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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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Love the red velvet cupcakes!

Vanessa Lujan - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

Sooooo delicious – LOVE the red velvet cupcakes!!!!

Patty’s is an excellent place to treat yourself!

Kelly H. - Whittier, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes is an excellent place to treat yourself to a yummy dessert and book your special occasion cake! My fiance and I loved their cakes, as well as fillings. It was so hard to choose which one because they are all so delicious! Professional and welcoming staff, who answered all of our questions. Can’t wait to taste our wedding cake in a few months!

The cupcakes were delicious

Toni R. - Pasadena, CA - via Yelp

Tried cupcakes here a few weeks ago and they were delicious. I like how the cake wasn’t too sweet which made it perfect when biting into the frosting. Definitely recommend this place to get cupcakes!

Patty’s Cakes was amazing!

Julie D. - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

From the tasting (fun, relaxed, DELICIOUS) to the wedding day, Patty’s Cakes was amazing. I’ve been to enough weddings with sub-par cakes that I started to expect that to be pretty standard. My fiance and I were actually shocked at how good their cake was at the tasting. We went with a totally different flavor than expected. On the wedding day, the cake was delivered quickly, easily, and on time, it looked gorgeous and fun and tasted awesome. ZERO complaints about this awesome bakery.

We received so many compliments on our wedding cake!

Jennifer - Fullerton, CA - via Wedding Wire

I can’t even tell you how many compliments we received on our wedding cake! We went with a red velvet and mint chocolate chip cake. I definitely recommend them.

Our wedding cake was amazing!

Noelle C - Fullerton, CA - via TripAdvisor

We chose Patty’s Cakes simply because it was free with our package from the venue, but just because it didn’t cost anything, doesn’t mean that their quality was any less underrated! I had tasted other vendors at the Bridal Show and honestly, Patty’s cakes topped them all. If your number one priority in choosing a cake vendor is the taste of the cake, then look no further! The frosting on the outside is light and not too sweet; we chose the banana cake (so moist!) and peanut butter mousse filling! It’s seriously amazing! The guy who helped us was very friendly as well, I never felt like I was making a compromise just because it came with the package.

Patty’s Cakes is AMAZING!

Cassandra K. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes is AMAZING!!! Their baked goods are top notch. What is most impressive is its kind and generous sponsorship with cupcakes to support the Troy High School football team on more than one occasion. I have been a resident of Fullerton for over 20 years, and Patty’s Cake’s has become a wonderful addition to my family choices for excellence.

Gluten-Free White with Vanilla Mousse Cupcake

My cake was wonderous

Jeanette D - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

The perfect centerpiece for my reception! Patty’s Cakes was not my first choice… I wanted to use a bakery closer to home… but after a horrid cake tasting … I started reading reviews and found this gem of a bakery I admit I am NOT the easiest bride to work with…. I changed my first appointment time and had to be squeezed in… I live outside their delivery area… and I wanted a style that they could only do with fondant… which they don’t do… but they were patient with me, worked within my crazy schedule, and agreed to deliver my beautiful cake… and they STILL came in a couple of hundred dollars less than the yucky local bakery I had originally wanted. My cake was wonderous. We had two flavors and they were both delicious. Nothing but compliments on the look… it sat on its own table in the center of our reception so everyone could enjoy it before we demolished it. I cannot say enough good things about this place, if you are getting married and want the best of the best, then you are crazy if you go anywhere else!

Warm and helpful staff

Brigitte H - Fullerton, CA - via Wedding Wire

Delicious and beautiful! Patty and her entire staff were warm and helpful. She didn’t “nickel and dime” us for frosting designs, and she was very patient with my stepmom and I while we tasted. She wasn’t forceful or pushy with up-selling, and we ended up with a beautiful, budget-friendly, vintage-inspired, two-tier fun-fetti white cake with fudge filling – just what I wanted! It was just beautiful!!!

Patty’s Cakes exceeded my expectations

Sara - Fullerton, CA - via Wedding Wire

I am a sweet lover, so you could just imagine how important selecting the right wedding cake was for me. At first, I had a different vendor whom I had so many problems with. The previous vendor canceled my cake tasting appointment 4 times and never responded to my calls; to this day they never apologized or explained that they would cancel their services. However, I am glad the first vendor canceled without explanation because I would not have had the privilege to have Patty’s Cakes for my wedding. On the other hand, Patty’s Cakes exceeded my expectations. Our cake tasting appointment was so memorable. They facilitated a broad selection of cake flavor, fillings, and explained to us the options of design and set-up. Patty was so sweet, supportive, and full of excitement which made our experience worthwhile. Now, our wedding day was incredible. Our guest enjoyed the chocolate and banana cake with raspberry filling (sounds incredible right! Well it was). My husband and I were planning our wedding with a tight budget, but I am thankful that Patty’s Cakes gives you the option of having a tiered cake and additional sheets for less of a cost. We had a 3 tier cake with additional sheets since our party was for 250 guests. The employees are very professional and not to mention Patty, she is passionate about what she does and it is evident in the way she treats her customers. Thank you to Patty and her team!

We loved our wedding cake

Marie W. - Brea, CA - via Yelp

I had 6 cake tastings from different bakeries and we found the best. Patty’s Cakes did a great job and followed the details  I noted. We loved our wedding cake. I definitely recommend them, you won’t regret it. Patty’s Cakes made the most delicious cake ever!

Everyone raved about the cake at our wedding!

Sarah G - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

AMAZING!!! Everyone raved about the cake at our wedding! We got a white cake with chocolate chip mousse. And it was so delicious! The frosting is so fluffy and light! And the staff is so sweet and made the entire process a dream. We cannot say thank you enough to Patty’s!

simple white wedding cake

Delicious gluten free desserts

Sarah F. - La Mirada, CA - via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes has amazing Gluten Free cupcakes! My friend and I (both allergic to gluten) went here and neither of us was sick after eating here. It’s a really nice to have somewhere to buy delicious gluten free desserts. We will definitely be coming back!

Gluten-Free White with Vanilla Mousse Cupcake

Phillip was professional and made our wedding cake personal

Lorraine M. - Downey, CA - via Yelp

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE! I met Phillip at Villa Del Sol during their Winter Open House. We fell in love with their samples almost instantly. So my husband and I knew we were going to book them for our wedding.

Our wedding was a year away and till then we were buying cupcakes and cakes from them because of how delicious and inexpensive they are.

When it came to our cake tasting we had Phillip and he was the best at being professional, helping make our wedding cake personal, and making the experience overall a good one to remember.

The day of my wedding everyone loved the cake! Even friends and family who aren’t fans of cake loved it. I definitely recommend this place for all types of events or just to enjoy some good cupcakes.

My wedding cake was amazing, delicious and beautiful

Arlene N. - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

My wedding cake was amazing, delicious and beautiful. I’m so happy we found Patty’s Cakes everyone loved our choice of banana cake and white frosting. I can’t wait to taste it again.

We were so happy with our wedding cake!

Nancy R. - Whittier, CA - via Yelp

My husband and I ordered our wedding cake with Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. We were so happy with the cake and our guests loved it! Can’t wait to have another bite on our wedding anniversary.

The cake was one thing I didn’t have to worry about

- via Google Reviews

I’m not much of a sweets person but everyone loved the cake! The cake was one thing I didn’t have to worry much about. It was an easy process, didn’t take much time to order and arrange, and looked very beautiful. I love that they provide you a cake for your anniversary. That is so cool!

My sister’s wedding cake was fantastic

Steven Z. - La Habra, CA - via Yelp

I had an excellent experience with Patty’s Cakes! They did my sister’s wedding cake for her 10-year wedding celebration and it was fantastic! They were able to accommodate all of my sister’s requests and the price was relatively fair and affordable! Everyone was very pleased with the taste and many people asked where we got the cake from. I’m incredibly satisfied with the finished product. Thank you, Patty’s Cakes!

Everything was so easy and straightforward

Jocelyn - Fullerton, CA - via Wedding Wire

After doing so much research and tastings, Patty’s Cakes and Desserts was hands down my favorite! Everything was so easy and straight forward with them and my gosh, the cakes! So delish! We went with a 3-tier cake, chocolate and mint chip filling, banana and raspberry filling, and a traditional white with chocolate mousse filing. Our guests were as in love as we were. Super tasty, moist, and not overly sweet. Look no further than Patty’s Cakes (and how cute is the name?!).

white round wedding cake

Beautiful, delicious, and moist wedding cake

Diana G. - La Puente, CA - via Yelp

AMAZING! They did our wedding cake this September and we loved it! All our guest loved it and told us it was really really good! The cake was beautiful, delicious, and moist! They did everything and we didn’t have to worry about a thing!! We plan on getting our cakes for all occasions from Patty’s! Friendly staff and I highly recommend them! Thank you so much, Patty!

The light frosting is perfect!

Robin B. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

This place is dangerously good! I’m in here almost once a week.

The selection is amazing! No matter what you are craving, they have it. I highly recommend anything that has the whipped frosting. The light frosting is perfect for not overwhelming other flavors in the cupcake and for just the right amount of sweetness. The chocolate peanut butter cupcake captures the peanut butter flavor the best, but the decadence of the chocolate salted caramel cupcake is also drool-worthy! I’ve gotten cupcakes here for birthdays and were a hit with everyone!


Cupcakes that are yummy in your tummy

Zachary M. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Cupcakes that are yummy in your tummy

Delicious gluten free cupcakes

Vamanos N. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

Well I had the best time here since I got delicious GLUTEN FREE cupcakes! OMGluten free!
It’s exciting enough to find gluten free cupcakes near me, but for them to be so tasty was a huge plus. Also the venue is adorable and the staff is polite. I can’t wait to go back. Clever name btw.
P.S. I’m writing this review and hella craving the cupcakes again.

Gluten-Free White with Vanilla Mousse Cupcake

The new store and cupcakes looked great!

Dave Westphal - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

The new store looked great and the cupcakes we purchased looked and tasted great. The only thing lacking was a good cup of coffee.


Patty’s new location is AWESOME!

Grace C. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

So, hubby found this place months ago when we were binging on Cupcake Wars because, heck, we are fatasses. Now, Patty’s Cakes was NOT on Cupcake Wars (yet?) but we were craving cupcakes for a good two weeks or so and hubby absolutely HAD to look and see where the nearest GOOD cupcake place would be to us, and he found Patty’s! This was actually when they were still at their old location (lots of landlord drama on that part of the store’s history), but, MAN, when he got some cupcakes one day, we gobbled up every single one of them within a day. And I think hubby bought at least 6 cupcakes and a bunch of cakeballs….

Anyways, I’m SUPER HAPPY to report that Patty’s NEW location is AWESOME. While, yes, it’s a bit bigger than their old location, you can really see what they’re trying to envision with the new location and what they want to accomplish. Coffee drinks and ice cream coming soon! How awesome is that?! As if cakes, cupcakes, and excellent service wasn’t already more than enough?!

I’m also happy to report that, even despite their new location and possibly more business, their cupcakes still have the same standard as it was in the previous location: not too sweet, perfect amount of frosting, fluffy cake, and absolutely fresh and made-to-order.

Customer service is on-point, as well! It was always great at the old location but, with the small storefront, there was really only one person at the front of the store at any time. At our last visit to the new store, we saw at least 4 of the employees helping customers during the 15 minutes we were waiting for our customer order, and they were absolutely professional, polite, and really exemplified in the definition of customer service!

So, if it’s not obvious already, happy customer here! Prices are awesome for the quality of both food and service. The only thing about the new place is that the parking lot really only fits around 6 cars; I would suggest just parking somewhere in the street, as it is a residential lot. But, yup, so happy for Patty’s on their new location! Wishing them tons of success!

The best wedding cake ever

Michelle T - Fullerton, CA - via The Knot

THE BEST CAKE EVER, hands down. We had SO many compliments from our guests – even from those that are never satisfied with cakes at weddings. If you’re looking for an amazing wedding cake…look no further! You will not be disappointed!


Simple, elegant, and tasty wedding cake

Marcy G. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

No brainer! Patty’s is the best! My husband and I were married in April and LOVED our cake! It was delicious and Patty’s team was the best. Our cake was perfect, beautiful and we loved eating at with friends and family the day of and the day after! We gorged on cake and it was so moist even the next day! I would highly recommend Patty’s if you are looking for a simple, elegant and tasty cake!


Amazing half-naked wedding cake!

Melissa O. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

AMAZING! They did our wedding cake this past October and we loved it! All our guest loved it and told us it was really really good! Nice and moist! We had a half naked cake and they did it exactly how I wanted it! I highly recommend them! I will for sure be using them again! Thank you so much, Patty!


Lot’s of delicious options give me the chance to visit often

Cristine C. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

They have a cute new shop that is now a mile from my house (dangerous!). Their cupcakes are huge and they frost them to order. Lots of delicious options! I’ll be back…often!


Talk about taking cupcakes to a whole new level

Kalie M. - Irvine, CA - via Yelp

Wow! Talk about taking cupcakes to a whole new level, Patty’s Cakes does it! We recently ordered about 3 dozen cupcakes for a gender reveal party and we were not disappointed! The flavors of the cake and frosting went so well together and the presentation can’t be beat! We drove all the way from Huntington Beach and will definitely be making the trip again for parties to come. Thank you so much to everyone at Patty’s Cakes, you guys are awesome!

Best cupcakes and cakes

Evey F. - Long Beach, CA - via Yelp

Best cupcakes and cakes!!  So good every time and customer service is always the best.

Delicious and absolutely beautiful Thanksgiving cake

Heba S. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

I love this place. I had my wedding cupcakes here back in 2014 and my gender reveal cake over Thanksgiving 2016. The cake was delicious and absolutely beautiful !!! I’ll be coming back for my baby shower cupcakes.

Thank you, Patty’s Cakes for a beautiful and delicious anniversary cake

Ashley D. - La Habra, CA - via Yelp

After looking through all the bakeries in Orange County on Yelp, I told my mom that Patty’s Cakes and Desserts seemed like a great place to order her anniversary cake. Just by looking at their cakes and cupcakes, my mom knew that she wanted to order her cake here so she decided to place the order asap, which was on our first visit. We bought some cupcakes to try and they were all so good that we had trouble trying to decide on which flavor to get for the cake. We ended up choosing a red velvet cake with custard and raspberry filling.

Patty and Bethany were both so kind. I contacted Bethany many times by email to ask questions about the cake and she was so helpful and patient with my mom and I. When the time came to pick up the cake, my mom really wanted to add ribbon to the cake to make it even more beautiful and Patty kindly added satin ribbon to the cake free of charge. The cake was gorgeous and super yummy.

Thank you, Patty’s Cakes for creating a beautiful and delicious anniversary cake for my parents. The guests absolutely loved it. The next time we need a cake, we’ll definitely order from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts.

I felt like I could trust their recommendations

Carolyn P. - San Diego, CA - via Yelp

We went in for a tasting and really liked the flavors.  We ended up ordering more than they recommended and there were no mini cupcakes left at the end of the night.  It is nice to go into a business and feel like you can trust them.  I trust their recommendations and never felt like they were being pushy or trying to get me to buy more of anything.  Everyone loved the mini cupcakes. So happy we found a great place to do our wedding dessert!

mini cupcake wedding

Wedding was as delicious as it was beautiful

Lisa S. - Newport Beach, CA - via Yelp

Our wedding cake was as delicious as it was beautiful! We had so many compliments. Thank you for everything Patty’s Cakes.

Greatest cakes in town

Jesus G. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Greatest cakes in town and Patty is soo sweet, she improvised and decorated my cakes. So sweet of her.


Light, flavorful, and moist cupcakes

Ray C. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

After seeing this shop on my new work commute, I was finally able to stop by once they opened. So far I’ve been there two straight days out of a possible two days. Their cupcakes are great! I really like that the cake is light, flavorful and moist. The icing is always freshly applied and varies in texture based on the flavor. Anything with a mousse icing is so good. So far my favorites are the Elvis me the double chocolate. If I have one critique, it’s that their red velvet lacks color and flavor. Definitely had better red velvet cupcakes before. Service is great and they have a lot of gluten free options. I highly recommend Patty’s Cakes.

Great cupcakes with spot on flavor profiles

Christy C. - Brea, CA - via Yelp

Tried Patty’s Cakes for the first time. Read a few of my friends’ posts on Facebook and had to try when I was in the area. The cupcakes were great!! My son and I had a great time choosing the type of cake and frosting flavor. What a great surprise to find a filling as well. Very moist cake and the flavor profiles were spot on. Love them!

Patty’s is the perfect combination for all cakes!

Jeanette Zalfini - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

I experienced the wonder of Patty’s Cakes recently and can’t wait to try the other varieties. Moist and not too sweet, which is the perfect combination for ALL cakes!

Great cupcake selection that’s moist and delicious

Cynthia F. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

We enjoyed the great cupcake selection. My son had the Elvis. The cupcake was moist and delicious. We are returning soon.

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