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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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AAA Knockout Cupcake Spot

- 5 via Google Reviews

The cupcakes were fluffy and not too sweet. The quality of the ingredients was movie-worthy, that deluxe feeling hitting my tongue was an elegant dance of flavors. I tried the lemon drop and coconut chocolate cupcakes and I was truly disappointed…. that I only ordered 1 of each of those supple, dessert of the gods. Next time I will order a dozen for $21 dollars and be worry-free that I don’t have a cupcake to eat for those occasions I’m feeling frisky for a sweet delight. Don’t pass by this place as I did for the past 4 years they’ve been in Fullerton. I truly regret it. I’m going to have to get my staff a dozen cupcakes to try them out. AAA knockout Cupcake spot.

Detailed And On Time For A Wedding Cake Our Guests Loved

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes was a big hit with our wedding guests! The cake was beautiful and delicious, and they were detailed and on time. Would definitely recommend them! Thanks, Patty’s Cakes!

Our Cake Was Amazing

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

We used Patty’s Cakes for our wedding and our cake was amazing! It came out exactly how we envisioned and complemented our reception beautifully. It tasted really good too and we got many compliments from our guests! Philip was also very responsive when we had questions and took the time to understand our vision and walk us through the selection process.

Butter Pecan Cupcake Is Moist and Flavorful

- 5 via Google Reviews

Although I wasn’t a huge fan of their chocolate with mousse and chocolate chipper cupcakes (I didn’t love whipped mousse topping on either of those), the butter pecan cupcake is so good! I realized it was the individual cupcakes I didn’t care for and I just needed to choose the right one! The cake is moist and flavorful and the cream cheese mousse topping is a thicker, richer frosting that pairs with it so well.

Our Wedding Dessert Bar Was Unbelievable

- San Diego, CA - 5 via Yelp

We used Patty’s Cakes for our wedding and have nothing but great things to say. The wedding cake they made for us was delicious and incredible looking. The dessert bar that was included in the package we had was unbelievable – cookies, cake pops, mini cupcakes… all fantastic. I would highly recommend using Patty’s Cakes for weddings as well as just stopping by for a quick delight!

I LOVE Patty’s Cakes

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

I really LOVE Patty’s Cake. Not only are their cupcakes sweet, light, and fluffy, but also their customer service is wonderful. The staff is very friendly.

Come To Patty’s And Enjoy A Piece Of Deliciousness

- 5 via TripAdvisor

Patty’s Cakes makes delicious cupcakes and they offer a good selection of gluten-free cupcakes. Her cakes for special events are 5 stars. I have been ordering her cakes for my clients for their special day for over 20 years and every single client along with their guest loved her cakes. Can’t forget about the old fashion thrifty ice cream that brings back childhood memories. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite. I recommend that if you are out dining, skip the dessert at the restaurant and drop in at Patty’s cake and enjoy a piece of deliciousness.

Very Good Gluten-Free Cupcakes

- 5 via Google Reviews

I was very happy that they sold gluten-free cupcakes!! The cupcakes were very good!

So Yummy, I Can’t Wait For Another Cupcake

- 5 via Google Reviews

Delicious! My cupcake didn’t make it home ???? I bought two chocolate and fudge. One for me one for my son. So yummy I can’t wait to have another.

Best Desserts I’ve Ever Had

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

All of the great Yelp reviews are definitely will learn. Some of the best desserts that I’ve ever had and also the nicest people that I’ve been able to do business with. Thank you guys so much for the awesome food and service that you provide to the community!

White Cupcake With Vanilla Mousse Perfect For My Daughter And I

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

Had no idea that the best cupcake I’d ever taste would be right down the street from me. Just shared a white cupcake w vanilla mousse with my daughter and we both loved it! I’m not a dessert or sweets person but I can’t wait to go back. The store is adorable and the service was great.

Delicious Cupcakes For A VERY Reasonable Price

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

Delicious cupcakes for a VERY reasonable price! Very friendly staff, lots of options, and everything was delicious. Haven’t had their cakes yet, but when the time comes, I’ll definitely be going here!

Our Wedding Cake Had Our Guests Asking For More

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

My wife and I absolutely loved our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes. Many of our guests were literally asking for more! The tasting experience was really fun, they had many unique choices that were excellent. We ended up choosing a banana cake with custard filling and it was beyond amazing. My wife and I highly recommend Patty’s Cakes!

Scrumptious Wedding Cake

- Santa Ana, CA - 5 via Yelp

This is a photo of our freshly made delicious scrumptious cake from our wedding at orange Hill we did our cake tasting and the service was great! Great customer service! And they give you enough time to choose the right flavors for the cake! This is our go-to spot now for any sweets pick up!

Fullerton Cakery Far Surpassed My LA Cupcake Expecations

- 5

I live in LA where the market is saturated with cupcake vendors. My expectations were low of this cupcake place in my suburban hometown city of Fullerton. Patty’s Cakes far surpassed my expectations.

We ordered 4 gluten-free cupcakes. I had the GF chocolate with mint chip icing. My husband had the GF chocolate with peanut butter frosting. And, my 3-year-old had the GF chocolate with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. I thought that a large amount of frosting would be overly sweet and I would scrape 1/2 off, BUT I was pleasantly surprised when I took a bite! The frosting went deliciously with the cake. It was not too sweet, and I enjoyed every bit. My husband loved his too. My daughter ate mostly the frosting and not much of the cake but that is typical of her.

My Dad had the vanilla with coconut vanilla frosting and my Aunt had the regular (not GF free) chocolate with mint frosting. They both thought they were very tasty. I tried my Dad’s vanilla. Personally, I was not a huge fan. The cake tasted a little lemon-y to me for some reason.

Overall, I was surprised by how good these cupcakes were. In fact, my Dad is going to buy me some for my birthday. And, I liked them so much, I signed up for the birthday club to get 2 free ones. :)

Amazing With a Capital A

- Coronado, CA - 5 via Yelp

What can I say about Patty’s Cakes? AMAZING with a capital A. I discovered them at Summit House open house right when I 1st got engaged. Then that year I purchased a cake soon after for my soon to be husband’s birthday and it was a hit with his family. Two years later I knew they needed to make my wedding cake. No other compared to the flavor of Patty’s cakes. Phillip was easy-going and made the ordering process simple. I had family members rave about our wedding cake. If you’re looking for a good service and great taste Patty’s Cakes in Fullerton is where you need to go.

Currently Looking For An Excuse

- Los Alamitos, Ca - 5 via Yelp

I’ve only tried the cupcakes and I can’t begin to tell you how delicious they are. I’m looking for an excuse to go back and get more. Their cakes are so beautifully decorated. Definitely going back.

Wedding Cake Looked Exactly As I Imagined It

- Chino, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes was perfect for my wedding day. Philip made the whole process of choosing a cake easy and fun. The cake look exactly how I imagined it and so many of our guests complimented us on how great it tasted. I would highly recommend booking Patty’s Cakes for your wedding, we will definitely be using them for future events!

Cakes Tasted Home-Made and We Wanted To Eat More

- 5 via The Knot

My husband and I highly recommend this cake company! We got to work with Philip, who was amazing throughout the cake ordering process! We were wowed at the cake tasting event. All of their cake flavors, fillings, and the frosting tasted amazing! My husband and I usually are not cake eaters, but their cake was light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. The cakes tasted home-made and we wanted to eat more. Don’t take my word for it, you will see at the cake tasting that their cakes and customer service are wonderful :)

Cake Delivered In Perfect Condition By Lovely Delivery Woman

- Nuevo, CA - 5 via Yelp

OMG best cakes plus the delivery woman was so lovely and sweet! Just made our day getting these cakes and enjoying them for a birthday last Saturday! The driver was just so wonderful to us since we were really stressed over this party! The cakes were in perfect condition and tasted amazing! We will definitely order cakes again and with such great delivery service, it really helps!

Beautiful and Reasonable Priced Banana and Cream Cheese Cake

- 5 via The Knot

The cake was delicious and beautiful as well as reasonably priced. We went with Banana with cream cheese which was unique and fun! The only downside is they aren’t open on Sundays.

Many Cupcake Options Made To Order

- San Diego, CA - 5 via Yelp

We stumbled upon this place when we were in the area. They have so many options to choose from. They don’t make the cupcakes until you order. Very good customer service as well. Highly recommended!

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts For Any Occasion

- San Jose, CA - 5 via Yelp

First introduced to Patty’s Cakes after we selected them for our wedding! They did not disappoint. The cake was moist with just the right amount of filling and frosting. Since then we’ve gone back for their cupcakes and delicious cookies. I highly recommend them for any occasion!

Wedding Guests Are Still Talking About Our Wedding Cake One Month Later

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

We got married on 5/4/2019 and our guests are still talking about how amazing our cake was! We seriously cannot thank Patty’s Cakes enough for making our special day that much better!

We sat down with Philip for our tasting. Honestly, we are not cake people but everything we tried was simply amazing! We ended up choosing the banana cake with vanilla Bavarian cream and cream cheese for the filling with their light airy whip frosting. It reminded us of banana cream pie. Out of this world!

We cannot wait to order more cakes for future life events! Thank you, again for making our delicious cake.

Easiest Ordering Process for Our Wedding Cake

- Monterey Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s did my cake for my wedding in March. The entire process was the easiest out of all my wedding vendors. Cake tasting was so much fun. The bakery and cake tasting room is cute and beautifully decorated. Patty’s made it quick and easy to choose a wedding cake and also gave me and my husband helpful tips. The cake tasting and the wedding cake itself were so delicious. Guests also complimented the cake as well. If you are looking for a wedding cake, look no further! Patty’s is where it’s at!

Our Guests Practically Fought Over These Cookies

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

I had heard really great things about Patty’s cookies so I ordered them for my son’s graduation party. I got an assortment so we could try each flavor. WOW! There was practically a fight at the dessert table over the last confetti sprinkle cookie! And I actually didn’t even get to taste any of them because they were gone before I knew it! Everyone who had the good fortune of scoring one of these delicious goodies said they were moist and amazing. I was a little concerned because I picked up my order on Saturday for the party on Sunday. But apparently they were still incredibly moist! If I could give any advice it would be to BUY MORE THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED! Because they will be devoured before you know it!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Any Cupcakes

- Bakersfield, CA - 5 via Yelp

Cindy is always super friendly and gives the best advice on cupcakes. I always go to her for a recommendation. The cupcakes are so delicious, too. You can’t go wrong, no matter what you choose. My favorites are the White with Mint Chip Mousse and the Banana Split. Yummy!!!

Custom Gender Reveal Cake

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

We ordered our gender reveal cake from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts and everything was perfect. They took their time with us and explain how the entire process worked. We really got the cake we wanted for our special event. It tasted delicious and everyone enjoyed the cake. We highly recommend buying cakes and desserts from here.

Easily Ordered a Birthday Cake From Arizona

- Gilbert, AZ - 5 via Google Reviews

I ordered a 2 tier bday cake and gluten-free cupcakes based strictly on the reviews and they did not disappoint. I live in AZ and Christina worked with me by phone and email. She was awesome to work with.

Big Thumbs Up For The Cupcakes

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

The place is so cute! The people are very welcoming and nice. Bug thumbs up for the cupcakes… especially the cream on the cupcake is not too heavy or not too light. Also, the cupcake isn’t too buttery or too sweet! I should be guilty but not when you try them ;) I got a dozen cupcakes for my friend who can be picky and has critical taste. He was pleased with the cute cupcakes but taste was better :)

GrubHub Cupcakes So Good That I Came

- Hawthorne, CA - 5 via Yelp

Soooo good! I first ordered these through Grub Hub and it was so great that I got in my car and went there the next day! The cupcakes are frosted on the spot so it is always fresh. The staff is friendly and very helpful. This is my new favorite bakery.
Ps. If you review them you get a free cupcake but I didn’t review on their website so.

Online Order For 3 Dozen Cookies Were Outstandingly Delicious

- 5 via Google Reviews

I placed an online order for 3 dozen cookies. They were packaged and ready to go at the time of pick up. Most importantly they were outstandingly delicious! Excellent in every way! This will definitely be my go-to bakery from now on!

Amazing Mixture Of Flavors But Not Overwhelming

- Corona, CA - 5 via Yelp

Awesome Cupcakes! Amazing mixture of flavors without it being overwhelming. Something I would recommend for formal events such as weddings. You can get variations of flavors for all kinds of life.

Cupcakes and Cake Balls That SLAP

- 5

Patty’s Cakes has cupcakes and cake balls that SLAP. Thank you. 10/10. The cake balls are really flavorful and they’re smaller but super-rich and delicious. And the cupcakes are really fluffy, the frosting is super sweet and tasteful, and they look really pretty as well. 10/10 recommend.

Patty’s Cupcakes Are My Go-To For a Cute Little Birthday Gift

- Santa Ana, CA - 5 via Yelp

Love Patty’s! Always my go-to when I want to gift a cute little cupcake to a friend or family member for their birthday, anniversary, etc. Purchased my first full-size cake there the other day for my husband’s birthday, and everyone loved it! Order through Yelp for $5 off too ;)

Literally the Best Cupcakes I’ve Ever Had

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

Literally the best cupcakes I’ve ever had!!
Excellent customer service. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

We Got a Custom Graduation Cake in Less Than a Week

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

A beautiful cake and delicious too. I needed a graduation cake in less than a week (which is a really short time in the bakery world) and I wanted to order online. Patty’s offers three different cake types depending on when you need your cake (need the cake ASAP, In 3 days or in 6 days). I was within the “3-day choice” and I was able to order a semi-custom cake which meant that I could pick the size, cake flavor, filling, icing and the message on top. I went in to pick up my cake on the day and time I requested. The staff (especially Maura) was very friendly and helpful and my cake was ready as promised. I will definitely order more cakes from Patty’s.

Beautiful and Delicious Wedding Cake with a Great Price Tag

- Moreno Valley, CA - 5 via Yelp

This place is amazing! We ordered our wedding cake from here, and it was beautiful and delicious! We got several compliments! Also, Phillip and Patty are amazing! They take care of you and make everything easy, fun, and stress-free. And their prices are reasonable!

Only Cons About Patty’s is the Parking

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

| PROS |

  • Friendly staff
  • Cupcakes are so delicious and moist
  • Tons of flavors to choose from

| CONS |

  • Parking is limited here

Best Find in the OC

- Gilbert, AZ - 5 via Yelp

Best find in the OC. The cupcakes were delicious. Loved the way that the frosting is not added until you pick out your cupcakes. Makes it nice and fresh.
I truly loved the Elvis but I am dying to try out all the other flavors. Seriously wanted t buy everything on the menu. The coffee I forgot to order since I was in a rush but I will be checking that out next time and update this review.

Parking isn’t that great. Just a few slots in the back and you will have to park off the main street. Not sure how it is on the weekend but I was able to find a spot on a weekday.

Ah shucks!

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(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.