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[Review] Our Go-To Spot For Great Customer Service and High-Quality Cupcakes

Steve Stickler - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Patty’s is our go-to place for great customer service. We have been to Patty’s on many, many occasions for their delicious cupcakes which are high quality, always fresh and tasty.

[Review] Great Cupcakes and Great Overall Experience

Jr Vasquez - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

This cake place makes very great cupcakes and my overall experience was great. The customer service was great.

[Review] My Favorite Cupcake Place: So Delicious and Helpful Staff

Mary Ramos - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

My favorite cupcake place! I came back after they moved locations, and Christina was very friendly to help me and my friend:) Really delicious! Thank you very much!

[Review] We Loved The Red Velvet Cupcakes and Cake Ball for Our Dinner Pa

James Aragon - 4 Star rating via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes and Desserts 🧁 is very nice inside. I love this place, very pink and “Shabby Chic.” I bought cupcakes and cake balls for my dinner party, and my guests loved them. Our favorite flavor is red velvet, and we enjoyed the white cake and white cupcake!! I need to go back and try a new flavor!

[Review] Perfect Treats for Any Occasion, Even a Picnic

Danielle Reynolds - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

Great choice of snacks and sweets. This would be a great place to collect and take away treats for a picnic elsewhere if the weather was fine.

[Review] The Ready-To-Go Cakes Are The Perfect Size

Sandra R. - Fullerton, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

It’s been two years and I still purchase from Patty’s. The small cakes are perfect for 4 people. I highly recommend to all :)

[Review] Our Wedding Cake Flavors Were Like Fireworks in my Mouth

April P. - Irvine, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Love Patty’s Cakes! It’s super unfortunate my cake looked boring but that’s not Patty’s fault. My florist forgot my cake flowers. The experience from start to finish with Philip was very easy. My fiancé/husband really doesn’t like cake and definitely didn’t want to taste cake but once he started trying the different flavors we were fighting over the samples. I wish I was lying. We decided on Raspberry & Custard or as Philip described it like Peanut Butter & Jelly. The flavors by themself were good but the flavors together did fireworks in my mouth. Definitely recommend!!!

[Review] This Place Knows How to Treat Their Customers

Chris Cameron - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

This place simply knows how to treat their clients. Regularly with a super nice approach. The food is conveniently priced, regularly yummy and clean.

[Review] Beautiful First Birthday Cake for Daughter

Gigi T. - Brea, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

Omg the cake is absolutely delicious and beautiful!!! I had my daughter’s first birthday cake made here and I’m sooo glad I went with Patty’s. All my guests loved the cake. Will be back!!

[Review] The Salted Caramel Cupcake Is Deliciously Handcrafted

Arianne O. - Dockweiler, Los Angeles, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I ordered one of Patty’s cupcakes from Grubhub as a kind of post-dinner craving. I got the salted caramel cupcake and absolutely loved it. The cupcake is obviously handcrafted, and the salted caramel frosting was delicious. I am a student in LA but will for sure be ordering Patty’s cupcakes again! Loved them.