Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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Great Chocolate cake with cream cheese filling. Huge hit!

My husband and I could not be more pleased with our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes! It was one of the preferred vendors for our wedding venue, and when I looked at the reviews I knew that it was the right choice for us! We met with Philip and he took his time with us during our consultation. We got to try all of the delicious flavors which made it even harder to choose! We ended up choosing chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling- it sounds different, but Philip encouraged us to get the cake that we love, not what we thought others would love. Also, we also loved that the frosting was actually delicious and soft, not the typical hard flavorless wedding cake frosting. The cake was a huge hit! Everyone raved about the cake and it was the one thing i made sure to eat during the busy night! Thank you to Philip and Patty’s Cakes! I know where I will be going for all of my cake and cupcake needs!!

Kymberli M. - Orange, CA
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Irresistible cake, guests loved it!

All of our guests loved our cake! It was delicious! So good, in fact, that the leftovers were taken without our permission -_- I guess this just gives us another reason to stop by Patty’s. I’m very glad that I found this place. I definitely recommend and will definitely order from them again.

Teresa S. - Pomona, CA
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Delicious Gluten Free Treat!

I have ordered gluten-free cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes twice now, my Mother has to be gluten -free. She loved them!! I will continue to treat my Mother to these delicious gluten-free cupcakes for many times to come!! It is hard to find good gluten-free desserts, and these are great!! Thanks Patty’s!!

Amy Smika - Orange Country, CA
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I highly recommend the chocolate wedding cake with raspberry and custard filling

I had been wanting to try Patty’s Cakes out for some time since they are a local bakery so imagine my delight when i found out that they were contracted with our wedding venue, Orange Hill! Our wedding cake looked so beautiful and was so delicious. We had chocolate cake with raspberry and custard as the filling. I highly recommend the chocolate cake! My husband, who doesn’t like chocolate cake to begin with, LOVED the cake! Patty and her staff were super helpful and super patient when taking my cake order. After the honeymoon, i came in and had to personally thank them for doing such an awesome job with our cake. Definitely worth trying out for their cakes but also check out their cake pops because they are amazing too!

Kristen N - Orange, CA
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Wonderful wedding experience with Patty’s!!! – Fullerton, CA

What a wonderful experience we had planning our wedding cake with Patty’s Cakes. The people were so great to work with, they made the process so simple for us. The cake was absolutely the best cake we tried throughout the process and we knew right away when we talked to Patty that she was the one we wanted to make our cake! She makes the experience fun and does not want you to stress over your cake after you have discussed what you want with her. Once we finalized our cake design she did the rest. Working with Patty will be one of the few things about your wedding you will not have to stress over!

Private User - Fullerton, CA
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Patty is the best! – Westminster, CA

Patty is the best!! My husband and I met with Patty a couple months before our wedding and my husband actually was the one who wanted to go to Patty’s cakes because he had read great reviews. I know better
then to question my man and his sweets. We scheduled an appt. with Patty for a cake tasting and she was very professional and when I wanted chocolate and he wanted red velvet she helped us compromise and get both! We both loved the fudge filing, our cake was a 3 tier cake with an additional sheet cake for 170 guests and the price was very reasonable. The day of the wedding, we didn’t have to worry about a single thing, Patty had the cake delivered and when my husband and I showed to our reception, there was our gorgeously
decorated cake, just the way I had described it to her. The cake was so delicious the my husband and I ended up with most of it all over our faces. haha! We had some cake leftover after the wedding, but with all our family visiting from out of town, the cake was devoured in like 3-4 days. When we got back from our honeymoon a week later, there was no more cake! We are also planning on ordering our anniversary cake from Patty so that we can fully enjoy her delicious cake.

Maribel R. - Westminster, CA
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Excellent customer service and delicious cupcakes! – Garden Grove, CA

Very nice place. Excellent customer service. Delicious cupcakes! Loved the chocolate caramel one and the red velvet. They are both cute and tasty!

Gluten- Free Chocolate Caramel Salty Cupcake

red velvet

Denisse R. - Garden Grove, CA
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Mint chocolate cupcake and the Lemon cupcake! – Fullerton, CA

Bought a few cupcakes to sample for an upcoming wedding. The cupcakes were delicious! We had the chocolate cupcake with the mint/chocolate chip frosting. The cake was delicious but the frosting is very light (similar to whip cream). We also tried the lemon cupcake which I found very yummy. The only negative I experienced about the lemon cupcake was that there was a HARD lemon candy decoration on the top which took me almost 30 minutes to finish eating. Overall good experience and we will use Patty’s Cakes for my sisters wedding. The cupcakes individually are a expensive and cost about $3 a piece which I thought was kind of ridiculous but they were good!



Justin Hogenauer - Fullerton, CA
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Amazing and delicious cake tastings! – Anaheim, CA

We went for our cake tasting yesterday and Patty (the owner) helped us out. She was very nice and friendly. Made us feel welcomed and appreciated. Helped out with the flavors and was so patient with my indecisiveness regarding cake design. I cannot wait to see and try our wedding cake.

Vanessa G. - Anaheim, CA
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Friendly and professional staffed cakery – La Habra, CA

You need to treat yourself to one of there cakes or cupcakes. They are decadent. Very fun, friendly, and professional. Thank you Patty’s Cakes and Desserts.

Karen T. - La Habra
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The best cupcakes I have ever had period! – Jurupa Valley, CA

The best cupcakes I have ever had period. Tried the red velvet, chocolate with chocolate frosting, and the lemon drop.  All were delicious.





Sara A. - Jurupa Valley, CA
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Patty’s Cakes did not fail to disappoint! – Fullerton, CA

My husband and I had Patty’s Cakes and Desserts for our wedding in February. And it definitely was another great decision that we made. Patty’s Cakes did not fail to disappoint! You WILL have guests telling you how delicious the cake was. One guest told me that she expected the cake to not be tasteful because this is what usually happens in weddings. The cakes tend to look nice but it doesn’t taste right…. But our cake was an exception according to that guest! She absolutely loved our wedding cake (YAYY!) And not only does it taste great but it looks beautiful, which is exactly what you want in a wedding cake.  The tasting experience was awesome too. Who wouldn’t want free cake? And we communicated with Patty’s son named Philip and he was especially helpful, attentive, and accommodating. We decided to go for a three tier cake with three different flavors. And my sister was the one who went to the tasting with me and she had a great time. She is now addicted to their cakes because it is that delicious. And I agree with the other reviews that the prices are extremely reasonable. I actually found Patty’s Cakes to have the best deal out of all the ones that I researched. And the cherry-on-top to that is the delicious cake that you WILL have for your wedding if you go with Patty’s Cakes!


Jessica K. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Patty and her team are awesome! – Fullerton, CA

Patty and her team are awesome. Great customer service and awesome cupcakes that are frosted when ordered, and boxed up in individual slots so they stay looking as good as they taste!Because this place is tucked away on the side of a strip mall, parking is easy … especially compared with some of the places downtown. I’ll definitely be back.

Cindy G. - Fullerton, CA
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The Delicious Butter Pecan Cupcake! – Fullerton, CA

Workers were super nice! I got some cupcakes for my friend’s birthday as well as some cake balls. The butter pecan cupcake is heavenly. Will definitely be back!


Hahnara Hyun - Fullerton, CA

Fresh, delicious wedding cakes! Fullerton, CA

I had Patty’s Cakes make my wedding cake. It was amazing! My husband has surprised me with a cake for my birthday a couple of times, and I am always pleased. I truly recommend going to them. All the cakes have been delicious, fresh and pretty looking.

Gabriela Rodriguez - Fullerton, CA
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Amazing wedding cakes that are incomparable! – Milpitas, CA

Moist, delicious, incomparable. Patty’s is where my wedding cake will come from!

Venus T. - Milpitas, CA
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The one and only Elvis Cupcake! – Anaheim, CA

Patty Cakes, this is a stick up!  *wearing a ski mask, pulls hand out of pants and points a finger gun
at cashier* “Give me an Elvis cupcake and no one gets hurt!” *Puts $3.00 on the counter, looks to see if there are any witnesses, takes the cupcake then runs away*  You’ve just witnessed a successful (but paid for!) heist of perhaps one of the most intriguingly tasting cupcakes you’ll ever have the pleasure of consuming, digesting, then yes, sadly, pooping. (-_-)  But fear not! Them 3 buckets that you just plopped down for that inevitable ride through your belly will be worth every penny.  It may sound a bit strange at first, but the mish mash of peanut butter, banana cream, and bacon all at once all does eventually come together nicely on the palate.  So just TRUST ME on this one and you may just want to pull off a heist of your own too. (~_~)


Joe S. - Anaheim, CA
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One word….. Yummy! – Placentia, CA

yum what more can i say…patty is a doll!

yelp wants me to add a few more details…………………………………………

Manuel C. - Placentia, CA
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The wedding cake was sadly eaten too fast:( – Long Beach, CA

What can I say about this place? Patty is an amazing person! She worked with me on times to be able to cake test, and gave me more options then I thought I had! I had a smaller wedding, but still wanted the cake to be beautiful, and of course Patty delivered just that. The cake wasn’t overly sweet, or too dry. She was able to have my cake be half chocolate and half red velvet, so when we cut into it, it was beautiful! It was sadly eaten way too fast to get a close up picture, but I will deff be going back for more cakes in the future. I HIGHLY recommend them to any bride who needs someone to help her, and work with her. Exceptional service, with a sweet taste!

Preety K 1


Preety K. - Long Beach, CA
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Wedding venue packages! – Anaheim, CA

Delicious! So happy Patty’s Cakes was the cake vendor provided in our Wedding venue package! I’ve had family order cupcakes from Patty’s cakes in the past and we had loved them. So come our wedding day the
cake was definitely a hit and all our guests loved it and even had seconds!! We had ordered the white cake with raspberry filling and I know for sure my hubby and I will be ordering from here again! Thanks Patty’s Cakes!

Yesenia S. - Anaheim, CA
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So elegant and delicious! – Fullerton, CA

awesome place, awesome cake, so delicious, so elegant. Loved everything!

Private User - Fullerton, CA
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Variety of flavors to die for! – Fullerton, CA

Love Love Love Patty’s Cakes and Desserts! The variety of flavors to choose from is superb…. You have your usual suspects of cake…..White, Chocolate, Red Velvet, Banana and Lemon, then they take it up a notch with….The Elvis (Banana cake, Peanut Butter Mousse and Bacon), Lemon Razzle (Lemon cake, Vanilla Cream filling, Raspberry an Vanilla Mousse) YUM! Banana Split (Banana Cake, Pineapple filling and Strawberry Mousse)….just to name a few. You can also go as simple as White Cake with Chocolate Mousse. This little gem is tucked away in Fullerton on the corner of Commonwealth and Acacia. If you get on the mail list you will be notified of any upcoming specials. For you lovebirds, there are some great Valentine’s Day Specials!




Debra B - Fullerton, CA
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Best cupcakes in town right down the street! – Fullerton, CA

“Best Cupcakes in Town!”  I’ve tried several bakeries in the Fullerton area and while some are tasty, I keep coming back to Patty’s Cakes. I think they are the best! Not too sweet and surgery like others. I love the many flavors and frosting toppings to choose from. Thank you Patty’s Cakes for being just around the corner!

Tilliska - Fullerton, California
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Fresh cupcakes with an iced to order concept! – Gardena, CA

Yum!!!! I love the iced to order concept. They don’t apply frosting until you order. That way the cupcakes stay fresh. The ambiance is inviting and the owner and employees are super sweet. Will definitely come back. With over 30 cupcake options, I must!!!

Shahara W. - Gardena, CA
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Delicious and fluffy cupcakes! – Fullerton, CA

Super fluffy and delicious. Will definitely be back. The ladies working were super helpful for the birthday cupcake we also bought.

Kelsey Robertson - Fullerton, CA
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Amazing looking cake with great flavors! – Orange County, CA

Great work by Patty’s Cakes very professional the cake looked great and the flavors were on point for my wedding would highly recommend.


Enrique F. - Orange County, CA
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Amazing cupcakes and flavors! – Fullerton, CA

I first had a cake when a co-worker brought it to a baby shower. It has amazing flavors. I have also then tried the different cupcakes, all are amazing.

Karla L - Fullerton, CA
via Google Reviews

Military discount! – Fullerton, CA

Yummy, Friendly, and very Professional. Patty’s Cakes and Dessert, thanks for the military discount!

Karen Turner - Fullerton, CA
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Simply Divine! – Fullerton, CA

The cake was simply divine.

Steven Hong - Fullerton, CA
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The Pina Colada cupcake! – Anaheim, CA

OMG! Food porn! Delicious, we bought several but I liked the piña colada. Will return to try others :)….


Jeanette Or Randy M. - Anaheim, CA
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3 tier birthday cake for 80th birthday! – Brea, CA

So I needed a 3-Tiered Birthday Cake for my dad’s 80th birthday (about 90 guests) and Kori was so patient and helpful! It really didn’t help that I didn’t know what I wanted but we peeled all the layers and we were able to come up with a nice design concept that incorporated our Italian Heritage and our family theme. My father’s birthday isn’t until February 28th so I can’t post a picture yet but I will as soon as I pick up the cake. I have had their cupcakes in the past so I know how amazing their product is. I ordered the Coconut Cake with the Pineapple Cream Filling for the bottom tier, chocolate cake with a fudge filling for the middle tier and Carrot Cake with a Cream Cheese Filling for the top Tier. ***highly recommended.

Carol D. - Brea, CA
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The best cupcake I have ever eaten! – Canyon Country, CA

I’m planning my son and daughter in laws baby shower and although I live in Northridge, the shower will be in Fullerton so I had to go on line to find a bakery’s in that area. I found Patty’s cakes and desserts .This one looked good so I drove down to check it out. I will be ordering the cake from them. So Delicious !!!!!!!! The best cupcake I ever eaten!

Monica F. - Canyon Country, CA
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Hardest part is deciding what flavor to pick! – Tustin, CA

I was so happy with patty’s cakes doing my wedding. We had a choice of a few vendors but patty’s hands down was the easy choice. I took my sister to cake test and everything was so good we had a hard time deciding. Patty was so helpful and honest. When I saw my cake at the wedding it was perfect. I got so many compliments on how good the cake was from people who say they don’t eat cake. Definitely recommend pattys cakes

Jocelyn B. - Tustin, CA
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Great tasting cakes and great customer service! – Garden Grove, CA

Patty cakes is amazing from taste to customer service! The presentation is beautiful. Their staff will cater to what you want and will display your cake and cupcakes in a beautiful presentation. I had be guest that
was gluten free and they baked a separate gluten free cupcake just for that guest without charging extra! Highly recommended! I have ordered from them again since the wedding for self indulgence.

Tiffany W. - Garden Grove, CA
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Red Velvet wedding cake that was delicious! – Long Beach, CA

We ordered our wedding cake from Patty’s and it is the BEST! Many of our guests kept asking where we ordered the cake and one friend from overseas even wanted to buy a full cake to bring home to Asia. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to get one and not sure if that’s even possible. We ordered the red velvet. YUMMY! Thanks Philip!

Liz L. - Long Beach, CA
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An amazing thank you gift! – Fullerton, CA

My students gave me Patty’s Cakes Cupcakes as a Thank You gift. They were such a lovely treat!

Michon Gruber - Fullerton, CA
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Beautiful and delicious wedding cake! Fullerton, CA

Our wedding cake was perfect, not only beautiful but so delicious. So many of our guests asked about it, saying it was the best cake they had ever had! It was so hard to choose the flavors because they were all so amazing. We will definitely be back to try all their cupcake flavors.

Patty - Fullerton, CA
via Wedding Wire

Amazing and delicious cupcakes! – Walnut, CA

Amazing cupcakes! Moist and delicious with the best buttercream icing I’ve ever tasted. We had the red velvet w/cream cheese, chocolate w/ fudge, butter pecan, and chocolate salted caramel. It’s hard to pick a favorite! Red velvet is my go-to, but butter pecan and salted caramel make it a really tough decision. Doesn’t really matter though because who gets just one cupcake anyway??? I’ll be back if I’m even remotely close!







Craig O. - Walnut, CA
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Banana cake to die for! – Fullerton, CA

Yum. Based off of their delicious cupcakes, I plan on ordering a wedding cake through them because of how delicious their cake is. Their banana cake is to die for. Yumyumyummmm

Cristy P. - Fullerton, CA
via Yelp

Best gluten free wedding cake! – Monrovia, CA

My wedding cake was the best cake that I’ve ever tasted and it was gluten free. I was so happy with my wedding cake from Patty’s cakes. Everyone told me how wonderful it was at our event. I found Patty’s
online when I searched for gluten free cakes. We did get to have a tasting before our event and I was impressed with how delicious the cakes were both gluten free and normal. You couldn’t tell them apart.
Yum!! I would highly recommend Patty’s Cakes for your event or wedding.

Lesley B

Lesley B. - Monrovia, CA
via Yelp


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