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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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Reviews left by our customers

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Besides the cakes looking great, they also tasted amazing!

- 5 via Yelp

Called into the shop a few days prior to order two 8 inch semi-naked double layer cakes ($55 each). The girl who helped with the phone order was friendly and made it a breeze to place the order. Orders over $50 require a deposit of at least half the amount or you can also pay the full amount over the phone.

The cakes were ready at the designated time the day of. Beautiful tall cakes that we decorated with fresh florals and a cake topper on our own.

Besides the cakes looking great, they also tasted amazing! The cake itself was light + airy and the cream wasn’t too sweet. Loved the vanilla bavarian cream paired with the white/vanilla cake. Our guests all enjoyed the cake as well. Will definitely be a returning customer!

The cupcakes are amazing good!

- 5 via Yelp

I loved them and want to eat them all! They are so good. We are here to stay- I bought couple and brought it home and my son loved them- On his birthday he got the cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes. They are Amazing GOOD!

By far THE BEST vegan cake we have ever had!

- 5 via The Knot

Patty was very hospitable when our parents went in for our wedding cake tasting. She was very accommodating to have both my husband and I on video call during the tasting to reassure us about the cake and our dietary specifications. My husband and I wanted a vegan cake, and this was by far THE BEST vegan cake we have ever had! The frosting was just the right amount of sweetness and they had many choices in terms of flavors, fillings and frostings even in the vegan section. Although there were an issue during delivery, Patty and her team handled it efficiently! We cannot imagine having another baker for our wedding cake! We heard nothing but compliments about the cake from our guests.

Every cupcake that I have gotten from here has been amazing!

- 5 via Yelp

I love love love this place! I always get my cupcakes from here! Every cupcake that I have gotten from here has been amazing!

Lovely shop! Good cupcakes!

- 4 via Yelp

Lovely shop! Good cupcakes! A little sweet for me but everyone else loved them! I’d highly recommend this bakery!

The gluten free cupcakes were so amazing!

- 5 via Yelp

The gluten free cupcakes were so amazing! Loved the white razzle and also had the chocolate chip mousse. You have to tell them you want the GF version. (Comes with a flag that says GF) Everything is fresh! Overall great experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Can’t go wrong with any of their cupcakes.

- 5 via Yelp

If you’re looking for moist, light cupcakes with a wide variety of flavors for cake, filling, creams, and mousses, look no further! Can’t go wrong with any of their cupcakes. You can also choose from regular size and mini size cupcakes. They also have gluten free and vegan cupcake options for those with dietary restrictions. My favorite flavors are the chocolate with peanut butter mousse and the banana with vanilla cream. They also have cake balls and cookies; I haven’t tried them but they look delicious.

They offer a variety of gluten free options.

- 5 via Google Reviews

First time trying Patty’s Cakes and Desserts today and I’m in love. What made me choose them is the fact that they offer quite a variety of gluten free options. I tried the chocolate with Nutella mousse and mango bliss, and they were both amazing. The mousse/filling goes all the way through the cake, which is such a nice touch. And the mousse/frosting is fluffy and light. Let me also point out that they very carefully package the gluten free cupcakes separately from the regular ones, and put little “GF” flags in them, so you know exactly what is which. Definitely going back to try other flavors soon! The only thing I wish was different is that there would be the same price for regular and gluten free cupcakes.

Eclair cupcake has great flavor.

- 5 via Google Reviews

We got the lemon razzle and my partner got the eclair cupcake. I’m not much of a chocolate person, but the eclair had great flavor. The custard filling was great I just wish the chocolate consistency was a little different from the custard. My lemon razzle was great in concept! Kinda bummed by the lemon cake but I also really love lemon flavor. The raspberry and custard is a great flavor combination! And I thought the whipped frosting was super refreshing when pairing everything together. Glad we decided to get these delivered :) We were celebrating!

Pretty good cupcakes.

- 4 via Yelp

Pretty good cupcakes. I’ve been here for my cupcake fix about 1/2 a dozen times and the quality is pretty much as consistent as you get. They are good the day of, but less good the day after. (In the case that’s a big deal to you) Parking is a hit or miss. I’ve actually had to skip coming here at least twice now because I wasn’t able to find any. Overall I really enjoy their cupcakes for a simple fix.

Perfect Butter Pecan with Cream Cheese Mousse wedding cake.

- 5 via Yelp

My wedding was a few months ago in November of 2021, and the venue had Patty’s Cakes and Desserts as one of the options and I’m so glad we went with Patty’s. My husband and I got to sample some of the flavors beforehand and they were all delicious. We ended up choosing the Butter Pecan with the Cream Cheese Mousse, and it came out perfectly – not too sweet yet flavorful. Everyone at the reception absolutely LOVED our wedding cake, even our guests who normally do not enjoy cake. The cake was delivered at the venue on time, and it was an overall great experience. Looking forward to coming back to Patty’s – especially for the anniversary cake!

Cupcakes are nice and fluffy.

- 4 via Yelp

A friend had some cupcakes delivered to me for my bday and they were delish! Cupcakes are nice and fluffy vs dense – which is my kind of cake. Cupcakes tried: Lemon + guava: love this flavor. Not too heavy and the two flavors pair perfectly together. Chocolate with vanilla mousse: I usually prefer white cake with vanilla (I know boring), but was amazed by how delish this cupcake was! It was like a hostess cupcake on crack and my favorite of the 3 tried! White with chocolate fudge: I wanted to like this cupcake, but the fudge frosting was just too rich for me.

I love the peanut butter and the red velvet cupcake.

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts are decadent, so fresh and tasty. I love the peanut butter and the red velvet cupcake. Highly recommend.

The best vegan cupcakes around!

- 5 via Google Reviews

The best vegan cupcakes around! The frosting on their cupcakes is perfection! I love that they have a variety of vegan options. Although my husband isn’t a huge fan of sweets he tried the s’mores cake ball and loved it. We’ll definitely be coming back for more!

Great variety of customizable vegan cupcakes.

- 5 via Yelp

Great variety of customizable vegan cupcakes. Much needed in the area! And staff is helpful and friendly. It does get busy so leave some time. The cupcakes are not pre-iced, so you don’t just run in and grab some.

Super yummy vegan cupcakes!

- 5 via Google Reviews

Was looking for vegan cupcakes and I ended up finding this place. I tried the s’mores cupcake and I thought it was going to taste different than regular cupcakes but I couldn’t even tell the difference! It was super yummy! Especially the frosting!

Best vendor ever!

- 5 via Wedding Wire

Best vendor ever! Highly recommended. Philip is true MVP! We got to know Patty, Philip and their team through our old venue. After 2 year long of postponement due to Covid, we decided to change our venue. We contacted Patty’s only 1 month before our new wedding day. Philip was able to pull out our file from our meeting 2 years ago, and adjusted the pricing based on our request. He is super responsive and replied to my emails within 1 hour. I was really surprised that their pricing is pretty comparable to other local bakeries that I contacted. With their reputation, they could’ve easily charged double of what they quoted me. All the fees are transparent. The delivery was on time. Our guests complimented that our wedding cake was one of the best cakes that they’ve ever eaten. We were so happy that we hired Patty’s cake to cater our wedding cake. Highly recommended to anyone looking for stress-free and easygoing vendor to work with.

Patty’s Cakes are always delicious and fresh.

- 5 via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes are always delicious and fresh. I come often and typically buy six or twelve at a time. The cupcakes are delicious

Their vegan flavors are so delicious.

- 5 via Google Reviews

It was my first time trying from this place. I’m vegan and I saw they had vegan options, so I decided to give it a try. Their vegan flavors were so delicious, I loved them. I tried 4 of their vegan flavors and they were so good, so I will definitely try the rest when I order from them again.

Delicious gluten free cupcakes.

- 5 via Google Reviews

Just received this amazing box of some delicious gluten free cupcakes. Amazing recipes. The whipped cream frosting is so light and airy. The cakes are so moist. The chocolate fudge frosting with custard filling and the raspberry cream filling with whip cream is delicious. Definitely will order more.

Amazing tasting wedding cake.

- 5 via The Knot

The cake arrived on time to our wedding reception and without any issues. The whole party loved the cake and the taste was amazing.

We used Patty’s for our wedding cake and they did NOT disappoint.

- 5 via Yelp

We used Patty’s for our wedding cake and they did NOT disappoint. Philip was a prince through the initial tasting process and made it very easy to coordinate the delivery (they delivered to our venue on time) and the cake we chose was a true crowd pleaser. The ingredients were so fresh and they nailed our design to a T. We did a yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling and Bavarian cream it was DELICIOUS!! Would highly recommend Patty’s.

Our wedding cake was beautiful and tasty.

- 5 via The Knot

Our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes was not only beautiful on the outside but tasted amazing on the inside! They were right on time in delivering our wedding cake and everyone there was very helpful and professional. We had to order some gluten free and vegan cupcakes on the side for the gluten free and vegan guests at our wedding and they all raved about how delicious those ones were as well. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back here again in the future for some yummy cupcakes!

Their cupcakes are delicious.

- 5 via Google Reviews

My family and I love going to Patty’s Cakes for our favorite treats! Their cupcakes are delicious and we also like the Bag-O-Cake. We order our birthday cakes from Patty’s as well so give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

I appreciate the sustainable packaging!

- 5 via Yelp

I appreciate the sustainable packaging! I picked up two cupcakes and was happy and surprised to see them secure in a cardboard box. The cupcakes remain upright and the icing/decorations perfect. The box is compostable/recyclable. Thank you, Patty’s, for being kind to the planet!

Best vegan cupcakes EVER!

- 5 via Google Reviews

Best vegan cupcakes EVER! I also had a Snickerdoodle cookie and it was so moist, chewy and cinnamony. I’ll be going back on a regular basis!

Delicious vegan cupcakes!

- 5 via Google Reviews

The vegan cupcakes I ordered are delicious. We love being able to get vegan cupcakes. So many choices. Last night my husband and I had 2 each. So yummy. I had my cupcakes delivered because I am basically lazy! Our driver was great. My flavor suggestion would be chocolate cake with coconut frosting. I mixed and matched last night.

Delicious cupcakes and great variety!

- 5 via TripAdvisor

Delicious cupcakes! – From out of state, but my daughter in law directed me to Patty’s Cakes for cupcakes and cookies. What a cute shop and amazing cupcakes and delicious cookies. Was able to get gluten-free and vegan for those who wanted. Great variety. Loved the seasonal “Peppermint Patty.”

The cake was moist, the frosting wasn’t too sweet, and we were hooked on the guava filling.

- 5 via Yelp

We ordered our wedding cake through Patty’s Cakes, and we couldn’t be happier with the process and, most importantly, the taste of our cake! My bridesmaid and I did a tasting a few months before the wedding, and it was one of the best parts of wedding planning. We got to sample so many combinations of flavors – all of them were so good, we brought cupcakes home afterwards. The cake was moist, the frosting wasn’t too sweet, and we were hooked on the guava filling :)

The cake turned out beautifully on our wedding day (with flowers added on by our florist), and we got so many compliments from our guests.

I can’t wait for future events where I can order another cake from Patty’s… in the meantime, I’ll be stopping for cupcakes whenever I’m nearby!

The cake is nice and moist.

- 4 via Yelp

Probably one of the better cupcakes I’ve had, and usually I think most cupcake places are average. Mine was filled with jam and the cream is super soft. The cake is nice and moist too.

The marble cake with Oreo mousse was exactly what our son had in mind.

- 4 via Yelp

It was our son’s birthday and he wanted a specific cake – marble with Oreos so after doing a but of research on Yelp, I found Patty’s Cakes and Desserts. They had very positive reviews, and more importantly- the exact kind of cake our kiddo wanted.

I called to ask a couple of questions and the woman assisting me was very kind and helpful. After confirming this was the cake we needed in our lives, I was able to easily order and pay online (be sure to order custom cakes at least 2 days in advance).

The pickup was smooth – came in and my cake was ready. I appreciate that they confirm the type of cake they’re handing you so you’re sure it’s the right one.

Like other reviewers indicated, Patty’s Cakes are not too sweet and they have a lovely whipped frosting. The marble cake with Oreo mousse was exactly what our son had in mind.

Now that we know that Patty’s Cakes are delicious, we will be ordering special occasion cakes from here again.

Delicious fillings and creams with light fluffy cake.

- 5 via Yelp

Absolutely love this place! I’ve been coming here for a few years for cupcakes and cake balls (yumm!). When it was time to plan my wedding I was so happy to see them as one of our vendor options! The cake tasting experience was more fun than the dinner tasting. Delicious fillings and creams with light fluffy cake, what seems like endless flavor combinations! By far the easiest vendor to work with during our wedding and we couldn’t be happier with our cake. 10/10 would recommend for you wedding cake or to treat yourself with a little something sweet

Delicious mini cupcakes!

- 5 via Google Reviews

We had the dozen of mini cupcakes. You get to pick 4 flavors. We got the vanilla Nutella, banana with vanilla cream, red velvet with cream cheese mouse, and the chocolate Oreo. THEY WERE ALL SO DELICIOUS! Everyone must definitely try.

The only con is that it is pricey. This is a good thing for me though, otherwise I would be there every week.

Delicious wedding cake that people raved about.

- 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes was part of our venue package. It’s easy to schedule the cake tasting and the process was quick and easy. We decided on red velvet with raspberry filling for our wedding cake. It was a delicious cake that people raved about. It’s not sweet and very moist. The staff were very friendly as well. We will come back soon for cupcakes!

Our guests loved the unique mango filled cake.

- 5 via The Knot

Our guests loved the unique mango filled cake. Also, Patty made the top layer gluten-free, which we needed for those with gluten allergies, including me, the bride! I would highly recommend Patty’s Cakes!

We fell in love with the mini cupcakes.

- 5 via Yelp

As my friend recommended Patty’s mini cupcakes, I bought and ate them with my family. All of my family fell in love the cupcakes. I especially love chocolate cupcakes. I can strongly recommend this place.

They have a wide selection of flavors!

- 5 via Yelp

They have a wide selection of flavors, which I loved. We bought the confetti cake which was so moist and the frosting was delicious. We also tried the following cupcakes: chocolate with Oreo mousse, red velvet with cream cheese mousse, white with Nutella, and the banana with vanilla cream.

We were not a fan of the confetti cake but we felt the frosting and the moist cake was worth going back to try other flavors. The red velvet was so good we just weren’t fans of the cream cheese mouse, but that’s because we don’t like cream cheese. Overall it was so good so we plan on going back. Can’t wait to try other flavors too!

The cupcakes didn’t make it to the photo shoot :) too good!

The cupcakes are really fresh and the flavor is great, not too sweet.

- 5 via Yelp

This place has the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, they are really fresh and the flavor is great, not too sweet, just the right amount of sweetness.

Super delicious and moist cupcakes.

- 5 via Yelp

Thank you so much for your super delicious and moist cupcakes and for making a two year old so happy on his Birthday. We appreciate the follow through and timely delivery.

The customer service was outstanding!

- 5 via Google Reviews

Beautifully made. I ordered from the UK as a gift to be delivered in California and the customer service was outstanding!

Ah shucks!

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