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[Review] No Explanation Needed!

A Google user - Orange County - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

All I can say is OMG !!!!!

[Review] Patty’s Cakes Is The Best!

Andrea Diaz - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Google Reviews

I really like Patty’s cupcakes. My favorite is the lemon drop one. And other ones. So yummy.

[Review] Presentation is Excellent!

Roro H. - Fountain Valley, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I’m a wedding planner and I’ve been ordering from Patty’s Cakes for a few years now. Specifically their mini cupcakes and cake balls. We order from them for our dessert station and it’s always a hit. Their cupcakes are moist and my favorite is their smore’s cake balls. The presentation is excellent and the taste is as good as it looks.

I highly recommend Patty’s Cakes. The service provided is excellent as well.

[Review] Better Than Any Other Fancy Cupcake Place I’ve Had

Joshua L. - Orange County, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I’m not a desserts guy.  This place looks a little odd from outside but they’re moving locations soon apparently.  The cupcakes are moist, flavorful, obviously created with care and fresh ingredients.  Delicious, soft, and just plain tasty.  Better than any other fancy cupcake place I’ve had.  I’ve had quite a bit because of a group I belong to where a member buys sweets a lot.  This is the best.

[Review] I think I Need To Go Again…And Again…

Nimi C. - Placentia, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write a review. I’ve loved this place since they opened.. so much so that they helped cater my wedding and now soon to be baby shower! Mini cupcakes, cupcakes, and cake balls – all great gifts (for yourself and friends ;).

Overall very moist, not overly sweet. LOVE that you can make your own combo. Also, love that you can still get the mini cupcakes in the flavors of the full sized.

My mom’s faves are the butter pecan and banana split. I can’t decide my fave…I think I need to go again..and figure that out. :)

[Review] Simply Amazing, Don’t Go Anywhere Else!

Breanna F. - Orange, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

It is our second time to Patty’s, and I can’t go anywhere else! Simply amazing! Moist! Don’t go anywhere else!

[Review] Delicious Birthday Cake

Drea V. - Anaheim, CA - 4 Star rating via Yelp

I’ve ordered from this cute little bakery twice. I’ve ordered a personal cupcake and a small cake. Both were for a friend on her birthday.

The store is small and clean, and the presentation is pretty. The employees were friendly and helpful. A plus for good music while I waited (Chvrches and XX played over the speakers).

Now the goods… delish! Simple yet very flavorful. The prices are fair if you don’t want to buy a boxed do it yourself cake and I really don’t like grocery store cakes so this is a perfect spot.


[Review] Excellent Wedding Cake!

Carrie T. - Monterey Park, CA - 5 Star rating via The Knot

We ordered our wedding cake from Patty’s! One of the best decisions for our wedding. The cake was excellent, fillings and creams were not overly sweet! The cake was moist and many compliments throughout even after our wedding were over. The price wasn’t too bad either. Weddings are expensive to plan, and the wedding cake could be something you can budget on: # of tiers, the size of the cakes, design, etc. Patty and Philip were so accommodating, we were really happy with our choices. We chose a simpler design and went with 3 tier cake and 3/4 of a sheet cake for extra servings! Lemon raspberry with Bavarian cream was my favorite. My husband loved the banana cake with chocolate mousse. They were close by to our reception venue, so delivery was smooth and easy. Highly recommended!

[Review] Amazing Chocolate Chipper Cupcake

Teresa D. - Covina, CA - 4 Star rating via Yelp

I’ve wanted to try this place for awhile now…..I finally got to try it out today.

Chocolate Chipper was awesome! Super moist and the frosting was not extremely sweet like most cupcake places. Definitely will be back to try other cupcakes.

Banana cake ball was just alright. …it has the artificial banana taste, and that’s why patty’s got four stars.

[Review] Best Bakery In Fullerton!

A M. - Redondo Beach, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

I’ve booked marked this place for nearly two years and I finally got to try this place!

So happen to be in the neighborhood and was heading to Zero Degrees Express and realized we were on State College and Raymond! Told the hubby to stop by Patty’s!

Small but cute little bakery. Over 52 cupcake flavors plus cake balls to chose…

Took advantage and used my Yelp Check-In to get 3 cupcakes and one free deal.

Got red velvet w cream cheese frosting- good and moist but wish the cream cheese was sweeter.

Eclair- White Cake, Vanilla Cream Filled, and Fudge Topped: taste like cake and sooooo good! The fudge wasn’t too sweet. Went well with the cupcake! This cupcake reminds me of eating a Hostess Twinkie.

Piña Colada- White Cake, Pineapple Filled, Coconut Topped: This cupcake was a “wow” I loved the pineapple filled in this! My fav!

Chocolate w/ Chocolate fudge-White Cake, Pineapple Filled, Coconut Topped: My daughter LOVED this cupcake!! She usually doesn’t finish them but today, she killed it and ate it all! Hahaha

No wonder they were voted best cupcakes in Orange County! Yes, indeed they are the best!!

Will be back for more!