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Archive for August, 2011

[Review] Great service with Delicious cupcakes

Christine K. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

I finally paid a second visit today with my little sister. We were so excited to try the cupcakes again! I came right at 4 while they were closing, but the nice man in the front let us come in anyways. After deciding what to order, and having some friendly chit chat with the man at the counter, he came out with 4 cupcakes.

1. Red velvet with cream cheese frosting: Delicious, as usual. The cake is so soft and the frosting is so dense. I love it!

2. Red velvet with chocolate chip frosting: Again, delicious. The frosting is much lighter and packed with chocolate chips, making it a delicious and less dense treat!

3. Chocolate with chocolate chip frosting: Tasted like a sophisticated Hostess cupcake. I love that each cupcake has a center of cream running through it. So tasty.

4. Chocolate with chocolate fudge topped with caramel and sea salt: MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE. My goodness, this stuff is amazing. You seriously have to try this cake. The cake is soft and fluffy, and the contrast with the super dense creamy fudge with melting caramel and sprinkles of sea salt on top makes it a perfect combination of soft/dense, creamy/rich, sweet/salty, jafkds;jaf;s. Overall, just perfect. You have to get this cupcake.

We also got the chocolate chip cake balls which are waiting for us in the fridge. I am too full from the cupcakes.

The service was amazing (Thank you Philip!), and the products speak for themselves. Pay a visit, I swear you won’t regret it (but your waistline might).


[Review] Seriously, the 5 stars is for Patty herself!!

Angela C. - Placentia, CA - via Yelp

Seriously, the 5 stars is for Patty herself!!  And the other guy behind the counter whose name I didn’t get.  They are awesome people and I think that is why their cupcakes are so awesome!

I used a groupon I bought that was going to expire next week and we decided to get an assortment of cupcakes to share.  We tried:

Lemon with Lemon Curd (suuuuper lemony and super delicious! I want an entire cake made of this lol)

The Elvis (pretty good!  i love that the banana cake isn’t like banana nut bread, but banana flavored bread – it is so fresh tasting!  the peanut butter frosting and bacon were an awesome combo)

Chocolate with Chocolate Frosting (the bit of cream in the middle of this cupcake reminded me of a hostess cupcake, but on a bigger and better scale!  it was super sweet and chocolatey – a little too much so for me, but it was still good).

Red Velvet (not our fave – hubby and i were splitting the cupcakes every time we tried them and we saved this one for last, but were kinda disappointed.  the cake wasn’t as cocoa-y tasting as i liked and the frosting was not as flavorful as i had hoped)

Banana with Cream (my personal fave!  the frosting is like pudding and it was so nom nom nom!).

We have others to try but we are seriously cupcaked out for now.  Seriously, though, if you’re in the area or even close by, stop in!  They frost their cupcakes fresh to order and they are so pretty.  We waited in our car and they were delivered to us by Patty herself who was so excited for us to see them that she asked me to open the box and look at them and my hubby proudly proclaimed “Now THAT’S a cupcake!”

Thanks, Patty!  Keep up the awesome job!

[Review] My friend just brought me the lemon one and it was amazing!

Delphia - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

My friend just brought me the lemon one and it was amazing! Wasn’t sure about the icing because it wasn’t a cream based icing, but when I tasted it it was delicious. Cupcakes are super moist too.

[Review] Not to overpowering or to heavy…soooo smooth, light and mouth watering, I was in heaven for about 5 mins…

Google User - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

OMG!!!!! I Just started a new job on raymond blvd…lonestar termite to be exact and one day I drove by this adorable delicious looking store…the name Patty’s Cakes caught my eye because I used to call my beautiful sister Patticakes..,1969-2008, she’s in peace now ;(, so the name really stood out to me & I decided to stop and try the cupcakes and let me tell you, I was not expecting to much since I’ve tried so many and its really hard to make an amazing cupcake but the red velvet and chocolate was AMAZING!!!! Not to overpowering or to heavy…soooo smooth, light and mouth watering, I was in heaven for about 5 mins…I gave one to my co-worker and she was delighted! I will be back probably by next week….Thank you sooo much for making my day even sweeter

[Review] I don’t know what they do to their cupcakes…

Douglas - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

I don’t know what they do to their cupcakes, but my wife went to go buy a few for the first time about a week ago.. I tried a bite. Next thing ya know, I go and devour 2 1/2 cupcakes (haha, one half of my wifes). She didn’t even get a chance to finish her own…. it’s that good. Friendly staff too!! You’ll regret it if you don’t go today and try some. :) In fact, she’s going today to go buy a few more, can’t wait until she gets home!!

[Review] The cake was absolutely delicious, not heavy, not too light, but simply perfect.

Mirmski - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

Marble Oreo Cookie Cake! This is the cake that we recently had from Patty’s Cakes for our monthly cake day at our place of business. The cake was absolutely delicious, not heavy, not too light, but simply perfect. The bottom chocolate cake was soft and moist and almost had the fudge texture but it wasn’t too heavy. The whipped cream and oreo cookie filling in the middle was heaven! The cream was fluffy, not too sweet and the cookies added great texture. Overall, our experiences with Patty’s Cake has been wonderful, our pallettes for sweetness have definitely risen to the great occassion of cake day!

[Review] ….all I know is that it has BACON. COUNT. ME. IN.

Mark A. - Fullerton, CA - via Yelp

Patty knows a thing or two, about a thing or two, let me tell you.

I had just 30 minutes before I had to be back in class when I decided to check this place out for the first time. You would think 30 would be plenty from FC, but between foodgasm A and foodgasm B, my decision felt like I was dismantling a bomb.

I ended up going for the chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and I also walked out with a red velvet cake ball.

Im not quite sure if there are secret ingredients, but if there are, it HAS to be love…seriously. The red velvet cake ball was just incredible. My biggest qualm with red velvet is its often times dried out, this was certainly not the case, moist as ever, and the cream cheese icing was….well…the icing on top….or all around….whatever.

The chocolate cupcake with peanut butter icing= glory^max.

I wish I hadn’t inhaled them as quickly as I did, because I didnt want the experience to end.

I definitely see my self frequenting this place much more. Pattys Cakes are a great way to reward yourself or others, just stop in and check it out!

Sidebar: Patty makes this thing called the Elvis….all I know is that it has BACON. COUNT. ME. IN.

My arteries are yours Patty!

[Review] Now that is a cake!!!! Yummy

Patty Carlson Plunkett - Orange County, CA - via Facebook

Now that is a cake!!!! Yummy

[Review] I fell in love with Patty’s Cake the first time I visited.

Martha - Orange County, CA - via Google Reviews

I fell in love with Patty’s Cake the first time I visited. I assumed that all cupcake bakeries were the same and visited another bakery in Pasadena. I was wrong, they are not all the same. Patty’s Cake was even better, and the owner is so nice!!

[Review] I Purchased 12 Assorted Cake Balls For My Grandson’s 10th Birthday. They Rocked

Patty B. - Orange, CA - via Yelp

Used a ‘groupon coupon’ for Patty’s to purchase 12 assorted cake balls for my grandson’s 10th birthday – lemon, german chocolate, s’mores and red velvet. I personally got to taste a bite of all but the lemon. And they rocked. Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised at the truffle-like content of the cakeballs. Very original creation! I do have to admit when my husband got home with the box of 12 cakeballs, I was a little disappointed at the size of them, but since they are so dense and rich, I see why they are sized as such. Any way, now I cannot wait to get back to Patty’s to try some of the other treats on the menu.

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