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Memorial Week/Weekend, May 24-29th

Due to record demand, we are sold out of semi-custom and custom cakes on these dates. Please see our deliciously simple Standard Cakes until they sell out, or choose from our 91 flavors of cupcakes. (posted on 5/7)

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[Review] Yummy and artistically crafted cupcakes.

Therese S. - via Yelp

I always go to this place to buy their yummy and artistically crafted cupcakes…so good and they have vegan and gluten-free cupcakes which are my usual orders. A must try!

[Review] So glad they have gluten-free options.

Kristin H. - via Yelp

We drive two hours to come buy these fun cupcakes. So glad they have gluten-free options too. That’s why we first found this place. :)

[Review] The cupcakes were moist and perfectly sweet.

Alyssa O. - via Yelp

These might be the best cupcakes I’ve ever had. There are so many flavors, including gluten-free (20) and vegan (21) options. As someone with a dairy allergy, I don’t usually get that many options for treats like this. The cupcakes were moist and perfectly sweet. They have all flavors available daily until they’re sold out, so you can order whichever flavors you like!

[Review] The cupcakes never disappoint.

Carol West - via Google Reviews

I love Patty’s cupcakes. I have celiac disease so I have a hard time finding desserts that actually taste good and won’t make me sick. They have a pretty large selection of gluten-free cupcake options. They taste just as good or better than regular cupcakes. The staff is so kind every single time we go there. And the cupcakes never disappoint. The place is incredibly clean too. And the cupcakes are so pretty! My daughter loves the sugar cookies with sprinkles too! She does not like sweets that much, but when that occasional sweet tooth comes over her, we head out to Patty’s. Thanks to everyone there who makes the magic happen for us!

[Review] Delicious gluten-free cupcakes.

Debbie Mapes - via Google Reviews

First time to try gluten-free cupcakes and they are just as great as the regular cupcakes. Eating less sugar is always a plus, especially when eating delicious cupcakes from Patty’s Cakes & Desserts. Something everyone should try.

[Review] Such a large selection of cupcakes!

Nguyet Nguyen - via Google Reviews

Such a large selection of cupcakes! They’re food sensitive so there are options if you need vegan or gluten free. The cupcake is very moist and how much more fresh can you get than frosted to order? Highly recommend!!

[Review] So many gluten free and vegan options!

Katie E. - via Yelp

Yum! I should note, I am not vegan nor gluten free but my sister and family are so I was trying to find some cupcakes for their upcoming visit. In my experience, gluten free and vegan baked goods can be hit or miss so I personally didn’t expect much…but these were delicious!! So many flavor options to choose from and everyone loved them, I quickly realized I should have purchased more.

[Review] Lovely cake and great flavor.

Lauren Velasco - via Google Reviews

Lovely cake and great flavor. They even were able to accommodate our need for gluten free cupcakes for our guests with celiac disease. It was a very easy process to order through them.

[Review] We love their gluten free and vegan options.

Kristin H. - via Yelp

We drove an hour and a half to come buy cupcakes here. We have for years. We love their gluten free and vegan options.

[Review] Patty’s has a wide variety of cupcakes!

Charlie P. - via Yelp

Patty’s has a wide variety of cupcakes that will satisfy any sweet lovers craving. I got the Nutella mousse and chocolate chip mousse cupcake and as a chocolate lover, they really hit the spot. I also was so excited to see their inclusion of dietary restriction cupcakes! I am gluten free and loved the cupcake. Only wish they had some gluten free red velvet flavors

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