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Memorial Week/Weekend, May 24-29th

Due to record demand, we are sold out of semi-custom and custom cakes on these dates. Please see our deliciously simple Standard Cakes until they sell out, or choose from our 91 flavors of cupcakes. (posted on 5/7)

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[Review] My new favorite cake place!

Unique M. - via Yelp

My new favorite cake place! What can I say? This place rocks! They were so helpful when I was choosing mini cupcakes for my birthday party. And on top of that, I signed up for their email newsletter & get 2 free cupcakes of my choosing for my birthday!

[Review] Their cake balls are so good!

Jasmine R. - via Yelp

Their cake balls are so good! Highly recommend getting the confetti cake balls and the eclair cupcake with the chocolate fudge frosting as well as the red velvet with cream cheese frosting! 10/10 pictured is a set of 12 mini’s.

[Review] Absolutely delicious and very tasty.

Alicia C. - via Yelp

Absolutely delicious and very tasty. A comfortable place to visit and enjoy a treat. MOST IMPORTANTLY this business goes above and beyond to help and support the community. The pastries here are light and fluffy. Various types of cakes, flavors and within your budget. I will definitely recommend this business and look forward to having a red velvet cupcake soon. Their mini cupcakes are great for picking up and sharing. Please check their website before heading down there. I know the hours do vary. Im excited to see what else Patty’s Cakes comes up with soon.

[Review] Amazing experience with Patty’s Cakes!

Steph Q. - via Yelp

Recently placed a semi-large order for a birthday party. I took a chance with Patty’s Cakes and Desserts solely based on the rave reviews from my fellow Yelpers. Couldn’t have made a better decision! I made an initial inquiry on their website about availability and some initial questions about my proposed order and pricing. I was connected with Paulina U. She was OUTSTANDING to work with from beginning to end. Kind, patient with all of my many questions, and quick to respond. Paulina made the process to place an order simple and stress free. The professionalism and organization between our interactions validated for me their expertise in their cakes and handling orders for events/special occasions.

My party was on a Sunday and the Patty’s Cakes and Desserts is closed on Sunday. This proposed a small hiccup in my plans, but everything else about the ordering process and their offerings checked off all of the boxes for me. I scheduled to pick up my order on the Saturday prior to my event, and though we did store a cake and several cupcakes overnight, they tasted super fresh and moist the next day as if they had just been prepared. Our order consisted of
– 8″ chocolate cake with Peanut butter mousse. (minor custom design)
– a dozen mini cupcakes (lemon blueberry, neapolitan, s’mores, and chocolate with oreo)
– 7 standard sized cupcakes (2 chocolate with oreo, 2 s’mores cupcake, chocolate with peanut butter mousse, chocolate with vanilla mousse, and a white razzle)
– 2 vegan cupcakes (vegan chocolate with chocolate fudge and vegan chocolate with chocolate mousse)

Another deciding factor of booking with Patty’s Cakes and Desserts were their vegan and gluten-free offerings. Their ability to cater to the different diets and allergies in our group also made them a definite choice and one-stop shop for my group’s needs. Aside from their moist and light cake, their frosting is true to their claim of also being light and airy. It was not a rich, overly sweet buttercream. I tend to not like buttercream frosting (or most frosting on cakes/cupcakes), but I found the frosting from Patty’s Cakes and Desserts to be absolute perfection.

The quality and taste of Patty’s Cakes and Desserts is undeniable. For that reason, I would reorder if I needed a cake for an event in that area of OC.

[Review] Perfect cupcakes for parties and gatherings.

Pat C. - via Yelp

Super cute, super sweet mini cupcakes, perfect for birthday parties and gatherings. The salted caramel/chocolate fudge cupcakes were the best of the bunch, but really there weren’t any bad ones in the bunch – all smile inducing, confectionery goodness.

[Review] Cupcakes were moist, and the frosting was so light and tasty.

Julie D. - via Yelp

First time trying this bakery, and wow, they make delicious cupcakes! I ordered an assortment of regular sized and minis for my daughter’s birthday party, and they were so so good. Usually cupcakes are way too sweet, and these were perfect. They were moist, and the frosting was so light and tasty as well. I had many parents comment to me that their kids don’t usually like cake, but they like this cake! Everyone was very happy. I highly recommend this bakery.

[Review] The best cupcakes in Orange County!

Ruth Ledesma - via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes did a great job as always. My husband bought mini cupcakes for our Sunday school classes for almost 100 children. Every child loved them. We bought several different flavors and every child got what they wanted. They are the best cupcakes in Orange County!

[Review] The flavors taste very fresh and not fake.

Stephanie R. - via Yelp

Patty’s has the friendliest staff and best cupcakes around. The best part is if you’re part of their email club, you get 2 free cupcakes for your birthday. I use this to try to new flavors. I haven’t had one flavor I didn’t like so far. The flavors taste very fresh and not fake. Picture is the Eclair “mouth watering yummy” and The lemon bliss. These have been my two favorites so far. The Elvis is delicious if you want something different and traditional vanilla fudge if you want a traditional yet tasty cupcake. I think the best thing I noticed that day was that each customer was commented on something. I was complimented on my hair and the lady behind me was complimented on her dress. It’s the small customer service things that can make a difference in someone’s days and makes a good impression on others as well. I highly suggest you go for mini cupcakes, regular cupcakes or cakes. They have some gluten free options as well.

[Review] Cupcakes were delicious, fresh and delivered exactly on time.

Amy Whitman - via Google Reviews

I wanted a special birthday treat for my son living in Irvine. I live on the east coast and found Patty’s online. Everyone at Patty’s was super responsive, unusually pleasant in these trying times, and easy to work with. I ordered 24 mini cupcakes in a Birthday box and my son reported that they were delicious, fresh and delivered exactly on time. Thank you, Patty’s Cakes, for helping this mom make a happy celebration!

[Review] Can’t go wrong with any of their cupcakes.

Kat F. - via Yelp

If you’re looking for moist, light cupcakes with a wide variety of flavors for cake, filling, creams, and mousses, look no further! Can’t go wrong with any of their cupcakes. You can also choose from regular size and mini size cupcakes. They also have gluten free and vegan cupcake options for those with dietary restrictions. My favorite flavors are the chocolate with peanut butter mousse and the banana with vanilla cream. They also have cake balls and cookies; I haven’t tried them but they look delicious.

(714) 525-8350 - 825 W. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832
Custom Order Counter Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10 am - 5:30 pm, Saturday: 10 am - 4:00 pm
Store Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday: Closed. Wedding deliveries only - Monday: Closed.