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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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No More Box-Made Cake Mix In Our Pantry – We Use Patty’s Now

- La Habra, CA - 5 via Yelp

I’m not one for buying cakes, typically if I ever need a cake I’ll buy the cake mix and make it at home. But after visiting Patty’s Cakes, that all changes.

Their cupcakes a so rich and delicious and they have so many varieties to choose from! Anytime I need a cake for a birthday or celebration, I’ll be paying a visit to patty’s cakes!

Added plus they serve espresso and coffee!

Love Love Love Patty’s Cakes

- 5 via Google Reviews

Love love love their cake! And Philip is awesome. He gets things done. Definitely recommend!

Best Cookie I Have Ever Had

- La Habra, CA - 5 via Yelp

Best cookie I’ve ever had, so fresh!! Beautiful and delicious cupcakes!! Great for any event!

Delivered Birthday Cake to Daughter Away at Grad School and it Was Perfect

- 5 via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes is amazing! My daughter is in Cali in grad school and I am in Michigan. It was her birthday and I wanted to find a bakery that could deliver to her. After getting the run around from another bakery, I came across Patty! She had exactly what I wanted and the order was able to be delivered exactly she’d be home! I placed the order online, and Patty did the rest! I was notified when the order was picked up and again when it was delivered. Thank you, Patty! You made this mama (and her girl) super happy!!!

Mini Cupcakes for Bosses Day Were a Hit in the Office

- 5 via Google Reviews

I ordered mini cupcakes for Bosses day and they were a hit!! They were fresh, delicious and just the perfect bite size, to not feel guilty. I definitely will use this bakery again!

Our Red Velvet Wedding Cake Was Scrumptious and Beautifully Made

- 5 via The Knot

Wow! We’re so glad that Patty’s Cakes was a part of our special day. The staff is truly remarkable — attentive, responsive and kind. Patty’s Cakes are truly scrumptious and beautiful. We had a red velvet cake for our wedding and it was PERFECT! It was beautifully made – outside was simple and clean, and the inside was so moist and delicious! Talking about it right now makes my mouth water! We received so many compliments on the cake and we couldn’t be happier that our guests and ourselves enjoyed this special treat. We look forward to having more treats from Patty’s Cakes!! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!

- Pasadena, CA - 5 via Yelp

Finally got pictures of the dessert table and cake!!! Everything was so delicious we even took it home with us after the wedding was over! Would definitely recommend patty cakes for a party or event!

Patty’s Cakes is so Reliable on Wedding Days

- 5 via The Knot

The most delicious cakes, cupcakes, and cookies! The service is amazing. Patty and her staff are all so sweet and helpful. They were also very reliable when it came to my wedding day.

So Many Flavors to Choose From For Delicious Wedding Cake

- Tempe, AZ - 5 via Yelp

We picked this place for our wedding cake. The service is great. We had so much fun at the tasting. The cupcakes are delicious and there are so many flavors to choose from. We got a lot of compliments at our wedding and people were asking us where we got our cake. I definitely recommend this place for many occasions.

Patty’s Cakes Wedding Cake is Simply the Best

- Covina, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes was our choice for our wedding this past October 11th. They are one of 2 bakeries on the preferred vendor list for where we had our Wedding. We did try the other place, but Patty’s was simply better. It started with our tasting. This was done at Patty’s in Fullerton and our taste advisor served us multiple flavors as requested by us. Our final delicious choice came as a surprise to me: Lemon with Raspberry and Bavarian Cream filling. It beat out other yummy flavors. I like that our taste advisor talked to us about the possibility of multiple flavors for our cake. He pointed out that if we had multiple flavors; that approximately 1/3 of our guests would get one flavor, which meant that approximately 2/3 of our guests would be unable to have that flavor. So we decided to go with the 1 delicious Lemon flavor. My wife – then-fiancee- also returned and ordered the Batman-themed -Banana flavored- Groom cake. it was also super delicious and only devoured by Moi. You can see the deliciousness in the pictures, and you can also see the fate of the wedding cake that is not eaten at the reception. But fear not: we are enjoying the delicious remnants slowly but surely. If you need cake for an event or just because you need cake, you should go to Patty’s Cakes.

I Ordered 12 Extra Cupcakes and Had No Leftovers

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

I ordered 18 assorted cupcakes for an 11-year old’s birthday party. There were only 6 kids at the party so… I was planning to have a few extras to try them for myself. THERE WERE NO CUPCAKES LEFT OVER… I have no idea how wonderful they were other than between the kids and their parents… I got not one single crumb. I did hear a lot about them being GREAT. I am going on the assumption the guests were serious and not just placating the host. I will order more next time and keep a box hidden in my cupboard to make sure I get one.

We Loved Our Lemon Wedding Cake with Raspberry Filling

- 5 via The Knot

I absolutely loved my wedding cake. We went for the lemon cake with raspberry filling and by the end of the night, everything was gone. Would 100% recommend Patty’s Cakes.

The Yummiest Cupcakes I Have Ever Tasted

- Huntington Beach, CA - 5 via Yelp

Some of the yummiest cupcakes I’ve ever tasted and great service too! I just ordered my daughter’s birthday cake and I can’t wait to see the end result!

Ordered 60 Cupcakes an Hour in Advance and They Were Perfectly Prepared

- Alhambra, CA - 5 via Yelp

Great service. Ordered 60 mini cupcakes with 5 different flavors one hour ahead and they were able to pack it quickly and efficiently. I called over the phone and they were patient with me as I asked many different questions and inquired about the different flavors. When I arrived, they quickly helped me out and even helped me load the cupcakes into my car. Maura (I believe is her name) is so helpful!

People loved the designs and tastes of the cupcakes. Thanks for making it a great experience. :)

My Absolute Favorite Cupcake: Neopolitan

- Cerritos, CA - 5 via Yelp

Update: We’ve come here multiple times over the past several months and have always had a great experience. No matter what we get, we’re always happy. Last time we got cupcakes, I discovered my absolute favorite cupcake: NEOPOLITAN. Man the cake was so moist but more importantly, the frosting flavors went so well with it, everything was just agreeing with my tongue. Must try! We got 4 cookies this time around: lemon gem, snickerdoodle, caramel pecan again, and chocolate chip. The lemon has white chocolate in it, pretty good. The snickerdoodle tastes good as well, but I really liked the chocolate chip. Basic cookie but the flavor is really good and stands out from other chocolate chip cookies. We’ll see what we try next!

Look No Further, This Cake Is Delicious

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Google Reviews

My goodness, the cake we ordered was very delicious. Don’t look further than this place, you won’t regret it.

Patty’s Cakes Cupcakes Were Perfect for National Cupcake Day

- Fountain Valley, CA - 5 via Yelp

My Supervisor gave me 3 cupcakes for National Cupcake Day! This is the first time I have had Patty’s Cupcakes. I tried The Elvis, The Chocolate Chipper and The Neopolitan…. they were amazing! Flavors were on point. Loved them. I am definitely going to order some for my next party/event. ;)

Got 5 Delicious Desserts for Under $20

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

Very delicious cupcakes and the cake balls are so filling. The prices are decent and got up to 5 desserts for under $20!

The Icing is Light and Fluffy While the Cake is Dense and Sweet

- Long Beach, CA - 5 via Yelp

My first time at this place and I LOVE IT. I got the chocolate with mint chip mousse and it was to die for! The frosting is light and fluffy and the cake is dense and sweet! I love it!! My new favorite place to go to for dessert

Been Ordering Cupcakes For Years and Have Never Been Disappointed

- 5 via Google Reviews

I’ve been going to Patty’s for years! Never been disappointed. Tonight, I had a pina colada cupcake and it even came with a colored umbrella! I will try the seasonal pumpkin next. It HAS to be delish!

Patty’s Cakes Delivery Service Is Perfect For a Birthday Surprise

- 5 via Google Reviews

Ordered cupcakes for my sister’s birthday to be delivered at her hotel upon check-in. I live in Boston, so I called to make sure that this was all feasible and the rep I spoke to could not have been kinder. She was so helpful & walked me through the whole thing. They wrapped the box w a bow & added a little card with my birthday note to make it extra special. The cupcakes arrived in perfect condition & my sister said they tasted amazing! They now have dessert for the weekend! It’s hard being away from family for special days, so I truly appreciate Patty’s Cakes making this birthday surprise so special for my sister!

Bag-O-Cake Is My Sister’s Guilty Pleasure

- Yorba Linda, CA - 5 via Yelp

Bag-O-Cake is my sister’s new guilty pleasure! If you haven’t tried at least every flavor cupcake yet, you need to get busy. The store is decorated for Halloween, everyone should visit before it’s too late.

These Velvety Cupcakes Make the Perfect Gift

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

I have bought cupcakes and cakes multiple times for other people. I finally got to try the cupcakes, velvety and white. AMAZING! I will continue to buy from this place.

Our Wedding Cake Experience Was Exceptional

- 5 via Wedding Wire

Exceptional service and cake. I love, love, love Patty’s Cakes. From my very first interaction at the tasting appointment with Philip all the way to delivery of the cake on my wedding day, they delivered exceptional service. I am a very picky and detailed oriented person and I made several changes prior to the wedding and my every wish was accommodated. The most important detail of Patty Cakes is the taste of their cakes, they are awesome! Prior to the wedding, I bought many cupcakes for my family to try which they thoroughly enjoyed, especially the icing. On our wedding day my husband who really only likes white cake which was alternately layered and we end up cutting the chocolate cake and to my surprise, my husband said he liked the chocolate cake from Patty Cakes and it is the only place he would eat chocolate cake. Kudos to Patty Cakes, that is a huge compliment. The guests also ranted and raved about the cake as well. Thank you Pattys Cakes for being a huge part of our day.

The Tasting Helped Us Choose a New, Different, and Delicious Flavor That We Would Never Have Found Otherwise

- Irvine, CA - 5 via Yelp

We made an appointment to do a cake tasting, which I highly recommend. We ended up picking something we never would have if we didn’t do the tasting. Patty’s Cakes made the most delicious cake and cupcakes for our wedding!
I will definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great cake!

You Will Not Be Disappointed With Patty’s Wedding Cakes

- Laguna Niguel, CA - 5 via Yelp

We purchased our wedding cake from Patty’s based on the wonderful reviews that we found on Yelp as well as The Knot. We were not disappointed one bit and loved the decorations that we ordered for the cake. The process was very fun and easy and will definitely refer Patty’s Cakes to friends and family. You won’t be disappointed with their cakes!

Peanut Butter and Bacon, Chocolate and Potato Chips, Patty’s Has the Best Cupcake Combinations

- 5 via Google Reviews

This place is so cute. Great ideas for cupcake combinations. Peanut butter and bacon! Chocolate and potato chips! The store itself is super CLEAN and the staff was super helpful.

Maybe I’m Biased, But Our Wedding Cake Was the Most Delicious Cake I Have Ever Had

- Tucson, AZ - 5 via Yelp

My wife and I ordered our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes solely based on internet reviews. We had a destination wedding in Anaheim and had no chances of going anywhere to taste cakes beforehand, but Patty’s did not disappoint. Maybe I’m biased because it was OUR wedding cake, but it was by far the most delicious wedding cake I have ever had.

Patty’s Cakes Has the Perfect Take of the Cake

- 5 via Wedding Wire

The best I have had. They worked well in getting the perfect take of cake. We had 3 tier cake and had two fillings and 2 flavors. The best. The moisture of the cake was amazing.

Everything From Taste, Service, Price, and Execution, Patty’s Cakes Has it All

- Corona K. - 5 via Yelp

My husband and I booked Patty’s Cakes to do a five-tier cake for our wedding this past June. Everything about our experience with Patty’s Cakes was great! My husband isn’t really into cake, so when we went cake tasting here he wasn’t exactly enthused…but everything changed once he had his first bite. As soon as he tasted Patty’s cakes, my husband was sold!
Patty’s Cakes creates moist, light, and flavorful cakes that aren’t overwhelmed with frosting. The ratio of their cakes is perfect…just enough of everything to make you savor every bite. The cake on the wedding day was beautiful! We enjoyed our wedding cake and our guests did too. The lemon cake with raspberry filling is so bomb! Definitely a must-try!
Book Patty’s Cakes for your next party or event. Everything from taste, service, price, execution…it’s all extremely easy and worth your time! My husband and I look forward to buying cakes from this establishment for every wedding anniversary moving forward and any family event we may have in the future.

Amazing Flavorful Cupcakes and Great Variety

- La Mirada, CA - 5 via Yelp

Amazing cupcakes. Great variety and amazing flavor. Good location and awesome service. Will keep coming back.

Custom Marble Cake with Raspberry Filling Was Beautiful

- Santa Ana, CA - 5 via Yelp

We ordered a custom cake from Patty’s for a small celebration, and we were so pleased with it! The ordering process was very simple and the customer service was excellent. The cake was beautiful (a simple white two-layered cake) and I LOVED that the frosting wasn’t too sweet! We ordered a marble cake with raspberry filling and it was perfectly moist and delicious. We will definitely order from Patty’s again.

I Love The Cupcake Ordering Process

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

I came on Sept 24th for the 1st time to get some cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday, and it so neat that you get to choose your flavors and toppings, THEY WERE SO GOOD. I love their decorations as well around the store. I will be stopping by more often.

Our Disney Themed Wedding Cupcakes Were Classy and Lively

- San Jose, CA - 5 via Yelp

Last year I had a Disney themed wedding and had about 100 guests including many kids. We wanted something classy but lively and fun instead of a big wedding cake, and Patty’s Cupcakes had just what we were looking for! Filling out an inquiry for a wedding cake was simple and easy. During the wedding planning I had moved away to to Northern CA but keeping in touch with Christina and Philip to work out the details was no problem.

We requested a small single tier cake big enough for the wedding party while the guests had an assortment of flavors and sizes to choose from the Cupcake tower and Cakeball trays. It worked out perfectly and best of all everything tasted GREAT! The light mousse icing they use makes everything taste light and sweet without the sugary texture and taste typical cake icings do.

All of the staff was friendly and helpful. They delivered and set up the dessert table on time at the venue in Laguna Beach. We only had to return the cupcake tower that same week that they let us rent. I highly recommend!

Our Wedding Cake and Cupcakes Flavor Was Outstanding

- 5 via The Knot

We were referred to Patty’s Cakes by our venue’s coordinator, and they did not disappoint! Philip was extremely professional and the whole process was a breeze. We wanted to have some variety for our guests, and having a small cake to cut and cupcakes was a perfect option! Also, the flavor options were outstanding – and I love that they don’t rely on fondant, their whipped icing is AMAZING.

Quinceañera Cake for My Daughter Was Moist and Had Great Flavor

- Corona, CA - 5 via Yelp

Very happy with the Quinceañera Cake for my daughter last week. It was moist, great flavor. They were on time with the delivery and set up, keep up the great work.

The Ready-To-Go Chocolate Cake Was Perfect for My Husband’s Last-Minute Birthday Party

- La Palma, CA - 5 via Yelp

We decided to have a last-minute birthday party for my husband, my daughter stopped by the shop and picked out a delicious chocolate cake. It was a hit a usual! Patty’s Cakes are a must.

Two Years Later and People are Still Talking About Our Wedding Cake

- South Gate, CA - 5 via Yelp

Tomorrow will be my two year anniversary and I was looking through the pictures I realized I forgot to post a review about the cake. Let’s put it this way, people are still talking about the cake today and how delicious and moist it was.

I still remember the staff was very helpful when I went in with my mother-in-law, husband, and myself.
I have recommended a few people to this location and I will continue to tell others about this wonderful location.

Our Banana with Bavarian Filling Cake Was the Cake of Our Dreams

- Hacienda Heights, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes did amazing for our wedding in Feb. 2019! We had our consultation with Philip and he was very thorough in explaining how everything worked and going above and beyond to help us design our dream cake! He even went to the extent of checking if they had any extra of our wedding color in ribbon for the bow on the cake and they did! All in all the cake looked gorgeous and tasted amazing, hands down the best cake we have ever had, and all our guests loved it too, we didn’t have any leftovers! (We got banana cake with Bavarian filling, amazing combination!) I highly recommend Patty’s Cakes for your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just to stop by and get a cupcake or cake balls, you won’t regret it.

The Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cake Balls Are Amazing

- Irvine, CA - 5 via Yelp

We had a wonderful experience from the moment we walked in. The staff was very sweet, friendly and told us all about the available deals. She offered us samples of a cookie. Parking is a bit tough, we parked in the neighborhood. It was an easy, short walk though. The cupcakes and cake balls we got were amazing. Highly recommend and we will definitely be back. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Now if you would open a location in Tustin, you’d make our dreams come true. ;)

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