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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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Classic Wedding Cake With Delicious Flavor

Justyn - via Wedding Wire

Worked with Philip for our cake tasting, and he handled my stress beautifully and worked with my husband and I on finding a cake design that fit our price point and vision. The flavors they offer are classic, and the cakes they produce are delicious and so so moist! Absolutely everyone at our wedding loved the cake! They were very flexible, considering we went in for a wedding cake just 3 weeks before our date, and the product we received was exactly as promised, if not more. Will definitely be going back in future.

“Best cupcake around!”

Mary Ann M - via TripAdvisor

Went in to pick up a couple of cupcakes for my husband’s birthday. I only noticed one of the menu boards, so picked a couple of flavors from there. Then the clerk pointed out that there was actually a second menu board! Talk about decision overload! There are so many unique flavors and combinations, something to appeal to everyone. The frosting is light and fluffy, not too sugary. And because they don’t frost the cupcakes until you order them, they are all so fresh! And at $3 per cupcake, it won’t break the bank to treat yourself.

Delicious Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

alex l. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

My daughter recently celebrated her sweet 16 and we ordered her cake here. We had the confetti flavored cake with strawberry filling and whipped frosting. It was delicious!!! Really moist and not too sweet. It was decorated in white/blue hombre. My daughter added her personal touch with edible butterflies which we ordered thru Amazon. Thank you Patty’s Cake!!

Lemon Drop Cupcake Was Amazing

Jenny S. - Castro Valley, CA - via Yelp

We went for the first time a couple of weeks ago and the lemon drop was amazing! I think the cupcakes are amazing and a lot of different ones to choose from! My family LOVED THE PECAN COOKIE! Amazing! Can’t wait to go back!

Cakes Are Perfect And Not Too Sweet

Ana - via Wedding Wire

We bought cupcakes for our wedding and everyone loved them! Not too sweet. They are definitely unique. There was 0 left over! And we absolutely loved the GF option. Patty is a sweetheart!

“A great place to find a sweet baked treat!”

BruinDan - via TripAdvisor

Located on Commonwealth Avenue east of the intersection with Euclid Street, Patty’s Cakes and Desserts is a locally popular spot to find sweet baked sweets. They recently moved to this location; it is spacious and attractive, but NOTE that there is no parking lot. You’ll have to park along the street. My mission this day was to purchase cupcakes for a group of friends from church, but you’ll find more than cupcakes at Patty’s. They have a variety of cakes for sale, or you can custom order a cake (they are highly regarded for their wedding cakes). They also offer Thrifty brand ice cream, cookies, cake balls and something called “bag of cake.” They have 52 flavors of cupcakes, including such tantalizing choices as banana split, butter pecan, chocolate with chocolate fudge, chocolate caramel salty, chocolate with mint chip mousse, lemon drop, peanut butter with chocolate fudge, piña colada, red velvet with cream cheese mousse, and white with vanilla mousse. You will probably not see any cupcakes on display because they frost your cupcakes as you order so that the frosting stays soft and creamy. I also appreciated the fact you can place your order ahead of time via their website. The service was excellent, as everyone was friendly and accommodating. The cupcakes from Patty’s were a big hit with my friends, and I wouldn’t hesitate to return if the occasion calls for high-quality desserts.

Delicious Cakes And Great Customer Service

Jennifer S. - Downey, CA - via Yelp

LOVE this place!!!!!!! They made our wedding cake and made the entire experience memorable. Also, and most importantly the cake was DELICIOUS!!! It’s been 2 years later, they have a new location and things are different, they’re even better!!!! Staff is awesome! Zoe, in particular, was just exceptional. Attitude is everything, good vibes all around and serviceable.

Soft And Creamy Cupcakes

Lilian B. - Irvine, CA - via Yelp

OMG! I never thought we had a place such in our neighbor! the cupcakes are absolute deliciousness! they are soft, yummy and creamy, love them love them!!! I always went to Los Angeles to buy good cupcakes but now with Patty’s cakes, I don’t have to go anymore!! yay!!!

Patty’s Cakes Has The Best Cakes

Clare H - via The Knot

Patty’s Cakes is the BEST! They made our wedding cake and I can honestly say that it was one of the highlights of the night. I’m not even a huge “cake” person but Patty’s cakes are so incredibly delicious. There was barely any left after our wedding! Not only is the cake delicious (they use a whipped cream frosting on all of their cakes that is TO DIE for…they refuse to use the gross fondant or buttercream frostings), but they did an unbelievable job decorating our cake. Everyone at our wedding was so impressed!

At Patty’s, Cakes Are Made With Love

Vinnie V - Brea, CA - via The Knot

Patty’s Cakes are hands down the best. The amount of love that patty has for people shows in her cakes. She is one of the kindest ladies you will ever encounter and always easy to work with. Patty’s cake will always exceed your expectation of what you think a cake will be. Thank you so much for making our wedding even better with your cake and cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

Great Cake Tasting At Patty’s Cakes

Apple R - via The Knot

Patty”s cake was so amazing. Best part of wedding planning was picking out the cake. The experience they give you for the cake tasting was the best !!!! So many options with flavor and filling. Then to see your actual cake on your wedding day was an “OMG” feeling. I loved it.

pink red flowers wedding cake

Patty’s Cakes Is Perfect For Weddings

Charlotte V. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I had seen this bakery many times upon passing and until we actually needed to find a cake for our wedding, did we stop by and gave it a try. I have to say we were very pleased to have found such an excellent bakery right in our very own neighborhood.
The service was great, all were very friendly and accommodating. We couldn’t agree on which flavors since we both have different likings and Phillip made a suggestion that suited both of our palates. We ordered white and chocolate cake with bavarian cream and raspberry filling. The cake was a 3 tier plain white striped cake on pedestals and we opted to have our florist add fresh flowers as decoration. The cake was beautiful and tasted amazing. We love Patty’s Cakes and stop by whenever we want a delicious fresh baked cupcake.

Beautiful And Delicious Wedding Cake

Yecenia N. - Garden Grove, CA - via Yelp

Been looking everywhere for a wedding cake until I found pattys cakes hands down best bakery in town. My wedding cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious !!!! I would definitely be recommending this bakery to friends and family!! Thanks again Patty for working your magic once again !!

Great Confetti Wedding Cake

Bree M. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

Hurrah for no fondant! I was very happy with my wedding cake, which was naked funfetti with two kinds of creme. We very much enjoyed the tasting beforehand and were pleased with the final result! Great customer service (answered all my questions via email very promptly) and it was delivered in impeccable form on the day of the wedding.

Beautiful Cakes And Cupcakes

Heather D. - Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - via Yelp

We loved our experience with patty’s cakes! We were so happy with how beautiful the cake and cupcakes were! The cake and cupcakes tasted so delicious and we got compliments for days after the event on everything. I would highly recommend using patty’s cakes for your wedding and I will definitely be using them again!

Perfect Cakes For Engaged Couples

Aaron K. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

Couldn’t have asked for a smoother process of picking our ideal wedding cake. We walked in, Philip walked us through the simple steps and we were done in less than 10 minutes. They conveniently delivered it to our venue in Brea the day of the wedding and all our guests said the cake (carrot cake with creme cheese frosting) tasted amazing! My wife usually doesn’t like cake too much but even she gave a big nod of approval for Patty’s cake. Highly recommend for any engaged couples planning a wedding!

Phenomenal Cupcake Place

Dillon F. - San Gabriel, CA - via Yelp

Amazing I love these cupcakes can’t get enough !!! The quality of three cupcakes is phenomenal best place I ever been too.

Moist And Yummy Cakes

Cindy N. - West Covina, CA - via Yelp

The cake was AH-MAZING!! It was so moist and yummy! We got the white cake with raspberry and vanilla bavarian cream filling. Will definitely need to try other flavors.

Best Cake Place In Orange County

Kefa N. - Garden Grove, CA - via Yelp

Great cakes and cupcakes to kill for!
Best Cake place in all of Orange County and the Second best is miles away!

Salted Caramel Cupcake Is Delicious

Elvia G. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Just delicious!!!!! My daughter enjoyed the cupcakes so much!
Favorite was the salted chocolate caramel cupcake!!!

Gluten- Free Chocolate Caramel Salty Cupcake

Affordable And Delicious Cupcakes

Brooke G. - Buena Park, CA - via Yelp

Yumm! They make the most delicious cupcakes Here! And they are totally affordable. Highly recommended.

Perfect Cupcakes For The Squad

John B. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

This place was super dope, one day gotta bring the squad to eat some cupcakes! But for real doe stay litty this place is insanely tasty an I recommend it to everyone.


Very Tasty Eclair Cupcake

Paul B. - Diamond Bar, CA - via Yelp

The Illy gourmet coffee was dope. Got the white cake with custard and a few cupcakes. Very tasty, highly recommend the eclair cupcake.

Wedding Cake Was Absolutely Amazing

Anna R. - Irvine, CA - via Yelp

We ordered our wedding cake here and it was absolutely amazing. We did not wait a year to eat the top layer. We took it home and ate it. All our guest loved it and I even spoke to a guest that said she had 3 pieces.

Moist Pumpkin Cupcakes!

Ana G. - Westminster, CA - via Yelp

Had the Seasonal Pumpkin cupcakes that were SUPER moist and yummy! Very good pumpkin flavor with frosting that was spot on (not to sweet).

Gourmet Cupcakes & Cookies

Richard Paquette - via Google Reviews

Wow, Patty’s Cakes is WONDERFUL. I love the way you get your cupcake made to order. They have always been fresh and YUMMY!! Their cupcake prices are the best I have seen for a gourmet food cupcake. My favorite is the Eclair cupcake. The chocolate frosting is sooo good and the Bavarian cream filling is outstanding. Today Oct. 27th was a BOGO day… I couldn’t contain myself and decided to think out of the box and try a couple of new ones. They are waiting for me right now. I got the Butter Pecan and the DOS PB & J. I wanted to get one of their fantastic Oatmeal & Rasin cookies but self-control finally won at least once! I know beyond a doubt that I will enjoy my 2 new ones…See you later…sweets here I come!! :)

Raving About Patty’s Beautiful Cakes

Shelby S - via The Knot

The best place! My husband and I had the best time tasting and creating our cake! The entire process was so much fun. They were so easy to work with! Their work is incredibly beautiful. Our guests continue to rave about our cake. My husband and I are going to make it a tradition to visit the shop every time we are in town and pick up cupcakes. They are some of the best we have ever had! We highly recommend them! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!

blue wedding cake

Delicious Cake Balls, Cake, & Cupcakes

Kate W. - Anaheim, CA - via Yelp

Delicious cakes and cupcakes!!
We ordered both for my daughters birthday and everyone loves them
The cake balls were really beautiful but were really sugary for my taste, but if you love anything super sweet try them out!
Definitely recommend them for your next event.

Best Cupcakes In Town!

Laura L. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Best cupcakes in town! So many good flavors and all the ones I have tried were great. Fast and friendly service as well. Great place for a treat.

Beautiful And Delicious Unicorn Cake!

Natalia Y. - CBD, Denver, CO - via Yelp

I’ve always had cupcakes from Patty’s and they are always delicious!! First time ever, I ordered a cake for my niece’s unicorn party…and not only was it beautiful in design but it was absolutely delicious!!! Patty’s cakes, thank you so much! You did an awesome job with the unicorn cake! You got tons of compliments at the party!!!

Best Cupcakes In Orange County

Melinda Martinez - via Google Reviews

This place has the best cupcakes in Orange County! I have never been let down by their cupcakes, cakes, or other desserts. Definitely a lifelong customer!

Fresh Delicious Cupcakes

Sherlock H. - Fullerton, CA - via Google Reviews

Damn you my delicious cupcake foe.
Taste as fresh as it can be and the frosting is perfect, not overly sweet just right.
Can’t wait to go back and try all your other goodies

Best Chocolate Cake For 40th Birthday!

Marco R. - Placentia, CA - via Yelp

Dude!… Dude! No, dude… For real. Dude!!!! This is some bomb ass cake. I would think for $70 I sure hope so. It’s worth every pound I put on at birthday time. Chocolate cake with Bavarian something in the middle and chocolate frosting. Best 40th birthday ever. In fact so good, I will turn 40 again next year! Yum!

Best Wedding Cake & Mini Cupcakes

KYMTraveler - via TripAdvisor

We ordered our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts and we couldn’t be happier. When we first went in for tasting, I was very surprised how the cake (cupcakes for tasting) wasn’t sweet and so moist. I am not a cake person and to be honest, I wasn’t even planning on eating my wedding cake (yikes) of course, maybe just a bite for the picture, but after the tasting, it completely changed my mind. I was planning on ordering macaroons from another place, but I changed my mind to have mini cupcakes at the wedding instead (for dessert table) and ordered 9 dozens of variety. I’ve received so many compliments on the wedding cake and the cupcakes from my wedding. They were absolutely delicious!!! Can’t wait to eat my anniversary cake!!

Cupcakes Are Delicious And To Die For!

Josiah L. - Portland, OR - via Yelp

I LOVE the cupcakes here! To. Die. For. Always greeted with a smile from their workers and once had a really nice conversation with an employee named Otto when he delivered some cupcakes for a family wedding. My go-to spot for whenever my sweet tooth acts up :)

“Excellent service and quality mini cupcakes”

SpanishRootsToo - via TripAdvisor

Second time we’ve ordered mini cupcakes for a special event. All 3 flavors were great, very fresh and ready on time !

Creamy, Moist, and Flavorful Cake

Valerie S - McLeod County, MN - via Yelp

For the past 25 plus years, our family ordered birthday cakes and cakes for all occasions from a local bakery in our area.

When it came time to select a bakery for our wedding cake, we did a tasting at our go-to place and frankly, I was shocked at the flavors of the cake, the filling, and the frosting. The words that came to mind were: store bought, from a box, YUCK! I was really surprised and saddened. BUT . . .

A week later we went to a neighbor’s party and they had the most delicious cake I had ever tasted in my life. The words that came to mind when I tasted this cake from Patty’s Cakes were: creamy, moist, flavorful, fresh, homemade, YUM!

So for our small family wedding, we decided on the White Cake with the Vanilla Bavarian Custard and Raspberry Filling for the large tier and for the top tier we chose the Chocolate Cake with the Chocolate Chip Mousse Filling. Guess what? There was hardly any cake leftover. All our guests said our wedding cake was the best they have ever had.

We loved the fact that the frosting on the cakes was so creamy and tasty. The simple design we chose matched the relaxed elegance of our wedding.

We also love Patty’s cupcakes and cupcake pops.
I am so pleased to recommend this 5-star bakery to all future brides!

Patty’s Cakes is Delicious

Patricia Griemsmann - via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes is delicious. I’ve never had a cupcake I didn’t like. Very friendly, customer service excellent. The parking is tough but make sure you find a space. You won’t be disappointed.

The Perfect Wedding Cake

Sylvia Rivera - via Google Reviews

I had my wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes and everyone absolutely loved it. I do not believe I saw any plates with cake left over. The cake was delicious. Patty was so helpful in helping pick out the perfect cake, cake flavors and filling.

Beautiful and Delicious Wedding Cake

Jessica D - via The Knot

We have been going to Patty’s cakes for years for their delicious cupcakes and cake balls so when it came time to get our wedding cake they were the obvious choice. Our initial consultation with Philip was great; he really helped walk us through everything, gave us a photo book of designs to look through and suggested great cake flavors for us to try. We went for a very simple design and the cake itself was chocolate with raspberry filling which everyone loved. We had very little cake left over which shows it was a hit with our guests! Thank you so much to Patty’s cakes for making us a beautiful and delicious wedding cake!

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.