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Wedding Cake for a Kawasaki Ninja Commercial: Update

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Last month we shared with you that we made a cake for a Kawasaki Commercial.

 Here is the final commercial.

 It will also be airing on selected cable channels.


Get Baked Sale

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Get Baked Sale - Cupcake Sale

Mention the “Get Baked Sale” and receive a FREE Cupcake when you buy 2. Offer valid on Wednesday April 20th only. No additional “ingredients” added. One free cupcake per person.

Order Your Easter Decorated Cake Balls Today

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Easter Decorated Cake Balls

Easter Cake Ball flavors & colors

Color – Flavor
Purple – Chocolate
Green – German Chocolate with Almonds
Blue – Chocolate Chip
Orange – Banana
Yellow – Lemon
Pink – Red Velvet
Red – Red Velvet

Decorated in fun colors is what makes these Cake Balls the perfect Easter dessert. Place your order today. Available Friday April 22nd and Saturday April 23rd only. Pre-orders are highly recommended. A limited selection will be available for walk-in customers.

[Review] The Elvis Cupcake (the One with Bacon on Top) is Pretty Good

Tiffany S. - Fullerton, CA - 4 Star rating via Yelp

“Great friendly service, and they were so nice as to make me some fresh ones to take home :)

the Elvis cupcake (the one with bacon on top) is pretty good, don’t be afraid to try it. my roommates only suggestion: more bacon lol

and the other ones (more “classic” are delicious as well)”

[Review] Blue Velvet with Raspberry Filling Cake

Lee Kaing - Corona, CA - via Facebook

Thank u patty cakes! The baby n mommy loved the delicious blue velvet with raspberry filling cake!!

[Review] Not Only is the Service Amazing, the Cakes are DELICIOUS!!!

Holly R. - Placentia, CA - 5 Star rating via Yelp

“Not only is the service amazing, the cakes are DELICIOUS!!! We also tried their cake balls and again, yum yum! The flavor of each cake is spectacular, and the art work compliments perfectly. We used Patty for our twin boys 1st Birthday, and again for their 2nd. Can’t wait to go back for some cake balls!!”