Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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Amazing product and beyond polite customer service!!!

We were hunting cupcakes for an approaching birthday party, tried 6 or 7 places, Patty’s was our last stop on our second day of looking.

first off, the cakepop’s while not what were were actually searching for were amazingly moist and super tasty, they really had a cookie dough like consistency, which was awesome.

k, cupcakes

The cake is moist, and delicious but not overly sweet, we ended up keeping one in the refrigerator overnight so as to have a point of comparison with when they would be ready for a Sunday party (the storefront is closed on Sundays) and even after a night in the fridge which would frequently dry a cupcake out it was still moist enough not to feel dry on your tongue.

The icing, almost all of their cupcakes are iced with a mousse frosting which was exceptionally light, almost like a dense whip-cream, but was pretty darn tasty as well. My parent’s and my wife all really liked the icing, i personally prefer a more dense frosting. It is worth noting that all cupcakes are iced when ordered so you pretty much don’t have to worry about running out of a particular flavor combo unless they have used up all the cakes (if you choose to come in at the end of day). Also if you put them thru the refrigerator the icing does become more dense, and my husband was happier with the density after that.

Customer Service …. AMAZING, beyond polite and knowledgeable, was happy to discus and make suggestions about the cupcakes for us, as well as let us mix match cakes & frostings.

We did not try the mini cakes as those need to be order’d by the 1 dozen of 1 flavor (which is pretty good considering several stores we went to required 2 dozen or more of one flavor, one store required 4 dozen of 1 flavor)

Last but not least 32 official flavor combinations and 20 of them are available as gluten-free.

Rich G. - Buena Park, CA
via Yelp

Freshness and amazing customer service

Interviewing the owner for an economics project. Patty is so sweet and truly passionate in what she does. She truly delivers in freshness and customer service! She gave me a free cake ball, and I love her cake balls, they’re the best, my favorite is the banana cake balls. Although all of them are delicious! And the store is always cutely decorated.

Andrea C. - Fullerton, CA
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50th wedding anniversary

We recently celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, and ordered a cake from Patty. It was the most beautifully decorated and most delicious cake we have ever had! We received rave reviews from our family and friends, and requests for seconds before we had even finished passing out the first servings! We will definitely be ordering more goodies from Patty’s Cakes in the future. Thank you, Patty, for helping make our celebration such a wonderful occasion!!

Ralph & Eileen Z.

Ralph Z. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

The desire to eat another cupcake is unreal!!!

Today one of our vendors delivered a dozen or so cupcakes from Patty’s. Holy shnikes! Have you ever eaten something so good, the desire to eat another trumps your own well-being? I feeling that right now. There are about half of the order left sitting behind me. I need another…and now I’m eating one. BACON PEANUT BUTTER BANANA! Just go here and be happy.

Joshua Brewster - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Amazing and dangerous!

Amazing and dangerous!

I love the desserts here. Delicious, moist, unique, and amazingly creative. I love coconut and pineapple and find it rare that a place has either, let alone both in cupcake form. Now, moving on to the cake balls, jimminy cricket, they are to die for. I see absolutely no flaws with what they do.

Flavors of choice: (excuse the possible name mix ups)
Chocolate chipper
One with bacon
Banana split
Cake balls:
Confetti, lemon, and chocolate chip.

I’m sure there will be more to add to the list, but those are the ones I’ve tried and loved most… So far.

:) thank you in advance for the diabetes.

Lisa L. - Huntington Beach, CA
via Yelp

Cake ball flavors are sooo yummy!

Thoroughly enjoy this little spot. Cake ball flavors are so yummy. I especially like the frosting used on the cakes, not too sugary fake plastic like stuff. Friendly staff and just a simply good place to get yummy treats.

Valerie C. - Costa Mesa, CA
via Yelp

So happy to see how beautiful my wedding cake was!

Patty is very customer oriented, friendly, and caring person. She carted to our needs. I had a vision in mind with my wedding cake and she was able to make it come true. I was so happy to see how beautiful my wedding cake looked. My husband was thrilled as well. We ordered the chocolate cake with fudge frosting and it was so moist and delicious. I was still eating it 2 weeks after and it tasted fresh. Put your trust in Patty and you’ll be happy. Thank you for everything Patty!

Thanh - Fullerton, CA

Will be back soon to try the cake balls!

I ordered a german chocolate cake (which I personally am not a fan of) for my boyfriend’s birthday, and it was amazing!! Thank you Patty’s Cakes for making me a fan! We’ll totally be back in soon to try some cake balls :)

Amanda D. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

5 star bakery in the OC!

I heard about Patty’s Cakes during my search for a 5 star bakery in OC. I had to try the Elvis cupcake because I love peanut butter and bacon. I drove from Y.L Monday and discovered it was closed on Mondays, my fault for not checking! I still had to have the Elvis so I went Tuesday again, I did not check the time it opened and arrived 1/2 hour early but had to wait. It was worth it! I bought an Elvis and lemon drop both were moist and the flavors on both were fresh and delicious! I am definitely going back and telling all my family and friends. Love them!!!!

Sharon Foster - Fullerton, Ca
via Google Reviews

Lemon drop and the salted caramel cupcakes!!!

Came in today with my friend, Lyzette and got four cupcakes.The standout for us were the Lemon Drop & Salted Caramel chocolate cupcake was runner up. Cupcakes are frosted to order so thats why they are so good!

Laura H. - Los Angeles, CA
via Google Reviews

The best red velvet cupcakes ever!

The best red velvet cupcakes I’ve ever had !! I wish they stayed open longer .

Briana - Fullerton, Ca
via Yahoo!

5 stars across the board!!!

5 Stars accross the border! I have been coming here for several years. I am a sweet lover. This mother and son place is awesome! I have my special cakes ordered here. Their service is genuine. Pattys Cakes help me find alternative ways to cut costs when I order special cakes and provide suggestions. I trully value that. The cupcakes are freshly made! The frosting has a light texture mousse. A must try I would recommend is the lemon cake with rasberry/ custard filling. Thank you Pattys Cake!

Sweets H. - Orange, CA
via Google Reviews

The most delicious cupcakes and cake balls I’ve ever eaten!

Wow fabulous most delicious cupcakes and cake balls ever eaten, and I am a
great home baker. no cupcakes or balls can beat the texture tenderness and
great flavor Pattys cakes have… Fabulous job please stay in business a long
long time ……congratulations.

Bea - Fullerton, Ca
via Google Reviews

A five star rating!!!

I drive by Patty’s all the time being a delivery driver and finally stopped due to having a craving for something sweet and I got white cupcake with chocolate fudge frosting and I think I died and went to heaven… I am in love this is a five star rating

Paula - Fullerton, Ca
via Yahoo!

The best cupcake vendor!!!

Best Cupcake Vendor
We had cupcakes from Patty’s for our wedding, and we couldn’t be happier with our experience! Patty was very helpful and friendly during our initial consultation, and even allowed us to sample cupcakes to help us decide which flavors we wanted. The day of our wedding, the cupcakes were delivered on time (our venue was over 45 minutes away from Fullerton), and they were fresh and delicious! We loved the small peanut butter cutting cake, and our guests raved about how good the cupcakes were! We had seven different flavors, and did not hear a bad word about any of them. We would certainly use Patty’s cakes for any event again, and we’d highly recommend them!

nataliemueller - Fullerton, Ca

The best cupcakes ever!!!

Best cupcakes ever!! Great customer service!!

Kelly - Fullerton, Ca
via Yahoo!

The quality and taste and entire experience was amazing!

Philip and Patty are the best at Patty’s cakes. I’ve ordered several birthday cakes from them before and knew the were the best choice for my wedding cakes. The quality and taste and entire experience was amazing! I highly recommend them for your wedding!

Lcrads - Fullerton, Ca

Loved my experience with Patty’s Cakes!

I LOVED my experience with Patty’s Cakes. Not only was it wonderful meeting Patty herself, but the cakes were just delicious. Patty was so very helpful and accommodating with every and all questions we had. I am SO glad that our wedding cake came from Patty’s. We highly recommend their cakes and pastries and believe that anyone that visits Patty’s Cakes will not be disappointed.

Jennifer L. - Placentia, CA
via Yelp

Many compliments on our delicious cake!!!

Many compliments on our delicious cake ~ very nice people who really know their business and I would be very happy to recommend them and use them again!

Lisa D. - Murrieta, CA
via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes is fabulous!

Patty’s Cakes is fabulous! I ordered 5 different 8″ cakes for my wedding. I asked for the cakes to be delivered at 7PM and Philip showed up on time with the most beautiful cakes I’ve ever seen. Not only were they beautiful, but they tasted AMAZING!!!! People are still telling me how delicious the cake was at my wedding.

Leslie - Fullerton, Ca
via Google Reviews

Great cupcakes and amazing frosting!

Love their cupcakes! Frosting is amazing. Probably the best I have ever had! Great customer service. Always very nice. My office goes in there and buys cupcakes. Recommend it to anyone!

Kimberly - Fullerton, Ca
via Yelp

Incredibly great experience!!!

We hired Patty’s Cakes to make the cake for our wedding. We had an incredibly good experience! Our wedding cake came out beyond our expectations. 3-months later, people are still talking about it. They were on time, well organized and extremely professional. I would highly recommend everyone using them as their wedding cake vendor!

Stephen S. - Irvine Spectrum Center, CA
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Patty’s Cakes is the best!!!

Patty’s Cakes is the BEST! They made our wedding cake and I can honestly say that it was one of the highlights of the night. I’m not even a huge “cake” person but Patty’s cakes are so incredibly delicious. There was barely any left after our wedding! Not only is the cake delicious (they use a whipped cream frosting on all of their cakes that is TO DIE for…they refuse to use the gross fondant or buttercream frostings), but they did an unbelievable job decorating our cake. Everyone at our wedding was so impressed!

higgins597 - Fullerton, Ca
via Google Reviews

Cravings for a great cupcake!!!

So I have a craving for a great cupcake, checked the internet and Patty’s Cupcake came up. I drove over to find a very cute place of service with a great choice of flavors. I left with the Lemon Drop cupcake, and I have to say it is the BEST lemon cupcake I have ever had….going back to try more flavors. Only disappointment is they don’t have any strawberry cupcakes, but it may be coming soon!

Mark Anderson - Fullerton, Ca
via Yahoo!

The most delicious!

Most delicious! The chocolate fudge frosting is the best!

Denise - Fullerton, Ca
via Yelp

Yelp cupcakes!

I was looking for a bakery for my wedding I found this bakery on the knot and yelp. Decided to visit them because of their raving reviews. THANK GOD I did. Their cupcakes are DELICIOUS. Not only did we choose them for their tasty cupcakes but also for their customer service. Philip was nice and helped us on what flavors to go with. The 3 flavors we got were a huge hit with our guest! This will be my ‘go to’ bakery from now on.

Esmerlara - Fullerton, CA

So yummy and delicious!

YUMMY! Seriously really delicious. Me and my two boys dropped in on a whim, best decision ever=) my little one got a chocolate cake ball we got a red velvet with chocolate chip topping and I got a chocolate with chocolate chip topping!! Can’t wait to try there ELVIS CUPCAKE, MMMmmmm!!!!! It has bacon!!!


Jessica R. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Cupcakes that melt in your mouth!

These cupcakes melt in your mouth good. I am drooling at the moment writing this review.
My dentist that I work for brought some for us during lunch. (We BRUSHED our teeth afterwards of course! =)).
But seriously, their frosting is soft and their cupcakes are super moist. You could never go wrong with a red velvet, vanilla or even their awesome banana and bacon cupcakes!!!!!

Judy P. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

The cupcakes were straight out delicious!!!

The cupcakes were delicious. We also tried the cake balls which were better than i could have imagined. They were heavy little things, so 1 was enough, like eating 1 slice of cake but better. I tried just the choc. cake ball and now i m addicted. My kids tried the choc. chip and the smores cake balls and they loved them too. Special treat and something different!

Sarah - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Allergy friendly cake!!!

Patty made an allergy-friendly for my daughter’s birthday (egg-free and gluten free). She loved it and it still tasted good! Hard to do (I’ve tried at home!)! The cake looked amazing as well, which was a tall order given that my daughter wanted it to look like fire. Thanks for another great birthday cake Patty!!!

Wendy D. - Placentia, CA
via Yelp

Moist cupcakes and cake balls!

Moist cupcakes and cake balls.

P H. - Placentia, CA
via Yelp

Simple wedding cake with some flair!

Patty was amazing and very sweet. She understood our needs for a clean and simple wedding cake with some flair. We tried some yummy cupcakes and just loved the red velvet with raspberry/ cream cheese filing. Our cost for a two tier (50 ppl) was $220 plus a $40 delivery fee since we live closer to the 210 fwy. We were able to secure our cake with $100 deposit and took our left over samples home :) Overall good experience and would book future cakes (birthday, anniversary and such) Oh and you can get a free goody when you post a review on her website directly just go to the reviews section on the right upper corner.

Crystal M. - Covina, CA
via Yelp

Amazing reviews on yelp!

I am so happy my mother and I decided to stop by pattys cakes today. We have read a lot of reviews on yelp and decided to stop by. Immediately we were helped by a really friendly girl, I believe her name was Stephanie. She gave us many suggestions on what we should try. She was completely right about the banana cake balls. They were delicious and better than anything I have ever tasted. We also purchased a coconut chocolate cupcake and a chocolate raspberry cupcake. I was so impressed by the customer service I decided right then to order my husbands birthday cake. I really wanted to add a dodger logo on it and Stephanie got right on the Internet to help us pick one out. The prices are great and the cupcakes even had a surprise light fluffy filling inside. I went down the street to wildflour cupcakes who are more expensive and pattys has them beat by a long shot. When I order a cupcake I want it to be something I know I can t make at home. Now I m really excited to pick up my husbands carrot cake with pineapple cream cheese filling. Thank you again Stephanie for all your help!

rachel - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

4 dozen amazing mini cupcakes!

Recently we had an event at my workplace, and ordered 4 dozen mini cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes. They were absolutely amazing! The customers loved them, and so did our staff. Very moist cake, frosting flavorful but not overpowering … would definitely order from here again. Fabulous.

Katharine Castrillon - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Delicious wedding cake!!!

They are making my wedding cake for my wedding in 2 days so I will have to do another review after that experience but I an anticipating the best cake ever…they are the nicest people and their cake is DELICIOUS!  I think I spent more time picking a wedding cake than any other element of the wedding….I was feeling really discouraged by the prices while shopping around and then extra discouraged when I tasted the expensive cake and it was horrible so when I walked into Patty’s and tasted the best cake in the history of ever I not only knew instantly that I had found my baker, I was blown away by their reasonable prices and outstanding customer service.  I don’t spend money on myself often….bills and my kids with not a lot left over and I feel 100% confident that any money spent here is well spent both because of the quality of product and to support a great shop!  Customer service like theirs is really a gem these days!  I don’t usually even care for cake but I am SO excited for our guests to dive into our wedding cake because the tasting was literally the most delightful cake I have ever tasted

Lisa D. - Murrieta, CA
via Yelp

“Soooo good”!!!

“Soooo good!” That’s what we said when we were shopping for wedding cakes and what our guests said at our wedding. After going through her cake photo album online, I found “thee cake” and made an appointment for a tasting. Our tasting was so intimate, no distractions, complete focus on us, it was great. After showing Patty, yes the owner was doing our tasting, the style we liked, she brought our different flavors. My fiancé at the time, requested a red velvet cake with cheese cake frosting. We tasted a lot of red velvet cakes at other tastings, but there was no denying this was the very best. Not only was the cake super moist, but it didn’t taste like dye. It was very light and airy, unlike the dense ones before, and the frosting was not a heavy buttercream, but rather a whipped, light frosting. We loved it so much that we couldn’t wait for the wedding to taste it again so we grabbed some red velvet cupcakes shortly before the wedding. Patty suggested bringing some of the orchids I would be using in my wedding to her so they could be placed on the cake, and I’m glad she did because it looked gorgeous. After tasting her cakes, there will be no contest! Thank you, Patty!

Breanne M. - La Habra, CA

Not a big cupcake person… But these were amazing!

I am not a big cupcake person, but even I have to admit these were delicious. I bought them for a friend for her birthday and she loved them so much she’s getting a cake from them for her husband’s birthday. At least three of us agree that they were something special.

Risa K. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Everyone wanted seconds!!!

Great cakes! Patty had made a cake for my June 9 th wedding it was raspberry filling with vanilla cake and it was so good everyone kept wanting seconds. I’m wanting some cake right now just thinking about it. Thanks pattys cakes !!!

Amber C. - Anaheim, CA
via Yelp

A dozen assorted cupcakes!

I ordered a dozen assorted cupcakes for a birthday, the same day I needed
them. They were ready on time. All my guests loved them and asked where I
found such fresh and delicious cupcakes. Perfection! The customer service is
friendly and accommodating and their cupcakes are the best.

ana - Fullerton, CA
via Yahoo!

The amazing butter pecan cupcake!

Don’t be put-off by the surrounding empty units, as this little bakery is
clean and inviting, and deserves any and all business that comes its way. We
always get the Butter Pecan cupcakes as they are absolutely delicious — not
overly sweet — just right!

Rob Grantham - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews


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