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[Review] Their vegan flavors are so delicious.

Getsemani Galvez - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

It was my first time trying from this place. I’m vegan and I saw they had vegan options, so I decided to give it a try. Their vegan flavors were so delicious, I loved them. I tried 4 of their vegan flavors and they were so good, so I will definitely try the rest when I order from them again.

[Review] Delicious gluten free cupcakes.

Jennifer Fenwick - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Just received this amazing box of some delicious gluten free cupcakes. Amazing recipes. The whipped cream frosting is so light and airy. The cakes are so moist. The chocolate fudge frosting with custard filling and the raspberry cream filling with whip cream is delicious. Definitely will order more.

[Review] Amazing tasting wedding cake.

Christopher T - 5 Star rating via The Knot

The cake arrived on time to our wedding reception and without any issues. The whole party loved the cake and the taste was amazing.

[Review] We used Patty’s for our wedding cake and they did NOT disappoint.

Sachi A. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

We used Patty’s for our wedding cake and they did NOT disappoint. Philip was a prince through the initial tasting process and made it very easy to coordinate the delivery (they delivered to our venue on time) and the cake we chose was a true crowd pleaser. The ingredients were so fresh and they nailed our design to a T. We did a yellow cake with fresh strawberry filling and Bavarian cream it was DELICIOUS!! Would highly recommend Patty’s.

[Review] Our wedding cake was beautiful and tasty.

Laura S - 5 Star rating via The Knot

Our wedding cake from Patty’s Cakes was not only beautiful on the outside but tasted amazing on the inside! They were right on time in delivering our wedding cake and everyone there was very helpful and professional. We had to order some gluten free and vegan cupcakes on the side for the gluten free and vegan guests at our wedding and they all raved about how delicious those ones were as well. I highly recommend this place and will definitely be coming back here again in the future for some yummy cupcakes!

[Review] Their cupcakes are delicious.

Valeria Alba - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

My family and I love going to Patty’s Cakes for our favorite treats! Their cupcakes are delicious and we also like the Bag-O-Cake. We order our birthday cakes from Patty’s as well so give them a try you won’t be disappointed.

[Review] I appreciate the sustainable packaging!

Maureen B L. - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I appreciate the sustainable packaging! I picked up two cupcakes and was happy and surprised to see them secure in a cardboard box. The cupcakes remain upright and the icing/decorations perfect. The box is compostable/recyclable. Thank you, Patty’s, for being kind to the planet!

[Review] Best vegan cupcakes EVER!

Leslie F - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Best vegan cupcakes EVER! I also had a Snickerdoodle cookie and it was so moist, chewy and cinnamony. I’ll be going back on a regular basis!

[Review] Delicious vegan cupcakes!

Jackie Gleason - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

The vegan cupcakes I ordered are delicious. We love being able to get vegan cupcakes. So many choices. Last night my husband and I had 2 each. So yummy. I had my cupcakes delivered because I am basically lazy! Our driver was great. My flavor suggestion would be chocolate cake with coconut frosting. I mixed and matched last night.

[Review] Delicious cupcakes and great variety!

Departure3658 - 5 Star rating via TripAdvisor

Delicious cupcakes! – From out of state, but my daughter in law directed me to Patty’s Cakes for cupcakes and cookies. What a cute shop and amazing cupcakes and delicious cookies. Was able to get gluten-free and vegan for those who wanted. Great variety. Loved the seasonal “Peppermint Patty.”