!

Pam - Brea, CA
via Yahoo!

Found this hidden gem on yelp!!!

Found this little hidden gem on Yelp! It’s close to home and hands down the BEST bakery ever! I’ve
ordered cakes, cupcakes and cake balls on numerous occasions and they are always a huge hit! You will
not be disappointed!

Marlena S. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Best cake balls I’ve ever had!!!

best cakes balls I’ve ever had. the red velvet is a must have. it was love at first bite haha. the employees are always nice and the sweets are always yummy. they definitely do not disappoint. 5 stars for sure

Kat M. - North Las Vegas, NV
via Yelp

Four tier wedding cake for my wedding!

They were able to make a two tiered cake for my wedding of only 40 guests which other bakeries seemed unwilling to accommodate.
When I visited the store to order my cake, they had photo albums available for me to get ideas from and they were more than willing to make exactly what I wanted within a budget.
I also ordered Gluten-free cupcakes for my husband’s grandmother. They were delivered with the cake and she really enjoyed being able to enjoy the dessert with everyone else.
Of all the things I had to worry about on my wedding day, the cake was of no concern. It was beautiful, delicious, and exactly as I ordered it. (I ordered marbled cake with Bavarian cream filling–highly recommend)

Lisa E - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Amazing options and cake configurations!

This place is great! Small, busy and extremely friendly. Phillip was a great help with explaining all the options and cake configurations.
Pineapple mousse filling for the win!

Nikk G. - Los Angeles, CA
via Yelp

Fell in love with her unique and wonderful combinations of cake and frostings

We were so lucky our venue suggested Patty’s Cakes for us to try. We fell in love with her unique and wonderful combinations of cake and frostings. We highly recommend them for their professionalism, quality, and price! -Blake and Danielle

Danielle - Fullerton, CA

Love Love Love!!!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their cupcakes! And everyone who works there is so sweet and willing to help! (:

Molly - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

Everything here is delicious!

This place is amazing! Not only are the cupcakes DELICIOUS, but the have 52 flavors! 32 regular cupcakes
and 20 gluten free! For someone like me who is gluten free this is awesome. I like sprinkles cupcakes but
they only have 1 gluten free flavor and that gets boring after a while. Not only that this place is WAY
better than sprinkles and the customer service is outstanding. Check this place out!

Rose H. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else!

I have always passed by this area and wondered when I was going to go in and try some of their desserts. When I finally did, I don’t think I’ll ever go anywhere else! All the employees are super nice and their cupcakes are delicious. Coming back to try everything!

Asha D. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

I was impressed with my neighbors wedding cake!

My neighbor’s wedding cake by Patty’s Cakes and Desserts was delicious. The presentation was lovely with
flowers placed decoratively on the cake. I was impressed. Everyone at the table raved about the cake. We
loved it. I will keep Patty’s Cakes and Desserts in mind for future events. Definitely plan to go back
for one of their delicious cupcakes. I give Patty’s a “thumbs up and five stars :)

Carole Blossom - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

The cupcake was good, the cake was moist and fresh!

The cupcake was good, the cake was moist and fresh! but i wasn’t a fan of the type of frosting they used,
it kinda reminded me of a cool whip consistency. the inside of the building is kinda small and not very
open, i would consider perhaps a renovation? But overall my experience here was good as is the customer
service i will be back soon

Ruben M. - Garden Grove, CA
via Yelp

I have never had such a delicious cupcake!

Absolutely amazing!! I have never had such delicious cupcakes. Their mousse is the smoothest I ve ever had. The melt in your mouth sweetness that satisfy s a sweet tooth – without the overly sweet aftertaste. Soft, moist and airy cakes that is full of flavor; sweet but not too sweet. Both of them combined creates a perfectly balanced cupcake. My personal favorite is the Dos PB&J (without the jam) Their peanut butter mousse is out of this world amazing!! After finding out we drove all the way out to Fullerton, Patty personally came out to greet us! She was simply wonderful. They have wonderful service, always putting on a smile. I have never been so happy to eat a cupcake until today!! The trip was absolutely worth it!! A MUST have for any occasion!! Will definitely be coming back for more!

Shani - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

By far the most delicious bakery!

Best cupcakes!! I’ve tried A LOT of cupcake bakeries, and this place is by far the BEST!! The cupcakes are baked fresh, and taste delicious. The prices are great and the staff is friendly :)

Sylvia G. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

The best cupcakes and cake balls

I love pattys cakes ! They have the best cupcakes and cakeballs I have ever had! The staff is supper nice and Patty it wonderful. They don’t use that heavy sweet buttercream, everything tastes fresh and delicious. If you are looking for a birthday or wedding cake this is the place to go. 5 stars all around for Patty! Wildflour should take some notes because pattys cakes is showing how a real bakery runs!

Valerie M. - Garden Grove, CA
via Yelp

Absolutely love Patty’s cakes!

I love patty’s cakes! She made our wedding cake. We have recently moved to Oregon, and every time we come back to so cal we have to make a stop at Patty’s!

Amanda C. - Corona, CA
via Yelp


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