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[Review] Quality of baked goods is 100%.

Mary D. - via Yelp

I ordered cupcakes a couple of weeks ago. I first went to Patty’s Cakes when she first opened on raymond and commonwealth. I would get cake pops for my granddaughter. Quality of baked goods is 100%.

[Review] Hard to Go Wrong Ordering Here

Brian L - via TripAdvisor

I have followed them from their tiny location on Raymond, to this nice retail location on Commonwealth. Cakes are awesome, they do not use buttercream like other places, they use a whipped cream type frosting which in my mind gives you the “right” sweetness without tasting like you are eating a bag of sugar. Cake balls are to die for as well as their chewy soft cookies, hard to go wrong here!!

[Review] The German Chocolate Cake Ball is a Must Try

Tomas H. - Ontario, CA - via Yelp

You must try their cake balls! They are amazing! My favorite is the German chocolate, but they are all delicious. If you’re craving a sweet treat this is the place to go.

[Review] Only a Few Minutes Wait for Fresh and Amazing Cupcakes

Wendy Squier - via Google Reviews

I walked in ordered my cupcakes, they were quick, and all very friendly. The cupcakes & cake balls are amazing. Can’t wait to try other flavors.

[Review] Whenever My Girlfriend is Mad at Me, Cake Balls Fix the Problem

Zach S. - Marina del Rey, CA - via Yelp

The cake balls are soooo good. Whenever my girlfriend is mad at me…. this turns it around right away!

[Review] Family Went Crazy Over These Cupcakes

Romy Hall - via Google Reviews

Delicious cupcakes! The cream on the cupcakes is more of a whipped cream but it’s bomb! The flavored cupcakes omg they are so good. My husband went crazy over the Elvis, I can’t wait to try the other flavors next time I order. I totally recommend these cupcakes and they have a healthy option! Kids loved the cake pops also! I want to go in and try the other stuff because the whole menu isn’t on Grubhub.

[Review] Cupcakes and Cake Balls That SLAP

Romy Hall - via Google Reviews

Patty’s Cakes has cupcakes and cake balls that SLAP. Thank you. 10/10. The cake balls are really flavorful and they’re smaller but super-rich and delicious. And the cupcakes are really fluffy, the frosting is super sweet and tasteful, and they look really pretty as well. 10/10 recommend.

[Review] Neapolitan Cupcake at Patty’s Cakes

Typhanie W. - Los Angeles, CA - via Yelp

Cant wait to try some other flavors. I was impressed with the light and fluffy neapolitan cupcake… the strawberry and chocolate whipped frosting on my cupcake was delicious, light and creamy. Loved the cake portion of the cupcake, I could taste a hint of some fabulous extract in the perfectly moist vanilla cake.

Service was quick, my cupcakes were frosted and boxed in a jiffy.

Patty’s offers beautiful occasion cakes, cake balls, cupcakes cookies and more.

[Review] Amazing Effort and Accomodations

Karen T. - La Habra, CA - via Google Reviews

They made all efforts to make this a great experience for us. I appreciate the response and would love to give them another shot!

[Review] Cupcake and Cake Flavors are AMAZING at Patty’s Cakes

Mason P. - La Mirada, CA - via Yelp

To start, if you like super sweet cupcakes, this is NOT the place for you. Patty’s uses a mousse topping rather than buttercream. The mousse is lighter and easier to store and work with, but is also lighter in flavor and sweetness.

I got 3 cupcakes and 2 cake balls. The cake balls are a little overpriced ($3 each, the same as the cupcakes and about 1/8 the size). The confetti cake ball had good flavor but was also slightly grainy and still had the taste and texture of raw flour in the middle. The chocolate chip cake ball was moist and sweet and was probably the best item I had.

I got 2 chocolate cupcakes and 1 red velvet. All cupcakes have a whipped cream in the middle of them matching the flavor of the mousse. The lemon was eaten by a friend before I got to try it.

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate mousse and caramel on top- The cake was very flavorless. It was moist, but I really couldn’t taste anything in the cake itself. The chocolate mousse was very tasty and light, and the salted caramel on top was the true hero of this cupcake. The caramel saved it.

Red velvet cupcake with chocolate chip mousse- As opposed to the chocolate cake, the red velvet was PACKED with flavor. Very moist and delicious. Unfortunately, the mousse lacked flavor, but the chocolate chips made up for it.

Chocolate cupcake with peanut butter mousse- Again, the cake lacked a strong flavor. The peanut butter mousse had a fluffy and light peanut butter taste and crunchy peanuts on top. Overall a decent cupcake.

The store itself was very clean, had many options, and staff was friendly and made sure I knew all of the options available. The cupcakes were good, but I sorely missed the buttercream frosting, although the mousse was a nice change. Overall 4/5, I will most likely return but not very often.

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