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Thank you to all of our loyal customers.. THANK YOU! It has been a pleasure creating your many celebration cakes and treats. We appreciate your continued support over all these years. We love to read your notes, and reviews. We are truly grateful and very blessed indeed... Love, Patty and staff

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Reviews left by our customers

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Patty’s Cakes Pays Attention to Detail – From Flavor to Hand Piping on Our Wedding Cake

- 5 via The Knot

Patty’s Cakes did excellent on our wedding cake. We did an untraditional wedding cake by going with a square cake. The hand piping was beautiful. We chose our favorite confetti cake with Bavarian creme and WOW it was delicious! During our tasting we also tried the chocolate and it was amazing and moist!

This Small Business is Legit!

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

This place is legit!
I’ve been here a couple of times and I have to say, the hype is real. I can’t say this is my favorite cupcake, but the entire package of their experience is so impressive, that it easily earns a five-star review.
Let’s start with the cupcake. The cake is soft, fresh, and tastes great- sweet, but not overly. They mostly use a mousse-based frosting on their cupcakes. This is the only thing I don’t care for- mousse just isn’t my thing. However, they do have some options without so it’s not mandatory. All my favorite cupcakes come with mousse as the frosting, so I just refrigerate the cupcake for a bit to firm up the frosting. I’m probably the odd one with that preference, but it works for me.
The in-store experience is impressive- they have a really neat looking shop and employees are super helpful in answering questions, which is needed since they have so many options. However, if you don’t want to go or just love the idea of cupcakes being quickly delivered to your door, check out their awesome delivery options. You can quickly and easily order cakes and cupcakes from home and have them delivered in less than an hour (if you’re in their delivery area.) Which is even more dangerous now that I’m working from home.
This is definitely a local business worth supporting!

Finally Tried These Cupcakes and They Were So Tasty

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

I always wanted to check out this place and honestly never had the chance. Well, I finally tried some of the cupcakes and they were so tasty and delicious! I’m going back soon!

Patty’s Cakes Made Our Wedding Day Extra Happy

- Santa Ana, CA - 5 via Yelp

I had Patty’s Cakes make my cake for our wedding and we were very happy with it. It was delicious and we will definitely be going back to get more treats from Patty’s for family events.

Great Cupcakes Delivered Right to Your Door

- Placentia, CA - 5 via Yelp

Great cupcakes delivered right to our house during these terrible times being shut it. The chocolate cupcake was the best I have ever had! The red velvet was also amazing! Thanks for staying open!

My First Time Ordering From a Specialty Bakery and it Was Awesome

- 5 via Google Reviews

Absolutely love these guys! I was able to get a semi-custom cake made in 3-days during this pandemic (for those of us in the future, remember COVID-19?). I’ve previously ordered online using some of their deals/coupons, and had 4 cupcakes. Very fun flavors that mesh well, and they tasted great. I can’t comment on the price, usually I bake my own desserts so this is a first for me to buy from a specialty bakery.

Ordering Online is the Way to Go!

- Orange, CA - 5 via Yelp

Amazing! I ordered the Bake My Day pack because they were the only ones with reasonable delivery days available at such short notice (someone companies charged exorbitant amounts in fees). The cupcakes were delivered on time (reasonably within the window provided) and the delivery service they use delivered all the cupcakes in tact! No smudges or smears. I was impressed by the whole process and the cupcakes tasted amazing!!

Wifey Approved Birthday Cake

- 5 via Google Reviews

We had an excellent experience today. Ordered a cake for wifey’s birthday, it was ready on time and tasted great. We’ll be back and recommend that people come back, too.

Same Day Pick Up is a Game Changer

- 5

We celebrated my son’s birthday yesterday and I was able to order cupcakes in the morning online through Patty’s Cakes website for same day pick up. It was so easy to go in and pick them up since they were already paid for, I also appreciated that my order was ready. They have several flavors to choose from and they were delicious!! It was so nice to have a special treat to celebrate with my son, especially during this time. On a side note – the bakery is easy to locate and there is plenty of street parking.

The Perfect Birthday Cake

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

The perfect birthday cake! This pretty, tasty cake was perfect for my daughter’s birthday party.

I Cannot Get Enough of the Oreo Icing

- 5 via Google Reviews

Love love the Oreo frosting here! I cannot get enough of it! The cupcakes are moist and delish, although the red velvet isn’t as memorable here. But will definitely be back for the chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting!!

Last-Minute Delivery Option that Ended Up Being Delicious

- Rowland Heights, CA - 5 via Yelp

Okay so I was really worried that this cake would be very very sweet and overpriced. Boy was I wrong. Patty’s is the BEST. Not too overpriced for a delicious cake. It’s my mom’s birthday and I was looking for a cake for delivery that would be delicious and last minute. I ordered 3 days ahead and got delivered my cake safely on time. The delivery man was very kind and came right to our apartment door (hard to find). The cake was not damaged in any way and was safely delivered. The choices for a cake flavor were a lot and so were the designs. The price was $58 including delivery. Feeds 6-8. I would definitely come back for adult styled cakes here. The cream and sponge was not too sweet but flavorful enough! I ate two pieces! Really delicious food for a solid price! Thank you so much Patty’s Cakes! I shouldn’t have underestimated you guys! Lol my mom says this cake could feed twelve people if slices are smaller since the cake is taller, I’m not so sure about that…

Excellent Vegan Cupcakes

- 5 via Google Reviews

Their vegan cupcakes are absolutely EXCELLENT! We had the s’mores, the chocolate with chocolate chips in the frosting, and the Oreo strawberry, frosting was incredible and cake was amazing! My girlfriend and I are always seeking out new vegan finds and Patty’s will definitely be a place we are returning to! This was an awesome birthday surprise for my girlfriend!

Without a Doubt the Best Vegan Cupcakes

- Diamond Bar, CA - 5 via Yelp

These are without a doubt the best cupcakes I’ve ever had, and you never find any with filling!

A Cupcake Shop with a Flavor for Everyone

- Orange, CA - 5 via Yelp

My wife loves to bring in treats for her staff, but because of her work hours, she does not have time to pick up anything. Turning to DoorDash, I tried to find a dessert place that delivered to her location. Patty’s Cakes came up and loved their variety of cupcakes. For this particular occasion, she had a birthday to celebrate, and they have multiple cupcake packages, with one being the birthday package. It was a huge hit and became the go-to baker for her treats.
There is a wide variety of cupcake flavors sure to please anyone. Honestly, there has not been one that we have tried that was not moist, decorated well, cake and frosting complemented each other, and most of all tasted fantastic.
I would add pictures, but they never last long enough to grab a camera.
We look forward to trying their other goodies.

I Can’t Stop Eating These Cupcakes!

- 5 via Google Reviews

The cupcakes and cakes here are delicious. I can’t stop eating them. They have great service and nice employees who treat you politely. The new strawberry cupcake and cake is wonderful and tastes fresh.

Wedding Cake Tasting, Process, and Day Were Seamless

- 4 via The Knot

It was a breeze to set up a tasting appointment, work our way through our options, and finalize a cake. They delivered it on time to the venue, and it looked and tasted great. Would recommend!

Accidentally Found Patty’s but Cannot Stop Returning

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

We accidentally found Patty’s cakes; I was driving and asked my dairy free Son to call Hapa for vegan treats. He dialed Patty’s and we were pleasantly surprised! My son loved his vegan cupcakes that were packaged safely separated from the others and the rest of us gobbled ours down! So excited to have a new option for my family!

The Sweetest Touch to Our Special Day

- Placentia, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s cake was our wedding cake caterer for our wedding in January 2020. Phillip, the manager, was very easy to work with, patient, and great at communicating and answering all our questions. Since my then-fiance and I had opposing schedules, it was quite hard to find a time for a tasting appointment that would work for both of us, and Phillip was able to carve out some time to help us and worked with our schedule. I also had changed my mind about colors for decorating the cake and Phillip was so cool about it and delivered the color of decoration I requested.

This cake came with the package from our venue (Coyote Hills Golf Course). We got a choice of 3 different bakeries, and Patty’s cake was definitely, hands-down, the absolute best of them all!!! Every single flavor we tried at the tasting was moist, decadent, flavorful, and just the right amount of sweet. This goes for their buttercream as well! It was soft and just sweet enough.

We chose 2 flavors to serve our guests – white with custard and chocolate with chocolate chip mousse. I’m so glad I got to eat both at my wedding because they were absolutely delicious!!! The cakes were just like at the tasting – moist, decadent, flavorful, and just plain delicious. All of our guests raved about how delicious the cake was!!

For our top tier that we took home, the flavor was lemon with custard. I have been in love with that lemon cake ever since the first time I tasted their cupcake. It was delicious!!

I would highly, super recommend Patty’s cake as your wedding cake caterer! You will get a beautiful cake that is delicious and your guests will love it, too! Thank you for adding the sweetest touch to our special day! :)

The Most Fresh and Delicious Cake Out There

- 5 via Google Reviews

I never expected their cakes to taste so delicious, but let me tell you I was so surprised by how MOIST and DELICIOUS their cake was!!! Omg! We had kept the cake in the fridge all morning and took it out right before we cut it open expecting the cake to be hard but nope. It was soft and tasted fresh. This will be my new go to bakery.

Patty’s Cakes is a Forever Favorite

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

This is still one of my favorite places and the icing is out of this world. The aesthetic of the place is super cute and it’s welcoming every time. I will try to order cupcakes here for my birthday next year for sure.

A Cake Tasting to Count on

- Village At Western Oaks, Austin, TX - 5 via Yelp

We are super happy that we picked Patty’s Cakes to serve our wedding day. First off, the cake tasting process was such a breeze. From scheduling the appointment to actually showing up and trying the flavors, it was fast, efficient and uncomplicated. We were even able to pick two different flavors and alternate them with the cake tiers. Our cake showed up looking perfect and on time for the reception. We ALL really enjoyed the cake!

Cupcakes Perfect in Flavor, Density, and Sweetness

- Stanton, CA - 5 via Yelp

I love their cupcakes. My faves are the Elvis and Neapolitan. Adding to that list are also the Early Riser and the Nutella mousse on white cake. I like that their cupcakes are just right in sweetness, not too dense cake, and I love the mousse frosting. The service is very good. So far, the several times I’ve been into the shop the staff has been consistently good and friendly. Keep up the good job!

I Would Eat the Whole Box of Cupcakes if I Was Allowed To

- San Francisco, CA - 5 via Yelp

I can’t get enough to those cupcakes. I tried the oatmeal cookies and didn’t care for the taste of them but, I could eat an entire box of cupcakes by myself I was allowed to. I had the chocolate cake with strawberry and it was outstanding!

Our Friend’s Birthday Was a Treat for All of Us Thanks to Patty’s Cakes!

- Los Alamitos, CA - 5 via Yelp

We ordered a half dozen cupcakes online for a friend’s birthday and I’m so glad we did! The online ordering process was easy and clear. When I arrived at my designated pick-up time, our order was exact and ready to go. The lemon, strawberry, mango and chocolate cupcakes were delicious. We’re definitely coming back!

Wedding Cake Everyone Loved

- East Whittier, Whittier, CA - 5 via Yelp

I ordered my wedding cake here and it came out absolutely beautiful. I loved it. Everyone at my wedding loved it as well. It not only looked amazing, but it tasted amazing! I love this place! We go all the time for cupcakes, cookies etc. I would definitely recommend this place.

Delicious Nutella Filled Cake Delivered in Perfect Shape

- La Habra, CA - 5 via Yelp

Due to the Covid-19 virus, we ordered a cake to be delivered for my daughter. The cake was delivered on time and in perfect condition. More importantly, the cake was so delicious. We ordered the Nutella filling which was amazing. We found a new place to order all of our cakes. Patty’s cakes and desserts will now be our #1!!

A Wedding Cake We Felt so Proud to Share with Our Friends and Family

- Orange, CA - 5 via Yelp

We first met with Patty for a consultation and loved her passion, enthusiasm, love for baking, and her team. We had another consultation lined up and soon after leaving the tasting, we looked at each other and said, why bother? The cakes at Patty’s are so amazing and the custard center is what sold me, personally! My husband and his family come from a family who loves sweets and his sister is a professional in the field and so it was really important that we had a cake we felt proud to share with our friends and family! (We didn’t ask our sister to bake our cake because we wanted everyone to enjoy the day and not have to stress over any part.)
We chose a split chocolate and coconut cake with a Bavarian cream center and boy was the cake amazing! We sat down after cutting our cake and really took the time to enjoy it! Our friends and family have been asking where we got the cake and we cannot recommend Patty’s enough! We cannot wait to dig in to the top layer and have it on a special occasion.
Philip helped us with coordination and he was extremely clear, precise, and easy to work with. Book with Patty’s- you will not regret it!

The Lemon and Chocolate Chip Cakeballs are so Moist and Delicious

- Fullerton, CA - 4 via Yelp

This was my first experience here and I had two of the cake balls: lemon and chocolate chip. I was surprised at the moistness of the cake and the flavors were so good, not too rich. Can’t wait to try a cupcake and more.

Fantastic and Well-Priced Cupcakes

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

Just ordered online they were fantastic!! All 5 of them, yeah guilty of trying them all LOL! I hope I don’t order too often now that I’ve discovered them! Very reasonably priced as well.

Patty’s Cupcakes Change The Game

- Fullerton, CA - 5 via Yelp

Patty’s Cakes cupcakes are amazing!!! I’ve had 2 different lemon ones, a chocolate, and the Monkey’s Uncle. Delicious! I will use them for every event from here on out!

The Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Mousse is the Best Cupcake Ever

- Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

I popped in here after having some red velvet cake cravings, the place is adorable! I bought a regular cream cheese frosting red velvet cupcake and it was by far THE BEST cupcake I’ve ever had! The woman working up front was incredibly nice and easygoing (: I highly recommend it!

Patty’s Cakes Has Created a Full Dimension of Sweet Treats

- Northwest Anaheim, Anaheim, CA - 5 via Yelp

Amazing! Cookies, cupcakes, and full-size beautiful wedding cakes. Patty’s Cakes has created a full dimension of sweet treats. Colorful, elegant cakes are beautiful and set the mood on any table, the taste is full and rich, and opening the pink box sends sweet smells to your nose.
My favorite stop preparing for any party or gathering.

Hooked on Patty’s Cakes and Can’t Stop!

- San Diego, CA - 5 via Yelp

We ordered a cake from Patty’s Cakes for our wedding in December 2019 and it was so delicious and perfect, just as we ordered. Ever since we scheduled the cake tasting we came to order cupcakes to go, cake balls, and other delicious treats from Patty’s. Every time they were amazing and delicious. I’m not a fan of fondant or sweet icing so knowing that Patty’s Cakes used a very light, whipped kind of icing made it easy for us to pick a perfect wedding cake, and keep us coming back for their flavorful cupcakes. Our wedding cake was chocolate cake with chocolate fudge in a naked style, no-frills, we just added the flowers and cake topper ourselves when the day came. We’ve tried many of the cupcake flavors and my personal favorite has been the Butter Pecan cupcake. We will definitely be back for more cupcakes for my daughter’s birthday and our anniversary cake!

Cutest Cupcake Shop for All Sweets

- Sunriver, OR - 5 via Yelp

Cute little shop for cupcakes and other sweet baked goods. Good pricing and various specials available if you join their email club!

This Picky Eater Loves All of Patty’s Unique Flavors!

- Rancho Cucamonga, CA - 5 via Yelp

So excited to dig into our favorite bakery! By far the best cupcakes we’ve ever had. I’m normally extremely picky but Patty has me trying all new kinds of flavors and loving every one! Huge inventive selection, I highly recommend!

Returning Customer for Awesome Cakes and Service

- La Habra, CA - 5 via Yelp

The first time ordering was awesome that’s why I ordered from them again! I had a small problem maneuvering through the last section of online ordering so I called and they were so helpful and nice! Now I will update the review when I eat the cake!

The Perfect Cake Made Possible By Out-of-This-World Customer Service

- Daly City, CA - 5 via Google Reviews

My son informed me of his roommate’s birthday the day before. He is on a student visa from Japan and all his family is back home. So, I thought it would be nice to send him a little something to let him know we are thinking of him on his special day. So, I scrambled to find a bakery nearby that delivers same day. I googled the best cakes with same day delivery near Fullerton. Patty’s Cake and Desserts popped up. I read the reviews. With that, we ordered his cake online around 9:30am and they open at 10am.
But… I read a contradicting message on the page, so before I continued with my order, I emailed the bakery. I received a reply from Philip Gomez, Co-Proprietor minutes after I sent the email. Now that is the kind of customer service I am talking about. Although I did not read the email until a few minutes after they opened, but I did see the time he replied. I am all about customer service. My family knows that about me….I am a stickler about the service I receive anywhere I go.

The roommate called and said he received his cake today between the hours Philip mentioned. That was perfect!

He got his cake and ate it too!!! Lol!!!

To me, the product does not have to taste out of this world, which I have a good feeling it does, due to the great reviews. Just the customer service alone will have me returning for orders for any celebrations.
Thank you Patty’s Cakes & Dessert for putting a smile on my face as well as Ryu the birthday boy.

First Time Ordering Here and I Will Be Back!

- Corona, CA - 5 via Yelp

First time having a cake here and everyone loved it, including myself! It was so delicious and soft, and the whip was light. Everything was just perfect, I will be returning.

Best Cupcakes and Cookies Ever

- Buena Park, CA - 5 via Yelp

Best cupcakes and cookies ever!! Got them for a coworkers retirement party and they were a hit! Definitely going back for any needs for sweets!

Ah shucks!

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