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[Review] The moment we walked into the bakery, we knew we had found our cake

Rochelle said…

The moment we walked into the bakery, we knew we had found our cake. The Bakery is bright, smells sweet, and is very welcoming & approachable. Patty greeted us with a smile and warmth. She is one of those people you meet and right away can tell she is a good person who loves what she does. We fell in love. She wanted to get to know us, our wedding, our inspiration. She asked if we had pictures, I pulledup my pintrest board and low and behold with out even realizing it was hers, I had picked one of her cakes to show. She laughed and said hey thats my cake! is that on pintrest?? Anyway, how could we say no. Prices were great! especially compared to the competition . We picked the lemon cake and custard, and its going to have a hint of orange as a surprise inside, to go with out poppy colored theme. SO EXCITED!!!!

Rochelle - Fullerton, CA

[Review] Moist and very delicious!

These cupcakes were so moist and delicious. Totally awesome.

Susie - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] The lemon drop cupcake was amazing!

The lemon drop cupcake was amazing! As for the
red velvet, I preferred the cake ball over the
cupcake. The cake ball is very moist and the
encasing is VERY sweet. With that said, you don’t
have to eat all that “frosting” if you don’t like
super sweet. Just cut in half, ‘peel off some
frosting” and take that amazing bite.

My husband enjoyed the cake balls more than the
cupcakes because he’s a fan of butter cream
frosting and not the whipped kind that’s on these
delicious cupcakes. So if you’re the same way, go
for the cake balls.

Cupcakes = 4 stars
Cake balls = 5 stars
The young girl with the huge eyes behind the
counter = 2 stars

I’m not sure if she just doesn’t know the answer
to my questions or if she’s a smart alec but not
only is she not helpful, if you ever dare to ask
her a question, she makes you feel stupid. Maybe
I’m the stupid one. At least I can cure the
bitter taste that she leaves in my mouth with a
bite of the red velvet cake ball.

Connie B. - Fullerton, CA
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Back by popular demand! $2 Tuesday – Cupcakes and Cake Balls are only $2

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$2 Tuesday, All 54 flavors of Cupcakes, all 12 flavors of cake balls!
$2 Tuesday – Cupcakes and Cake Balls

$2 Tuesday - Cupcakes and Cake Balls

Mention this offer when placing your order. Valid on Tuesday November 18th only.
Limit 4 cupcakes or cake balls per person. Cannot be combined with any other promotions. While supplies last. Gluten-free cupcakes and cake balls are $2.50 ea. Must pick up the same day.

[Review] Cupcake Wednesday!!!

My name is Allen and I love cupcakes especially from here! I come here every wednesday to get a cup cake! CUPCAKE WEDNESDAYS!!!! YUM!

Allen - Fullerton, CA
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Playoff Cake Balls for the Anaheim Ducks

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For the second year in a row we delivered 2040 cake balls to the Honda Center for the Anaheim Ducks. Each of the box suites gets to enjoy a selection of Ducks colored cake balls while watching the playoff game. GO DUCKS!


Cake Balls delivered for the Anaheim Ducks Hockey Team

[Review] Very satisfying!!

Yummy cupcake. Moist, fluffy, chocolate cake. Rich, restrained sweet peanut butter creamy frosting. Very satisfying. Not too big. Just the right size for a good bit.

The staff were friendly and accomodating. I only wished that we could have tried the cake balls but they were all sold out.


Walter - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Always fresh and simply scrumptious!

Always fresh and simply scrumptious! I love love love red velvet and they make it
perfectly! Always go here for my cupcake cravings!


Sugar - Fullerton, CA
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[Review] Simply Amazing!

Patty’s Cakes is simply amazing. With such a cute place, friendly
people who always seem to have a smile on their faces, and stellar cupcake
creations that will transport you to a better place…what more could I want?

I’ve been here twice and have loved every cupcake I’ve tried. My favorite has to
be the Elvis. I could probably eat a dozen of those. :) I also loved the Chocolate
with Raspberry Chambord Mousse and the Butter Pecan. The cakes are moist, the
frosting and fillings are fresh and delicious, and the decorations are adorable.

I’ve been on the hunt for a cupcake place for awhile, and all I can say is thank
goodness for Yelp! I would’ve never found this place without those phenomenal
reviews. I’ll definitely keep coming back anytime I have a craving for something
sweet–which is definitely quite often. :)


Cheryl C. - Rowland Heights, CA
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[Review] Cupcake addicts

I found out about Patty’s Cakes a few days ago and couldn’t wait to try it. Got
there this morning and picked a dozen cupcakes, different flavors. EVERY SINGLE
one was absolutely delicious! Very much worth the money and Patty was a
sweetheart. I highly recommend it to all the cupcake addicts out there.

Nell - Fullerton, CA
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