Thank you to my loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. I appreciate your continued support over all these years. I love to read your notes, and reviews. I am truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty Cake

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Flat out the best dessert place ever! – Fullerton, CA

Patty’s Cakes is flat out delicious and my family always brings her desserts to whatever restaurant we visit because we know it will be better!

Justin Gonzalez - Fullerton, CA
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Usually very picky with cupcakes, but these are the best! – Anaheim, CA

I can be kind of picky when it comes to cupcakes. I don’t like a lot of frosting. I don’t like when the frosting is too sweet and I don’t like when the cake is dry.That being said, these cupcakes are some of the best cupcakes I’ve had. They take the time to make sure that the cake is moist and flavorful. They don’t drown the cake in a mound of frosting and the flavors are delicious and not too sweet. These cakes are nearly perfect for my palette. I love these cupcakes.

Stephanie D. - Anaheim, CA
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A cake ball wedding! – Fullerton, CA

Patty is terrific! We requested cake balls instead of a traditional layered wedding cake, and she was all for it. She let us taste different kinds, and we picked 3 different flavors. She also provided an adorable
stand/display and it was set up for us, we didn’t have to worry about anything. We also ordered a very small cake for us to cut, and that was delicious. Her team put the cake stand on for us after set-up and it was perfect. Highly recommend!

Colleen - Fullerton, CA
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Customization online! – Fullerton, CA

I have visited Patty’s Cakes and Desserts many times to purchase cupcakes for events or as gifts. I have never tried any of their cakes or cake pops, but I always see people ordering custom cakes there. Every
time I visit the bakery, I’m always greeted by friendly and helpful staff. They always have a great selection of different cupcakes, which are also very delicious.  They also have a website where you can actually customize your order online. I did it the day before and picked up my order the next day with
no problem. This place is amazing and I highly recommended it for events or just fulfilling your baked good needs.

Joseph K. - Fullerton, CA
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This little place has more than meets the eye! – Whittier, CA

Oh, hello delectable creations. Tucked away in the corner of a marketplace area, exists superior taste in cupcakes.. A place where you can get an Elvis inspired cupcake- with a dash of bacon of course. Hubba hubba..!  The frosting they make here is one that I hold near and dear to my food monger heart.. It is exceptional and REALLY UNDER-RATED. This little place has more than meets the eye. You have to taste it to really know how FRIKIN good it is. I am not a huge fan of the cupcake chains they have these days (I’m looking at you casey’s)… too sweet for my sensitive palate. But Patty’s….. gives me hope. So fresh and so so good. And they’ve got deals so why NOT try it ????


Jamie L. - Whittier, CA
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Best cupcakes we’ve ever had! – Fullerton, CA

Best cupcakes we’ve ever had. Just wonderfully sweet and indescribably delicious!!!

Mark L - Fullerton, CA
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Friendly staff and amazing red velvet cupcakes! – Placentia, CA

I bought a red velvet cake for my daughter’s birthday and all the guests loved it. It wasn’t too sweet like most red velvet cakes I’ve tried from other places. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Would definitely recommend Patty’s Cakes and Desserts to friends!


Czarina D. - Placentia, CA
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Wonderful cupcakes and great frosting! – Camarillo, CA

“Excellent cupcakes”  The cake is moist and lighter than I expected. Wonderful frosting and each cake is frosted to order. I like the red velvet and coconut white cake. Lots of types to choose from. $3 per cupcake. This is strictly a bakery and they do cakes too.



Hitcher84 - Camarillo, California
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The delicious red velvet cupcake! – Placentia, CA

Love it here the cupcakes themselves are Delicious red velvet has never been better anywhere else!


Elizabeth R. - Placentia, CA
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Soooo many options! – Fullerton, CA

They did an AMAZING job on my wedding cake. We loved so many of the flavors when we went for a cake tasting, there are so many options! Also, I was coming in from out of town and only had 2 days to be able to schedule a tasting and they were so accommodating. Our wedding cake turned out beautiful and I didn’t have to deal with any issues on the day of. Overall, EXCELLENT!

Private Use - Fullerton, CA
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Excellent customer service and amazing cupcakes! – Anaheim, CA

I came here when I was 8 months pregnant and my baby is now almost 8 months old…. I know I should’ve written this long ago, sorry about that! I ordered cupcakes for my fiance’s birthday April 15 th and was rushing my very pregnant self down to Fullerton from Garden Grove. I had to pick up my 4 year old and was running out of time before they closed! I called and the woman who answered my rushing call was sweet enough to wait for me until I got there she told me her only concern was that I arrive safely….. Excellent customer service and the cupcakes are just as amazing!! What made me think of it after so many months have passed?? My daughter is turning 5 next month and we will be returning, thank you thank you thank you again!!!

Traci E. - Anaheim, CA
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Wedding cake tastings! – Garden Grove, CA

We love Patty’s Cakes! I’ve bookmarked this place for awhile and decided to order cupcakes while planning a friend’s baby shower. They were so good that we decided to make it easy and just go back to Patty’s Cakes to inquire about our wedding cake.Cake tasting was very fun. Patty was very accommodating to what we wanted – something not too sweet and not too dry. :) When we got there, she had a plate full of different cakes to sample as well as a plate of the different filling options. Everything was delicious! Our wedding cake came on time during our wedding day and looked beautiful! We received so many compliments! Will definitely be back for more cakes!

Tim O. - Garden Grove, CA
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Online ordering system! – Yorba Linda, CA

You aren’t going to find super fancy cupcakes here. But, there is a good flavor selection that are tasty and are at a good price (about $3 a piece). I ordered 6 different cupcakes which were all delicious and
moist. On top of this, they have a great online ordering system that allows you to pay online and have your cupcakes ready when you arrive.

Greg L. - Yorba Linda, CA
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Ombre cake that tasted delicious! – Fullerton, CA

I did a quick yelp for my at-the-time girlfriend to eat great cupcakes. Lo and behold: Patty’s cupcakes had stellar reviews on Yelp. My wife loves cupcakes and desserts, and she said hands-down they were the best in texture, taste, creaminess, and just the balance of flavors was great. We went ahead and came back to them for a cake tasting. They made a beautiful lavender to white “ombre” cake.. tasted delicious. EXCELLENT PRICE, TOO. I can’t emphasize this enough. Unfortunately we got different quotes from Phil vs Patty, and it took them awhile to get on the same page, as to what price we were quoted at. We had notes written and everything… and we thought we’d get more for what we were paying. Patty may have been very busy, so at times she may have come off as inattentive — I’m sure she didn’t mean to, though. We had questions, she answered them thoroughly and concisely, and I think she needed to take care of something quickly in the back, so no harm done. Because again, when it came to the cake, it was flawless and beautiful, not to mention tasty. Thanks, Patty and team! We’ll be enjoying your desserts again soon :)

Jason - Fullerton, CA
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Best place in town! – Diamond Bar, CA

Best in the area. Grateful we found this place.

A B. - Diamond Bar, CA
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4 cakes from Patty’s! – San Diego, CA

I ordered 4 of Patty’s cakes for a company event on Saturday. We were feeding about 120 people so, I ordered 4 of the large round cakes. This was a big mistake. Once our caterer cut the cakes, the slices were gone in less than 10 minutes. My only complaint from the whole party was that some people didn’t get to try the cakes (whoops!). Not only were they adorable, but I have had multiple people ask me where they could order for their next event. Incredibly delicious, friendly service, and I will order again the next time I throw an event in Orange County.

Jana D. - San Diego, CA
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Anniversary Tradition at Patty’s Cakes! – Buena Park, CA

Got a half white half lemon cake with raspberry and custard for my wedding. All the guests loved it! The frosting is light and not too sweet and the cake is so moist and has the perfect texture. My husband
and I’ll be making it an anniversary tradition to order a cake from Patty’s. Thank you guys for making our wedding and anniversaries so memorable!

Emily K. - Buena Park, CA
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Simply the best in every way! – Fullerton, CA

Amazing!!! We went all over Orange County as well as LA County and Patty’s was simply the best in every way!! I loved how the cake was so moist and the soft and the frosting did not overpower the cupcake as well as our cake! The flavors are amazing and the service is unbeatable! We had the BEST wedding cupcakes and our small personal cake! Will definitely be coming back to Patty’s for any future events!! Thank you so much for making out wedding day that much more special!!

tokuhiro6713 - Fullerton, CA
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Repeat customer for a reason! – Granada Hills, CA

I am a repeat customer for a reason. Patty’s cakes are simple the best! I was first introduced to Patty’s Cakes 5 years ago for my grad school graduation and since then, Patty’s Cakes has been my go to bakery for various celebrations. When it came time to plan my wedding, there was no question in my mind, Patty’s Cakes it is again! Philip helped us with our tasting. My husband and I are chocolate lovers and we had it in our minds our wedding cake would be of some sort of chocolate concoction. Then Philip asked if we like lemon cake and suggested we try their lemon with raspberry Bavarian custard. To appease Philip, we tried the lemon in cake. MIND BLOWN!!! Long story short, my husband and I picked a lemon cake for our wedding, something we would have never tried on our own. We are sooooo thankful to Philip for suggesting the lemon with raspberry Bavarian custard. I was initially concerned not every one of our guests would enjoy the lemon flavor. But again, I was wrong. Guests throughout the night kept complimenting us on the cake! There was hardly any left! We are thrilled we chose Patty’s Cakes for our big day! One thing we love /about Patty’s Cakes is it family owned and operated. Philip was helpful, eased our worries, and Patty is simply a gem! HIGHLY recommend Patty’s Cakes for all your
baking needs! =)

Christina C. - Granada Hills, CA
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Cake tasted great, and price was also great! – Chino Hills, CA

We bought a wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes and could not have been more pleased. Cake tasted fantastic and the price was the best of any of the bakeries we went to. Highly recommend Patty’s for your cake and cupcake needs.

Vincent Z. - Chino Hills, CA
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The absolute best cake I have ever had! – Fullerton, CA

The absolute best cake I have ever had. I make from scratch but hers are far superior. I come here for birthday cupcakes and cakes. I use for all my big occasions and then I stop in for a treat for the kids. The cake balls are to die for. The staff are as sweet as the cakes. Service is what they are all about. Thanks Patty for sharing you talent with the world.

debras394 - Fullerton , CA
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Never disappointed at Patty’s Cakes! – Fullerton, CA

“AWESOME CAKE”, I have bought cakes from Patty’s for 3 years. We have NEVER been disappointed. Our sweet tooth has always been very happy after dessert!

castubb - Fullerton, California
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I would 100% recommend Patty’s Cakes to anyone – Fullerton, CA

I first had tried cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes at a bridal fair at my venue, they were delicious! So when it came time to choosing my wedding cake I knew exactly where I was going! The staff was extremely nice and friendly both at the bridal fair, and when we did our cake tasting! My wedding cake was gorgeous and delicious! I would 100% recommend Patty’s Cakes to anyone with an event or just because!

Knottie11356662 - Fullerton, CA
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The wedding cake was a hit!!! – Upland, CA

We had our wedding last November and Patty’s Cakes was the last appointment that my husband and I had to check out from the vendor list our wedding venue gave to us. After trying other cake shops in the area, we knew instantly we wanted to go with Patty’s Cake. Philip G. helped us that day and it was sweet and simple. He gave us a list of cake flavors and fillings to choose from and after trying them all, we had our favorite. It was the Banana cake flavor with Bavarian filling. It was light but still sweet enough to satisfy any sweet tooth which was perfect for our wedding guests. I knew it would be a hit at our wedding
and it was! We opted for a round 3-tier lines cake and to have our own florist apply the fresh flowers the day of the wedding. It was such a beautiful and yummy cake. I loved it so much and would recommend Patty’s Cakes for wedding and birthdays, or whatever you want to celebrate!  Thank you Philip and Patty for making my wedding memorable.

Kate T. - Upland, CA
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So skilled in what they do! – Corona, CA

We used Patty’s Cakes for our wedding and we are so happy we did! From the moment we walked into the bakery we were treated with so much respect and felt very welcomed. They are so skilled in what they do and have beautiful work to show it, Patty was wonderful during our cake tasting! The great thing about our cake tasting is that it was only my husband and I so we had one and one time with Patty and she took her time to give us ideas and go over the cake tasting it was great!! The moment I saw my cake on our wedding day it took my breath away because it was perfect!!! If you want a stress free experience with your cake go with Patty’s Cakes! Patty, Philip and their staff our wonderful!! Thank you all for making our wedding day beautiful!Patty’s Cakes and Desserts – Fullerton, CA, United States. Our beautiful wedding cake!!

3 tier ocean blue ribbon

Annette C. - Corona, CA
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Best cupcake place in OC! – Orange County, CA

Best cupcake place in OC hands down. My wife and I shared a good amount of cupcakes due to our recent sweet tooth. We’ve been to cupcake places saying that they were on Food Network to places saying that they have been voted best in OC. Patty’s cupcakes have this Perfect balance of sweetness and moistness you will fall in love with every bite. I only write reviews if it’s really worth writing about. So check it out and you will know what I mean. And I didn’t write my glowing review because they gave me a free cupcake. I am craving one right now!

Jong L. - Orange County, CA
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Our wedding cake was gorgeous and tasted delicious – Corona, CA

Our wedding cake was absolutely gorgeous and tasted delicious. I got so many compliments on the cake I had got. I loved that we got to choose 3 different flavors. For our guests they were able to enjoy both red
velvet and chocolate with chocolate chip buttercream frosting in one piece. Our top layer was chocolate with peanut butter butter cream frosting. It was to die for. My design was everything i wanted 3 tier square cake with black scroll artwork. The added glitter touch was perfect!

Megan P. - Corona, CA
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Cupcakes, mini cupcakes and special cakes! – Long Beach, CA

Such moist, delicious cupcakes! I’ve done many cupcakes, mini cupcakes and special cakes. I highly recommend.

Mrs T. - Long Beach, CA
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I’m not a cupcake person but these are to die for! – Irvine, CA

I’m not a cupcake person but these are to die for. It’s soooooooo good!!! I will drive out of my way to come here. These are amazing!!! Trust me!!!!Delicious flavors and 52 to choose from. Look at my pics and you know I’m a satisfied customer.

Trookie N. - Irvine, CA
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One of the best places to get a wedding cake! – Fullerton, CA

One of the best places to get a wedding cake, any cake actually. My husband and I got married this year and we decided to go with Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. We had the banana cake with vanilla Bavarian Cream- sooo delicious. I highly recommend this place to any bride and groom.

a_galvan89 - Fullerton, CA
via The Knot

Thanks for making our day perfect! – Brea, CA

Patty’s Cakes couldn’t have done a better job with our wedding cake and cupcakes. Not only did they taste delicious, they looked great! We bought some gluten free ones as well. We couldn’t have been happier with the service we received. We highly recommend them!Our wedding was in Temecula, and they were very up front about needing someone else that would pick up the cakes and take them to the wedding. (They do not deliver that far.) We asked our friends to handle the cake delivery, and they had no issues picking them up, or getting them to our venue. Patty’s cakes will come through for you in all the best ways possible! Did I mention how delicious they are??? Thanks for making our day perfect!

Jim R. - Brea, CA
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We planned our wedding in just 3 months! – Fullerton, CA

We planned our wedding in just 3 months and patty’s cakes was by far the easiest vendor to work with!!!! Aside from the TASTY cake & mini cupcakes, the people there are all just such a pleasure to work with! WE HIGHLY Recommend THEM TO ALL!!!

George Oliveira - Fullerton, CA
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Our favorite cakery! – Brea, CA

Patty’s Cakes is our favorite place to get treats for every family event–our wedding, birthdays, baptisms, random days when you just need a cake ball. The cakes are so amazing and the staff is wonderfully professional and patient. We have never had a late delivery or error on an order unlike some other bakeries. Thank you!

cake and cake topper

Mary E. - Brea, CA
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Our wedding cake was absolutely perfect! – Fullerton, CA

Our wedding cake was absolutely perfect! Phillip and Patty are wonderful and made sure our cake was just right! What sold us was the frosting, it’s light and delicious. I’m so excited that we found Patty’s Cakes, and you should be too!


Knottie60805354 - Fullerton, CA
via The Knot

Fluffy frosting and moist cakes! – Fullerton, CA

I love this place! Patty’s cupcakes are to die for!!!! The frosting is so fluffy and pleasantly sweet and the cake is moist and yummy. Their service is great, too! I’m definitely coming back here for more cupcakes!

Sunny Kim - Fullerton, CA
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If you love sweets, this is the spot! – Fullerton, CA

If you love sweets, this is the spot,They definitely got it at a good price!

Justin C. - Fullerton, CA
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Professional and accommodating staff! – Fullerton, CA

We LOVED our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes!! My husband and I opted for a chocolate cake with raspberry filling and not only did we think it was absolutely to die for, our guests did as well! At our consultation/tasting, the staff were all very professional and incredibly accommodating as well. It was such a fun experience, and very personal too, as it was just us and one member of staff which made us feel very looked after! As far as the tasting, good luck trying to decide your favorite flavor combo because each one is spectacular! Overall, we loved every part of our experience working with Patty’s Cakes, and we will certainly be back for future cakes and cupcakes!! Thanks Patty’s Cakes!!

Celeste - Fullerton, CA
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Patty was very helpful and provided great insight!- Dallas, TX

Patty was included in our wedding venue package, but had we needed to select one on our own, we would have chosen Patty’s Cakes without hesitation!Patty was so easy to work with and provided great insight into cupcake and cake options for our wedding. Her past experiences helped us choose the best option for our big day. Not only that, but we were able to sample the cupcakes at her shop which is never a bad thing :).Everyone loved the cupcakes at the wedding and we would recommend Patty’s Cakes for your next special event!

Ryan & Lindsay

Ryan B. - Dallas, TX
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Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!!! -Tustin, CA

Great cupcakes! The white cake flavor is better than the chocolate cake. Both cake flavors are very moist and not too sweet. The chocolate cake is a bit plain, need more chocolate flavor. The mousse icing is awesome, light and fluffy, and not too sweet, just right. If you don’t want more mousse fillings in the middle of the cupcake, just let them know, otherwise there will be a little bit of the fillings in the cupcakes. We like the coconut white cupcakes, red velvet, banana, pina colada, strawberry mousse white cupcake, and butter pecan. Will be back to try different flavors, as there are many to choose from.

cupcakes cupcakes

Lynn B. - Tustin, CA
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Multiple flavors for the cake tasting- Fullerton, CA

Went into Patty’s Cakes looking for a wedding cake.We met with Patty for a consultation, she greeted us with a big smile and excitement. We did a cake tasting and she brought out multiple flavors we could choose from, they were all delicious. So we chose a flavor for the cake. When we saw the cake at our wedding it was so beautiful with hidden Mickeys because my wife loves Disney lol. Anyways to wrap it up, cake was good Patty was just the greatest and I look forward to having another cake made by Patty’s Cakes in the future.

Jarryn H. - Fullerton, CA
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