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[Review] The red velvet and piña colada are sooo yummy.

Gabriela Negrete - via Google Reviews

Delicious cupcakes! The red velvet and piña colada are sooo yummy. I got superb service. I definitely recommend. I can’t wait to share with friends.

[Review] Hands down the best Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Cupcakes in the world!

Marilyn Penouilh - via Google Reviews

Hands down the best Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Cupcakes in the world!!! Of course the Chocolate with Chocolate Fudge is right up there also. So impressed with the menu board. AND the fact that vegan and gluten free cupcakes are available and identified. Such a cute building.

[Review] Awesome banana split & red velvet cupcakes.

gena renee - via Google Reviews

Darling place. Great service, very clean, and most of all awesome banana split & red velvet cupcakes. Heavenly.

[Review] Many flavor and filling combinations.

A W. - via Yelp

These are the best cupcakes anywhere. Some many flavor and filling combinations. Unlike other cupcake places they have different cakes not just chocolate, white and red velvet.

[Review] These flavors are mind blowing.

Sarah Candelas - via Google Reviews

We just moved into the neighborhood and kept driving by so we had to stop by! I must say these cupcakes are AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness I have never fallen in love with a cupcake so fast. These flavors are mind blowing. We had the s’mores, red velvet Oreo, chocolate salted caramel and chocolate with Nutella. Definitely ordering again.

[Review] Red velvet and lemon drop were my favorite

Tiffany Stanton - via Google Reviews

Really good cupcakes… Red velvet and lemon drop were my favorite so far!!!!

[Review] My personal favorite were the snickerdoodle.

Marissa L. - via Yelp

I ordered patty’s cakes Friday night for a Saturday evening delivery. The website was so easy to use and schedule a delivery I received a text to mark the location of the delivery driver very impressive for a small bakery. The cupcakes were a hit for my daughters car parade. We ordered, chocolate, red velvet, strawberry and the snickerdoodle just to be on the safe side of flavors. The cupcakes were moist the frosting is so good and not too sugary and pasty like most. My personal favorite were the snickerdoodle. We are so impressed we are considering using them to bake our wedding cake.

[Review] Reward yourself, and go get a cupcake

Lupita L. - via Yelp

Here I thought I already had a review, but ok here we go! To begin with, RUN don’t walk! These cupcakes are seriously the best in the world. A million times better than Sprinkles. Oh yes! I went there and they do NOT compare. I personally do not understand the hype. If you want moist, delicious, & perfect frosting you must try Patty’s Cupcakes. The frosting is light and just right, not thick & sticky like most places. Cupcakes are not filled with frosting until you order them so you can be sure the frosting is fresh & tasty! I bet you will love them. They are all good, but I do have my personal favorites, which are: The Neapolitan and the chocolate with chocolate & strawberry mousse. Do not forget to check in for Yelp check in offer; buy 3 and get one free. I once met the owner Patty. I did not know she was Patty the owner. She came up to us as we were waiting for our order inside, pre virus times. She was very friendly, asked how we were doing and then asked my 3 year old grandson if he wanted some milk. Of course he said yes lol so she brought him some milk on the house. Sadly, she shared a story how of how she had been vandalized a few days prior and that it was the second time :( I hope this has not happened anymore. If you love cupcakes, have a sweet tooth or need cupcakes for a special occasion, or a cake, I’m sure you can’t go wrong here. Reward yourself, and go get a cupcake and bring me one while you’re at it lol. If I lived nearby I would be in trouble! Support a local small business with an amazing love filled owner! I want a cupcake now!! lol Who wants to go with? hahaha

[Review] The red velvet cupcake is nice and soft.

Hyu Dini - via Google Reviews

Cupcakes have fluffy-mousse like frosting and light, fluffy cake. There is plain white frosting filling in cake part of cupcakes. The red velvet cupcake is nice and soft.

[Review] Patty’s red velvet anything are to die for!

D Lyerla -

Hands down the best! – Patty’s cakes red velvet anything; cupcakes, cakes, mini cupcakes… are to die for! Moist and perfectly delicious every single time!

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